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Gray dessert with blackberry jam and cocoa

Gray dessert with blackberry jam and cocoa

For starters, we need to boil the milk together with the vanilla essence. When the milk starts to boil, add the 130 g of semolina, sprinkling it in the rain and stir continuously.

Turn the heat to low and mix until you get a thick composition. If you think the semolina is not thick enough, then add a little more semolina. Pour the semolina into bowls or glasses. I used glasses. First, I put two tablespoons of semolina, then 2 tablespoons of jam, two more tablespoons of semolina and a tablespoon of jam. I sprinkled cocoa on top and put chocolate cubes. You can use any jam you want and you can also decorate as you see fit. I wanted it to look a little different than the classic presentation. I usually serve semolina with milk in bowls, but sometimes I prefer to change its appearance.

Semolina cream with raisins and jam

Semolina cream with raisins and jam from: milk, semolina, sugar, raisins, syrup, salt.


  • 1 cup of milk
  • 2 tablespoons semolina
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 10 raisins
  • 2 tablespoons jam syrup
  • salt

Method of preparation:

Let the milk boil in an enameled bowl, clean and without blows. When it starts to swell, put the semolina in the rain and stir continuously, using a wooden spoon.

Put a pinch of salt and 1 tablespoon of sugar, simmer for 10 minutes.

Wash the raisins, leave them in the jam syrup while the semolina boils. Pour the semolina into a dessert bowl, moistened with cold water, garnish with syrup and raisins, leave to cool.

How to prepare strawberry jam & # 8211 recipe of yesteryear

Jam syrup

In a large saucepan with a bottom of 20 cm I put the sugar and water and put them on medium heat. I waited for it to start boiling and I timed for 7 minutes. It took me so long to bind the syrup. I brought it to 116 C. If you don't have a thermometer, test it with drops of syrup in a glass of cold water or on a saucer. If it keeps its shape, it's OK. Be careful not to lower it too much because it can be sugary or even caramelized. It should not turn yellow-beige.

I squeezed 1/2 lemon and added its juice to the syrup. I immediately put the strawberries (pancakes briefly in cold water and drained well in strainers). I increased the heat and waited for the jam to boil again. From the moment the foam appears and the jam boils in the mass, I timed 3-4 minutes. The strawberries are small and delicate and should not be boiled anymore. I picked up the foam formed on the surface.

I checked on a spoon if the strawberries had become translucent & # 8211 ie if they cooked and absorbed the sugar syrup. Ready! I extinguished the fire and covered the pan with a clean kitchen cloth, well watered with cold and squeezed water. This is how it is made in jam.

Blackberry jam

blackberry jam
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Plum jam

blackberry jam
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Strawberry jam - a real treat for the taste buds

blackberry jam
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How to make peony jam at home

blackberry jam
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Papanasi with jam

blackberry jam
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Quince jam

blackberry jam
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Saint Dumitru fairs in Bucharest

blackberry jam
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Peach and blackberry salad

blackberry jam
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blackberry jam
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Blackberry with cherry jam

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Aphrodisiac cake, with berries and whipped cream

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Calories berry jam with 30% fewer calories Schwartauer

blackberry jam
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Calories bitter cherry jam Romanian tastes

blackberry jam
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Calories dietary jam of black cherries St. Dalfour

blackberry jam
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Topoloveni black cherry jam calories

blackberry jam
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Calories light apricot jam with Delhaize maltitol

blackberry jam
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Pumpkin jam

blackberry jam
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Carrot jam

blackberry jam
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Roses jam. Grandma's recipe

blackberry jam
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Ingredients needed for semolina cake

- 150 g of gray
- 250 ml of whipped milk
- 100 - 150 g of sugar (depending on how sweet you want it to be)
- two eggs
- a sachet of vanilla sugar
- a sachet of baking powder
- lemon peel
- a pinch of salt

For serving (optional):

- ground hazelnuts or almonds
- Sweety
- compote fruits
- sour cream and sour cherries.

Homemade pudding is a delicious dessert. Separate the yolks from the whites.

Mix the yolks with the sugar and vanilla sugar until light in color. Add flour, a tablespoon of cocoa and a cup of milk. Mix well so as not to have lumps, then pour the rest of the milk, stirring slowly until smooth. Put the pan on low heat and stir continuously until the composition thickens (10-15 minutes).

Remove the pan from the heat and add the butter. Leave to cool.
Whisk the egg whites and add to the pudding, stirring slowly with a small whisk.
Pour the pudding into glasses / cups. Garnish with fruit, whipped cream or jam.

For the cake with cocoa top and butter cream from all the ingredients, make a cake and divide it in two, bake it on the back of the tray.

Three yolks, 12 tablespoons powdered sugar rub, then add 6 tablespoons of water and 12 tablespoons of flour, a teaspoon of ammonia and the three beaten egg whites with tablespoons of water. We also bake this composition in the tray where we baked the sheets, so that they are as big. In the tray, before putting the composition, we put paper without grease. Bake the cake top on the right heat. This sheet, after it has cooled, is stopped with brandy or rum, in which syrup is put, it is stopped on both sides.

Rub the butter with the powdered sugar, separately in a pan boil 400 g of milk with a tablespoon of flour to be a thick paste, put 1 vanilla powder and when it cools mix with the butter and sugar that have been rubbed foam.

Put a sheet from the first composition, then the cake cream, and then the yellow sheet, cream and finally the other sheet from the first composition.

Cake with jam

1. Rub margarine with sugar and honey. Add the ground walnuts, lemon peel and a pinch of salt and cinnamon. Then incorporate the freshly sifted flour and knead until you get a homogeneous dough. Cover it and let it rest for at least 30 minutes.

2. From three-quarters of the dough, spread a sheet of suitable thickness. Put it in an ungreased tray. Spread the strawberry jam on top.

3. From the rest of the dough, roll out a smaller sheet and cut 1 cm wide strips. Place them over the jam in a zig-zag pattern. Bake the cake with jam, over medium heat, for 40-45 minutes.

1 jar with strawberry jam
200 g of honey
400 g flour
250 g margarine
100 g old powder
200 g ground nuts
1 tablespoon grated lemon peel

Blackberry jam & # 8211 classic recipe

Method of preparation

Wash the blackberries, it is ideal to be as ripe as possible, in several rows of cold water, then crush them with a puree tool. Combine the fruit with lemon juice and bring to a boil over high heat, stirring constantly.

Reduce the heat and leave the pan until the composition drops by almost half. Foam the blackberry jam when it is ready and pour it into clean jars. Put the lid on, turn the jars upside down and let them cool like this. The jam is ready and can be kept in the pantry.

Blackberry jam

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