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Strawberry Bellini Coupe

Strawberry Bellini Coupe

On the search for a fancy and summery cocktail that can be served to those under 21? The Strawberry Bellini Coupe is a refreshing and tasty drink that those of all ages will enjoy. Serve it in a Champagne coup, and you are all set!


  • 1 1/2 Ounce fresh strawberry juice
  • 1/4 Ounce ginger syrup
  • Fever Tree ginger ale


Combine strawberry juice and ginger syrup, shake vigorously with ice. Strain into a coupe glass, top with ginger ale.

Strawberry Bellini Coupe - Recipes

Upon sipping his very first glass of champagne, 17th-century monk and winemaker Dom Pérignon allegedly shouted, “Come quickly, I am tasting the stars!” He was probably seeing stars the next morning, too, but apocryphal or otherwise, the anecdote illuminates champagne’s lasting appeal: Nothing says “party” like the pop of a cork. Champagne is the most glamorous and jubilant of wines, so why not incorporate some bub in your summer cocktails?

The simplest variation is the traditional champagne cocktail, typically sipped on New Year’s Eve or after a newly announced engagement (no pressure, folks). To make one, plop a sugar cube into a tall flute, follow with a few drops of Angostura bitters (or sour cherry bitters for bite and color), and fill to the rim with the fizz of your choice.

Then there’s the principal reason for brunch: the mimosa. Keith Nelson, beverage director at New York’s Arlington Club, retools the eggs benedict sidekick with his version, the Phillips Head, adding Combier Pamplemousse Rose, a grapefruit liqueur, to orange juice and bubbly.

According to Nelson, not all sparkling wine has to come from the Champagne region. You can stray to the southern Mediterranean, too. “Prosecco is the obvious choice, with a favorable price/ quality ratio,” he says. “But crémant de Bourgogne is a great option as well.”

Meanwhile, Meaghan Dorman, head mixologist at the Raines Law Room, concocts very ambitious bubbling brews. “Champagne cocktails fit the mood for summer,” she says, “and they’re great with fresh summer fruit muddled in.” Dorman adds cognac to the traditional sugar cube cocktail, and her delightful Sicilian Cobbler uses Campari, muddled blood orange, lemon, and the Italian sparkler Lambrusco.

The ultimate champagne cocktail, though, is the French 75, a mix of lemon juice, simple syrup, bubbly, and gin. Try a French 76 by substituting vodka, or throw caution to the breeze and make a Mexican version with silver tequila and grapefruit juice. The namesake number denotes World War I’s French-made 75mm field shotgun, perhaps because you’ll feel gunned down after a few of these frothy libations. “Always go for brut bubbles when mixing,” advises Dorman (the lower the sugar content, the less Advil you’ll need the next morning).

So stop saving those dusty bottles of Dom for a rainy day. Instead, make these dog days special with a bubbling drink that, to paraphrase Pérignon, is like tasting a sunbeam.

Three Sparkling Cocktail Recipes

Strawberry Bellini
Michael Lomonaco, Center Bar

Pour juice and syrup into a coupe and fill to the brim with champagne. Garnish with sliced strawberry.

Phillips Head
Keith Nelson, Arlington Club

Combine first two ingredients in a champagne flute garnished with a lime wheel. Top with prosecco.

Sicilian Cobbler
Meaghan Dorman, the Raines Law Room

  • 2 blood orange wheels
  • 2 lemon wheels
  • 5 oz. Campari
  • 4 1/2 oz. Lambrusco

Combine blood orange and lemon in a white wine glass. Add Campari. Fill glass halfway with crushed ice. Add Lambrusco. Top with more crushed ice and add a straw.

Recipe Summary

  • 14 ounces fresh strawberries
  • 6 ounces water
  • ½ cup granulated sugar
  • 1 ½ ounces fresh lemon juice
  • 3 ounces chilled sparkling apple cider

In a medium saucepan, bring to a boil 14 ounces of hulled fresh strawberries, 6 ounces of water and 1/2 cup of granulated sugar. Remove from the heat and let cool. Stir in 1 1/2 ounces of fresh lemon juice. Transfer the strawberry mixture to a food processor and blend until smooth strain through a fine sieve. Pour 1 ounce of the strawberry puree into each of 5 flutes and top with 3 ounces of chilled sparkling apple cider.

Recipe: Valentine's Day Cocktail - Strawberry Bellini with Rim Sugar

I'm a sucker for champagne and flowers on Valentine's Day (and pretty much every day of the year). But if you're like me and trying to create champagne cocktail (that's not cloyingly sweet) for the one you love - then go with a batch of Strawberry Bellinis.

It's pretty, tastes of summer and always a hit with the ladies. (That's why it's my go-to drink recipe for whenever I'm hosting a girl's night in.)

First, you’ll need to make some Strawberry Syrup:


1 pound of strawberries (fresh is better, but frozen will work in a pinch)

Hull and chop your strawberries, then add them into a medium-sized saucepan. Next, add the water and sugar. Place the pan over medium-high heat and bring your mixture to a low boil and let the mix cook until the fruit begins to break down (about 8 to 10 minutes). Stir, stir, stir the whole time!

Remove the saucepan from the heat. Next, put a mesh sieve over a large measuring cup. Strain your syrup through the sieve (to get rid of the fruit solids). Discard the berries or use the berries for another dish (we love adding them to plain yogurt!)

Pour the syrup back into the saucepan. Bring this mixture back to a boil, then reduce the heat to low and bring the mix to a simmer. You’ll want to simmer your syrup until it reduces and thickens up a bit (about 5 to 10 more minutes).

Once you’ve hit that stage, remove the pan from the heat and let your syrup cool. Pour into a glass container and keep chilled in the refrigerator.

Next, make your strawberry bellinis!

Cocktail ingredients:

2 chilled champagne glasses


Rim your chilled champagne glasses with red sanding sugar and set aside. Pour 2 oz of strawberry syrup into each glass. Top off glass with Prosecco. Garnish with strawberry, if desired. Makes 2 drinks.

Our 34 Best Bubbly Cocktails Made With Champagne And Sparkling Wine

Matt Taylor-Gross

For a festive night, nothing beats a glass of sparkling wine—except maybe a sparkling cocktail. These bubbly drinks are the perfect way to celebrate anything, whether it’s ringing in the new year, toasting a new job, or celebrating Thanksgiving. Accompany your bubbles with a few snacks and appetizers, and you’ll be the ultimate host. But sparkling drinks don’t only have to be for a celebration. These drinks are so tasty and fun, we definitely won’t judge if you drink them on a regular basis. Whether you’re looking for a standalone cocktail or to add some champagne to a punch bowl for the whole crowd, our best bubbly cocktails will please you and your guests.

Pomme Rosé

Sparkling rose adds berry notes to this take on a French 75. Replacing the gin traditionally used, Calvados imbues a richer, woodsy, and slightly sweeter flavor. Get the recipe for Pomme Rosé »

Vodka Lavender Thyme Lemonade

This lemonade gains herbaceous depth from lavender and thyme, while vodka delivers a good, clean punch. Get the recipe for Vodka Lavender Thyme Lemonade »

Planet of the Grapes

We love this alluring concoction, which blends Pavan, an orange blossom–infused liqueur, with vodka, chamomile syrup, and sparkling wine. Get the recipe for Planet of the Grapes »

Violent Fairytales

A dash of sparkling wine gives this cocktail a bright finish. Get the recipe for Violent Fairytales »

Horse & Carriage

New York City bar The Daily serves this lightly sweet, effervescent gin-based punch made with chamomile tea and sparkling wine. Created by mixologist Naren Young, it was inspired by classic holiday punches but is easily adapted to any season—try it in fall garnished with apples, pears, and cinnamon sticks in winter with citrus slices and pomegranate and in spring with edible flowers. Get the recipe for Horse & Carriage »

Lady Stoneheart

For this ode to the Game of Thrones noblewoman, Punt e Mes—the dark and bitter quina-vermouth hybrid—is softened with a long pour of champagne. Get the recipe for Lady Stoneheart »

Rosé All Day

A papaya shrub, easily made weeks in advance, adds earthy sweet-and-sour notes to this playful prosecco sparkler. Get the recipe for Rosé All Day »

Golden Chrysanthemum

Tokyo native Kenta Goto pays tribute to the beloved Japanese golden chrysanthemum flower with this amber, pear-flavored Champagne elixir. Get the recipe for Golden Chrysanthemum »

The Moonwalk

The drink—an enlivened combination of grapefruit juice, orange liqueur, and a hint of rose water, topped with bubbly—was the first thing astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin sipped upon returning to earth. Get the recipe for The Moonwalk »

Blooming Champagne Cocktail

A single hibiscus flower scented with a drop or two of rose water turns a simple glass of sparkling wine into a show-stopping cocktail. Get the recipe for the Blooming Champagne Cocktail »


A luscious take on the bellini, the Rossini swaps strawberries in for white peaches and prosecco in for champagne. Get the recipe for Rossini »

The Harvest Spritz

Cardamaro and Aperol add bittersweet and fruity notes to a spiced take on the classic spritz. Get the recipe for the Harvest Spritz »

Arbor Blush

Pisco, the South American brandy made from grapes, adds a floral, citrusy kick to this sparkling cocktail made with Lillet Rosé and champagne. Get the recipe for Arbor Blush »

Rosewater Fizz

Simple, fruity, and slightly floral, this champagne-based cocktail comes to us by way of astrologer/bartender Patricia Clark Hippolyte, who developed the drink for our Mixstrology series. Get the recipe for Rosewater Fizz »

The Clipperton

This wonderfully fruity concoction spiked with the gin-based liqueur Pimm’s No. 1 is served at RPM Italian restaurantin Chicago. Get the recipe for the Clipperton »

Arnaud’s French 75

This elegant libation of cognac, lemon, and champagne is served at the historic bar attached to Arnaud’s restaurant, which dates to the late 1800s. Get the recipe for Arnaud’s French 75 »

Negroni Sbagliato

This bubbly Negroni variation, whose name means “bungled,” was invented at Bar Basso in Milan in 1968 when a bartender accidentally put sparkling wine into the drink instead of gin. It is an excellent choice for a brunch cocktail. Get the recipe for Negroni Sbagliato »

The Antoinette

An elegant drink that packs a surprising punch, this vodka and prosecco cocktail is poured at Oak restaurant in Dallas. Get the recipe for the Antoinette »

Fizzy Lifting Drink

This bubbly, pink concoction of Champagne dosed with fruity crème de cassis and spicy ginger liqueur is inspired by the mysterious drink of the same name from the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Get the recipe for Fizzy Lifting Drink »

Pear and Port Cocktail

Pear, citrus, and herbal flavors meld together for this fruity, Champagne-topped cocktail. Get the recipe for Pear and Port Cocktail »

The Parasol

Honey, Lillet, and St. Germain join prosecco in a light, herbaceous, and citrusy brunch drink. Get the recipe for the Parasol »

Crush and Swizzle

Pomegranate juice gives this rum-laced prosecco drink a sweetness that belies its potency. Get the recipe for Crush and Swizzle »

Coupe DeVille

To make this cocktail from bartender Keith Nelson of Manhattan’s Arlington Club, purchase pear-infused vodka or make your own by letting sliced ripe pears sit in vodka for at least two weeks. Get the recipe for Coupe DeVille »

Prosecco, Honey, and Lime Cocktail

In this refreshing take on classic tiki drink The Airmail—a prosecco cocktail featuring honey syrup and lime—head bartender Alba Huerta at Julep in Houston replaces the rum with gin and adds pineapple juice and fresh dill for a savory twist. Get the recipe for Prosecco, Honey, and Lime Cocktail »

The Volstead

Fresh berries shaken with ice, vodka, lemon, and St. Germain, strained into a champagne flute and topped with Champagne, created a drink that fizzes dramatically. Get the recipe for The Volstead »


Sgroppino, a slushy combination of lemon sorbet, vodka, and prosecco, is common in Italy as a palate cleanser, a dessert, or a pre-dinner drink. Whisk the ingredients together for a chilly, frothy twist. Get the recipe for Sgroppino »

Everything’s Coming Up Rosé

This bright fuchsia aperitivo mixes tannic hibiscus tea, sweet Lillet Rosé, and dry rosé with a hit of prosecco. Get the recipe for Everything’s Coming Up Rosé »


This cloudy, coconuty version of a bellini comes from Manhattan restaurant Lievito. Get the recipe for Bianchini »

Cacao Fruit Cocktail

Puréed cacao pulp meets cachaça in this unexpected sipper. Tart lemon provides a burst of freshness, while a splash of sparkling wine adds lift. Get the recipe for Cacao Fruit Cocktail »

Punch House Spritz

Lambrusco rosé, Cocchi Americano, fresh grapefruit juice, and club soda come together in this simple spritz. Get the recipe for Punch House Spritz »

Bee’s Knees

Kansas City’s Rye restaurant pours this classic, a honey-sweetened gin potion, which gets its effervescence from a splash of rosé champagne. Get the recipe for Bee’s Knees »

Hibiscus, Vodka, and Champagne Cocktail

Bartender Kaiko Tulloch riffs on the Champagne cocktail with a more floral and herbal version at Lucky Liquor Co. in Edinburgh. Get the recipe for Hibiscus, Vodka, and Champagne Cocktail »

Moto Guzzi Spritz Cocktail

Named after the motorcycle brand, this Aperol spritz riff from Atlanta’s Greg Best, subs Cappelletti aperitivo, a red-wine-based aperitif, for Aperol. Get the recipe for Moto Guzzi Spritz Cocktail »


The traditional Bellini is made with white peach purée and sparkling wine, but the addition of peach brandy intensifies and sweetens the cocktail. Get the recipe for Bellini »


20 Bright, Refreshing Spring Cocktails to Welcome the Season

Chock-full of fresh seasonal ingredients, these drinks are the perfect way to ring in spring.

Strawberry Coconut Bellini

This Strawberry Coconut Bellini is a deliciously sweet, refreshing, tropical twist on the original! Made with just four ingredients, it's the perfect cocktail for brunch, ladies night, or any night. and you won't believe how easy it is to make!

So. I'm pretty much obsessed with Prosecco lately. I mean. can you blame me? It combines two of my favorites, wine and bubbles, in one perfect drink. And it's SO refreshing for summer. I've been drinking a lot of it these past few months, and I've been turning my friends onto it, too. Because if there's one thing that's better than Prosecco? It's Prosecco with friends.

But now that summer is half over (eeeeek!) I'm thinking it's time to switch things up a little. Not by giving up on Prosecco (that's just crazy talk) but by having a little fun with it! In the form of delicious bubbly cocktails! Because summer was made for cocktails. am I right? Especially bubbly ones.

So I combined a couple of my other summer favorites, strawberry and coconut, and this Strawberry Coconut Bellini was born. And let me just say. YUM! It's seriously SO delicious! And sweet, and tropical, and refreshing, and perfect. I can see myself drinking this all summer long. for brunch and ladies nights and pretty much all the time. The ONLY problem with it? I don't use up all the Prosecco!

Which, if you drink sparkling wine, you know is a bit of a tragedy. Or it used to be. but I recently had the chance to try out the zzysh® sparkling wine preserver and it works SO well! It's designed to preserve flavor, color, taste, and fizz by replacing the air inside the bottle with a highly pure, protective atmosphere. There's a preserver for regular wine, which uses argon gas, and the one for sparkling wine, which uses a mixture of argon gas and CO2.

And it couldn't be easier to use. Just push the stopper into the open bottle and press the bracket against the bottle neck until you hear a click. Next attach the handpick and press it down for 3-4 seconds. You will hear a zzysh as the controlled atmosphere flows into the bottle. And. voila! Your wine is preserved, so you can enjoy next time without sacrificing any of the flavor. I was honestly amazed when I opened the bottle back up. it was like I was opening it for the first time! Which has this Prosecco lover VERY excited.

Speaking of excited, I'm super excited about this Strawberry Coconut Bellini. And once you try it, YOU WILL BE TOO! If you love strawberry, and coconut, and cocktails. this Strawberry Coconut Bellini is a slam dunk. Your new favorite cocktail. And mine, too! If you want to try zzysh® for yourself, use the promo code getyourzzysh for 20% off your purchase!

With just 3 ingredients, a Berry Bellini will be a hit at your next brunch or party. Strawberry vodka, champagne, and muddled berries combine for a refreshing champagne cocktail!

I love adding vodka to my mimosas and bellinis. For this berry bellini, I added Strawberry Vodka.

You can buy strawberry vodka at the liquor store, but you can also substitute raspberry or any other flavor you want. I know I've seen raspberry vodka at regular grocery stores recently. You could even use peach to make this taste even more traditional.

I love using prosecco, because I like it more than champagne, but use your favorite version of sparkling wine. Just make sure it's chilled!

To start this cocktail, you just add the berries to the vodka and muddle them a little. (Muddling your berries is just a fancy word for crushing them a bit.)

This cocktail tastes like one of those fruit infused waters, but with bubbles!

If you're looking for the perfect cocktail for brunch or a garden party, this is it. It's also a great way to be festive this Memorial Day!

How to make this berry bellini your own:

  • I give instructions for making a pitcher in the recipe. That would make it like a sparkling white sangria!
  • Add any flavor vodka.
  • Use any kind of berry you like.

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Strawberry Bellini Coupe - Recipes

Of course best-quality strawberries in season are always the ideal choice. But thanks to a touch of sugar and a splash of premium balsamic vinegar, even average berries shine in this bubbly cocktail.

* Procecco is a sparkling wine from the Italian region near Treviso, and is much like dry French champagne. If Prosecco is unavailable, substitute a dry champagne like Brut.

1. Chill the glass in the refrigerator, or fill it with ice for several minutes, then discard the ice.

2. Pour the strawberry puree into the glass. Add the champagne and stir gently.

Strawberry Puree Mixture

1. Place the strawberries, sugar, and balsamic vinegar in a blender and process until smooth.

2. Pass the mixture through a fine mesh strainer to remove all of the seeds.

3. Transfer the puree to a container, cover, and refrigerate for a minimum of one hour or overnight to develop the flavors.

Taffer’s Mixologist Mango + Grapefruit Strawberry Float


3.5 oz Taffer’s Strawberry Margarita Mix
1.5 oz tequila
1 oz grapefruit juice
1 scoop mango sorbet
Fresh grapefruit slice
Rose petals

Add Taffer’s, tequila, and grapefruit juice to a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously. Pour into a large coupe glass. Add a scoop of mango sorbet and garnish with fresh grapefruit and rose petals.

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