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Appetizer baskets with caviar

Appetizer baskets with caviar

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I wrote the quantities I made.

Put the milk to boil with a little salt and then when it starts to boil put the semolina in the rain, without making lumps and mix well until it thickens. Leave to cool and it will harden very much.

The eggs are put on steam and mixed well if it is necessary to choose the remaining strands.

Put the caviar in a bowl and mix well with a little oil like mayonnaise and a little of the cooled semolina. Mix well (at low speed not hard) and continue until the semolina is finished. At the end, add the lemon juice and finely chopped onion. You can add a little milk if they are too thick, but add very cold milk (I put about 50 ml)

Peel the tomatoes and let them drain a little, then fill them with caviar and decorate with olives. They can be put in bowls or boxes and decorated in the same way with olives


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