Low beans

I cleaned the beans from the garbage, washed them in a strainer and soaked them in plenty of cold water until the next morning.

The next day I put a large pot of water on the fire and when it started to boil I added the drained beans in which it was soaked and I put the fire lower. I boiled another pot of water. When the beans started to boil, I drained the water and poured over it, in the pot, the boiled water from the second pot. I repeated this stage one more time.

I made sure that the water did not exceed the beans with more than two fingers and I left it on low heat, with a bay leaf added, until the water dropped to the bean layer and the beans were cooked.

If the beans do not boil until the water drops, add a little more hot water and continue cooking until we are satisfied with the result.

When the beans are well cooked and the water has dropped, I take out the bay leaf and prepare the broth sauce. I finely chopped the onion and hardened it in oil together with the finely chopped greasy peppercorns, half a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of ground pepper. When the onion became glassy, ​​I added the tomato paste and left it on low heat, stirring constantly, for about 3 minutes. I poured this hot mixture over the smoky boiling beans and mixed well. I adjusted the taste with salt and let it boil for another 10 minutes. I stopped the fire and added the dried thyme.

You can also add green parsley, finely chopped.

I served the food hot, along with assorted pickles.

Good appetite!

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