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Smoked piglet breast with green beans

Smoked piglet breast with green beans

I bought a piece of smoked pork breast. Smoked with natural smoke and I say piglet because it had a soft bone end. With such a secret ingredient, you don't even need a lot of spices.

  • 1 kg smoked pork breast
  • 500 gr green beans
  • 4 tablespoons oil
  • 3 cloves garlic
  • 1 yellow onion
  • green parsley
  • ground black pepper
  • salt-optional

Servings: 2

Preparation time: less than 60 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Smoked pork breast with green beans:

  1. The pork breast is portioned and boiled.

  2. The green beans are cleaned, broken / cut into smaller pieces.

  3. Peel an onion and chop finely.

  4. Remove the pieces of meat from the water in which they boiled and fry in oil until they turn brown.

  5. Remove the browned smoked meat and sauté the diced onion and chopped garlic.

  6. Add the green beans and a little juice in which the meat was boiled.

  7. If necessary, add more meat juice.

  8. The green beans were also very raw and penetrated quickly.

  9. The pork breast released enough salt by boiling and I didn't have to salt anymore.

  10. At the end, pepper and garnish the bean dish with green parsley.

  11. Put the pieces of pork breast back in the pan to heat before serving.

Good appetite !!!

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The pork breast released enough salt by boiling and I didn't have to salt anymore.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Brown fat

Brown fat (please, brown), beige fat, white fat. It's like it's starting to sound jazz.
Many of us would rather listen to a hit of gennl & # 8221 an apple a day keep the fat away & # 8221 or maybe some hard rock music & # 8221 eat what you want 5 days and fast 2 and you will lose weight & # 8221.
But when it comes to the chemistry in our body, things are so complicated that it doesn't even compare to a symphony.

I smile crookedly when I read: & # 8221 fattening is due to a fundamental energy imbalance, when the energy provided by food exceeds the energy spent on physical movement and metabolic processes & # 8221.
A therapy to reduce body weight should of course involve less food and more exercise. But this is far from enough. Anyone who has been on a diet knows this all too well.
Human beings have developed incredibly complex biological mechanisms to procure energy and make reserves. Apart from this, some of the & # 8221 wheels & # 8221 of this mechanism may work in vain due to changes in the environment, or due to age, excess sugar and starch in the diet or I don't know what else.

For years, researchers have been studying brown fat, a type of heat-generating fat that burns energy instead of storing it (as white fat does).
Babies have it to keep them warm. Which explains why some babies survived after sitting outside in the cold for hours.
Initially, researchers thought that adults no longer had this brown fat. But, surprisingly, not only do they still have some of it, but it even plays an important role in heat production and energy metabolism.
Another surprise, brown fat offers a natural defense against obesity: people with a higher amount of brown fat have a lower body weight.

A strict calorie-restricted diet does more harm than good.
For normal weight people, brown fat consumes energy while white fat tends to store it. But in the case of those on a diet with severe caloric restrictions, brown fat becomes largely inactive, which means that both types of fat become energy storage organs. It becomes extremely difficult to lose weight.
It's like driving a car and in vain you press the accelerator because an invisible foot applied the brake.
The phenomenon is well known, but researchers at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney and the University of NSW have also found the scientific explanation. They used mice in their experiment but the mechanism is probably the same in humans.
They showed that a neuro-transmitter, neuro-peptide Y (NPY), known to stimulate appetite, also plays a major role in controlling whether the body burns or stores energy.
& # 8220A high level of NPY signals to the body that it is in a situation of & # 8216f hunger & # 8217 and that it must try to recover and conserve as much energy as possible. As a result, the body reduces processes that are not absolutely essential for survival. & # 8221
As a result, brown fat, one of the primary tissues in which the body generates heat and therefore uses energy, is deactivated.

A lot of hormones are involved in human metabolism and I don't know how many other chemicals.
Not to mention the genome and the mechanisms of activation / deactivation of genes.
But when you struggle with stubborn fat, you cling to the last straw.
Studies are now being done to see how brown fat can be increased and activated.

A year ago, researchers at Harvard University made an important discovery in mice, a finding later confirmed in humans. It seems that exercise brings other benefits besides burning calories. Namely, it produces a hormone called irisin. Irisin is an ecological travel through our body. Increases the best brown cells and decreases the white & # 8221 polluting & # 8221 cells.
Irisin is not the only & # 8221 byproduct & # 8221 of exercise, it also results in hundreds of proteins with an important role in our health.

Another candidate for increasing the amount of brown fat in the body is ursolic acid, which is found in apples (especially in the skin), plums, some Mediterranean herbs and from us such as basil, lavender, oregano, thyme and some fruits. forest such as currants.
Obviously, the media immediately hit on this news and launched a new hit & # 8221Eat apples & # 8221 but things are not easy at all. The research is confirmed only in studies on mice so far.
But, well, an apple a day is one of the best ideas for your health anyway.

Other researchers have discovered a protein that activates brown fat but how the discovery can be applied in practice is not so clear.

Until smarter methods are identified to increase the amount of brown fat in the body. the only advice I can apply and give:
- do not follow sluggish diets, which drastically restrict calories. But he didn't eat unknowingly either.
- what you eat and when you eat is very important. Don't eat too much in the evening. Eat as varied as possible, as many vegetables, fruits and legumes as well as quality meat, eggs, dairy and cheese. Includes & # 8221 good fats & # 8221, such as olive oil, sunflower and rapeseed. Make sure fish, vegetable oils, nuts, hazelnuts and almonds are part of your weekly menu.
- a salad a day and a few fruits, including apples and plums, may not increase the amount of brown fat in your body, but they will keep the doctor away from you.
- make movement a lifestyle. Even if you do not see the results immediately, in the long run, your health and figure will improve.

So, no matter what hit is fashionable, put your sneakers on and get moving.!

Jariștea continues with pathos the tradition of boyar cooking and will soon send you other dishes at home!

You order now and in an hour and a half you have them all on your table!

No matter how much our times suffer, no matter how many curses they send on us, Kera Calița and Jariștea Locantă do not leave and move to your home, loading your table with Romanian dishes, towards a history of potholes that lasted for centuries, because the satisfaction of the womb will immediately mean the peace of the soul.

Thus, on any day of the week, from Monday to Sunday without any interruption, between ten o'clock in the morning and seven in the evening, the cart of Locanta Jariștea travels Bucharest from one end to the other to quickly honor all orders to honor the lustful clientele.

If you miss selected dishes, just ask at one of the well-known phone numbers - 0721 961 936 / 0775 609 233 / 0770 948 868 - even if only 90 minutes before! These tasty new recipes are scientifically cooked according to the famous book "Gastronomic Dictatorship" by Constantin Bacalbașa.

Here are some unparalleled new goodies you can order and receive quickly:


  1. Large-scale spinach with salmon, goat cheese with natural curd and tender spinach - 200 gr - 27 lei
  2. Outlaw bellows cheese roll drawn with cumin - 200 gr - 21 lei
  3. French cheese roll with grapes stored in the cellar on a bed of hay with flowers - 200 g - 22 lei
  4. Cantemirești carp caviar seduced - 200 gr - 23 lei
  5. Macedonian zacusca decorated with eggplant "Pana Corbului" - 200 g - 23 lei
  6. Sulemenite fish paste like in the Phanariot times on Beilicului Bridge - 200 gr - 22 lei


  1. Ottoman belly soup, adeca schembea with cream - 350 ml - 17 lei
  2. Uncooked beef soup with egg rags - 350 ml - 17 lei
  3. Sweet-sour soup with meatballs - 350 ml - 16 lei


  1. Transylvanian beef goulash with paprika - 200/150 grams - 38 lei
  2. Royal pork, chicken, beef and sausage stew, next to solar polenta - 250/150 grams - 39 lei
  3. Pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon leaf and green lettuce leaf, with garnish of whole baked potatoes - 250/150 grams - 40 lei
  4. Slaughterhouse brain with seasonal greenery - 300 gr - 25 lei
  5. Brain "pane au four", gigea with lemon - 300 gr - 25 lei
  6. Moldovan roasts overwhelmed with mashed potato soap - 3 pieces - 300/150 grams - 32 lei
  7. Beef, Jaristea patent with vegetables and rice - 150/100/100 - 45 lei
  8. Noaten beef muscle in a sauce made with various vegetables - 200/150 grams - 45 lei
  9. Frying mutton pastrami with scents next to polenta sprinkled with jiu - 350 gr - 40 lei
  10. Grilled chard neck enchanted with spices and surrounded by baked potatoes - 200/150 grams - 32 lei
  11. Larger mititei - 4 chubby pieces - 350 gr - 20 lei
  12. Smoked ciolan with bean stew - 200/150 grams - 27 lei
  13. Homemade mustard sausages with plenty of sauerkraut - 200/150 - 26 lei
  14. Traditional Greek mousse podidita with fresh cream - 300 grams - 32 lei
  15. A whole mountain rooster in a cauldron served with dauphinoise au gratin potatoes - 400/100 grams - 50 lei
  16. Half of chubby chicken cooked in hunting style and served with polenta - 500/100 grams - 35 lei
  17. Turkey breast with pears, the secret recipe of Kerei Calița - 200/150 grams - 38 lei
  18. Boyar ostrich made of boneless chicken legs with polenta - 200/150 grams - 30 lei
  19. Chicken breast schnitzels with gorgonzola sauce and mashed potatoes with buttered addition - 200/150 grams - 30 lei
  20. Fine turkey schnitzels with gorgonzola sauce and mashed potatoes with buttered addition - 200/150 grams - 35 lei
  21. Pork tenderloin and mashed potatoes with greased addition - 350 gr - 200/150 gr - 37 lei
  22. Imperial Viennese schnitzels with golden mashed potatoes - 200/150 grams - 43 lei
  23. "Pampering of Versailles": beef tenderloin "filet mignon" in cognac sauce with selected grain rice - 250/100 - 69 lei
  24. Duck breast with baked white cabbage - 300 gr –200/150 grams - 53 lei


  1. Royal halves of béchamel sauce with garlic and dill, with polenta next to it - 200/150 grams - 32 lei
  2. Salad meunière according to French laws next to "nature" potatoes with butter - 250/100 grams - 33 lei
  3. Decorated carp plate and bon-tuna polenta - 250/100 grams - 32 lei
  4. Lipovan carp brine with otova polenta - 250/100 grams - 32 lei
  5. Whole sea bream grilled sea bream with volcanic rock, accompanied by Jasmine rice - 250/100 grams - 39 lei
  6. Grilled whole trout with boiled Lungulețu potatoes with Telega salt - 250/100 grams –29 lei


  1. Beans roasted with 300 grams of oil - 22 lei
  2. Humble leek dish with olives 300 grams - 22 lei
  3. Eggplant salad 300 grams - 22 lei
  4. Monastic monarchy, as in the hermits' dinner 300 grams - 22 lei
  5. Serbian pilafs 300 grams - 22 lei
  6. Stewed mushrooms picked from the secret forests 300 grams - 22 lei
  7. Cabbage cooked over low heat on wood oven 300 grams - 22 lei
  8. Eggplant zacusca, with selected vegetables from the Gardens of Heaven 300 grams - 22 lei
  9. Apple pie from Adam's gardens 200 grams - 17 lei


  1. White cabbage salad "au naturel" with green dill - 200 grams - 9 lei
  2. Spring salad of tomatoes, cucumbers and onions - 200 grams - 12 lei


  1. "Jariștea" pie with Ionatane from Voinești - 200 gr / 17 lei
  2. "Jariștea" pie with Plovdiv pumpkin - 200 gr / 17 lei
  3. "Jariștea" pie with sweet cheese and sultanas - 200 gr / 19 lei
  4. “Jariștea” pancakes with “Martha Bibescu” chocolate - 150 grams - 12 lei
  5. “Jariștea” pancakes with homemade jam “like at Aunt Marica's house” - 150 grams - 8 lei

KERA CALIȚAHe wishes you a peaceful meal, a lust for life and all the goodness of the Earth! Like at Jariștea forever!

22.Martie.2021 & # 8211 28.Martie.2021

Every week, Kera Calița browses the old bucoavne and reveals old recipes that delight the Bucharest public, then talks to wandering around the world to find out what recipes are still in vogue today through the inns on various meridians. The new menu of the week proposed to lustful mouths costs * 50 gologani * and takes us on a culinary journey to the shores of Greece but also to the end of our Phanariot century.

We will be able to taste a * sea bream fillet as in Thesalloniki *, adding on a blessed pile of rice and vegetables (300 drams). A small fish, without any bones, but disturbingly reminiscent of the taverns on the shores of the Aegean, where the world still enjoys life as in ancient times!

And sweet will be a * baked rice with milk and homemade jam * (200 drams), like the one that once enjoyed the ruler Alexandru Ipsilanti. The confection was also carefully prepared in the Greek district of Constantinople, without compromising on the abundant use of aromatic vanilla sticks brought from overseas and countries.

You can order this menu, as well as the other culinary wonders of the enchanted cuhnia of Calița, every day of the week, from Monday to Sunday without any interruption, between ten o'clock in the morning and seven in the evening, and orders will be honored quickly.

If you feel like these dishes chosen from the new menu of the week at Jariștea Locantă, it is enough to ask for them at one of the well-known phone numbers - * 0721 961 936/0775 609 233/0770 948 868 * - even if only with 90 minutes before!

* Kera Calița wishes you fairytale meals! *

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