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Drink Smart: This Month’s Juiciest News

Drink Smart: This Month’s Juiciest News

Stories that have us dropping our cocktail glasses.

Each week, we encounter all kinds of interesting booze news—from bar openings to new flavor releases. Only certain stories have us dropping our cocktail glasses though. This month’s include a freakish rendering of what the Crystal Head Vodka bottle would look like with a face and the ongoing limepocalypse. Tell your friends. Grab a barstool. Get educated.


In one of the most unsettling forensic renderings we’ve seen, this Crystal Head Vodka bottle is given a face. Think drunken sailor meets Gollum.

The #limepocalypse is here. Drug cartels are harassing farmers and truckers in one Mexican area limes are grown, and that, coupled with a bout of Yellow Dragon tree plague, has lime prices skyrocketing. We weep for our Gimlets and Margaritas.

In a heated debate about what constitutes Tennessee whiskey, lawmakers are considering changing the requirements. But, as is so often the case, the situation is a whole lot more complicated than that.


In the last month, we saw at least half a dozen brands release new bottlings. What got people talking: Bols’ new Foams, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire, George Washington Peach Brandy and Cruzan Peach Rum.

Starbucks’ new beer-and-wine menu will help take the edge off in a whole new way. (Oh, and make your bank account that much more depressed.) We’ll have two dark roasts and a tall malbec, please!

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Melissa Clark’s Favorite Foods and Recipes

Melissa Clark writes about cuisine and other products of appetite. She earned an M.F.A. in writing from Columbia University, and began a freelance food writing career. Currently, she writes for such publications as the New York Times, Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, and Martha Stewart. She also just finished a cookbook with essays based on her popular New York Times Dining section column, entitled In the Kitchen with A Good Appetite, published this month. In addition, Clark has written 29 cookbooks, many of them in collaboration with some of New York’s most celebrated chefs including Daniel Boulud ( Braise), David Bouley ( East of Paris), Claudia Fleming ( The Last Course), and Bruce and Eric Bromberg ( The Blue Ribbon). A book of dessert recipes, The Perfect Finish, written with White House pastry chef Bill Yosses, is forthcoming this June. Her collaboration with chef Peter Berley, The Modern Vegetarian Kitchen, received both a James Beard award and Julia Child Cookbook award in 2000. Clark was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, where she now lives with her husband, Daniel Gercke, their toddler daughter Dahlia, and their formerly cosseted cat.

Get your griddle ready for a grilled cheese to accompany Jamie Oliver’s perfect Bread and Tomato Soup.

Jamie Oliver's Bread and Tomato Soup. It's a straightforward recipe that is absolutely perfect for right now, when tomatoes are at their juiciest and most aromatic. I like the purity of the recipe—there are no wacko ingredients the flavor depends on the quality of bread, tomatoes, and olive oil. That's what you want in peak tomato season.

For the best eat and drink head to Brooklyn hotspot Roman’s for your next dining excursion.

Roman's in Brooklyn. The food is fresh, seasonal, and clever but without pretense. The menu is ever changing, which means I could go back several times in quick succession and never get bored. Another bonus is the stellar wine list--reasonably priced and chock full of the kinds of off-the-beaten path wines I enjoy.

This is not your mundane read of recipes— Appetite, entertains as well.

Egads, only one? Okay how about Nigel Slater's Appetite. He's a very versatile cook, as much at home with sambal olek as he is with good old British nursery puddings. And his writing is witty and smart.

Whether you are cruising the coast or exploring the hills of Hollywood, LA has tons of exciting restaurants to keep you fueled up.

Easy Blackberry Cobbler

Rather than breaking a sweat over the perfect pie crust and lattice top for your farmers' market blackberries, use them up in a hassle-free cobbler. All you need are fresh berries plus 5 more ingredients to whip up this Easy Blackberry Cobbler recipe. To make it special, top with freshly whipped cream or vanilla ice cream, and a mint garnish. If you are not serving it immediately, keep the cobbler and any desired toppings separate as to avoid getting them soggy. Simple as it may be, this quick and easy recipe is an exceptional entertaining dessert, especially for your next summer cookout.

Celeb Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar Shares Benefits Of Bel Sherbet For Summers


Summers are in full swing across the country, and with the hot months come a number of seasonal fruits and vegetables. From watermelon to musk melon, cucumber to gourd - they are all packed with nutrients that the body requires during this sweltering weather. Nutritionists and experts recommend stocking up on the season's freshest produce in order to give the body much-needed hydration and nutrition. It is also recommended to go local and source foods which are available in your region - a concept which many have forgotten. Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar took to Instagram to talk about one such forgotten summer drink of India - the Bel Sherbet. Take a look at her post:

Bel Sherbet is a classic summer drink that is popular across India. The juicy concoction is prepared with the Bel fruit, also known as 'wood apple'. The unique fruity taste of the sherbet is unlike any drink you would have tasted. The homemade sherbet is a must-have drink during the summer months for its multiple health benefits. Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar shed some light on the various reasons why this healthy drink is a must-have during the summer months.

1. The first and foremost is the cooling properties of the fruit Bael. The reason that it is so highly recommended during the summer months is that it cools the body from within.

2. According to Diwekar, Bael Sherbet is said to heal stomach issues, and help maintain healthy hair and skin. "Traditionally, it's used as a therapy for stomach ailments, weakness in legs and hands and to prevent hair loss," she wrote in her post.

Bael is a wonder fruit which is a storehouse of nutrients.

3. Not many people know that Bael Sherbet is quite high in antioxidants too which help the body fight free radicals. "The Bel fruit may not be high in prestige but that doesn't stop it from being high on antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties and vitamins," says Diwekar.

4. A seasonal diet is also said to boost immunity, and Bael Sherbet is no different. It is also a good source of Vitamin C that is known to help maintain a healthy immune system.

5. So, what are you waiting for? Make the most of the seasonal goodness and stock up on plenty of Indian summer drinks such as the Bael Sherbet.

About Aditi Ahuja Aditi loves talking to and meeting like-minded foodies (especially the kind who like veg momos). Plus points if you get her bad jokes and sitcom references, or if you recommend a new place to eat at.

Yep, Starbucks's New Strawberry Funnel Cake Frappuccino Is Topped With Funnel Cake Pieces

Before we could even finish that sentence, Starbucks entered the chat to present its latest menu addition: the Strawberry Funnel Cake Frappuccino. Released on May 11 for a limited time, the brand-new drink evokes memories of long days spent at fairs and festivals by combining a coffee-based funnel cake-flavored Frappuccino with layers of strawberry puree and whipped cream. And oh yes, you better believed it's topped with a sprinkling of crunchy funnel cake pieces covered in powdered sugar. This is quite the upgrade from the Starbucks secret menu's unofficial funnel cake blended beverage, if we do say so ourselves.

The Strawberry Funnel Cake Frappuccino isn't the only Starbucks drink that'll be quenching our thirst as the weather warms up. We also have our sights set on a handful of particularly refreshing secret menu concoctions, including the pastel-orange Fuzzy Peach Refresher, the cold foam-topped Pink-a-Colada, and the mouthwatering Honey Bee Cold Brew. Plus, we can also rely on some tried-and-true offerings from the permanent menu, such as the Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino, the Pink Drink, and the Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade. Hot coffee season, it was nice knowin' ya.

While we believe that Mom should be celebrated every day of the year, Mother's Day is a special opportunity to show her a little extra love. Whether you're having a small gathering at home or hosting a safe, socially-distant brunch or lunch for the extended family, these drink recipes&mdashwhich include cocktails, mocktails, and some caffeine-packed coffee drinks&mdashare just right for your celebratory feast.

Perk up Mom's morning with a delicious cup of coffee&mdashno trip to the coffee shop needed if you've been honing your barista skills at home. We'll teach you exactly how to create the perfect shot of espresso topped with steamed, foamy milk. You can also make Mom a Caffé Macchiato, which essentially translates to espresso stained with milk. Both are sure to give her the blast of energy she needs to really enjoy the rest of those Mother's Day plans you've been so carefully crafting.

On a warm spring day, there's nothing like a cool sip of iced tea. Make our Coconut Green Tea, shown center here, for Mom to enjoy alongside her favorite breakfast, brunch, or lunch meal. Instead of steeping green tea bags in water as usual, this recipe uses raw coconut water for a gentle, earthy flavor. Sliced peaches and a little bit of sugar make this drink feel extra special for the occasion.

Looking for something with a little more oomph to it? Go with a cocktail a classic brunch cocktail like a mimosa feels right for this type of mid-morning gathering. While the traditional iteration is just fine, you can swap out the usual orange juice and sparkling wine duo, for an even more inspired take on the recipe: Carrot-Juice Mimosas. They're made with a combination of orange juice and carrot juice for vibrant orange color and sweet flavor.

This day is all about Mom, so let her sit back, relax, and take a sip of one of these delicious Mother's Day drinks.

  • Toss the table sugar (white and brown), syrup, honey and molasses. Cut back on the amount of sugar added to things you eat or drink regularly like cereal, pancakes, coffee or tea. Try cutting the usual amount of sugar you add by half and wean down from there.
  • Swap out the soda. Water is best, but if you want something sweet to drink or are trying to lose weight, diet drinks can be a better choice than sugary drinks.
  • Eat fresh, frozen, dried or canned fruits. Choose fruit canned in water or natural juice. Avoid fruit canned in syrup, especially heavy syrup. Drain and rinse in a colander to remove excess syrup or juice.
  • Add fruit. Instead of adding sugar to cereal or oatmeal, try fresh fruit (bananas, cherries or strawberries) or dried fruit (raisins, cranberries or apricots).
  • Cut the serving back. When baking cookies, brownies or cakes, cut the sugar called for in your recipe by one-third to one-half. Often you won&rsquot notice the difference.
  • Try extracts. Instead of adding sugar in recipes, use extracts like almond, vanilla, orange or lemon.
  • Replace it completely. Enhance foods with spices instead of sugar. Try ginger, allspice, cinnamon or nutmeg.
  • Substitute. Switch out sugar with unsweetened applesauce in recipes (use equal amounts).
  • Limit Non-nutritive Sweeteners. If you are trying to lose weight, a temporary fix to satisfying your sweet tooth may be with non-nutritive sweeteners. But watch out! Make sure that swapping sugary options for non-nutritive sweeteners now doesn&rsquot lead to eating more later.

Written by American Heart Association editorial staff and reviewed by science and medicine advisers. See our editorial policies and staff.

Other uses for your juicer type-of-recipes

You don't have to use your juicer for just juice. Try using these recipes and ideas to use it in other ways.

Juicer Pulp Uses & Ideas - Did you know that your juicer pulp can be used in many food items (plus more)? Here are some ideas for integrating them into your daily foods.

Juicer Pulp Recipes For Main Meals, Starters & Desserts - If you need specific juicer pulp recipes, this page has a wide range of them for you. You really can put the leftover pulp into just about anything.

All Juice Pulp Recipes - This is an extenstive list of all pulp recipes listed by type. Burgers, salsa, muffin and carrot. Wait till you see your options!

Baby Food - Your gear juicer can make your little one the healthiest baby food. Here are instructions and recipes to make it easy for you.

Nut Butters - Making your own nut butter is healthier, fresh and delish! Try it out for yourself. I also have some creative ideas for add in’s to make it super fun.
Banana Ice Cream - Most gear juicers, especially the Champion, make the best banana ice cream! If you have a gear juicer, you must try out some of my special recipes for a dessert or snack. Great idea for the kids or to suppress that urge for a fatty dessert.

Soup with your juicer - Learn how to make soup with your juicer! These can be modified to be made raw or cooked. Try them out for a healthy meal.

Fruit sorbet with your juicer - Yes! If you have a certain type of juicer (the champion is really good at this) you can make sorbet.

Hotter Toddies: Smart Tweaks to a Classic Cocktail

WARM AND PEACE This soothing hot toddy from the Hotel Jerome in Aspen, Colo., combines hot chamomile tea with bourbon, lemon and honey.

“LIQUID LONG JOHNS” is how Chicago bartender Micah Melton characterizes the classic hot toddy. A few warming sips, “and all of a sudden you feel like you’re insulated from the cold.”

Traditionally a straightforward mix of whiskey, lemon and sweetener heated with a generous pour of hot water, the toddy has long been a favored restorative after a day on the slopes. It’s also an easy one to customize with different spirits and flavorings—another reason it’s a ski-resort staple.

“Heat from the inside makes your muscles feel really nice after a long day on the mountain,” said Jessie Kneitel, manager of Bad Harriet at the Hotel Jerome in Aspen, Colo., which offers a trio of toddies. While the therapeutic benefits might be in the mind of the imbiber, she admitted, “feeling nice and toasty can help relax your muscles and yourself, mentally and physically.”

The hotel’s flagship Jerome Toddy is built along classic lines. It starts with bourbon and showcases local products, including Colorado honey and chamomile tea sourced from purveyor Two Leaves and a Bud, in the nearby mountain town of Basalt. Another top seller at the hotel, made for two, includes Grand Marnier orange liqueur, clove syrup and overproof whiskey, plus lemon and honey. That last component is key, Ms. Kneitel insisted: “If I’m feeling under the weather or had a long day of being in a lot of cold air, the honey really soothes the throat.”

Of course, the drink need not be restricted to the slopes. At Chicago restaurant the Aviary, the “Beam Me Up, Toddy” includes an unexpected measure of pear brandy and a dollop of brown butter for a velvety toddy that also winks in the general direction of hot buttered rum.

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