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Fish salad

Fish salad

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Drain the tuna well and cover well with paper towels to soothe the excess liquid.

Mash the mackerel pastrami (remove the skin and any bones) and add over the drained tuna. Add mayonnaise and onion. Mix well, add salt (if necessary) and add dill.

It is served according to everyone's imagination.

Good appetite !

Fish salads

Cut the avocado in half, remove the seeds and remove the core with a spoon, being careful not to crush it. Cut it into larger cubes and sprinkle with lemon juice. Cut the cherry tomatoes in half, add them over the avocado. Put it on

Wash the zucchini, remove the heads, then cut it into slices. In a bowl mix: salt, pepper, paprika, garlic powder, basil, oil and mustard. Homogenize them well, release the pumpkins and mix them. We cover them and put them in the fridge

Wash the tomatoes and peel for filling. Finely chop the tomato lids. Wash the cucumbers and green onions and chop finely. Fry the mackerel and break up the small pieces. In a jar we put the pieces of finely chopped anchovies, balsamic vinegar,

The potatoes are washed, wiped and, if they are larger, cut into quarters. Fry over high heat until golden. Drain on kitchen towels. Clean the mackerel of any bones. Put them in a bowl

Peel the potatoes, cut them into small cubes, wash and boil in salted water quail eggs, boil for 5 minutes from the first boil, then drain and put in cold water. Avocado is cleaned with a teaspoon, the whole core in small pieces, mandarins

We open the canned tuna and put the contents in a sieve, drained. Finely chop the onion, as well as the baked peppers and dill. In a bowl, mix the drained tuna with the chopped ingredients and the fluffy cheese with salmon, add spices,

The oblet is cleaned of scales and the intestines are removed, then the head and the swimmer are removed from the tails, washed in several cold waters and drained well and put in a bowl. Prepare the brine by mixing cold water with coarse salt, stirring

Put the boiled potatoes in the bowl, peeled and cut into cubes or slices, peeled and julienned onions, diced cucumbers and eggs, drained and shredded tuna, both boxes of beans rinsed with cold water and drained, salt, oil,

Wash the vegetables and wipe with a kitchen towel. Cut the tomatoes into cubes, as well as the capsicum, sliced ​​green onions, finely chopped hot peppers (I used only half of the peppers from which I removed the seeds and ribs). Add

We wash and clean the squid, then we cut it into cubes. We clean and put the ginger on the small grater. Heat the whole ginger and garlic in a pan with hot oil, then add the squid and sauté everything for approx. 3 minutes on high heat. We pour the wine and boil

Wash the endives, clean the first leaves and dig out the spine then put the endives in water for about 10 minutes. We clean the pomegranate and drain the seeds, chop the pineapple into cubes and also drain the icircl. We open the endives and

For the caviar salad, we start to rub (mix) the caviar put in a bowl, with lemon juice and we mix them until they turn white and start to grow. We add oil little by little and at the end, when they have grown enough, we add more lemon juice if

Put a pot of salted water and the dehydrated vegetables to boil, and when it boils, throw the crayfish washed well before with cold water (pass them through a sieve under a stream of cold water several times, to remove traces of shore and plant debris on the belly

Drain the tuna of water or oil aside in a sieve. Boil the corn for 1-2 minutes with salt and strain. Cucumbers are cut into small cubes. Put the sauce in a suitable jar and beat together for a few minutes. Mix well

Wash the salmon and cut it into cubes. Season with salt, pepper, smoked paprika and rosemary and leave for 10 minutes. In a frying pan, heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil and put the salmon.

A very good snack for everyone. A can of tuna in its own juice is passed and mixed with salt, pepper, chili, two small creamy Zuzu yogurts, dill and tomatoes.

The pike (fish) is deboned and the meat is chopped, together with the garlic cloves and the carrot. Boil the potatoes for approx. 10 minutes, then cut in half lengthwise. Remove a little from the core of each half and incorporate into the minced meat.

We cleaned the vegetables and put them to boil, I had them ready to boil because I made the soup. The canned fish is unwrapped and drained thoroughly in a strainer. Peel the boiled potatoes and cut them into cubes, in a larger bowl. cut

1. Boil the eggs for 9 minutes. Cut the tomatoes into cubes, finely slice the onion and celery stalk, chop the parsley and oregano. 2. Mix them all, season with salt and set aside for 10 minutes. 3. Cut

We wash the cherry tomatoes and cut them in half. Cut the green onion into rounds. Drain the tuna from the oil and the beans from the juice. We cut the tofu cheese into small cubes. Mix all these ingredients in a bowl. In a small bowl, squeeze the lemon juice,

Why love and eat pak choy salad



I do not miss a single occasion in which I can use at least one type of salad at the main table of the day. Whenever I explore other realms and come in contact with the gastronomy of others, I bring home new culinary ideas, but especially ingredients I haven't learned about until then, wonder food and superfoods full of nutrients and substances that maintain and activate physical and mental health.

So it was with salad choi, which I have seen introduced for some time in some of the supermarkets in Romania, such as in the network Mega Image e.g.

You can use it in salads , raw, boiled, stewed, fried in the same pan in which you make the steak or even grilled. You can unfold it sheet by sheet or you can simply cut it in half and prepare it this way, placing it with the cut side in the pan. It will look good on the plate keeping a bright and appetizing green, no matter how it is prepared.

Why love and eat pak choy

Here are some reasons. And these are just a part!

  • Because it is incredibly rich in nutrients, with over 20 molecules classified as excellent for health
  • Contains omega 3, zinc, lutein and over 70 other antioxidants that block the action of free radials
  • Because it's full of vitamins A and C.
  • Because this exotic salad has been put on the list of anticancer foods by profile studies. It contains a substance that is also found in other crucifers - ie in cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, turnips, radishes, Jerusalem artichoke, and we refer to glucosinolate & # 8211 which releases two other anticancer molecules, which begin their effect as soon as they reach the cavity our mouth
  • It is prepared in just a few minutes - about 4-5 if it is boiled or simmered, and 2-3 if it is put on the hot grill.
  • It has a pleasant, silky texture, similar to that of spinach and a neutral taste, so extremely versatile depending on the spices used and can decorate any plate or plate with food by its simple presence.
  • From this salad everything is consumed, ie the whole bunch of pak choy, the only thing you have to do is to wash it carefully.

It is best to increase the concentration of phytonutrients sprinkle it with lemon and leave it like this for at least 5 minutes before cooking.

It can also be added to soups and broths, in any main course and especially in meat dishes, 5 minutes before they are ready, either by putting the whole bouquet or by tearing leaves from it, as you like.

Fish salad - Recipes

  • 1 kg of red fish
  • various spices for fish
  • 100 gr of classic mayonnaise
  • 100 ml of oil
  • salt


Dear Anishoara, please tell me what spices you use for this preparation, apart from salt and pepper. I'd like to make it myself, but I need to know exactly what other flavors you put. Thank you very much.

Lumi. Baby, I use a spice made up of several spices, which is called XMELI-SUNELI. is a spice of Georgian origin. I love it. Its components include basil, cold mint, larch. ground black pepper, in Russian it is said kindza- I don't know in Romanian, excuse me. And keep in mind that this recipe is only valid for fish masked with red meat. For other types of white meat fish there are other methods of preparation, which will be reflected in my picture gradually. I wish you all the best. Sincerely, Anisoara.

OOOO. I can't find such a thing, but it still helps a lot that you told me what's in it, I fit them somehow. I was thinking of making salmon this way, because it sounds sooo good. And all your sausage recipes are so special, like all the recipes you post, let alone. I feel like I've discovered a treasure, and I don't know how to tell others about your blog. I would like the world to see what a fine and stylish kitchen you make. All my congratulations, from the bottom of my heart!

Dear Anishoara, I tried to send you a comment yesterday, I see that it was not posted, I don't know why. But in the meantime I did some research on Google and I found a recipe for XMELI-SUNELI and I will make it at home. It also helps a lot that you told me what is part of this spice. And yesterday I wanted to tell you how much I admire what a fine and stylish kitchen you make. You deserve to know as many people as possible about this blog. I found it by chance by searching for something on Google, and it was as if I had discovered a treasure. May God help you in everything you do! Sincerely, Lumi

Roe salad

And my mother puts boiled semolina in the caviar salad, but I wanted to minimize the ingredients used :) The caviar was from the crucian.

How to be? Over expectations! : D

Leave the onion there in its place because it's a better salad.
I add a little more boiled potato when I make them.
They are wonderful with soft bread and tomatoes.
Nice Sunday !

Of course, the caviar salad is much tastier with onions :) I even added thin slices of green onion that I sprinkled on top.

Good idea with caviar, but what did you do with the fish, tell us?
Let's move on to the caviar, even though they are better with onions and I liked the idea with green onion strands on top.
I read here that you are by the sea, I envy you for the fish and the sea. When we go to the sea we don't forget to go around August 23 / Olympus to eat fish at a cherhana.
Congratulations! and tell us what you did with the FISH.
the same Rodica

The eggs were just a bonus, I had bought the fish to make a brine (from crucian and fresh mullet). But I didn't have time to take pictures of her, now I'm really sorry I didn't post her on the blog.
I know that cherhanaua, I think you mean the one between Tatlageac and mare, across the railway. I really like it there, especially on the terrace built on the pillars that go into the sea.

I confess that I never had the courage to make caviar in the house, thinking that it would not come out, but last night when I made apple pudding I also made caviar which was a delight. I put green onions cut into thin slices. of bread and looks great. Thanks for everything and I'm waiting for other recipes!

With pleasure, Mariana! I will try not to let you wait too long for the publication of the next recipe)

Everything seems so easy to you.
I never made caviar because all my life I heard my mother how hard it is to make, along with mayonnaise and other more special foods. I will try tomorrow.)

:) It seems so easy because in fact it is, and the images of the recipe I think play an important role in creating this impression. And my recipe for mayonnaise with the blender it seems even lighter than the caviar salad)

question: does it look like commercial caviar salad? You know, those boxes. : D

Answer: it doesn't look like it at all! Those boxes are for amateurs, we need a big box to fit 200 g of caviar and 400 ml of oil :)) Homemade caviar salad has a more pronounced fish taste, especially since this recipe does not contain semolina or something that multiplies it.

I have a question. I have carp eggs and I also have some mackerel eggs. I've used carp eggs before, but not mackerel. Let's mix it. is mackerel eggs good ?? Multam.Nely

Nely, mackerel caviar is very good (coming from an ocean fish, they have a more pronounced taste). If they are fresh, I think there is no problem if you mix carp caviar with mackerel.

Good evening sir. from the pan :) what I find interesting is that your recipes (I mean the fact that you are a male person) seem much simpler than all the recipes posted on various ladies' blogs. I was always afraid to try to make caviar in the house and to my surprise they came out first. since I first tried the ones I made, I gave up going to the district with commercial caviar.
Thank you so much . I decided this year to try all the recipes. I hope to succeed. I have already tried and 7 of them came out. I'm sorry I didn't discover this site sooner. a good evening .

Good evening :) The name of the gentleman from the pan is Robert and you can talk to him pertu :) We are on the net, we are on a culinary blog, it seems to me that it is simpler if we do not formalize. I also see the full side of the glass: although you made it a bit late, I'm glad that you finally discovered my site: D I would really be happy if you could try all the recipes, although I think that until in the end you will say a few steps - I think it is impossible to have the same tastes in terms of food :) Thank you for the nice words and I hope you always come back with pleasure on the site.

Bring the pot of water to a boil, add the oil and add the vegetables, which have been grated beforehand. After half an hour, add the rice and borscht, which will prevent the fish from breaking. Add the fish, add salt and pepper to taste and let it simmer until it boils. At the end, sprinkle the finely chopped larch.

This preparation can be consumed with sm & acircnt & acircnă.

Fish borscht is a traditional dish, being extremely loved by the Roma, especially on days with fish release.

How to prepare fish salad:

We need a bigger fish from which we can choose a small amount of boneless meat. I use cod fillets, but I admit that the tastiest fish salad is made from a large Romanian carp provided you have the patience to clean it of bones. Basically it goes with any fish with sweeter meat. The fish is cleaned and washed well. Boil in water with fish spices and salt.

After the fish has boiled, it is left to cool and will be cleaned of bones and skin. In the meantime, wash and cut the onion as small as we can, preferably green onions for extra color, but the dry one works just as well. Boil the eggs hard. Peel the fish, season the fish meat and salt to taste and mix with the onion.

Separate the egg white from the boiled eggs, finely chop the egg whites and place them over the fish and onion mixture, and crush the yolks with a fork as finely as we can. Put two or three tablespoons of oil over the crushed yolks and mix well, make a kind of dressing (for those who prefer mayonnaise, I can use it successfully). At the end, add the dressing and sprinkle with lemon juice to taste. Garnish with freshly cut green parsley.

Fish salad is a very popular appetizer when served on homemade bruschettas, not to mention a fish salad sandwich for breakfast. Good appetite!

Roe salad

  • 100 gr caviar (carp, pike, etc.)
  • 2 slices (core) of bread
  • salt
  • pepper
  • 250ml oil
  • a finely chopped onion
  • 1 lemon

The bread is soaked in water, the skins are peeled, the salt is added (if they have not been salted) and, with a fork, it is mixed with the well-squeezed bread crumbs. Then add the oil little by little and continue to mix until they harden. If necessary, according to taste, you can add lemon juice. Sprinkle pepper and place on a plate. decorate with olives and lemon slices. Serve the finely chopped onion separately.

Vegetable Salad with Fish

Boil the fish in salted water and vegetable soup, as desired. Remove to plate and allow to cool. Clean the skin and bones, cut the pieces. Boil the carrots, celery and potato. After they cool, cut them all into cubes.

Cut into cubes and cucumbers. In a bowl, put all the chopped vegetables, peas and fish together. Add mayonnaise to taste and mix well. Salt and pepper to taste. Put the salad on a plate and with a spoon give the fish shape or shape you want.

Top decorated with a little mayonnaise and garnish with cucumbers, pickled peppers, boiled egg, carrot, olives… etc
The amount of vegetables and fish can be changed as you like. If you want a salad with a more intense fish taste, increase the amount of fish.

Smoked Fish Salad With Mayonnaise And Celery

I love smoked fish, but I don't always find a quality one. This smoked fish salad with mayonnaise and celery is a typical American salad that contains green celery (part of the celery family), mayonnaise, sour cream and green onions.

What is celery?

Celery (Spanish name) is actually the sweet stem of celery. It is part of the same family with celery root well known to the Romans. It is also called green celery.

In English, celery is found under the name & ldquocelery & rdquo, while celery root is called & ldquoceleriac & rdquo.

It can be enjoyed in any dish, cooked or raw. Salads with apple, chicken or fish to which you add celery stalk are delicious.

Celery can be used in soups or broths, along with carrots, potatoes, parsnips or parsley root. The taste is irresistible.

It can be eaten raw and can be a perfect choice on a plate of vegetables, along with slices of peppers, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.


To return to our smoked fish salad, I must tell you that it is a very easy recipe that I hope you like too. It is delicious, slightly crunchy and creamy at the same time.

In the United States it is served with so-called & ldquocrackers & rdquo, as an appetizer, or simply, in a sandwich.

Goes with bread made of cast iron pot, without kneading, which has a thick shell and is gorgeous in taste.

It can be served at any party, holidays, especially New Year's Eve when we want to put various appetizers on the table.

Boiled fish salad

sometimes boiled fish is needed to prepare some dishes. Cook almost all fish except kroshlivoy and it has a strange smell. You can boil it whole, and it can be a major piece - so it looks juicy.

Fish fillets or whole fish need to make an incision with a knife over the piece - so that the pieces while cooking will not be deformed. Water is needed to take so much, so that it contains only fish, and the best fish cooked over low heat, that is, water is added only a third. Small fish pour hot, large salt water - cold that it had time to boil.

To get a tasty boiled fish and the cook should be in a spicy broth. For this purpose, the water you need to put a carrot, parsley, celery, onion head, bay leaf and a few peppercorns. Vegetables cleaned and cut into small pieces, put in a pan, fill with water and simmer for ten minutes. Then strain the soup, pour the fish and bring to a boil. Per liter of water you need to put a teaspoon of salt tea. To prevent sea fish from falling into the water, add a little vinegar. Recommended for boiling pickled sea cucumber fish.

It can be boiled and salted with fish. Before that, it is first soaked, then with cold water and boiled until soft. You can be deposited with horseradish boiled fish. boiled fish served with a sauce. If the fish is fat - necessary sour sauce: tomatoes, onions, and if thin white - butter, cream and sour eggs. With cold fish sauce provided cold and warm - hot sauce. Boiled fish is added to various salads.

Sometimes you want to treat goldfish. But it is better to not only themselves but also the guests. For this salad can take 150 grams of goldfish. However, we need one or two large cucumbers, lettuce and eggs. turn tasty with quail (if it is for guests), they should be nine pieces. But you can make three chicks.

Cucumbers cut into rings, each ring cut into quarters. The fish is cut into small pieces, but not smaller. Boil the eggs and cut them into the same fairly large pieces. Lettuce needs to break into small pieces. Mix three tablespoons of oil (olive, vegetable) and a teaspoon of six percent vinegar - this is our refueling.

On the table I exposed nerazmeshennym antenna: the salad is put on egg, cucumber and fish and watered all the dressing, even at a party elegantly stirred salad two forks. But it is possible without it - the taste will not change.

Another simple salad with boiled fish

Red fish fillet and boil finely chopped. Chinese cabbage (although with even quite normal tasty) breaking into small pieces, cheese - Grate. All ingredients are mixed, coated with sauce or mayonnaise and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Plain mayonnaise is not very suitable, but I especially liked the tartar sauce (the one that was specified in the original recipe).

Summer salad with boiled fish

My grandfather was very attached to pink salmon in butter. Why pink salmon - to remain a secret to me, but my grandmother made with pink salmon, simply amazing "holiday salad." Radishes, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers - that it was in season - all finely chopped, but the presence of at least two necessary ingredients. Through - Chop greens, boil and cut potatoes.

All products can simply scrape. mash pink salmon with a fork and add the oil along with all of the above. Season with salt and, if necessary, add a little oil. So far, this salad I have been associated with the summer house, and the search for the first cucumbers on the beds.

"Holiday" is also preparing a quick and easy salad. I hope you taste the salad. Fish salads rather do not require large amounts of food and easy to prepare - boiled fish, and so good.

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