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Wafer sheets with cream

Wafer sheets with cream

In a bowl put the butter with 200 grams of sugar, rub it well and add the eggs, mix them.

Separately, melt the rest of the sugar with a few drops of water, leave it to melt, then add the egg mixture with butter and mix continuously until the sugar melts, then fill the sheets and wrap them.

We put a little harder on them until the next day.

The next day it is cut.


Remember the Nougat cake with wafer sheets and fluffy top with walnuts and a lot of shit?

The other day I was thinking about a homemade cake as appropriate as possible with a cup of coffee. I think I missed doing something good after returning from vacation and, because I was still with my family, I caught the moment and asked my mother what that cake was called like a wicker with wafer sheets that we don't have. it was never missing from the holiday table, although it is true that it was most often Jeni, our dear neighbor who specializes in homemade cakes.

This is exactly how Nuga cake with wafer sheets, although I found that it is also called Rumba cake or Mosaic cake, most likely due to the multicolored colors of the pieces of shit that enrich the taste and appearance of this delicious homemade cake. There must be more colors, otherwise it loses all its charm. That's how I know it since childhood, that's how I did it, especially since I had never prepared it with my own hands.

It is a very easy recipe and quite fast if we take into account that we only have to make a very simple egg white sponge cake. While it is in the oven, we can prepare a quick cream from the yolks and the cake is ready…

Waffles with caramel & # 8211 video recipe

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Recipe of wafers with caramel and walnut is my husband's favorite, it's very easy to make and it's super delicious. I like it just as much because it contains two of my favorite ingredients: caramel and walnut. Not to mention that it is one of the cakes of our childhood, so we can't help but love it.

For the caramel wafer recipe you need a few ingredients that you probably already have at home. First, we make a simple mixture of powdered sugar, butter and eggs. Then, caramelize a little caster sugar and pour over it the mixture made before. The result is a delicious caramel cream that we turn into something even more delicious by adding chopped walnuts. Spread the cream over the wafer sheets, as evenly as possible and put the cake in the fridge overnight.

Thus, the cream will harden and the wafer sheets will soften a little. It is very important to work quickly with caramel cream. It can harden very quickly and it will be impossible to stretch it evenly. If it still hardens, put it on the fire for a few minutes. For the wafer sheets, I used small sheets. You can also buy large sheets, but you will have to cut them in half. Instead of walnuts you can put hazelnuts, almonds or even a combination. It depends only on you, but the most used are walnuts.

I am convinced that you will love these wafers with caramel and walnut and that you will try them too. I'm sure they will become some of your favorites. For us, it will surely be the quick cake that we will prepare every time we want a good and easy dessert to make. If these wafers with caramel cream and walnut reminded you of your childhood, you can try other recipes from long ago. Snow-white cake is one of them, as well Dobos cake.

Wafer sheets filled with walnut cream

When I was little, it was my favorite cake. Wafer sheets are commercially available. I used three sheets this time.

For the cream, you need:

  • 4 whole eggs
  • a cup and a half of sugar
  • a butter pack
  • 2 tablespoons grated cocoa
  • 250 g of walnuts

Grind the walnut in the food processor, so that it is neither too small nor large, then fry it a little in an oil-free pan. Put eggs, butter (at room temperature) and a cup of sugar in a pot and mix.

Then put it on the fire, stirring constantly, until it starts to boil. Then add the cocoa, mix well, then add the roasted walnuts and mix again.

Meanwhile, put the other half cup of sugar in another pot and stir continuously until it melts and turns brown. Then pour the caramel over the walnut composition, mixing well. It will gradually thicken.

Put it so hot on a wafer sheet (with the big holes up), then quickly put the second wafer sheet on top, put the cream on again, then place the last of the sheet and press well.

Refrigerate, and can be served in 15 minutes.

Cream wafers

I am convinced that you have noticed that for some time, for almost two years, I have been involved in a beautiful project, I could say, Selgros is looking for passion. I met culinary bloggers, made friends and brought long-forgotten recipes to the blog. What I want to write to you is that it is not easy to write a new recipe when you have over 1000 recipes on the blog but I liked the challenge so I looked everywhere for inspiration and especially recipes that remind us of childhood . Some have been slightly adapted so that you can prepare them, others are as I know them since I was a child from my mother or grandmother, however, you should know that in all of them I put and put soul because they are special recipes that are very dear to me. The proof is that look, September is coming to an end and only now have I found the recipe for this month's soul.

The other day, I passed the kindergarten where the big boy was and seeing the little ones I remembered when I was in kindergarten in the big group and I was waiting for my mother with my heart in my mouth because I knew she would bring me something good. A eugenics, biscuits or supreme wafer sweets with cream. My mother worked in the canteen of the Hunedoara steel plant, there I ate pretzels with salt hanging on the string so I wouldn't burn, there I saw how coffee was made in a kettle on hot sand and there I had the opportunity to enter the confectionery laboratory where desserts were made . I remember that she was a weak aunt on the way out who was very skilled and let me look at her how she makes waffles with cream, or rather wafer cream, I have never seen such large amounts of cream until then :) Now don't expect me to know her recipe, at that time I was 7-8 years old, my mother had another recipe, the neighbor as well, but I searched and kept asking until I found a recipe that I like and that looks like how much I ate when I was little.

Cream wafers

  • a box of large wafer sheets size 29 & # 21539 cm
  • 1 l milk
  • 500g sugar
  • 150g ground walnuts
  • 250g butter (can be lean or greasy I used with 82% fat)
  • 200g plain ground biscuits
  • 2 teaspoons rum essence
  • 100g household chocolate (optional)

For starters I would like to mention that many portions come out of these quantities of ingredients, I recommend you make only half a portion. The amount I make is ideal for holidays, birthdays or special occasions, practically for when you have guests.

Bring the milk sugar to a boil over low heat and simmer without a lid until it is reduced by half. I didn't look at my watch but I think I left it for about 2 hours. I looked at the pot (it was graded) my luck :). After about 2 hours the mixture has a light gray color and is slightly thicker.

Add the ground walnuts, mix and leave on the fire for about 5 minutes, then take the pot off the heat and add the butter, chocolate, biscuits and rum essence.

The composition is quite thick, slightly flowing, do not worry it will harden well enough.

On a larger tray we put a transparent or aluminum foil, we put the first wafer sheet, then we pour a part of the composition and we spread it well over the whole sheet. To make the perfect layers, you can weigh the composition and divide it by 4. I put ochiometrically but it came out well.

On top we put a wooden bottom over which we place something heavy so that the sheets are well pressed. Let the wafer cool and leave for a few hours, preferably overnight.

We cut with a sharp knife rectangular shapes, rhombuses, as you like and serve.

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Neapolitan sheets with meringue

Today we will do Neapolitan sheets with meringue. In my mother's cake book is the second recipe written. The meringue is baked on wafer sheets filled with boiled cream. I just love this cake and I always do.

Ingredients for sheets:
3 wafer sheets
18 tablespoons sugar
9 egg whites

Put the egg whites in a bowl and whisk them with the mixer. When they are well foamed, we start to add the sugar gradually, mixing continuously.

Divide the meringue into three equal parts. Spread some of the meringue on a wafer sheet.

Bake the sheet at 180 degrees Celsius for about 15-20 minutes or until the meringue turns golden on top. Spread the meringue obtained on the other two wafer sheets.

When the first sheet is baked, take it out of the tray and put the next sheet in its place and bake it. We continue to do the same until we finish all three baking.

Cream ingredients:
300 grams of butter at room temperature with at least 80% fat
300 grams of sugar
2 tablespoons water
the 9 yolks we have left from the meringue

On the steam bath we will boil the cream. We put a bowl on a saucepan with hot water. In the bowl put the yolks, sugar and water. Stir continuously with a wooden spoon for about 20-30 minutes, or until we take a little cream between two fingers and gently remove them, and the cream stretches into a thin thread. Let the cream cool.

When the cream is cold, put the butter in a bowl and froth it with the mixer. Then add a tablespoon of boiled cream over butter and mix well. We continue to do the same until we finish incorporating all the boiled cream.

Divide the cream obtained in two and fill the three wafer sheets with meringue. Refrigerate the cake for about two hours until the cream hardens.

Look how good the cake looks! The meringue was softened and combined with the cream. A tall, absolutely delicious cake came out.

Wafer sheet cake and chocolate cream

This year I preferred the New Year's Eve cake to be a simple one and, as much as possible, to try to use, to make it, simple, handy ingredients that I had at home.

That's how I did it wafer cake and chocolate cream with mascarpone. I already had the sheets I bought, chocolate, what can I say, during this period, after Christmas, the house is full of chocolate groceries, small or large, of candies and desserts of all kinds.

So, what did I think? Let me use the chocolate estates, because there are still a lot of them, and make a cream with cream, chocolate and mascarpone, as I have already shown you here. Said and done. The plan was to bake a countertop. But & # 8230 I remembered the wafer sheets I had bought.

And, as I had just flipped through a recipe magazine I had in the library for a few years and seen something similar there, I thought I must try to do something fast, combining wafer sheets with mascarpone cream and chocolate.

See in the video below how to make wafer with caramel cream and nuts
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I had already made a cake with egg top and chocolate mascarpone cream, so I said I would at least try something new. Plus I didn't want a big cake anyway because one, after Christmas, seems to be too much to eat (salty or dessert).

Let's get back to today's cake. It's very simple to make, fast, and relatively economical if you have chocolate groceries, you receive a Christmas present and a box of mascarpone bought in advance, on offer. I often find it at Penny or Lidl for only 5 lei and I buy it to have for a future and possible cake.

Neapolitan sheets with biscuit cream

Neapolitan sheets with biscuit cream is the recipe I would like to share with you today, especially since it is a beloved dessert from childhood.

I bought a package with Lica sheets, so I remember that they were once called, having no idea how to prepare them and what kind of cream.

When I came across the recipe here, I bought the necessary ingredients and got to work.

I adjusted the quantities, I halved the amount of sugar I had caramelized before.

You can adapt with ingredients to your taste: chocolate, apricot jam, shit, etc.

I tell you honestly, these wafer sheets with cream biscuits turned out great. My children, Slice of Milk generation, ate with gusto. They asked me in the evening if there was still that good cake with wafers.

I'm glad they liked it, I'm glad it turned out so tasty, and now I'm glad I can share the recipe with you.

Preparation time: 30 min Nr. servings: 20 & # 8211 24 Complexity: medium
  • 1 packet with Neapolitan sheets (6 sheets & # 8211 approx. 30 x 15 cm)
  • 400 gr simple biscuits (petit beurre)
  • 100 g of walnut kernels
  • 400 ml of milk
  • 200 gr sugar
  • 120 gr butter
  • 2 lg cocoa
  • chocolate chips
  • 30 ml macaroons
Method of preparation:

Bake the walnut kernels lightly in the oven.

With the help of a food processor, grind the biscuits, walnut kernels, chocolate chips and cocoa together. Pour into a larger bowl.

In a bowl with a thick base, put the caramelized sugar. Be careful not to burn too hard and become bitter. Once caramelized, add * milk over it and mix until the sugar melts and mixes.

* Pay attention to the steam that comes out when pouring the liquid into the bowl. I recommend using a kitchen glove.

Add the soft butter and mix until smooth.

Over the biscuit breadcrumbs, pour the hot liquid, the amaretto liqueur and mix until a viscous paste is obtained.

In a tray provided with baking paper, place a wafer sheet, put a few tablespoons of the biscuit composition and level nicely. Place another wafer sheet, press lightly, then add another row of cream. Alternate until the last wafer sheet is placed.

At the end, cover with baking paper, put a weight to keep the sheets pressed and put the tray in the refrigerator until the next day.

The next day, take out the cake, portion it and enjoy it with a good coffee.

Wafer sheets filled with chocolate cream

They are my favorite wafers, they are very easy to make, relatively cheap and with ingredients available to anyone, and the preparation method will not bother anyone.

And as Romanians are great lovers of wafers and wafers based on wafer sheets, this dessert will surely be the heart of many of you.

There are a multitude of recipes with wafer sheets, among which I remind you of two of my recipes for wafer sheets with homemade chocolate and the Mosaic cake with nuts and shit, recipes appreciated by many of you.

The sheets remain crispy, and the fine cream only gives a note of contrast between the textures. The chocolate and fine taste of cocoa cream will be appreciated by all those who love chocolate, but let's consult the list of ingredients and how to prepare it.


  • 450 g caster sugar
  • 120 ml of water
  • 50-70 g of cocoa, good quality, depending on how much you like it
  • 8 yolks
  • 400 g butter with at least 82% fat
  • A pinch of salt
  • A packet of wafer sheets 27/37 cm

Method of preparation:

In a saucepan put the sugar with water and cocoa to boil over low heat, stirring constantly.

When it reaches boiling point, set it aside.

Put the yolks over the cocoa composition and mix vigorously.

Incorporate the butter into cubes and mix until smooth, then give the cream to cool.

My package had 6 sheets and I divided the cream into 5 equal parts, if the package has more sheets we divide the cream into a smaller number by one than the number of sheets.

Fill the sheets with cold cream and place a countertop on top, so that they are lightly pressed and sticky and do not bend.

Let cool until the next day, after which we can cut. Good job and good appetite!

Unpack the candies, eat one, only one!

Put together with the milk over low heat and mix lightly. ..until the candies melt and form a homogeneous cream.

Remove from the heat and leave to cool slightly. When the cream is hot but not hot, add the butter and mix until it is completely melted.

Grease the first sheet. Do not put the next one on top of the greased one, but grease it separately, then put it on top of the other one ... and so on with the following sheets.

It was enough for me for 3 rows of cream and 4 sheets.

Because the sheet above is not perfectly straight, I had to put something on top. Don't put something heavy. You just have to press the sheet a little and not press it.

The wafer sheet recipe with milk cream was proposed by MAYA on the culinary forum.

Serve the wafer sheets with candy cream after the cream has hardened a little.

Video: Γλυκό ψυγείου με γκοφρέτες και σοκολάτα. foodaholics (January 2022).