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What New York City Food Are You, Based on Your Astrological Sign?

What New York City Food Are You, Based on Your Astrological Sign?

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New York City is full of unique personalities, but each of its 8.4 million residents is one of twelve astrological signs. Don’t be a spoilsport; find out which iconic New York delicacy matches your zodiac.

Aries: Chicken and Rice

Though you might not have the patience to line up on 53rd Street for The Halal Guys truck, you have a personality as fiery as that extra hot sauce you probably ask for on your rice.

Taurus: Pastrami and Rye

Taurus folk value all things traditional, and in New York, pastrami and rye at Katz’s Delicatessen is as traditional as it gets. But like Tauruses, the food coma you’ll encounter after one of these is very stubborn.

Gemini: Black and White Cookie

The mind of a Gemini is essentially a black and white cookie: split in two when it comes to most decisions. Glaser's Bake Shop has been making them for 112 years (cookies, not Geminis). Geminis are also very sweet — when they need to be, at least.

Cancer: Magnolia Bakery Banana Pudding

Like a Cancer personality, the banana pudding at Magnolia Bakery is a little hermit in its plastic container/shell, until it opens up to you. Then, it’s sweet (though perhaps a little over-sharing) and sympathetic — anybody who has had one after a bad day knows this all too well.

Leo: Cronut

This croissant–doughnut hybrid at Dominique Ansel had people lining up for months, media covering it for weeks, and copycats springing up all over the world. What Leo wouldn’t love all that attention?

Virgo: Chocolate Chip Layer Cake

The chocolate chip layer cake might not be the most iconic or popular dish at Momofuku Milk Bar, but it sums up Virgos perfectly. Its unusual mix of flavors — chocolate, coffee, and passion fruit — are meticulously arranged in an orderly, sometimes micro-managerial, way that only a Virgo could execute.

Libra: Soup Dumplings

Every New Yorker knows about the soup dumplings at Joe’s Shanghai. Libras can be very dependent on others, just as a soup dumpling is on a spoon and chopsticks. They appear cool and calm on the outside, but have their own chaotic (and deliciously charming) mess on the inside.

Scorpio: Brooklyn Blackout Cake

With an intense and decadent flavor, this cake is not for the feeble-stomached. Scorpios are mysterious, just like the hidden ingredient —stout — in the much-loved Brooklyn blackout cake at Ovenly.

Sagittarius: Dollar Pizza

Like Sagittarius folk, dollar pizza is no-nonsense and confident, and with good reason: everybody loves pizza. There’s no party without a Sagittarius, just like there’s no true night of revelry in New York that doesn’t end at a place more or less as delicious as Percy’s on Bleecker Street.

Capricorn: Bagel and Lox

You can always depend on a wise-beyond-her-years Capricorn, just as you can always depend on a bagel and lox to satisfy you in the morning (or any time, really). Russ & Daughters has served this classic for more than 100 years — they might even be the reason it became a classic in the first place.

Aquarius: Waldorf Salad

Eclectic, open-minded, and prone to debate, Aquarius folk have a lot to offer in conversation — just as the Waldorf Salad has a lot to offer you in terms of taste and health. Try it where it all began — at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

Pisces: Pierogis

Pisces are known for their creativity, and pierogis can have so many different fillings and accompanying sauces that it’s the perfect playing field for these dreamers. They can also be vegetarian-friendly, which is on par with Piscean empathy. Of course, you have to get them at Veselka.

We Know The Perfect House For Every Single Zodiac Sign

You don't need to be a true astrology believer to glean insights about your real estate prospects from your star sign. Whether you&rsquore considering a big move or daydreaming about your future, one BIG way to decide where to live next is thinking about what *type* of house you&rsquod feel at home in. Luckily, your zodiac sign can be a determinant for how you should live. From even-keeled Virgo to witty Gemini, learn what the zodiac has to say about your dream house.

Aquarians are dreamers, but they're also stubborn and focused on effecting change. You&rsquore probably settling somewhere close to a big city where you can regularly attend political protests and events, so we&rsquod recommend going for a classic, Cape Cod-style home in the suburbs of New York City or D.C.

Pisces always want to make people happy, and they&rsquore super focused on being the artsy dreamers of the zodiac. They won&rsquot settle for anything too ordinary-looking, so a Tudor-style home, with its creative and comforting exterior, is the perfect spot.

Stubborn and restless, Aries want to plant their roots but still have freedom to leave whenever they need to. A one-story house in the suburbs is the perfect happy medium: You can go into the city while still having a quiet refuge to call home.

Tauruses are sure to blow through their earnings on an expensive abode, as the zodiac sign is known for having the finest taste. But they won&rsquot settle for just anywhere&mdashas earth signs, Tauruses will want to set up camp in nature, somewhere surrounded by green but not SO far out that others can&rsquot admire their 20-bedroom home.

Geminis are social butterflies, so they&rsquore sure to pick an ornate building that will attract all the finest parties. A Victorian house is the center of everyone&rsquos attention, and the refurbished inside matches the classic Gemini fatal flaw&mdashone half is way different from the other.

You love to burrow up and make a warm, comfy place to come home to (or, let&rsquos be real, to never leave). Cancers are known to be some of the sweetest, friendliest people&mdashyou&rsquore basically the cottages of the zodiac. Make your own cozy spot, invite your close friends, and live the true Cancer dream.

You know those articles about crazy-cool castles for sale in faraway lands? Those are for you, Leo&mdashthe &ldquoroyalty of the zodiac.&rdquo You&rsquore always the talk of the town, and living in a castle on a hill in your own magical kingdom is exactly what you&rsquore on this planet to do. Or, you know, settle for an average-sized house with some castle-esque features. Anything that turns heads.

Big windows and all-white exteriors are perfect for you, Virgo. You&rsquore always super clean and organized, so you&rsquoll want to show of just how tidy your home is to the rest of the neighborhood with a modern home. Plus, this style is chic and futuristic, just like the true Virgo reputation: you&rsquore classy, smart, and always a little ahead of the trend.

The social butterflies of the world, Libras want to host massive parties and stand out in the crowd. Think the homes from "Big Little Lies," with just as much drama and wine-filled gossip sessions as the show. You&rsquoll want to make use of a giant, sandy backyard and an inviting facade that welcomes friends and strangers alike.

Scorpios are driven by passion but coated in mystery, so they need a home that matches their dark personalities. These cave homes hide whatever is on the inside&mdashwhich is probably WAY less intimidating than you'd expect&mdashand allow Scorpios to keep things private.

Sagittarii were born with the travel bug, so fulfill your wanderlust with a small home that you can easily abandon for a week or two (or six.) As a Sag, you also LOVE change and challenging yourself, so a tiny home makes it easy to pack up your life and move so you&rsquore never stuck in one spot.

Capricorns living outside of big cities are probably itching to get to the center of things, and then work their way up. You&rsquore WAY too career-oriented for anything else. Plus, every Cap we know wants to get on top, so a high-rise, scenic spot with a view of all your underlings will be the perfect thing to come home to every day.

If You're Asking If Astrology Is 'Real,' You're Missing the Point

I’m a professional astrologer, which means I spend my days observing the positions of the stars and planets, studying ancient mythology, and counseling clients on living life to their fullest potential. I use the clients’ natal charts to unlock the mysteries of their realities, identifying blindspots and superpowers as we move through transitions, traumas, and self-awareness. The process is transformative, and the results are palpable—even if not always quantifiable.

But if you want me to prove that astrology is “real,” well, I won’t. Because I can’t. And frankly, it doesn’t matter.

Skeptics are obsessed with disproving astrology, which I’ve always found so odd. We know that people find value in introspective practices like this, even if it can be hard to measure exactly what that value is. Plus when it comes to astrology, its true significance is embedded in what it symbolizes to each individual.

When I was born, my uncle hand-calculated my natal chart. Using the date, time, and location of my birth, he carefully divided a perfect circle into twelve sections, each containing precisely thirty degrees. Armed with an ephemeris and protractor, he filled each of the sections (known as houses) with delicate details, meticulously drawing the glyphs of the planets, zodiac signs, and aspects. Fusing geometry and abstraction, my uncle created an illuminated star map. But this illustration is more than just a pretty sky guide it’s a mystical roadmap of my past, present, and future.

My uncle passed when I was three, so unfortunately, I don’t know how he interpreted my chart. The document disappeared into my family archives, and for decades, I didn’t even know it existed. I continued living my life as the chart—in its own orbit, buried among paperwork and photographs—quietly unfolded.

After college, I moved to Los Angeles. Disillusioned by my career in the art world (and beyond frustrated by my dating life), my best friend and I cofounded Align, an astrology dating app. At first, we had a very rudimentary understanding of astrology, but were interested in exploring the intersection of spirituality and technology.

And then everything changed.

Slowly but surely, I began immersing myself in astrology. I soon became a student of Annabel Gat, bought dozens of vintage astrology books, and began studying the stars on a nightly basis. Responding to my new passion, my mother unearthed the hand-drawn natal chart, revealing its existence all along. I examined it obsessively. As I traced the outline of my gentle Pisces Moon, the harsh angle of my Capricorn Ascendant, and the cluster of symbols embedded in my Eighth House, suddenly everything made sense.

My uncle plotted my sky, and now, decades later, everything checked out. All of my realities—joy, pain, hopes, fears—had purpose. I had never felt so validated. I no longer needed to compartmentalize: Through astrology, I became the amalgamation of the harmony and discord, the epicenter of all my truths. I was finally seen, and I was whole.

As humans, we tell stories to understand our realities. According to famed scholar, Joseph Campbell, stories help “you see relevance to something happening in your own life. It gives you perspective. ” Accordingly, we share myths, fairy tales, and folklore to create shared language—explaining the unexplainable. By slightly shifting our perspective, we can identify patterns, habits, and dynamics that are otherwise too close to truly understand. For me, astrology offers the backbone of a narrative that I can tell myself—and a way to guide my clients.

During a typical session with a client, we first find an entry point into their chart. Does the client want to learn more about their personality, the ways in which they move through the world? Or do they want to tackle a particular issue: a complicated relationship dynamic, prospective career change, or major life-changing circumstance? From there, we reverse engineer their chart to explore not just what that issue is, but also why it might be happening. Within astrology, even the most minute details are significant. After a 60-minute session, we make sure not a single stone is left unturned.


Countries that are ruled by Taurus include Cyprus, Tasmania, Ireland, Capri, Rhodes, the Greek Islands, Cuba, East Timor, Serbia, Tanzania, South Africa (pictured), and Yemen.

Cities that are ruled by Taurus include Lucerne, Eastbound, Eastbourne, Hastings, Palermo, Leipzig, St. Louis, and Dublin.

Plan the best vacation according to your zodiac sign

Are you planning for the perfect vacation? What if this dream of yours can actually come true if you take your astrological chart into account. Your zodiac sign tells you about what’s exactly in the store for you in terms of love, career, health and so on. So, why not look to the zodiac to figure out where to next? If you're an adventure-seeking Aries or a stay-at-home Cancer, here are the perfect vacation plans for each Zodiac sign.

Travel stye: Refocusing and rejuvenating.

You Love: Water, romance, cottages, sailing.

Pisceans are very spiritually-focused sign with a strong attachment to water. The breathtaking scenery of the nature - tropical, lagoons and medieval cliffs - create some of the most dreamy and ethereal vibes for these souls, making it the perfect place for the ultra spiritual Pisceans to completely submerge into mystery and find themselves. They tend to be very artistic, open-minded, curious and joyful no matter where they are. If this sign does feel up to doing some activities while on vacation, then kayaking, surfing or scuba diving are all great choices.

You love: Road trips, camping, social sporting events, hiking.

A true Aries is an absolute adrenaline junkie who thrives off on some daring and adventurous activities. Aries feels liberated by the excitement of activity. They need to get all of their energy out on vacation, so they can return to their daily lives refreshed.

You love: Music festivals, beautiful natural settings, spas, chic hotels, a mix of food options.

Whatever the destination is, a Taurus needs to be treated like royalty. They love being pampered and feels the most comfortable when they're in a familiar place. Most importantly, Taurus needs an experience that will help to pull them out of complacency, to spur self-actualisation and self-discovery. Somewhere like Amalfi Coast in Italy will be an amazing choice with a breathtaking coastline and exotic food and drinks.

Travel Style: Jam-packed and busy.

You love: Learning something new, itineraries with more than one city/location, local tours.

Gemini love to roam from place to place so, there is really no destination they won’t circle on their map. Gemini is a natural explorer and they need the kind of vacation where they are able to experience many different things in each day and learn constantly. With vast options for experiences, explorations and opportunities, hustle and bustle of New York City will be a perfect choice for the Gemini.

Travel Style: Comfort seeking.

You love: Interesting B&B’s, historical places.

Cancer are known for being homebodies, and certainly, they enjoy the comfort of their cozy nest. When they feel secure, they will come out of their shell for some fun in the sun. They need a vacation that will allow them to feel calm and comforted. It's also good for Cancer to be somewhere they’re learning about the traditions, history and roots of a place.The Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Queensland in Australia is a great option for these souls. From boat rides to snorkelling to scuba diving, and even helicopter tours, there are so many different ways to explore this amazing ecosystem.

You Love: Plenty to do, cultural activities, over-the-top experiences, sophisticated dining.

Leos takes comfort to a whole new level. They don’t want to feel satisfied, they want to be wowed. Leo wants to go somewhere they can feel sexy and vibrant and alive—a place where self-expression and artistry is a part of the cultural landscape. Bali is a an exciting and inspiring place where they can connect to that inner animal spirit, let down their mane, and let their hearts roar! This beautiful island also offers some of the most luxurious and pampering spas, retreat centers, and wellness experiences available around the world!

Travel Style: Experience-oriented.

You love: Structured itineraries, researching the best spots/local fare, walking tours, architecture.

The mind of a Virgo is constantly working and overthinking. They might be in the most beautiful place in the world, but are blind to the views because they left their brain at the office, which is why it is difficult for a Virgo to take a real vacation. They love a well-planned, well-executed project and their ideas will begin flowing with all the projects that they can create too.The hike through Machu Picchu and parks of the Inca trail in high altitudes will open up their spirits and connect to the nature around them.

You love: Boutiques, new restaurants, nightlife, a balance of things to do/quiet activity.

Libra is all in for two things, i.e. aesthetic beauty and socialisation. Libra tends to feel isolated in new environments, so it’s important they go somewhere that promotes feelings of social connectedness. The best bet for a great Libran vacation is to hit major cities in other parts of the world. They will surely have an amorous time in the City of Love: Paris. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, this sign enjoys elegant evenings filled with art, music, culture and the possibility of a whirlwind romance.

You love: Private retreats, alone time, creeks/rivers, remote locations.

Scorpio is a deep, sometimes brooding but a beautiful sign. They would want to go someplace where they can experience complete metamorphosis and renewal. They'd want to engage their body and spirit in the process.The gorgeous Southern California valleys, deserts and mountains seem like a perfect choice. They will enjoy all the terrains and beautiful nature this earth has to offer in just one small radius of land.

Travel Style: Curiosity filled.

You love: Exploring unfamiliar territory, places with a ton of history, national parks, spontaneity, unplanned adventuring.

The should who fall under this zodiac sign is undoubtedly the ultimate traveler. The sign has a natural craving for travel and adventure. It is important for Sagittarius to travel to a place where they feel free and can be led by their own intuitive process. Drawn to philosophy, mysticism and the studying of ancient cultures, Sagittarians will definitely quench their thirst at Angkor Wat - one of the largest religious monuments in the world.

You love: Mountain views, museums, big lifetime experiences.

A Capricorn’s vacay needs to as enriching as possible because they NEED to feel like they've accomplished something even on vacation. A physically challenging and immensely rewarding trips are exactly what these souls need. The remote/uninhabited islands in all of the world, Easter Island just might be the perfect place where they can really get some alone time. Such a historically rich destination is a perfect place to dive into learning while escaping from the busy modern world.

Travel Style: Take the off-beat path

You love: Natural wonders, non-rigid itineraries, plenty of down time, adventure, new towns and cities.

Intellectual stimulation and creative inspiration are the two most important considerations for the Aquarius traveler. Aquarians have a huge list of places they'd want to visit and most of them would be unconventional. This zodiac sign is the one that wants to do it all—and finds everything interesting. An Aquarius would be just as happy sipping coffee in a bookshop in Boston as they would be scaling a mountain in Japan. They'd prefer to travel with others and explore new lands in groups.

The New York Power Lunch Is Back, With New Rules

Charles Passy

The New York power lunch is back, with new rituals for the see-and-be-seen set: Make sure you’re there on the right day, try out a new wardrobe and Midtown is no longer a must.

Business people say they are embracing the opportunity to meet with clients and colleagues over a meal once again.

“I’m sick of my own tuna sandwich,” said Adam Schwartz, co-chief executive officer of Angelo Gordon, a New York-based investment firm. Mr. Schwartz has dined lately at some of Midtown Manhattan’s most noted power-lunch spots, including Casa Lever.

Mr. Schwartz’s recent lunchtime companion at the upscale Italian restaurant was another top executive: Jonathan Mechanic, who chairs the real-estate department at Fried Frank, an international law firm headquartered in the city. As far as Mr. Mechanic is concerned, the days of virtual meetings could soon be numbered as the power lunch resumes its place in the urban fabric.

“In-person is way better than anything,” said Mr. Mechanic. “It’s like the major leagues versus sandlot ball.”

What New York City Food Are You, Based on Your Astrological Sign? - Recipes

I&rsquom writing this nearly 15 months after we closed our dining room, and I&rsquom so excited to share that we will be reopening Eleven Madison Park on June 10th.

The pandemic brought our industry to its knees. With our closure, we laid off most of our team, and truly didn&rsquot know if there was going to be an Eleven Madison Park.

We kept a small team employed, and with their remarkable effort, in collaboration with the nonprofit Rethink Food, we prepared close to a million meals for New Yorkers experiencing food insecurity. Through this work, I experienced the magic of food in a whole new way, and I also saw a different side of our city &ndash and today I love New York more than ever.

What began as an effort to keep our team employed while feeding people in need has become some of the most fulfilling work of my career. It is a chapter in my life that&rsquos been deeply moving, and for which I am very grateful.

It was clear to me that this work must become a cornerstone of our restaurant.

Therefore, we&rsquove evolved our business model. When we reopen Eleven Madison Park on June 10th, every dinner you purchase will allow us to provide five meals to food-insecure New Yorkers. This food is being delivered by Eleven Madison Truck, which is operated by our staff in partnership with Rethink Food. We&rsquove created a circular ecosystem where our guests, our team, and our suppliers all participate.

In the midst of last year, when we began to imagine what EMP would be like after the pandemic &ndash when we started to think about food in creative ways again &ndash we realized that not only has the world changed, but that we have changed as well. We have always operated with sensitivity to the impact we have on our surroundings, but it was becoming ever clearer that the current food system is simply not sustainable, in so many ways.

We use food to express ourselves as richly and authentically as our craft allows &ndash and our creativity has always been tied to a specific moment in time. In this way, the restaurant is a personal expression in dialogue with our guests.

It was clear that after everything we all experienced this past year, we couldn&rsquot open the same restaurant.

With that in mind, I&rsquom excited to share that we&rsquove made the decision to serve a plant-based menu in which we do not use any animal products &mdash every dish is made from vegetables, both from the earth and the sea, as well as fruits, legumes, fungi, grains, and so much more.

We&rsquove been working tirelessly to immerse ourselves in this cuisine. It&rsquos been an incredible journey, a time of so much learning. We are continuing to work with local farms that we have deep connections to, and with ingredients known to us, but we have found new ways to prepare them and to bring them to life.

I find myself most moved and inspired by dishes that center impeccably-prepared vegetables, and have naturally gravitated towards a more plant-based diet. This decision was inspired by the challenge to get to know our ingredients more deeply, and to push ourselves creatively. It wasn&rsquot clear from the onset where we would end up. We promised ourselves that we would only change direction if the experience would be as memorable as before.

We asked ourselves: What are the most delicious aspects of our dishes, and how could we achieve the same level of flavor and texture without meat?

It&rsquos crucial to us that no matter the ingredients, the dish must live up to some of my favorites of the past. It&rsquos a tremendous challenge to create something as satisfying as the lavender honey glazed duck, or the butter poached lobster, recipes that we perfected.

I&rsquom not going to lie, at times I&rsquom up in the middle of the night, thinking about the risk we&rsquore taking abandoning dishes that once defined us.

But then I return to the kitchen and see what we&rsquove created. We are obsessed with making the most flavorful vegetable broths and stocks. Our days are consumed by developing fully plant-based milks, butters and creams. We are exploring fermentation, and understand that time is one of the most precious ingredients. What at first felt limiting began to feel freeing, and we are only scratching the surface.

All this has given us the confidence to reinvent what fine dining can be. It makes us believe that this is a risk worth taking.

It is time to redefine luxury as an experience that serves a higher purpose and maintains a genuine connection to the community. A restaurant experience is about more than what&rsquos on the plate. We are thrilled to share the incredible possibilities of plant-based cuisine while deepening our connection to our homes: both our city and our planet.

I believe that the most exciting time in restaurants is to come. The essence of EMP is stronger than it ever has been. We can&rsquot wait to have you come and experience this new chapter of the restaurant. We look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Resources for Community Organizations

Farmers Market Walking Tours

Introduce clients, patients, co-workers, community members and family and friends to everything your local farmers market has to offer by leading a walking tour. Learn more about leading a tour and check out some ideas for activities to make your tour fun and educational:

Start a Farmers Market Nutrition Education Program

Nutrition education and culinary demonstrations at farmers markets benefit shoppers and farmers. Community organizations are ideal leaders for these programs because of their experience with and knowledge of community needs.

For help planning your program, use:


Choose one of the following curricula for your farmers market nutrition education program.

Workshops for Adults

    (PDF): This curriculum focuses on meal planning, budgeting, food safety, portion sizes, healthy beverages, food labels and preparation and storage of local seasonal produce. Each lesson takes about 40 minutes, including interpretation.
    (PDF): This curriculum is for shorter workshops focused on the culinary demonstration. Each lesson takes 25 minutes, including interpretation.

When teaching either of the above curricula, use the following handouts:

Workshops for Kids


Use the following recipes for your education workshops. Each recipe highlights local produce available at farmers markets, farm stands and food boxes in NYC and beyond. They are arranged in alphabetical order by main ingredient.

Educator Training Materials

Community organizations can train educators to conduct nutrition workshops and culinary demonstrations at farmers markets or farm stands.

For more information, review the guides below and choose the training video that corresponds to the curriculum you’ll be implementing.

Culinary Demonstration Tips for Educators

This Earth sign prefers the mountains and outdoors as they tend to be drawn to the natural world . This sign is patient, hard-working, and a lover of the arts . Too, according to, this sign " frequently needs to get in touch with their physical self ," which Colorado certainly is fitting for as one of the happiest and healthiest states in the nation.

Colorado offers endless opportunities for outdoor adventures, beautiful mountain views, and two renowned art museums, just in Denver alone — Denver Art Museum and Museum of Contemporary Art Denver.

Here’s How This Retrograde Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign:


Aries, as a sign that’s assertive and fast-moving, you will likely experience some frustration by miscommunication and delays.

Be careful not to get swept up in the heat of the moment and say something you’ll regret later. During an intense conversation, your best bet is to sit back and listen. Surprising truths may come to light in this retrograde.

You’ll need an outlet to release some of that anger. Make it a habit to work out or do something physical on a regular basis.


Normally rational and calm, the Taurus zodiac sign might act more recklessly during this time. Don’t sign any new contracts and avoid impulse shopping, especially electronics. Your judgement may be off, especially when it comes to financial matters.

As the sign of the bull, Taurus is known for being stubborn. So, if you find yourself at odds with others during a conversation, know that you are feeling a bit more rigid than usual. Try to be more flexible and open in your thinking.

During this Mercury Retrograde Taurus will benefit from aromatherapy. Ruled by Venus, the goddess of beauty and pleasure, essential oils can be very therapeutic.


Mercury rules the Gemini zodiac sign, so Geminis will feel the effects of retrograde more than the other astrological signs.

As a talkative sign that usually has a way with words, Gemini might literally feel like their world has turned upside down. Confusion and mixed messages will be common during Mercury Retrograde dates October 13 to November 3 this year.

Rather than letting Scorpio’s intense influence cause you to go into overthinking mode, embrace your adaptable side.

Geminis are very much in their heads. Rather than letting Scorpio’s intense influence cause you to go into overthinking mode, embrace your adaptable side. If plans fall through or there’s a delay, don’t panic. Go with the flow. You’ll thank yourself later.

Meditation will help Gemini slow down and keep the wheels from spinning.


Get ready for an emotional roller coaster, Cancer. As the sign of the crab, your first instinct is to retreat into your shell when you’re overwhelmed. And over the next few weeks you will definitely be tested.

Since you will be feeling more moody than usual, it’s best to avoid overstimulation and do a digital detox. Limit your social media time and when you’re feeling stressed, rest and recharge.

While nobody likes to be embarrassed, it’s crippling for the attention-loving Leo zodiac sign. Since Mercury retrograde will cause technological mishaps, it may cause a meeting to get off track or problems during a presentation. Best to back everything up and be on the safe side.

Rather than letting that fiery Lion temper get the best of you, put that energy to better use and indulge in something creative. Mandala coloring books can be calming for this fire sign.


Like Gemini, Mercury is Virgo’s ruling planet, so headaches and confusing conversations are inevitable. It’s extra important during this time to take a step back and think about what you say before you say it.

To manage your overthinking, journaling will be helpful. Writing down your thoughts will help you feel more in control of them.


Love and harmony are essential to a Libra, but Mercury retrograde is sure to throw a wrench in your current relationships.

Whether it’s confusing texts or misinterpreting information, communication could be anything but smooth. Old friends and exes may also pop up, which can be a good or bad thing depending on how you choose to handle it . . .

During this Mercury Retrograde Libra will need to find balance. As a sign that appreciates beauty, pampering yourself with a skincare treatment and face masks or a nice bath may be just what you need.


Since this Mercury Retrograde is in your sign Scorpio, you will feel its effects most of all. Be aware that you will question your intuition during this time and may experience self-doubt with your decision-making.

Since this Mercury Retrograde is in your sign Scorpio, you will feel its effects most of all.

In order to feel truly fulfilled, Scorpios need to nourish their mind, body and spirit. Energy healing such as Reiki will help clear out the mental clutter. Healing crystals can also be powerful companions when it comes to calming and cleansing the mind and body.


Although you are always on the go Sagittarius, now is the time to press pause.

Mercury retrograde is known for causing delays so if you’re traveling anywhere, make sure to have a plan B and C. Even though it goes against your basic instincts, slow down! Slow and steady will win the race in this retrograde cycle.

Sagittarius loves to explore, so going for nature walks will help to keep stress at bay. With so much mental energy, they greatly benefit from releasing some of that built up tension through physical activities (hiking, yoga, exercise – get out there and move!).


Capricorns are very ambitious and in order to feel good, they need to feel like they are accomplishing goals. However, with Mercury in retrograde, it’s not a time for starting new projects, signing contracts or making investments.

During this Mercury Retrograde Capricorn will enjoy a habit tracker as a self-care tool. Organization brings you inner peace, and making time to do the things you enjoy will ensure you stay centered during this chaotic time.


As a sign that lives in their head, Aquarius struggles to stay grounded.

Mercury Retrograde makes things especially challenging for these overthinkers. The key to staying sane for this air sign is slowing down their thoughts, and meditation is one of the best techniques to do this.

Aquarius would also benefit from a decluttering home project. A clear physical space can create a clear headspace.


Your intuition is usually spot on Pisces, but during this particular Mercury retrograde you won’t be as confident in your gut feelings. Since your thinking will be foggy, don’t overanalyze your thoughts over the next few weeks.

While you normally escape into a world of daydreams during stressful times, you’ll find inner peace through being proactive with your creative pursuits.

Tapping into your creative abilities won’t steer you wrong. Whether it’s journaling, painting or composing, find activities that allow you to express the ocean of emotions you’re always swimming in.

Watch the video: Έτσι θα σε φλερτάρει με βάση το ζώδιό του (June 2022).


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