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Santa's bread

Santa's bread

If you knead and leaven the dough in the bread machine (like me), put all the ingredients in the following order in the bread machine: warm milk, egg, melted butter, sugar, sifted flour, yeast and salt. The program of my bread machine is one hour and 15 minutes (time in which it kneaded and leavened).

If you want to knead the dough by hand, first prepare the yeast mayonnaise, ½ teaspoon of sugar, 50ml of warm milk, 5 tablespoons of flour. Let it rise for 20 minutes, warm.

Sift the flour into a bowl and add in its center the lightly beaten egg with a fork, the ground sugar, the slightly warm milk, the salt and the soft butter. Knead until the dough becomes elastic and no longer sticks to your hands.

Cover the bowl with food-grade plastic wrap and let the dough rise for 90 minutes, in a place away from cold air currents. After the dough has risen enough, knead a little and divide it into 2 pieces, a larger piece and a smaller piece.

Take the larger piece of dough and give it a rounded triangle shape. This represents Santa's head and hat.

Take the smaller piece of dough and divide it in half. A part must be shaped into a beard. Use a slicer to fringe the dough as if you were making some curls. Then stick the beard on Santa's face (a large piece of dough).

You will use the remaining dough to make a mustache, lips, nose, hat edge and tassels. You make the mustard from 6 dough fringes. The nose can be a ball of dough, placed right where the beard strands start. For the edge of the hat you can roll the dough like a thick rope, then stick it to the hat, in the part where it would have the edge, along the head. And tassels can be like the nose, but a little bigger.

For the eyes use 2 halves of olive or 2 raisins.

Beat the egg yolks well with the milk in a bowl. First grease Santa's face and beard and then add the red food coloring to the yolk and grease Santa's hat, then his nose and lips.

Bake the bread for 25-30 minutes, at 180 degrees Celsius, until nicely browned.

Christmas recipe

Even if the large amount of sugar is not good for your health, from time to time you can enjoy a tasty cake that will bring you energy and good mood.

It may seem complicated at first glance, but it's worth it! Follow the instructions and you will surely be satisfied with the final result. Especially the guests!

Even if some people prefer whipped cream, this cake will please everyone, because it has them all!

Sibiu is turning into a fairytale city. The Christmas atmosphere has already taken over the city center.

Christmas is felt and lived in Romanian, even if an ocean separates you from the country where you were born. Carol is heard in Florida. From small to large, the Romanians there put Romanian dishes on the table.

Grapefruit is an almost indispensable ingredient in diets, because it is low in calories and rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C. You can enjoy it as such or in a mixture.

This cake recipe dates back to 1865 and is the favorite cake recipe of Father Arsenie Boca.

It's not like Christmas if the house doesn't smell like gingerbread and cinnamon. In Transylvania, the housewives have started the preparations seriously. It is not appropriate for the carolers to come and the host not to give them a gingerbread.

Christmas is fast approaching. But in order to enjoy the holidays with all our heart, we must first resist the stress of the traffic congestion and the queues in the shops! For.

We are fast approaching the Christmas holidays, but until then, so that the fasting period is not so difficult for the greedy, we came up with a recipe for fasting sarmalute with mushrooms.

Christmas fasting is much easier to keep, when you have various and, especially, delicious recipes. For example, a fasting black woman is not much different from one that contains ingredients such as.

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Hristos s-a & Icircn & # 259l & # 355at / Adev & # 259rat s-a & Icircn & # 259l & # 355at. Messages, greetings and congratulations on the Lord's Day 2021


Finland has a bold cuisine, rich in fish, which even Santa Claus recommends! It is characterized by various ways of preparing fish, which is normal for a country with such a wide outlet to the sea. But not only sea fish is part of traditional Finnish food, but also fish from lakes. The potato is also placed in a place of honor. Being the right vegetable as a garnish for different varieties of fish. The traditional food found in Finland is influenced by other cuisines, such as Russian and Swedish. Something really traditional in Finland is "kalakukko", bread is dried with fish.

At Christmas, the Finns feast with Joulupoyta. An entire menu containing potatoes, herring. ham and other vegetables. The sauces are also important, because they can completely change the taste of the fish. Rosolli salad, salted salmon, Sahti beer, marinated herring, oatmeal, fried ham, all of these can be found on just about any table in Finland.

The Finnish recipes are carefully prepared, with German precision, all the ingredients are weighed per thousand grams, the food is beautifully served and is very healthy.

Cakes in holiday clothes, Christmas flavors!

In a mixture of legends, secret recipes and traditions kept holy, the Christmas table is at the rank of a great celebration. Below are some of the traditional desserts, which were enthusiastically taken over by gourmets, they being found almost everywhere.

Great Britain: Christmas pudding is the English passion for pudding. It is served on the first day of Christmas and is the basic piece of the Christmas table. It is a steamed dessert, rich in Dried fruits and NUTS and most often flavored with cognac or even with his brunette.

Germany: Weinachtsstollen or Christstollen is kind of aromatic cake of sandy dough, powdered with sugar and rich in raisins, ALMOND, orange peel, NUTS, candied fruits and sometimes, marzipan. Its traditional shape, bread, is linked to the religious significance of the Christmas holiday, the cake strikingly resembling a baby wrapped in diapers.

France: Christmas log, a traditional Christmas dessert popular in France, Belgium and Quebec (Canada), but also in other French-speaking territories. The cake is shaped like a log who is dressed in chocolate cream (ganache). The cake is often decorated with powdered sugar, which mimics snow or with berries. The original recipe is based on a fluffy dough, baked in a special form and filled with cream. In recent years, several flavors have been experimented with, including cappuccino cream or other flavors.

Italy: Dome-shaped dessert, Panettone, is one of the symbols of the city of Milan, which conquered the whole world. Panettone contains raisins, candied orange peel and is found in a multitude of shapes, flavors, simple, frosted or with different fillings. Panettone is served with a cup of hot chocolate or sweet wine.

Spain: Nougat. It is a traditional Christmas dessert, based on honey, egg white and ALMOND. It is said that it was invented 500 years ago in Jijona, a small town near Alicante. The honey from which this dessert is made has a special flavor, thanks wild flowers growing around Jijona. The highest quality nougat is the one that bears the label "Supreme" or "Extra".

In our country housewives mark the beginning of the holidays with recipes for cookies which they prepare for Santa Claus, for carolers and of course for Santa Claus. The most often prepared are: fruit desserts, biscuit, cakes and cakes but also newer Gingerbread house. Now children are happily trained in the preparation and decoration of cookies. All these preparations have diversifications depending on the ethnographic area and are accompanied by drinks specific to each area: various assortments of wine, brandy, brandy, fruit liqueurs, blueberries, etc.

Tradition says that the Christmas table must be rich, with many traditional dishes for the birthday of the Lord. Choose one or more from our site Christmas cake recipes, cakes or any of special recipes and we assure you that the dishes will be tasty, rich meal and delighted guests.

The letters have reached Santa Claus! & # 8211 a special news Iași Tv Life

Between December 9-21, 2019, children up to 14 years old wrote to Santa and submitted the letter in the mailbox specially arranged in Santa's tram, from the main neighborhoods of Iasi. On December 22, 2019, Santa Claus awarded 3 letters by drawing lots, so the lucky ones are:

& # 8211 Palimaru Darius, 10 years old, who won the Pegas bike

& # 8211 6-year-old Sofia Tun, who won a scooter

& # 8211 Efrem Tudose, 3 years old, who won a scooter.

"226 letters were collected during the campaign. Surprisingly, the children did not only ask Santa for material things such as games, sweets or toys. Some of them confessed to Santa Claus as a friend, others painted them, and a little girl expressed her desire to have a less polluted world. ” - says Cătălina Florea, Panifcom marketing manager Campaign carried out by the Panifcom Group of Companies, in partnership with: Iași Public Transport Company, Iași TramClub Association, Impact Fm radio.

Special news about the Letter to Santa campaign

Because the most awaited moment of the winter holidays is approaching, the arrival of Santa Claus & # 8230. Because all the children yearn to be able to hug Santa again every year & # 8230 Because a moment of Christmas joy is the making of the letter for Santa & # 8230 This year, Santa Claus will meet the children, in the main neighborhoods of Iasi, not traditionally, with the sleigh pulled by reindeer, but with Santa's Tram. Santa will listen to the wishes of the little ones and offer them Panifcom pretzels, full of flavor. On December 22, 2019, in the round from Tg. Cuckoo, Santa Claus will offer one of the special prizes: 1 Pegasus bicycle, 2 scooters and sweets.

  • Write or draw a special letter to Santa
  • Sign the letter: name, surname, age and telephone number
  • Follow the special routes of Santa's Tram in the main neighborhoods of Iași: Târgu Cucu, Tătărași, Dancu, Dacia, Canta, Tehnopolis, Copou.

Week 1: & # 8211 December 9, Monday: Rond Târgu Cucu (campaign launch, 15.00-18.00) & # 8211 December 10, Tuesday: Rond Tătărași Nord, 15.00-18.00 & # 8211 December 11, Wednesday: Rond Dancu, 15.00-18.00 & # 8211 December 12, Thursday: Rond Dacia, 15.00-18.00 & # 8211 December 13, Friday: Rond Canta, 15.00-18.00 & # 8211 December 14, Saturday: Rond Tehnopolis, 11.00-14.00 & # 8211 December 15, Sunday: Rond Copou, 11.00-14.00

Week 2: & # 8211 December 17, Tuesday: Rond Dancu, 15.00-18.00 & # 8211 December 18, Wednesday: Rond Dacia, 15.00-18.00 & # 8211 December 19, Thursday: Rond Canta, 15.00-18.00 & # 8211 December 20, Friday: Rond Tehnopolis, 15.00-18.00 & # 8211 December 21, Saturday: Rond Copou, 11.00-14.00 & # 8211 December 22, Sunday: Rond Târgu Cucu, 11.00 & # 8211 campaign premiere

  • Come to the meeting with Santa from Monday to Friday (15.00-18.00) and Saturday, Sunday (11.00-13.00)
  • Put the letter in Santa's mailbox
  • And you can win one of Santa's special prizes by drawing lots: 1 Pegasus bicycle, 2 scooters and tasty sweets
  • The contest is aimed at children between 2 and 14 years old.
  • The drawing of the winners and the awarding of the prizes will take place on Sunday, December 22, 2019, at 11.00, in the round in Tg. Cuckoo.

Campaign carried out by the Panifcom Group of Companies, in partnership with: Iași Public Transport Company, TramClub Iași Association, radio Impact Fm.

Bread `Santa Claus with Green Eyes`

From the evening we sift the flour and leave it at room temperature and the next day we start preparing the dough.

Put the yeast to soak in a little warm water (not hot, but still warmer). While the yeast is melting and leavening, we mix the flour with the salt and measure the natural mayonnaise, if we use it, and if we don't have something like that we put the oil in the flour and then the yeast.

Mix with your fingers and start adding water from the amount provided in the recipe and knead. When the dough has become completely soft and just a little sticky, cover it and leave it to cool for a few hours. Remove the dough from the cold and start shaping.

The dough should be quite thick, full of air bubbles, soft and non-sticky.

We take two smaller pieces of dough and round them in the palms. one of the balls will be the nose, so it should not be too big, and the second ball will be the pompom of Santa's hat so it can be a little, a little bigger than the nose and we put it aside.

Then we cut another piece of dough about the size of a fist and this will be a mustache.
another piece, a little bigger than the one set aside for the mustache, we cut the dough and put it aside because this will become Santa's beard and another piece of dough that will become the edge of the hat.

We will spread the rest of the dough in a somewhat conical shape but with quite rounded tips. the pictures will better exemplify the necessary steps.

So spread the dough in a conical shape with rounded tips and from the piece of dough set aside for the "edge of the hat" we will delimit the head and the hat of Santa. If you want the edge of the hat, you can braid or leave only a simple banderola and stick it to the conical dough (Santa's head) with the help of the beaten egg.

The tip of the so-called cone is pulled towards the edge of the cap in such a way as to form a fallen fez and attach to the tip, the ball provided for the pompom.

Let's not forget to glue the fold of the hat with beaten egg and the pompom as well, otherwise during baking the top of the hat will rise and the pompom will fall.

Also with beaten egg we will glue Santa's eyes, either from black raisins and large size, we position them as we want but to be as high as possible, towards the edge of the hat or from dried dates and kiwis then we cut two slices from dates and cut two pieces of green fruit which we will fix inside the slices of dates, we position on Santa's face and glue with egg and then we attach Santa's nose (the little ball left waiting).

Now we take the piece of dough that we kept for Santa's beard, we spread it in a shape of half a circle, a bit bigger because we have to give volume to Santa's beard.

Right under the old man's nose we stick a piece of dough with the egg and we make sure to pull the corners towards the forehead. With a kitchen scissors we start to cut thin strips of beard dough without destroying the dough underneath and as we cut them we twist them and arrange them in a more disordered shape.

After we finished with the beard, we took the last piece left, the one for the mustache, which we spread out in the shape of a rectangle. We glue this rectangle with egg just under Santa's nose so that it is with the big side glued to the nose.

Then we cut strips, just like the beard, and arrange them as we think they look like a Santa Claus mustache.

We then cover the whole model with a food foil (the foil should be greased with oil so that it does not stick to the dough during leavening).

Leave to rise and when it has doubled in volume, remove the foil. Grease with a beaten egg all over Santa's head except for Santa's hat and nose. we grease the pompom with egg because it will remain white.

After we have finished greasing with egg, add 5-6 drops of food red to the rest of the remaining egg. If the color is not very concentrated then we can add more until we get a suitable red color.

We grease Santa's hat, his nose and brown his cheeks a little, but we are careful not to lose color elsewhere.

Put in the preheated oven over medium heat (360-365 f / 180C) and bake until the bread is baked.

If you have the impression that it bakes too quickly on the surface then cover with aluminum foil and lower the temperature in the oven a little and bake until done.

Cool on a grill and place the bread on fir branches or on special Christmas supports.
Serve with pleasure and love with your favorite food.

The advantages are innumerable:

1. You save time and money.

A ready-made product it can't be cheaper than one you make at home. In addition, you don't run crazy for hours in the shops, you don't consume petrol or pay for a taxi / public transport, you don't stay in traffic for half a day.

Surely you will spend time documenting yourself or purchasing the necessary ingredients or components. Most of the time, however, you can handle what you have around the house, whether it's a cookie recipe, a cosmetic product or a toy.

In addition, you can make a small production line and make as many people happy with the same type of gift.

I quickly searched the net and found some very nice variants of home-made gifts. For example, for mom, mother-in-law and sister-in-law you can do this body butter or scrub. For your child and his cousins ​​you can be inspired by these toys or from the recipes below, from the end of the article. You can do this for your husband, father, brother and father-in-law bow (maybe for each on other colors) .etc.

2. You relax. There have been a lot of studies on how relaxing DIY (do it yourself) activities are. It is not in vain that DIY courses and workshops have flourished. The modern man, used to sitting at his desk all day, needs to spend time doing something creative that will take his mind off his daily worries.

3. Spend quality time with your loved ones. Children in particular will be extremely excited to participate. On the blog there is a special article dedicated to the benefits of cooking with the little ones.

4. Your satisfaction and that of those who receive the gift will be much greater. I don't know how others are but I have a huge joy when I manage to produce an object, to make some biscuits or a hand cream with my own hands. If they still like the result of the gifts, it's even better. The fact that a person puts soul, creativity and imagination, in addition to time and money, to make you a gift, makes you feel really special.

5. It is more environmentally friendly, less polluting. Think of the whole industry used to produce, on a large scale, a scarf, a toy, some biscuits.

6. It is a personalized product. There will certainly be no gifts identical to those made by you, together with your loved ones.

7. Make sure they are made properly from quality ingredients or components. The fact that you choose exactly what you put in each recipe and how you prepare it gives you much more control over the final result. We all know how hard the labels on food or cosmetics lie today.

Cake with poppy seeds

Unfortunately, due to lack of time, many Romanians prefer to buy it, but the taste of freshly baked cake at home does not compare with any other option available on the market. In addition, if you prepare it at home, you know for sure which ingredients are used and you can more easily check their freshness. It's not as hard as you think to knead and bake homemade cake, and the recipe I propose to you is cake with poppy seeds , a less popular option, but very tasty. If you still prefer to prepare a classic recipe, try the cake fluffy with walnuts .

Christmas Recipes - Christmas Home to Santa Claus (Scandinavian Menu)

There are only a few days left until the winter holidays reach their divine purpose through the birth of Jesus Christ.

Until then, we will continue our culinary journey, following in the footsteps of Santa with the final destination Lapland.
For those who have not found tickets for Polar Express, you can follow us on this gastronomic journey in the footsteps of little Nils Holgersson on our way to the Polar Circle.

for those who do not know what it is POLAR EXPRESS, you have details here:

and those who do not know who he is Nils Holgersson & # 8211 to help you:

Because it will soon be Christmas day (Christmas, Xmas, the Nativity or whatever you want to call this holy day), we will have a few stops on our journey through the Scandinavian countries.

For starters, we offer you a cup of mulled wine and spices much appreciated by Norwegians, which will warm your soul and untie your tongue.

Ingredients for mulled wine: red wine, ginger, cinnamon stick, cardamom seeds, sugar, orange.

After this stop in which we warmed up a bit and lowered our foreheads, we will make a short musical film, with a well-known Swedish band that melted many hearts in the Nordic countries and around the world.

ABBA, we suspect everyone has heard of ABBA, but for safety live on Youtube & # 8211 ABBA songs about Christmas:

As you already know, the Nordic countries are well known for fishing for salmon, haddock, cod and crab and other fish.
That is why we cannot fail to present you as a starter at the Christmas table a traditional Swedish recipe in which the key element is wild salmon.

Ingredient: fillets of salmon, dill, salt

Video: Santas Christmas Cookie Work Shop Playmobil Christmas Holiday Video (January 2022).