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Stuffed polenta balls

Stuffed polenta balls

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The water is boiled with a little salt. When it boils, add the malai gradually, stirring constantly. Boil until it thickens without being too hard. Pour over a plate and so hot mix with butter and grated telemeau and leave to cool.

Cut the chicken breast into cubes of the right size and put them in a pan in which I heated a few tablespoons of olive oil. Dice the meat cubes on all sides, salt and pepper to taste. When they are almost ready, add the garlic.

With our hands greased with butter, we take a piece of polenta, which we flatten in the palm of our hand. Put 1-2 cubes of meat in the middle, then fold and give it a spherical shape. We roll each ball thus obtained in breadcrumbs, then we fry it in a very hot oil bath. Fry enough to brown a little, then remove on an absorbent towel.

Serve hot.

Poppy polenta

Today I prepared something simple and absolutely delicious. It's a good idea when you have extra polenta. So, instead of throwing it away, you can make these delicious fire pits. They do not contain any type of fat, they have no eggs, no milk, no water, no baking powder or yeast, no butter. They are made of cold polenta and flour, that's all.

Ingredients & # 8211 Cold polenta dishes

  • 200 cold polenta (I advise you to prepare polenta from fine corn)
  • 350-400 g flour

We open the cold polenta in small bouquets with our hands,

and we start adding flour.

Knead the polenta with flour,

until we get a compact and elastic ball. Be careful, the polenta absorbs quite a lot of flour, so gradually add the flour until the dough no longer sticks to your hands. To give some estimated quantities: to 200 grams of polenta, add about 400 grams of flour.

This is what the dough looks like at the end,

Break the pieces of dough (about 30 grams),

and we spread them in a round and thin sheet with the floured facal,

heat a Teflon pan or a grill and bake them over medium heat in an ungreased pan, 4 minutes on each side. They will swell quite a lot,

so the moment it swells, we turn the piadina to the other side,

We can serve them simple or stuffed with what we want: minced meat and seasoned with onions, peppers, garlic, greens, or cheese or just vegetables, etc ..

I filled them with what I had in the fridge, namely: some grated Parmesan cheese, ketchup and some thinly sliced ​​smoked salami,

Mushroom stew with polenta & # 8211 a delicious recipe for a traditional dish

Mushroom stew with polenta

Here is a super fast, cheap and tasty food, this time I boiled the corn in milk, it is very creamy and good.

Ingredients mushroom stew with polenta

  • 1 kg Champignon mushrooms
  • 1 onion
  • 200ml sour cream
  • 2 tablespoons flour
  • milk
  • corn
  • oil
  • salt, ground white pepper

Method of preparation

We wash the mushrooms and clean them of the skin, after which we cut them into slices.

Heat the oil and add the grated onion, after 2 minutes add the mushrooms, the first time they take up a lot of volume but then they decrease.
Separately, in a bowl, mix the flour with the cream and 200ml of milk.

When we see that the mushroom juice starts to decrease and starts to fry, we add the sauce, season with salt and ground white pepper. Let the sauce thicken.

For the polenta, boil milk with a little salt, add the cornstarch and mix continuously, this time I let the polenta be thicker because when serving I made a form with a bowl soaked in cold water, I filled it with polenta and pressed well, so that it doesn't have holes, I took the polenta out of the bowl and placed it in the middle of the plate, I swear I put it in the sauce and at the end I sprinkled it with chopped parsley.

This food is served hot.

1.Ingredient 2. Mushrooms washed and peeled 3. Mushroom slices 4. Grated onion 5. Add oil and fry for 2 minutes 6. Add sliced ​​mushrooms next to fried onions 7. Mix the sour cream with the flour 8. Add milk 9. Fried mushrooms 10. Add the sour cream sauce 11. Season with salt 12. Season with pepper 13. Boil the milk 14. Season with salt 15.Add the Malay 16. Boil until you get a harder polenta 17.Wash a bowl with cold water 18. Make a shape with the help of the bowl and place it in the middle of the plate 19. Mushroom stew with polenta 20.Presentation suggestion 21. Mushroom stew with polenta

The recipe for & # 8220Shut up and swallow & # 8221 is actually polished in layers, one of the dishes very appreciated by Romanians. It is a traditional recipe, specially prepared to support the local culinary culture in the project close to my soul. initiated by Selgros.

In my family, polenta is eaten at least once a week. It often accompanies fried fish, sarmalele, I turn it into polenta balls or even simpler we choose the polenta version with cheese and sour cream. My father-in-law eats polenta only with milk or yogurt, and my husband does not conceive of eating any kind of polenta without a little cream.

When I was very young I didn't like polenta. But, in my first school vacation, I was going to completely change my mind. Before 1989, there was not much bread in the villages. We, in Bucharest, had no ration, no problems in supplying ourselves with bread, maybe also because our block was right across from the bread factory. Well, during the 3-month long vacation spent in the country in the Vrancea area, my uncle and aunt did not have bread every day, so they often prepared polenta. On the first day I didn't eat anything. As a spoiled child I would ask for bread and explain to everyone that I don't want to taste & # 8220 that yellow thing & # 8221. The next day I gave it a try and I found that it is not so bad in taste, but we are still in position, hoping that bread will arrive at the store in the village. I made my way to the store a few times that day. Not to mention the supply, the store was closed, with the lock on the door, so the next day I accepted the polenta without comments, and by the end of the holiday it had already entered my menu and I was asking & # 8220the shepherd's cake& # 8221 & # 8211 version of my polenta aunt boiled with water and salt, in layers with several kinds of cheese and the same egg nests as those in this recipe. I think he said that just to convince me to eat polenta.

The other day we were looking for special recipes from the Brasov area & # 8211 Fagaras and we found this recipe in Radu Anton Roman & # 8220's book. Romanian dishes, wines and customs & # 8221. He was born in the Fagaras area, so he had a weakness for the & # 8220tac and swallow & # 8221 recipe, about which he wrote: & # 8220The famous and magnificent Transylvanian copture, spread especially in the southern countries, Barsei, Fagaras, Amlas, Hateg & # 8211 is a centuries-old masterpiece. & # 8221

The polished cheese in layers, in which they nest and some eggs, is tasty, economical, full and goes great on cold days with a piece of fried bacon next to it. This recipe is old, but it has been kept in its shape to this day, as proof of good taste.

The cheese proposed by Radu Anton Roman to prepare & # 8220tac and swallow & # 8221 is a less salty cheese, but we can also use bellows cheese, sheep's cheese (especially the kneaded one and kept over the winter in a jar or freezer), cheese, any cheese we have at hand and we like it.

The polenta used in the recipe & # 8220tac and swallow & # 8221 is not the classic one boiled in salted water, the malai will be boiled in milk with sour cream and salt, which will give it a better taste.

Satisfied and good not to leave anything on the plate, we make sure to eat it hot. And Radu Anton Roman also says: & # 8220Only a prefript apple brandy from Sinca Fagarasului, a brandy turned by Pui-Hateg or a burnt one by Belis are due to an honorable polenta & # 8230 & # 8221

And, because I was telling you that we like polenta, I'm leaving you my collection of polenta recipes here.

Now I let you see how easy it is to prepare:


250 g less salted telemea

We prepare a softer polenta from corn, milk and sour cream.

Grease a heat-resistant dish with 50 g butter and put half of the polenta, smoothing it as best we can.

Put 100 g of butter, spread it, then sprinkle two thirds of the amount of cheese.

We spread the second layer of polenta and make holes in which eggs will nest nicely. Put the rest of the cheese and a piece of butter on each egg.

Bake in a preheated oven at 180 ° C until the egg whites harden.

I fried a little smoked bacon separately, because any Transylvanian house has a piece of bacon in the fridge / freezer. And I put a little word, then I sprinkled a thread of sweet paprika, to be more on my husband's soul. I left the sour cream in a cup. I wouldn't put anything on him, he was so good

Polenta balls with surprises

They are stuffed & # 8230 have something very tasty in the middle. From the first mouthful you are satisfied & # 8230 It is slightly salty, and the soft and at the same time slightly crunchy cornstarch combines perfectly with the taste of surprise.

Polenta balls with beef prosciutto in the middle.

Total madness! I like polenta, in fact I like cold polenta. I prefer to eat it the next day, to be honest. Not many people like cold polenta, so what I thought of making polenta balls. This is how everyone ate and for those who also prefer cold polenta, this version of meatballs can be eaten the next day.

It was an ad hoc idea and I can guarantee you that this dish will be eaten immediately. It does not require who knows what torment and whole hours spent in the kitchen. The only downside is that it takes a while to make polenta balls, but let me tell you how I did it.

For a tray of polenta balls with surprises, you need almost a kg of polenta, yesterday's one, preferably not another, but don't burn your fingers. Then about 150 grams of diced beef prosciutto.

I prefer this one in the picture, it is super tasty and does not need any extra spices.

In order to be able to handle this cold polenta, I don't swear that I didn't use gloves, but I'm obsessed with cleaning, so, believe me, I washed my hands and disinfected a hundred times before I started to jam. bullets.

In addition, I can't stand gloves in the winter even in the cold. I have a problem, I know, that's why my hands are so dusty. I put my hand in everything and everything :))

As I said, in order to handle the cold polenta, in order to make balls, I greased my hands well with extra virgin olive oil.

I handled the polenta easily and put the diced beef prosciutto in the middle.

I filled the tray with balls and put it in the oven for about 20 minutes at 180 degrees.

In case you're wondering why the balls are small hedgehogs, this is because I put raw pumpkin seeds on each ball. And in order not to burn the balls, I sprinkled them with a little olive oil.

And this is it! Mission accomplished & # 8211 people were thrilled by the bullets!

Make polenta from 500 ml of water, 1 lgt of salt, 1-2 lg of oil, 100 g of corn flour - in the microwave. After boiling water with salt and oil, add flour, leave for 5 minutes at 750W, covered, then mix (lower to 500 W), leaving for another 12 minutes and stirring halfway through. Mix with about 5 lg mushrooms (which had been fried with onions and garlic) and a piece of butter. Divide the polenta into 3 larger forms greased with butter.

For the polenta, 700 ml of water with 100 ml of wine and 20 g of butter had to be boiled, then flour with mushrooms was added and the polenta was cooked over low heat. Melt 30 g butter and mix with olive oil, add chopped onion, 1 bay leaf and brown for 1 minute. Add the mushroom hats, with the inside up.

Add salt and 2 lg of water or wine. Cover and leave for 3 minutes. Turn the mushrooms carefully, and leave them uncovered for another minute. Remove, drain on a paper towel.

In the pan, over the onion, add the finely chopped mushroom tails and leave for 1 minute on medium heat. Add salt, half a marjoram and 3 lbs of water / wine.

Allow to evaporate for 3 minutes. The caps of the mushrooms, after they have drained, are passed through flour, egg and finally breadcrumbs, then fried in peanut oil.

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What a great idea! I'm going to tell Alexandra that she's crazy about polenta.

See that I'm coming to you on Tuesday! Take care of what you prepare well.

I like it! courageous
The truth is that polenta is very versatile, but we only use it instead of bread.

Egg in polenta nest

I'm Romanian and Moldovan-Dobrogean, so it's normal for me to like polenta, right? And today I participate in a polished and delicious challenge, together with other blogger friends. So, get ready for wholesale and retail polenta, because today you will be bombarded with tasty polenta, under the logo & bdquoMAMALIGARI FROM ALL COUNTRIES, JOIN! & Rdquo :)

You can find more polenta recipes on the blogs of my friends & # 128578

Mozzarella polenta, stuffed with olive paste & a delicacy with polenta

And I could say "ham and pepper", but the title is already too long. Some nice stuff, & # 8220 toys & # 8221 that can sit on a more festive table, if you want. It takes a little longer to make them, but it is clear that they are not made daily, so it works with x or y.

For polenta, a firmer polenta, so that it can be cut afterwards: 250 g of corn, 800 ml of water, 1 lg of salt, 10 g of butter. Now, surely everyone knows how to do it, I don't repeat it. After it is boiled, it is poured into a small tray (21 & # 21532 is mine) lined with baking paper, the paper evenly brushed with very little oil.

Level the polenta well with a spoon greased with oil and refrigerate until you do the other chores. I put an aluminum foil over the polenta while it was in the fridge. When you take it out, turn it over on a tray and cut its edges, then divide it into rectangles as equal as possible. I got 24, some rectangles, some more square.

Then make a hole with an instrument like the one in the picture or with a teaspoon, but not fixed in the middle, but closer to the edge. This hole will fit a mini mozzarella ball, this can be found in any supermarket for fresh, bulk products.

To fill the balls, cut a lid and remove the core. A knife like the one in the picture is useful, it does all the work, meaning it also works as a core remover due to the tip. You can also use a teaspoon, if necessary.

Each piece of polenta is wrapped in a slice of ham or put ham in the hole, in the case of squares. Put them in the tray, on baking paper, sprinkle with paprika, dried thyme and cornstarch, sprinkle with oil and put in the oven, over high heat, until golden brown. I turned them over on the other side once.

If you want to have peppers in addition to the ham, cut it into thin slices along the length, salt it, pepper it and sprinkle it with oil and put it in the oven until it browns slightly and becomes flexible. Or, if you have peppers baked in the freezer, you can use it successfully.

The mozzarella balls are put in boats and filled with olive paste, I also put them in the cucumber mast. I say they look good, they are quite filling, so do not put too much on the table, as they saturate the guests too quickly. And another version that I thought about after I made them, because I still like goat cheese, go put instead of mozzarella creamy goat cheese, topping of olive paste and stick the mast and you're done. This is so that we don't have to complicate ourselves with the mozzarella filling, plus we have a cheese with personality and a different taste.

Breaded polenta 0 simple and tasty recipe, a way to recycle the polenta left over from the previous day.

If the polenta remains from the dinner table, put it in the fridge and you can cook something very good with it the next day!

The breaded polenta has kaizer pieces (but you can use any ham you like, but also have a little fat) and two kinds of cheese.

I put a salted cheese and one that melts, being a kind of binder between the layers, in order to obtain a little stability for the polenta layers when it will be cut.

This recipe is part of the category of recipes in which we reuse food and I tell you that it is one of the tastiest & # 8220recycling & # 8221.

In our house we eat a lot of polenta and quite often. At least once a week. Maybe this is also the reason why I have a beautiful collection of recipes, which can be seen in this link: from grilled polenta, to the classic & # 8220mast with cheese and sour cream & # 8221 (known in students as BMS), & # 8220taci and swallow & # 8221 or even polenta balls with sausages.

The polenta from this recipe remained when I had 4 friends come to visit and I made 2 polenta pots to eat with sauerkraut with ciolan.

It happens that you do either too little or too much. I knew that if it remained I would have something to do with it, so here is the final result below, where you have the ingredients and how to prepare the breaded polenta.


500-600 g prepared and cooled polenta
250 g smoked / ribbed kaizer
150 g grated telemea (or bellows cheese)
100 g grated cheese
100 g butter
1 or
1 tablespoon grated sour cream

To start, heat the kaizer in a little oil, take it out and put it on a paper napkin, in order to absorb the excess oil.
We cut cold polenta into thin slices of 1 -1.5 cm. Grease a heat-resistant dish with butter, then put a layer of polenta over which we place the slices of kaizer.

Cover with another layer of polenta and cover it with 200 g of grated and pre-mixed cheeses.

Put the last layer of polenta and grease everything with a beaten egg with a tablespoon of sour cream and mixed with the rest of the cheese.
Put the dish in the preheated oven at 200 ° C until slightly browned (15-20 minutes).


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