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McDonald’s Unveils Towering Giga Big Mac Burger With Four Patties

McDonald’s Unveils Towering Giga Big Mac Burger With Four Patties

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McDonald’s has introduced Japan to a GIANT Mac with four beef patties and more than twice the amount of meat as usual

We go “giggity” for the Giga Mac Burger.

We’ve previously reported that Japan is one of the healthiest countries in the world with low obesity rates and long life expectancies. Well, McDonald’s wants to do something about it.

Introducing the Giga Big Mac Burger, made with four beef patties, available only at select Japanese locations.

The Giga Big Mac Burger has 2.8 times the amount of meat as a regular Big Mac and will be coupled with “grand-sized soft drinks” (which are likely the size of normal American sodas), as well as giant portions of French fries.

The Giga Big Mac Burger is apparently designed for people who want are looking for “a satisfied sense of accomplishment,” according to an English translation from Weird Asia News.

The whole experience will cost you $9.90 USD per sandwich, which is approximately double the cost of Japan’s second new creation with two beef patties, known as the Grand Big Mac.

Both the Grand and Giga Big Macs will be available now through the end of May, so book your flights now if you’re looking to experience quadruple the usual McDonald’s flavor.

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