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Chicken crisps

Chicken crisps

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Cut the chicken into thin strips, put it in a bowl, add salt, pepper, kechup, mix well and set aside for at least 30 minutes.

In a bag we put the flour, the chicken and holding the mouth of the bag we shake well until all the chicken strips are covered with flour.

Put the corn flakes in a baking sheet and grind it with a rolling pin or a glass.

In a bowl, beat the egg with the mustard, a little salt and pepper. Add the well-shaken chicken flour, then put it on the corn flakes.

You can put each piece or you can put them all at once, mixing well so that each strip is covered with egg. The cooking process you choose the one you want, either fried or baked.

I have now prepared them in the oven, to avoid frying. They are tastier fried, but for children or diet it is much more appropriate to make them in the oven.

Keep them in the oven for about 20 minutes, then turn them over and leave them for another 20 minutes or until they brown.

I served it with a salad of vegetables and mayonnaise sauce.

Cube recipe from concentrated chicken soup

I used a lot of the kind of concentrates that tasted like vegetables, chicken, or beef.

I also used that mix of vegetables.

We really liked dehydrated tomatoes. Now we prepare those ourselves & # 8211 See the recipe for dehydrated tomatoes in olive oil!

As for the chicken soup cubes, we simply make a very concentrated chicken soup. That is, we boil the chicken in less water, with the vegetables for a soup.

We put it cold in ice cube molds and freeze it.

We then use the concentrated cubes of chicken soup in various other dishes. We use them in other soups, sauces and various garnishes of rice, potatoes, etc.

They are very useful, especially since they are also easy to prepare!

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Chicken meatballs simple step by step recipe

Chicken meatballs simple step by step recipe. Fresh and brown meatballs, fried in a pan or baked in both variants. How to make chicken meatballs? What spices are suitable for poultry? How long do we bake the meatballs in the oven?

I did these chicken meatballs because I took a casserole of boned thighs. I don't know what I had in mind & # 8230 I always prefer meat with skin and bone and I rarely buy boneless poultry. I usually cook it in a pan for a minute, cutting the meat into thin strips and sautéing it quickly with local or Asian-style vegetables. That is & # 8222stir fry & # 8221 (recipe here).

This time I didn't feel like it and I said to make some meatballs & # 8230 Most often I make pork meatballs because they have a special flavor. The fat in the minced meat makes them juicy and & # 8222 fluffy & # 8221 & # 8211, I've seen that this is how housewives brag more recently, even though the term is not appropriate at all.

From chicken you can not have high expectations in this direction, especially if you choose boned breast. At least I had red meat on my thighs. If you don't help the meatball composition a bit, you end up with some dry and faded stuff. Let's say it was a challenge to prepare these chicken meatballs, especially since I wanted to see how they come out and baked in the pan, in the oven. In addition, the ones fried in oil were part rolled in flour and the rest in breadcrumbs. For all tastes.

Here is a plate with crispy strips and meatballs, perfect for parties. Crispy strips of chicken or turkey recipe you can find it here.

If you follow the tips below you will get something really good. From 650 g of chicken meat we obtained approx. 26 meatballs (depending on how big you portion them).

Chicken Crisps - Recipes

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1 chicken

For the paste with which we grease the chicken
1 tablespoon margarine
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoon vegeta
1 tablespoon paprika
Salt, pepper, granulated garlic, dried basil, chilly in quantities desired by each, according to preference

For the potato garnish:
1 kg of potatoes
Frying oil

Method of preparation:

For the preparation of the pasta with which I greased the chicken, I was inspired by Maya, from her recipe by Baking and spicy chicken in the oven.
In a bowl put 1 tablespoon vegeta, 1 tablespoon paprika, pepper, salt, chilly, basil, and garlic granulated to taste and preference, a tablespoon of margarine, and two tablespoons of oil. Mix all these ingredients until you get a homogeneous paste.

We take the washed and cleaned chicken beforehand, we grease it well with oil both inside and outside, after which we grease it everywhere even under the skin where possible, with the previously prepared paste.

After I have greased the chicken well, we put it in the hot air oven in my case, if you don't have such a thing, it comes out very delicious and put in a stove oven. I left it in the oven for a total of 60 minutes, turning it on both sides, 30 minutes on one side, 30 minutes on the other.

Along with the chicken, I prepared a garnish of french fries. We clean the potatoes - the quantity is up to everyone & # 8211 we wash them, cut them into slices and fry them in a pan with hot oil. When they brown, take them out of the oil, salt them and serve them with the crispy chicken.

How do we prepare the recipe for mushroom pie with chicken breast?

Next you can read the written recipe or go directly to the video recipe, with a click on the picture.

Drob video recipe

Cut the mushrooms into cubes. We stop a mushroom, also with its tail, we slice it, we use it for decoration.

Cut the chicken breast into strands, then into cubes.

We prepare a pan, in which we put about 3 tablespoons of oil. You can also add 30 g of butter, for an extra flavor.

When the oil heats up, put the chicken breast in the pan. We sauté it quickly, over high heat, until it turns white.

Add the onion, sauté for 3-4 minutes, stirring constantly. You just have to soften the onion a little, we don't have to fry it.

Tips from Gina Bradea

-You can also use dried onions, dried garlic. The taste will be fresher with onions and green garlic.

-You can add whole boiled eggs or diced eggs to the composition, for a mosaic effect.

-For a special creaminess, you can add 1 tablespoon of sour cream.

Chicken breast with chicken breast

Add the garlic, mushrooms and a teaspoon of salt. Now we add the pepper, I put half a teaspoon. It will take about 10 minutes, until all the juice is reduced.

Let the mushroom mixture with chicken breast cool. Then add the eggs, greens and mix everything very well, until the egg is uniform with the chicken breast and mushrooms.

We prepare a cake tray, which we cover with baking paper. We overturn the composition in the tray and level it, and on top we put the mushroom that we cut into slices at the beginning. This decor is not mandatory, but you can see how beautiful it looks.

Put the tray in the oven at a temperature of 220 degrees Celsius, almost maximum heat in the gas ovens. Baking takes about 30 minutes.

All you have to do is coagulate the egg and brown it nicely on top, because the mushrooms and the meat are already cooked.

Leave to cool, then slice, not very thin slices, with a very sharp knife.

It is placed on a plate with lettuce, tomatoes, radishes, cucumbers, green onions & helliporice.

It is absolutely delicious and much less inaccurate than liver liver.

Good appetite and increase in cooking delicious and good-looking food!

And I leave you with pictures of the drob, it came out very nice and I really have something to be proud of & # 128578

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