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Chef and Menu Report: 02/06/15

Chef and Menu Report: 02/06/15

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Bonefish Grill has unveiled their new “IN + ON Bar Bites” menu of small plates to hand-crafted cocktails. A few of the dishes offered include “IN the Shell: Street Tacos” that are served individually in a crispy wonton shell with your choice of lobster or ahi tuna tartare, “ON the Shell: Oysters” raw on the half shell or baked Rockefeller style, and “ON the Bone: Lamb Lollipop Chops” comprising three tender grilled lamb chops. Cocktails such as “ON the Rocks: Patrón's Perfect Cucumber Margarita” and “IN the Copper Cup: The Mule”—Bonefish Grill's signature version of the classic Moscow Mule, comprising Grey Goose vodka, fresh lime, house-made ginger syrup, and ginger beer, it’s finished in a rustic copper mug with crushed ice, fresh mint, and candied ginger.

Starbucks has begun offer coconut milk as a milk alternative on their menu; read the full story here.

New York
Corkbuzz Union Square has revamped their brunch menu to offer some new dishes including avocado toast of miche bread, radish, and gruyere; lemon-ricotta pancakes with apple chutney; and the Hangover Sandwich comprising pork belly, eggs, and spicy mayo. In addition, a “Champagne Campaign” of ½ off all bottles of champagne is also offered during brunch.

For Mardi Gras this year, French Roast Uptown and Downtown are offering special Mardi Gras menu items and cocktails. New Orleans favorites like chicken and andouille gumbo, shrimp remoulade, blackened catfish with dirty rice, crayfish and shrimp etouffee and, and po’ boys will be served, and guests can sip Hurricanes and other specialty drinks. For dessert, both restaurants will have the traditional King cake with a small baby doll baked in it. The person who gets the doll will win a $25.00 gift card.

Galli brings their signature flare to their LES outpost for a new kind of brunch experience every Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. starting Sunday, February 8. Italian comfort food favorites are re-imagined into breakfast items with over 15 selections, including a twist on a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich called the Breakfast Bucatini. This Galli original consists of bucatini pasta, cream cheese, bacon, and Parmigiano-Reggiano all topped with a fried egg. Other signature items to debut on the new brunch menu are: Italian toast of grilled focaccia bread, prosciutto di parma, fried egg, and a touch of marinara sauce; and the Hangover Platter comprising rice balls, mozzarella chips, and chicken parm sliders, all with a side of pomodoro sauce. Also included on the roster are classic brunch items like homemade buttermilk waffles with fresh fruit and maple syrup; vanilla egg batter, French toast with strawberries and maple syrup; and an egg frittata of fresh mozzarella, chicken apple sausage, and grape tomatoes.

New Orleans’ Mardi Gras festivities will kick into high gear on Fat Tuesday, February 17, but New Yorkers who can’t make it down to the Bayou can head to Louro in the West Village for chef David Santos’ Mardi Gras Dinner with cocktail pairings on Monday, February16 at 7 p.m. The seven-course, $75 per person menu of Cajun and Creole-inspired fare like crab and crawfish Etouffee with popcorn rice, chicken and sausage gumbo, and bananas Fosters beignets. Beverage director Mayur Subbarao has designed cocktail pairings to complement the menu, including classic Brandy Milk Punch, the New Orleans Buck, and the Sazerac

Then on Thursday, February 17, to celebrate the Chinese New Year and the Year of the Goat, chef Santos will serve a family-style feast at Louro featuring three courses with multiple appetizers and entrees for $45 per person. Some of the dishes offered include steamed shrimp dumplings with black vinegar; goat stew with radish, cabbage, and carrots in a hay broth; and orange cake with pomelo ice cream and tangerine caramel for dessert. Reservations for both events are required.

The Kitchen

Roblé Ali has quickly become one of the most recognizable chefs and one of the very few young African-Americans in the culinary world with national notoriety. The influential and charismatic chef has provided his services to some of today’s most notable individuals including President Obama, Leonardo DiCaprio, John Legend, Jack Nicholson, Michael Jackson, Vanessa Williams, the Olsen Twins and Rhianna to name a few.

People are losing their taste and smell to covid-19. Now there’s a cookbook to help.

On a Sunday afternoon last March, Gillian Dixon was cooking roast beef for lunch, which would normally fill her home in the United Kingdom with a distinct savory scent.

That day, though, something was amiss: “I suddenly thought, ‘I can’t smell the beef,’ ” Dixon, 53, recalled.

Her concern mounted when she took a bite of the roast and couldn’t taste it.

Back then, Dixon was unaware that she was experiencing a symptom of covid-19, and that she would become a covid “long-hauler,” with her sense of taste and smell disappearing for nearly a full year because of the disease caused by the coronavirus.

Ryan Riley is a British chef who has spent the past several months concocting an array of science-based recipes to help people like Dixon enjoy food even though their sense of smell and taste is compromised.

He co-wrote the cookbook “Taste & Flavour,” which has recipes that elevate flavor combinations, textures and other sensory elements that might stimulate a long-hauler’s dulled senses.

“It’s all about adding extra sensory excitement into your food,” said Kimberley Duke, a fellow chef and Riley’s childhood best friend who co-wrote the cookbook, which is free and downloadable.

With the recipes, they aim, for example, to stimulate the trigeminal nerve — which triggers sensations when eating foods like mint, wasabi and cinnamon.

They also focus on the visuals of each dish: “You can never forget how much we eat with our eyes,” Riley, 27, said.

Consulting with scientists, researchers and patients, they created recipes with texture, bright colors and acidic flavors — such as veggie pineapple tacos, umami biscuits, and baked vanilla oats with cardamom, raspberry and rose syrup.

Many recipes in the book are based on the work of Barry Smith, co-director of the Center for the Study of the Senses at the University of London. Smith and his colleagues research the different ways covid-19 can alter a person’s senses.

Covid-19 can cause three main types of smell and taste dysfunctions, Smith said, including: parosmia, which is a distorted sense of smell anosmia, which is the partial or total loss of smell and phantosmia, which is olfactory hallucination.

About 80 percent of taste depends on our sense of smell, Smith said, which is why covid-19 patients experiencing muted smell also struggle with taste.

Some 65 percent of people who have contracted covid worldwide experience some form of smell or taste disorder, Smith said, adding that 10 percent of those cases are long-term, and 3 percent will probably be permanent. He said people understandably find it frustrating.

“People get very depressed when they lose their sense of smell,” Smith said. “The risks to mental health are great.”

For people struggling with parosmia, there are several common foods that elicit a foul smell and taste, including garlic, onions, eggs, roasted meats, coffee, chocolate and, strangely, toothpaste.

“Instead of being familiar and usually desirable aromas, the smell is disgusting. People have talked about a rotten, decayed smell,” Smith said. “People with parosmia end up resorting to things that are sugary, and they don’t get enough nutrition.”

Those with anosmia, or partial loss of taste and smell, on the other hand, can sometimes taste hints of basic flavors, like salt, lemon and sugar. Cooking with umami-rich elements — like mushrooms, cheeses, and soy sauce — can activate saliva flow while boosting other flavors in a dish, Smith said.

Chef and Menu Report: 02/06/15 - Recipes

Welcome to Cook’s Country from America’s Test Kitchen , where you’ll find the best foolproof, no-nonsense recipes for classic American dishes and everyday favorites.

We travel the country and scour the history books to find the very best traditional and contemporary American dishes. We bring these back to our test kitchen where our team of cooks collaborate to develop practical, approachable recipes. We perform dozens of tests, re-tests, and cross-tests – a process that can take weeks – to ensure our recipes work, every time.

Join hosts Bridget Lancaster and Julia Collin Davison, and our cast of cooks, taste testers, and equipment experts as we explore the endless, delicious facets of American cooking and the stories behind them, from family-friendly weeknight dishes to comforting home-style favorites to holiday showstoppers. Our kitchen is your kitchen. Welcome home.

* Source: Nielsen Television Index, R&F Report, Mo-Su, 6a-6a, 4 weeks, 1/14/16–1/31/16

More from Cook’s Country from America’s Test Kitchen

Oyster Varieties and Flavor Profiles

Also, check-out the extensive list of Oysters. It includes oysters from California, British Columbia, and the East Coast. The Pacific Northwest Oysters index lists over 60 varieties. Each oyster page includes its oyster flavor profile, cultivation method, species and oyster appellation.

Feel free to add suggestions by clicking on the "add comment" button at the bottom of most pages. Or, register (it's free) and begin contributing information which other Chefs will find useful.

4 Best Recipe Costing Software 2021 (Pricing + Reviews)

Whether you are just out of college, or a veteran in the food industry running a food service or restaurant is not an easy task to do. It takes time and proper management to works while there are many other aspects to think about like making proper budgeting for food.

Many restaurant owners take this notion of recipe costing lightly. But, know that if you do not budget precisely, your restaurant is likely to fail. You need to figure out ways to save money where you can, reduce waste and have more efficient workflows.

That’s where recipe costing software comes in the play. Recipe costing software is a must-have tool for restaurant managers, as it ensures you don’t overspend and monitor ingredients costs effectively.

Recipe Costing Software

Recipe Cost Calculator is a simple yet smart software that will take care of all&hellip

ChefTec is a leading-edge software by Culinary Software Services and perfectly designed to meet the&hellip

Recipe Costing Software is a cloud-based solution that assists food businesses with inventory management, cost&hellip

Ratatool is an online software developed and designed for restaurant owners and catering businesses to&hellip

1. Recipe Cost Calculator

Recipe Cost Calculator is a simple yet smart software that will take care of all your recipe costing needs. It has a simple user interface that helps you with calculating restaurant food costs, bakery food costs, catering costs, ingredient costs, recipe prices, and food costs. Furthermore, it lets you add labor and packaging costs in your recipes as well.

However, the aims of Recipe Cost Calculator is to save thousands of hours of time spent in recipe costing and improve the profitability of food businesses. A small monthly fee can get you started with this amazing food costing software that can completely transform your business.

'CHEF' the Film Cookbook: Recipes from El Jefe

Here you’ll find a few of our favorite recipes we hope will reignite your taste buds, as well as your passion for cooking.

Our journey proves it doesn’t matter where you cook – whether it's a super-trendy restaurant or a tiny kitchen on wheels what's important is connecting with family, being true to yourself and experiencing food as one of life’s great pleasures.

So download our cookbook (filled with recipes created by Chef Roy Choi) and join us for a quick culinary road trip with some of the tastiest food truck cuisine between L.A. and Miami.

Here you’ll find a few of our favorite recipes we hope will reignite your taste buds, as well as your passion for cooking.

Our journey proves it doesn’t matter where you cook – whether it's a super-trendy restaurant or a tiny kitchen on wheels what's important is connecting with family, being true to yourself and experiencing food as one of life’s great pleasures.

So download our cookbook (filled with recipes created by Chef Roy Choi) and join us for a quick culinary road trip with some of the tastiest food truck cuisine between L.A. and Miami.

Photos (c) Open Road Films & CHEF Filmmakers

Recipes & Photos provided by Open Road Films

Recipes created by Chef Roy Choi

BakeSpace, Inc. does not claim ownership of photos, video or recipes included in this cookbook.
. Show less

Cookbook Recipes

CHEF the Film: Mojo Pork Cubanos

CHEF the Film: Mojo-Marinated Pork Shoulder

CHEF the Film: Tostones with Chile Vinegar

CHEF the Film: Berries n Cream

CHEF the Film: Yucca Fries with Banana Ketchup

CHEF the Film: Pasta Aglio e Olio

CHEF THE FILM: Chocolate Lava Cakes

CHEF the Film: Mojo Pork Cubanos

CHEF the Film: Mojo-Marinated Pork Shoulder

CHEF the Film: Tostones with Chile Vinegar

CHEF the Film: Berries n Cream

CHEF the Film: Yucca Fries with Banana Ketchup

CHEF the Film: Pasta Aglio e Olio

CHEF THE FILM: Chocolate Lava Cakes

Thank you for your interest in CHEF the Film's cookbook and for helping support the BakeSpace community of independent cookbook authors!

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Cookbook Café is our one-of-a-kind cookbook publisher, marketplace and reader. It empowers everyone to create, market and distribute a cookbook as both a web-based eBook and an iPad app. It also makes it incredibly easy for home cooks to discover and use amazing grassroots cookbooks they won't find anywhere else. Since 2012, we've published thousands of cookbooks authored by home chefs, nonprofit organizations, clubs, brands, etc. Our goal is to democratize cookbook publishing and make it easy to build an online library of amazing grassroots cookbooks.

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Mushroom Terrine – Ingredients: Morel, Chanterelle, King Oyster Mushroom

Scallop Poêlé – Ingredients: Scallop, Olive Oil

Ratatouille – Ingredients: Zucchini, Eggplant, Tomato, Garlic, Bay Leaf

Lobster Mousse – Ingredients: Lobster, Scallop, Dill

Caprese Salad – Ingredients: Strawberry, Tomato, Cheese, Basil

Consommé – Ingredients: Celery, Onion, Cloves

Pumpkin Velouté – Ingredients: Pumpkin, Black Truffle

Carrot Potage – Ingredients: Carrot, Onion, Rice, Butter

Grab Bisque – Ingredients: Crab, Tomato, Carrot, Celery, Olive Oil

Cold Tomato Soup – Ingredients: Watermelon, Tomato, Dill

Sole Meunière – Ingredients: Sole, Caviar

Eel Matelote – Ingredients: Eel, Bay Leaf, Parsley

Bouillabaisse – Ingredients: Mussel, Lobster, Cod, Garlic, Saffron

Sea Bass en Papillote – Ingredients: Sea Bass, Basil, Thyme, Olive Oil

Seafood Tartare – Ingredients: Blood Orange, Lobster, Sea Bass, Olive Oil

Sea Bass Poêlé – Ingredients: Grapes, Sea Bass, Zucchini, Chanterelle, Parsley

Sweetbread Poêlße – Ingredients: Porcini, Lemon, Veal

Beef Sauté – Ingredients: Cornichon, Eggplant, Zucchini, Beef

Beef Bourguignon – Ingredients: Rosemary, Bay Leaf, Thyme, Garlic, Beef

Stuffed Quail – Ingredients: Rice, Portobello, Porcini, Miller Mushroom, Parsley, Quail

Filet Mignon Poêlé – Ingredients: Sour Cherry, Butter, Black Truffle, Rosemary, Cloves, Filet Mignon

Menu Cycles

Menu cycles typically consist of six-week lunch and one- and two-week breakfast cycles, depending on the age group. By using menu cycles, meals can rotate on a recurring basis, with more popular items at higher circulation, and allow for structured planning and procurement.

We’ve partnered with Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) to produce sample menu cycles. In the reference files below, you can download information including: USDA certification worksheets for each week, nutrient analysis by day, and cycle and example costing information.


At BVSD, breakfast is usually offered as a regular two-week cafeteria service model for K-5, and one-week cycles for K-8, 6-8, and 9-12 age groups as well as a two-week classroom model for K-5. The breakfast menus are based on ready-to-eat foods, some of which BVSD has worked closely with local companies to develop, such as burritos, muffins, and bagels. At BVSD, this type of breakfast menu is most compatible with their demographic and labor model.

We have a handful of scratch-cooked breakfast items in the Recipes database that can be easily incorporated into menu cycles.


Lunch, like breakfast, is offered for all age groups. The cycles are six-week cycles and are based on BVSD’s current menu cycles, with the exception of some custom prepared foods that are not available nationwide.

45 Best Air Fryer Recipes for a Twist on Your Weeknight Meals

How many times have you needed an easy dinner idea, but also desperately wanted it to be crispy and fried too? We've all been there. every week? Well, look no further than these out-of-this-world air fryer recipes that make the most of your magical kitchen gadget. Whether you're looking for dinners for one, or tasty family meals, there are dishes in here that'll fulfill all your needs. Ever used an air fryer? It's a great tool for lightening up dishes, since it produces crispy food without needing to drench it in oil. That means that several of these meals are&mdashdare we say&mdashgood for you too!

There's no shortage of chicken recipes when it comes to air fryer ideas, and this list is no exception. Whether it's fried chicken, chicken tenders, spicy hot wings, or even chicken Parmesan, there are enough dinners in here to keep your family happy for weeks. Of course, there are several veggie-friendly meals that are more on the health-conscious side too. Check out the many cauliflower recipes that swap it in for meat, like the buffalo cauliflower bites and breaded cauliflower tacos.

So tonight, instead of spending hours on a complicated meal, look to these air fryer recipes (or Instant Pot recipes for another quick fix!) to satisfy all your crispy cravings in no time.

Watch the video: What it takes to get a Michelin star. CNBC Reports (July 2022).


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