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7 Drinking Games You've Never Heard Of

7 Drinking Games You've Never Heard Of

Bored at the game watch party? Consider this your guide to being the life of the party, with 7 easy games

The best drinking games for the Super Bowl (that you've never heard of).

Everyone's favorite party is coming up — the Super Bowl watch party — and there's one thing that should definitely be on your party to-do list: games. Because when the team you're rooting against shoots up 14 points, or the commercials you're watching are boring you in 30-second intervals, or you're wanting to avoid Beyoncé's halftime show (wait, that would never happen), you need a little entertainment.

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So might we interest you in some drinking games you've never heard of? That's right: the drinking games you've never heard of. Because Beer Pong and Flip Cup might as well be amateur hour these days. Fortunately, we know a few college bros that keep us hip and young, who have thrown out the rule book with a few new drinking games. (And if all else fails, we'll watch them chase each other around campus in gorilla and banana suits because, well, we can.)

The best part about these games? If you have the supplies for Quarters and Beer Pong, you're basically set. Slap Cup is clearly the new Flip Cup (and way more fun to slap someone's beer off the table), and Chandeliers is the new Quarters (with fewer body parts in harm's way). If you love Jenga, you'll get a kick out of Sinking Ship, or Jenga in liquid form. These games may not be as dangerous as Danger Can (we don't endorse smashing beer cans on your head, no matter how fun it may sound), and we can't promise you that Zooey Deschanel will show up (we hear she loves True American). But with a few new twists on the classic drinking games, you'll be the life of the party — and forever remembered for your contribution to the Super Bowl fiesta.

Best Drinking Games for Two People Everyone Should Play

Have fun, make memories, and get to know one another with the best drinking games for two people.

I let my son Jarret have alcohol if he's supervised by me. I figure if he's already drinking, then he might as well do so in a safe space. And he may very well be drinking given that he's in the 9th grade and very secretive about his life. He's usually pretty tight-lipped even if he's had the one drink I allow him to have, whereas I gab about my love life and the classes I've been taking at the local community college. Maybe, though, if I throw some fun into the mix he'll open up more, which is why I'm turning to the best drinking games for two people.

7 Really Easy Drinking Games With Really Easy Rules - Grazia (Stacked)

Split yourselves into two equal teams, and line up at either side of a table facing each other. Take some cups (plastic ones if you don't want to hurt yourself) and place on in front of each player. Fill them up so that you all have the same amount to drink.
The first player of each team has to drink their drink as quickly as possible, pop the empty cup on the edge of the table and then flip it, so that it lands on the table upside down – but only using one hand. The next player is not allowed to start their drink until the one before has had a successful flip. First team to finish wins.

The most stressful of simple games, Fives can cause friction between friends. The group of you put your hands in as if you're about to play a huge game of rock paper scissors, except the options are either zero (your hand stays in a fist like 'rock') or five (your hand opens up like 'paper'). The first person counts to three, and then shouts out a multiple of five – this is their guess for how many people will show their ɿive'.
So, if there are four of you playing, the highest you could shout is 20. If you get the number right, you can remove your hand from the game and you're safe, then it's the next player's go – but only if you manage to say 'thank you very much for the game of fives' without looking happy about it. If you can't, you drink. If you're left with your hand in, you drink.

All of you sit around a table (you need quite a few to make this work) and split yourself in half – one team on one side, another team on the other. A member of the first team takes a coin and passes it under the table to one of their teammates. Everyone on the coin team has their hands under the table so that the other team can't see who ends up with the coin.
When everyone's happy with where the coin has landed, someone from the guessing team shouts 'up chickens'. This means that everyone on the coin side has to raise their hands (all making fists so that the coin can't be found or fall out of your hand). When they shout ɽown chickens', the coin team slams their hands flat on the table at the same time. Then the other team have to guess where the coin is, eliminating the hands on the table one at a time. If they find it, coin team drink.
If they don't, the guessing team drinks.

2. Cards Against Humanity

My personal favorite, Cards Against Humanity was made for my love of good, dark humor. But after a while, getting a black card as a reward just isn't enough. One day my friends and I thought about what we can do to bring the life back to this game and the answer was simple: bring alcohol into the picture! Each time a player has a bad round (i.e. their card didn't make anyone laugh), he/she takes a shot.

Ideal booze: Whatever you can drink a lot of. I would suggest beer or flavored drinks (i.e. Smirnoff Ice)

Best played with: People with a very dark sense of humor

7 Drinking Games Every Student Should Know

Everyone who went to university can tell you that the most important things your learn there don’t come from books.

It’s an often heard phrase that your years as a student are the best of your life. These are usually also the times that people imbibe the largest amounts of alcohol. In nearly everyone’s university experience booze is the red wire. A popular way to consume all these drinks is through drinking games. We’ve collected some of the most popular drinking games among students. So if you are starting a study or you have a relative who is leaving for college any time soon, make sure they learn this list by heart. Remember that a good preparation is everything.

A game of beer pong in the backyard is just the activity one needs on a warm day.

Beer pong
Number of players:
2 or 4 per game, but beer pong is very suitable for large tournaments.
What you need: A large table, 20 cups, plenty of beer and a ping pong ball.
How to play:You fill the glasses with beer and place them on both sides of the table in the shape of pyramids. Now you take turns trying to throw the ball into the cups of the other player. If the ball lands in one of the glasses your opponent has to drink this glass of beer. The player who hits all 10 glasses of his opponent first wins the game.

Number of players: 2 or more
What you need: your drink of choice
How to play: You take turns counting, but instead of any number containing a 7 or being a multiple of 7 (like 14, 21, 28, etc.) you have to say the word “bitch”. If you say the wrong number, if you do mention one of the forbidden numbers and if you say “bitch” when you shouldn’t, you have to drink. It’s quite normal to lose track of where you are once you’ve counted over 100. At that point of the game usually everyone is just drinking, till someone suggests to start over again.

It’s quite easy to make your own battleshots game out of 2 empty pizza boxes.

Number of players:
What you need: 2 pizza boxes, a decent number of shot glasses and liquor.
How to play: From the 2 old pizza boxes you make your own game of battleships, but instead of boats you place shot glasses filled with liquor on the game board. Now you have to guess where the opponent placed his boat. Whenever you are hit, you have to take that shot.

Zap the black guy
Number of players: 2 or more
What you need: A TV with a working remote control and alcoholic drinks
How to play: You take turns with the remote control changing the channel. If there’s a black guy on TV the moment you changed it, you have to drink.

Waiting for your teammates to finish chugging their beers can be quite hard on the competative players at a beer relay.

Beer relay
Number of players: 10 or preferably a little more. 10 vs 10 is excellent.
What you need: a long table and plenty of beer.
How to play: Divide the group of people over 2 teams. Or if you have enough players it’s even more fun to create more teams, so the winner can stay in the game and constantly faces new challengers. Let’s say we play 10 against 10. All players have a full beer in front of them, as they are lined up on both sides of the table. The referee stands on one of the short ends of the table and is also holding a beer. The game starts with the ref downing a beer, after which he puts the empty glass on his head. This is the sign that the first players from both teams can start chugging their beers. As soon as they finished it, they also put their glasses on their heads, after which the relay continues with the second player and so on until player number 10. The team who finishes first wins and stays in the game.

Never have I ever…
Number of players: 2 is enough, but preferably you want more players. 5 or 6 is perfect.
What you need: Drinks, and lots of them.
How to play: Now this is the easiest way to combine getting hammered with sharing funny or dirty personal stories. Basically you take turns by sharing some information about yourself like “never have I ever had sex on the first date” or “never have I ever stole something from a store”. All those people in the company who did do this have to drink. So if you were a bit naughty in your life so far, you’ll probably end up pretty smashed.

Edward cider hands is all about making a commitment. Once the bottles are taped to your hands they have to be finished.

Edward Cider hands
Number of players: 2 or more.
What you need: 2 large cider of beer bottles per player and a roll of duct tape.
How to play: You tape the bottles to your hands and have the caps removed. You can’t take them off until you drank them completely.

4. Movie Drinking Games

Kathryn Stouffer

Movie and TV show drinking games are the best for when you want to be lazy and watch a movie but get drunk at the same time. There are so many different movie drinking games that you can play. Some of my faves include this Elf drinking game, this Halloweentown drinking game, and this epic The Office drinking game.

This game is basically the same as the card game, but with a little twist. The objective is still to get rid of your cards by lying. Each person is dealt a stack of cards, and the person to the left of the dealer starts the game by placing all of their Aces face down in the middle of the circle. If they only have one Ace but want to get rid of more cards, they can lie and say they have two or more Aces. You have to put at least one card down when it's your turn, so if you have zero Aces, you have to lie. Each person has to verbally say what they are playing each turn (ex: "Two Aces," or "Three twos"), and any of the other players can call bullshit if they think that person is lying.

When someone calls bullshit, the cards are turned over and someone has to drink depending on what the cards are. If the person who played the cards was lying, they have to take a drink and add the cards to their deck. If the person calling bullshit turns out to be wrong, then they have to take a drink and the cards.

The next person would play their Kings, and so on until you reach the twos. Then you'd start playing your Aces again. Each player is required to play at least one card on their turn, but the other players don't need to call bullshit every time, so the pile of cards could potentially get quite large.

The game continues until someone gets rid of all their cards and wins, and forcing everyone else to finish their drinks.

If you’re into sports, you probably know about the biathlon, a combination of cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. But have you heard about the Beer Mile? It’s an upcoming sport that involves both running and chugging beers. In other words: a discipline for true sportsmen. Last week the world record was broken twice in 24 hours,&hellip

Here’s another drinking game that we came up with ourselves. The name is Pissheads and once you start playing you’ll understand why. Few other drinking games can get you this smashed. Plus we believe it’s not too hard for the drunk mind comprehend, yet it involves more thinking and strategy than to flip a coin&hellip

The Official FYA DEAD 7 Drinking Game

The good. The bad. The ugly. And the really ugly.

When I first heard that Dead 7 was an actual thing, I laughed. And then I thought: this could be amazing. (Admittedly, I&rsquom a total sucker for a bad SyFy TV movie.)

And now that I&rsquove watched it, I&rsquom thinking that this movie was amazing &hellip ly awful. Was it fun to see a bunch of boy band members band (heh) together to fight zombies? Of course. But there&rsquos a reason most of these gents never transitioned into the acting realm.

If you haven&rsquot watched it yet, I&rsquove provided a few suggestions for how to make it better below (in the form of a drinking game). If you&rsquove watched it, read on for some thoughts (beware spoilers)&mdashand then add your own in the comments!

Take a drink when:

- A boy band member appears (post-credits).

- Apocolypta kills someone for no reason.

- Someone&rsquos facial hair and/or wig looks really terrible.

- Something stereotypical/racist/sexist occurs.

- A pretty landscape shot is used as transition.

- When you find yourself wondering &ldquois that someone from a lesser-known boy band I should recognize?&rdquo

Take a shot when:

- An unexpected non-boy band musician appears.

- Someone gets shot in the head. (Haha, kidding! You&rsquod pass out before the movie ended.)

- Komodo sniffs the random bra he found on the ground because WHO DOES THAT?!

Now that we&rsquore all well and liquored up, let&rsquos chat.

I Want You Back

Dead 7 did something many of us who were fans of boy bands in their heyday believed impossible: brought together members of the Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, 98 Degrees and O-Town. In case you weren&rsquot as big of a fan as I, the movie featured:

- From the Backstreet Boys: Nick Carter (who dreamed this whole mess up), A.J. McLean and Howie Dorough

- From *NSYNC: Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick

- From 98 Degrees: Jeff Timmons

- From O-Town: Erik-Michael Estrada

Unsurprisingly, the one boy band member in the movie with real acting experience (see: My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Broadway shows), Joey was the standout, acting-wise. His character, a drunken, sloppy guy named Whiskey Joe (natch), was one of the more outlandish (and awful) characters in the movie, but I actually felt like I was watching a character rather than a boy band member reading some lines.

Nick Carter was surprisingly decent, too, but that might have been due to the fact that his character, Jack, didn&rsquot actually say much. I also liked A.J. McLean as the villainous Johnny Vermillion, but couldn&rsquot help thinking about how he was always billed as &ldquothe bad boy&rdquo of the Backstreet Boys this role was totally playing that up.

I (Didn&rsquot) Want It That Way

The fact that some of the boy band members in this movie had little or no acting experience was blindingly apparent, particularly in the case of Jeff Timmons&rsquo Billy. Not only did he woodenly vocalize pretty much every move he made, but his character didn&rsquot fit in the Dead 7 world at all (e.g., he wore a white T-shirt, jeans, and an American flag-patterned baseball cap while most everyone else was in western wear and/or post-apocalyptic rag chic).

The plot of the movie was obvious and familiar, and seriously lacking in explanation, world-building, and backstory, but I could have run with it had it not been so filled with tropes and stereotypes. The few female larger roles were atrocious: Daisy Jane (Carrie Keagan), the tough-as nails lady gunslinger Sirene (Lauren Kitt Carter), the mysterious &ldquonative&rdquo warrior priestess Trixie (Chloe Lattanzi), the busty and brainless girlfriend/brothel girl. Even Apocolypta (Debra Wilson), who at first had hints of awesome (à la The 100&rsquos Indra or Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome&rsquos Aunty Entity), turned out to be a flat character who was vicious and bloodthirsty for no real reason&mdashat least none that was explained satisfactorily. (And what was that language/accent she was spouting on and off?)

All Or Nothing

Knowing that Dead 7 was a &ldquopost-apocalyptic zombie western,&rdquo I expected a fair bit of gore and bloodshed. I didn&rsquot quite expect there to be that much gore and bloodshed, however. Because there was a whole lot. From the get go. People shooting people, people shooting zombies, zombies biting people, people biting people, etc. I am not bothered by this sort of thing, but the amount of fake blood (and terrible CGI injuries) in this movie was a little ridiculous.

The Hardest Thing?

- Jeff was wearing that leather bicep cuff purely to cover his 98 Degrees tattoo, yes?

- I understand that there are only so many (stereotypical) roles for POCs in westerns, but why was Erik-Michael a samurai/ninja? Howie must have called dibs on the stereotypical Hispanic role first.

- What was Art Alexakis (of Everclear) doing in this movie? *she asks, then remembers that Art also had a role on Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide*

- I was expecting this movie to leave at least one of the boy band members alive for sequel purposes&mdashif there can be a Sharknado 4, there could be a Dead 7: Deader Than Ever&mdashbut they all bit it (zombie pun!) in the end. I suppose Sirene could lead a sequel with a bunch of other boy band members, because there are still plenty who likely are looking for something to do with their time.

As much of a trainwreck as this movie was, I do have to thank it for giving us this:

(15-year-old Mandy is very happy right now.)

Did you watch? Do you have ideas for what a Dead 7 sequel could be called? (I came up with like five before settling on Deader Than Ever.) Let's chat.

About the Author: Mandy (she/her) is a small-town girl living in a nerdy world, or—if you want to get literal—an editor/writer living in Austin, TX. In addition to yearning for YA books—the more science-fictiony or fantastical, the better—she can also be found swooning over superheroes, pining for pop culture, and grinning at GIFs.

How to Cheat (and Win) at Drinking Games

We don't know what it is about the fall -- maybe the fresh scent of falling leaves, the cooler temperatures, the back-to-school feel in the air -- that makes us want to drink all the beer. Just kidding, we just really like drinking games. And now that college football season is just around the corner, naturally, we had to remind ourselves just how to play all of our favorite drinking games. (Credit: Flickr/ wolfsvard)

Obviously, at your tailgates and parties this season, you'll be thrown into a situation where you don't know the drinking game. And that's OK. But let's be real, you've got to master the basics of certain drinking games you'll find at every party. So we scoured the Internet and asked our college-aged sources (the true experts, after all) just how to nail that round of your all-time favorite drinking games: beer pong, flip cup, and King's Cup. All in the name of good journalism, of course.

Check out our tricks and tips for winning (OK, and maybe cheating) at the most popular drinking games. We promise, 68 percent of the time, they'll work every time. (What we can't account for, obviously, are your alcohol levels when playing. So you know, if you do lose, don't blame us -- blame the booze.)

The best drinking games

Back to back

Two people in your group stand back to back, drinks in hand. The rest of the group ask them a 'Who's the most likely to. ' question, and which ever member thinks they're the most likely to, drinks. If one of them drinks, you ask the next question. If they both drink, they both have to drink again. If neither of them drink, they also both have to drink again.


Paranoia might not make you many friends, but it will make everyone nice and merry, quicker than you'd think &ndash and you'll be surprised how nosy you really are too. Players take it in turn to whisper a question to the person on their right. The person answering the question must say their answer out loud, bearing in mind the rest of the participants haven't heard the question. E.g. the question might be 'How many people in this room have you kissed?' and the answer said aloud could be: 'Two'.

If one of the players can't take the suspense and wants to know what the question was, they have to drink to earn the knowledge. Even the most laid back of people generally crack at least once!

A more savage twist on Paranoia is 'Person Paranoia', where the answer to the question has to be a person in the room, and the person answering the question has to point at their answer. Want to know what the question was? Drink.

Fuzzy Duck

An oldie but a goodie, this game is a good one for a low-maintenance household, as it requires literally no equipment but your own voices. Sit everyone in a circle, and say 'fuzzy duck' to the person on your left.

Continue the pattern until someone chooses to say 'does he', to which the player on their right has to respond 'ducky fuzz', and then the game continues in the opposite direction with everyone saying 'ducky fuzz' until someone says 'does he' again and the direction switches and it's back to 'fuzzy duck' again. Got that? Whenever someone fluffs their lines, they have to drink. It will happen surprisingly quickly.

Cup stack

Put lots of stackable cups in the middle of a table (say double the amount of people playing), all with a couple of inches of alcohol in, apart from two cups. Everybody stands around the table, with two ping pong balls placed equidistant apart (so if there are ten of you, player one and player five has a ping pong ball).

Starting with player one and player five (who also have the empty cups), take it in turns to bounce the ping pong ball on the table and into the cup (one bounce and then it has to go into the cup) before passing the cup and ball clockwise onto the next person to do the same thing. If one cup catches up with the other, the person who gets the ball in must stack their cup in the other cup, and pass it on - so the person who was too slow to bounce their ball in must drink from the middle, to create another cup in circulation. Keep going until their are no cups left in the middle - and the cup stacks going around the outside are about 10 cups high.

Where's the water?

If you can handle your tequila and bluff like a champ, this is the game for you. It's a roulette style situation where you line up a selection of various shot glasses, and fill some with clear spirits (vodka and sambuca also work well) and others with water. Each player then has to take it in turns to choose and drink and a shot, and say 'mmm, water!' in their most convincing voice. If you call them out and say they're lying, and you're right, they drink another &ndash but if you're wrong, the shot's on you.

Another excellent premise that requires no set-up whatsoever, the only rule to this tricksy little game is that you must add the name Bob to anyone's name whenever you address them &ndash for example, instead of saying 'Sarah, can you pour me another glass?' you would have to say 'Bob Sarah, can you pour me another glass?'

It might sound basic, but we bet you good money you'll slip up at least ones &ndash and your forfeit for forgetting? A set amount of fingers of your drink (you can decide how brave you're feeling!)

The name game

Whilst we're on the subject of names, here's another game to add to your repertoire, and it's all based on your celeb knowledge, which is probably why we ACE this one every time. To start, one player says the name of someone famous, and then the following person has to say the name of someone else famous whose name starts with the first letter of the other person's surname (okay, we've said the word 'name a lot, are you still with us?)

So, if player one says Taylor Swift, you could follow up with Seth Rogen, and the next person could say Reese Witherspoon. The drinking part? If you can't think of a name immediately, you have to drink while you're thinking.

Beer pong

Do we even need to explain beer pong? No? Well we're going to anyway. Create a triangle with 6 half-full (of vodka, gin, wine, Ribena &ndash whatever your poison) cups at opposite ends of a table, in a 3-2-1 formation, and then split into two teams, each taking an end.

Players then take it in turns to throw a ping pong ball into one of their opponents cups &ndash if it lands, you have to drink the contents and remove the cup from the table. If your team runs out of cups first, you're the losers. Soz about that.


You'll need a dice and six different cups of differing sizes, ranging from a shot all the way up to that ridiculous oversized novelty mug that you need to use two teabags in. Each cup corresponds with a different number on the dice &ndash players roll the dice, and then have to drink the contents of whichever cup they've been assigned.

A word to the wise: be kind and put something with a mixer in the bigger glasses or you won't last long!

Flip cup

You know those red plastic cups they have in every American teen movie ever? They're called Solo cups, you can get them here now, and they're perfect for a game of flip cup. This is a team game, where two opposing groups stand on opposite sides of a table or counter, with a full cup in front of each player.

The games begin, and the first players in line race to down their drinks, and then place their empty cups upside down on the edge of the surface. They then have to successfully flip their cups the right way up &ndash not so easy once you've had a few &ndash at which point the next player in line has to do the same. It's a relay, so the first team to get to the end wins!

Never have I ever

A staple of Fresher's dorms the land over, Never Have I Ever is a great way to get to know a lot - probably too much - about people in a short space of time. If you're not familiar with the rules, you basically use 'Never have I ever' as a prefix to a sentence for something you've never done, and everyone who has done it has to take a sip of drink.

Start tame with subjects like food or travel, then move on to the more 'interesting' stuff (sex acts, basically).

Wizard staff

Okay, so it's totally insane, and we'd never actually advise you to do it, but we had to tell you about this game, because the concept is hilarious. It basically requires you to consume any drink that comes in a can, and then tape the cans together to create your very own &ndash you've guessed it &ndash Wizard Staff, a.k.a the source of all of your drunken power.

The person with the biggest staff wins, but if anyone gets to ten cans (again, we stress, don't try this at home), they automatically become the White Wizard, and anyone else who reaches ten after them has to duel them &ndash or essentially, whack their staffs together until one of them breaks &ndash to fight them for the crown. In summary, Harry Potter ain't got nothing on this.

Drunk jenga

Invest in a jenga set (there are loads of cheap ones on Amazon), and write a different rule on the top of each wooden block. Things like 'drink two fingers of your drink', 'have a shot' or 'kiss the person to your right' work well, or you can go as wild or lowkey as you want. The more you play, the drunker you'll get, and the more clumsy your game will be.

Higher or lower / Screw the dealer

Sit in a circle with a deck of cards, faced downwards. Take it in turns to be the dealer of the cards, who holds the pack of cards in their hands. The dealer turns one card face up, and reads the details out to the group. E.g. Seven of hearts. The person to the left of the dealer must now decide whether the next number is going to be higher or lower than a seven (Jack, Queen, King, Ace are high).

If they get it right, the dealer drinks, and the next person to the left picks higher or lower. The game keeps going - with the dealer drinking each time someone gets an answer right - until someone gets it wrong, and the person to the left then becomes the dealer.

Ride the bus

Another game which involves sitting in a circle and using a pack of cards. This is quite a similar set up to 'screw the dealer', except this time the person doing the higher or lower guessing has to do the drinking.

Lay 15 cards out in a triangle shape on a table (one at the top, followed by two below it, three below that, four below that and then finally five). The player turns one of the bottom five cards over, and then must choose one of the four above it at random, saying whether it will be higher or lower. E.g. they first turn over a five and say 'higher', before picking a card from the row of four.

If it is higher, they repeat the pattern until they get to the one card at the top. If they guess correctly, they don't have to drink. If they get one wrong, they have to drink as many fingers of their drink as rows left. E.g. if they guess wrong on the fourth row, they have to drink two fingers.

Replace the cards used with ones from the pack, and move onto the next player. Keep going until everyone has finally won (or, er, is drunk enough not to have another go.)


If you're a fan of drunk jenga, this is one for you, too. The best bit? It's super simple. Just place an empty glass in the middle of a table where every player can reach it and fill it with a drink of your choice. Then, lay out a deck of cards face down around the cup. When it's your go, all you need to do is grab a card and place it on the glass, making sure at least the corners are hanging off. If you touch someone else's card in the process - drink if your card falls off - two sips of your drink if three or less cards fall off the stack - that's three sips. If you really fluff it up and knock six or more cards off, you've lost the game and the forfeit is downing the drink in the glass in the middle.

Drink murder

A new twist on an old classic - wink murder. We're sure everyone knows the standard rules but let's recap. In each round, one person is secretly assigned the role of murderer. This person has the ability to "kill" other players by making eye contact and winking at them. When you're winked at, you have to feign sudden death. Except, in this version, you take a sip of your drink instead. Genius, huh?