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Celebrate National Doughnut Day With a…Spam Doughnut?

Celebrate National Doughnut Day With a…Spam Doughnut?

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Looking for a way to celebrate National Doughnut Day, but think you’re beyond the standard Boston Cream from Dunkin’ Donuts? You may want to check out Mister Eaters chip shop in Lancashire, England, where they are now serving a Spam doughnut. You heard that right. John Clarkson, the owner of Mister Eaters chips shop took the basic jelly doughnut, stuffed it with Spam (that canned pork/ham stuff), and deep-fried it. Why? Clarkson said that he thinks it will be the next big thing in doughnut trends.

Not ready to indulge in the Spam doughnut? Check out The Daily Meal’s 25 Best Doughnuts in America Slideshow for ideas.

“They are so easy to make and taste stunning, the saltiness of the meat really goes with the sweet dough, sort of like ham and pineapple really,” Clarkson told The Daily Mail. 'We are always experimenting and will always bring our ideas to life, we definitely aren’t your average fish and chip shop that’s for sure.”

Surely that’s an understatement. The Daily Meal interviewed the Clarksons earlier this year about their 10,000-calorie “monster burger” challenge.

There’s definitely less than 10,000 calories in this sweet and meat combination, and Clarkson said that the doughnuts have been a hit and have been “flying off the shelves.”

Joanna Fantozzi is an Associate Editor with The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @JoannaFantozzi

Watch the video: Happy National Donut Day! (July 2022).


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