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Best Food News on the Web: 11/30/2012

Best Food News on the Web: 11/30/2012

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Sure, it's been a busy week. So you may have missed some of the great stories put out by The Daily Meal's talented editors and their fantastic special contributors. But you wouldn't want to head into the weekend having missed some of the best food stories on the Web. So here's a second serving of some of the great food and drink stories that you definitely shouldn't have missed.


Jamie Oliver Teases 'Food Fight Club' with 'Fight Club' Parody Unfortunately, he's not very good at being a badass.

Oldest Twinkie Ever Might Be a Mere 36 Years Old We were hoping somebody had preserved a Twinkie for 70 years.


New York City's The Russian Tea Room Launches Breakfast, Donating Proceeds to Sandy Relief The iconic restaurant is putting an opulent Russian spin on the morning meal.

Chocolate Chip Cookies Coming to a KFC Near You Fried chicken and chocolate chip cookies — what’s not to love?


Andrew Zimmern's Favorite Pit Stop Foods 'Bizarre Foods' star Andrew Zimmern shares what pit stop foods are worth the drive.

Surprising Bedtime Treats Delivered at Hotel Turndown Time Hotels are serving more than a piece of chocolate with extraordinary nightly turndown services.


Baseball Legend Nolan Ryan to Release New Cookbook The hall of famer is offering another side of Texas with a new cookbook set to be released in 2014.

The Daily Meal’s 2012 Gift Guide for the Home Cook We all have an aspiring home cook in our group of friends and family, so get them something they’d really love this holiday.


Kahlúa and Espresso Bean Caramel Corn Recipe Hot caramel poured over chocolate-covered espresso beans and popcorn.

Cream of Mushroom Soup with White Wine and Leeks Recipe Much like homemade tomato soup, this recipe is easy and delicious.


15 Outrageous Gingerbread Houses These aren’t your average cookie-cutter homes.

Make Your Tree Drool-Worthy with Food-Themed Ornaments From tacos to burgers, get ready for a stomach growl.


How to make Pasta Dough Frank Prisinzano shows the secrets to perfect Italian pasta.

New Orleans Cocktail History Abigail Deirdre Gullo of SoBou explains NOLA's cocktail contributions.


The Holiday Coffee Drinks That Will Help — or Ruin — Your Diet Want to splurge on a candy-sweet holiday coffee? Watch out for these diet-busters.

Taste Test: Starbucks' Most Expensive Coffee The heirloom, Costa Rican coffee costs up to $7 for one cup.


Bake it with Booze brings us "Blueberry Banana Brandy Bars (B4s)."

Everyday Champagne whips up some "Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Braised Collard Greens and Sausage."


Tyler Sullivan is the Assistant Editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @atylersullivan

Feeding your dog a raw food diet could be harmful and even life-threatening, according to vets

This article was medically reviewed by Sorin McKnight, DVM, a veterinarian at Wellborn Road Veterinary Medical Center in College Station, Texas.

  • A raw food diet for dogs consists of uncooked meats, raw eggs, and whole or ground bones.
  • But raw food could be contaminated and lead to bacterial infections that compromise your dog's —and your own—health.
  • Feeding your dog raw food could also lead to your pup having nutritional deficiencies.

A raw food diet is just what it sounds like — you feed your dog only raw products like uncooked meat, bones, and certain vegetables.

Proponents of the raw food diet say it has important health benefits for dogs, but the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) discourages giving dogs raw animal products.

Here's what you need to know about the raw food diet for dogs and why it may not be your best option.

Watch the video: Food Inspectors - Series 2: Episode 2 (June 2022).


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