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Mocanesti pies

Mocanesti pies

As for me, it took me an hour from the moment I started to prepare them.

1. I sifted the flour, then I mixed it with salt, egg, warm water and I kneaded the dough for five minutes just enough to mix all the ingredients well.

The dough resembles the consistency of noodles.

2. From the formed ball I portioned eight pieces approximately equal.

3. I spread each piece on a well-floured surface, about 22 cm in diameter. I had prepared 4 sheets of parchment floured and I placed the sheets two by two.

4. I greased each sheet of dough with melted butter.

5. I waited about ten minutes for the butter to thicken on the sheets, to actually cool, then I rolled each sheet into a snail.

6. Each snail is spread in a slightly smaller sheet and thus we get 4 pairs of sheets. Be careful, well-floured the spreading surface, it is possible for the butter to come out and stick.

7. In the meantime I prepared the filling, I mixed the 2 kinds of cheese with the egg and with the dill, if you don't like it you can give it up, but I guarantee it is indispensable. I divided the filling into 4 portions.

8. I spread the cheese on 4 of the sheets and I placed the other 4 on top, rolling and twisting the edges somehow to one side, so as to seal the filling. I pricked the dough with a fork.

9. I fried the pies in a wok with a larger surface, I put the oil and when it was hot enough I lightly left a pie in it, I fried it very carefully, I also took a photo with the moment when the pie is ready to return, this is how it should look in color, so under no circumstances do you leave the stove.

10. I took out each pie between clean paper towels so that the oil drained very well.

And ... it's kind of like the recipe, have a craving if you do!

I don't know since when did I not eat a tastier pie, so it's worth every second invested!

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