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Bread Gnocchi

Bread Gnocchi

Bread dumplings recipe of 19-04-2018 [Updated on 19-04-2018]

With the Bread Gnocchi I admit I cheated my husband;) When he came to my office for lunch and we ate with him stale bread dumplings, I hadn't told him anything about the recipe. Only after he finished his portion did I inform him that the gnocchi were bread and not potatoes or flour as he imagined! Incredulous of how much they resembled the most classic gnocchi, he confirmed that he appreciated the recipe (as if he had not already "spoken" about the now empty plate) and I could not help but rejoice in this.
If you have stale bread to dispose of, this could be the recipe for you, very simple to make, versatile in the sauce and really very good: P
If you try the recipe for my bread dumplings, let me know if you like it too, kisses and good day: *


How to make bread dumplings

Put the crumbs into small pieces in a bowl. Add the hot milk and let it rest for 1 hour.
After this time, also insert the egg.

Mix with the tines of a fork and finally add the flour, Parmesan, salt and nutmeg.

Then knead the mixture and form a homogeneous dough.
On a floured surface, form the cords and cut into small pieces to form the gnocchi.

Prepare the sauce by combining the cream and speck in the pan.
Then cook the gnocchi in plenty of salted water and, once they have risen to the surface, drain them.
Transfer them to the sauce.

Gently mix and add chopped parsley and Parmesan.
Stir again and cook for 1 minute.

Your bread dumplings are ready to be served.

Stale bread dumplings

Do you have a few days left over loaf of bread in your pantry? Instead of throwing it away, you can recycle it in many different ways, for example to make delicious stale bread dumplings! A soft dough of breadcrumbs softened with milk and eggs and flavored with nutmeg. To serve the gnocchi, cooked in a succulent meat broth, we have chosen the béchamel but to you the free interpretation of the sauce to enjoy them: with fresh tomato sauce, or creamed with butter and sage!

And if you loved this recipe, try the thirty-style strangolapreti, rich in spinach and cheese!


Gnocchi with stale bread are a valid alternative to the more classic potato gnocchi. The basic dough, consisting of breadcrumbs or crumbs, can be enriched with various ingredients that can flavor the dumplings and also give them a touch of color.

If you want to enrich them with vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, chard or radicchio, you will first have to boil these ingredients and chop them. To get a good result it is important to let the vegetables dry well after cooking, so we advise you to squeeze them very well. Then you can sauté it in a pan with onion (or a clove of garlic), butter and speck (if you want to make the classic dumplings) and mix with the dough.

Cured meats such as speck, mortadella or cooked ham can be incorporated together with aromatic herbs such as thyme, marjoram, chopped parsley or chives.

In the fall season, you can also take advantage of the leftover pumpkin cooked in the oven and pureed.

You can enrich the base of these gnocchi by adding a pinch of nutmeg to eggs, Galbanino, parsley, ham, flour and white bread previously stripped of the crust, cut into cubes and soaked in milk. Once you have worked everything you can let it rest to make sure that the flavors blend well and then form the balls with your hands.

These gnocchi go very well with the most varied condiments: they are excellent with an aromatic tomato sauce with basil, chives and garlic (if you don't like garlic you can choose the preparation of a simple sauce with shallots and saffron) they are delicious with a tomato and sausage sauce or with the classic ragù are very delicate when served in broth, but also with butter and sage, or more simply with a rosemary flavored sauce.

More refined variants are those with truffles, pesto with aromatic herbs, gorgonzola and taleggio.

Bread dumplings - Recipes

THE Bread Gnocchi or Meatballs Bread, they were very famous in the poor Piedmontese cuisine, especially in the lowland and mountain areas. This recipe of bread dumplings was located years ago in province of Alessandria and the bread is used as a substitute for potatoes.

It is a dish in danger of extinction because the poverty of its ingredients make it a dish that symbolizes misery while it can be safely said that Bread Gnocchi are & # 8220a rich dish of poor cuisine”.

The recommended bread for the preparation of the bread gnocchi recipe is the homemade one with water, but you can also use another type of bread as long as it is stale.

THE Bread Gnocchi they were cooked by the peasants in salted water, while the bourgeois or less poor cooked them in meat broth.

They are shared with melted butter, sage and parmesan, but also with ragù, pesto or rabbit sauce, it depends on what was in the house.

Ingredients for bread dumplings

  • white flour 200 g.
  • stale bread 200 g.
  • eggs 2
  • grated Parmesan cheese 100 g.
  • nutmeg to taste
  • milk 3 tbsp
  • meat broth 5 l.
  • butter 50 g.
  • sage 5 leaves
  • garlic 3 teeth
  • Piedmontese aged cheese 100 g.
  • Salt to taste.
  • pepper as needed.


Put the flour, the finely grated bread and the grated Parmesan in a bowl, then add the eggs and nutmeg (a little), salt and pepper to taste.

Knead for a long time, gradually adding a little milk until the mixture is firm, smooth and elastic. Let it rest (covered) for at least 30 min.

Take the wooden pastry board and flour it, then take a small amount of the dough and prepare some sticks the size of breadsticks and cut them into pieces of about 2 cm.

In a large pot full of salted water pour the bread dumplings and let them cook until they float (2-3 min.), Remove them with a sciumarola and place them in a baking dish.

In the meantime, put the butter, the sage leaves and the whole garlic cloves in a small pan, fry for a few seconds taking care not to brown the garlic, let the sauce rest and remove the garlic and sage teeth.

Season the gnocchi with the flavored butter and add the aged cheese (I recommend Castelmagno or a Piedmontese toma). Mix well and place the pan in a preheated oven at 180 & # 176 for 5 min. approximately.

How can we recycle the stale bread that we have left over? Easy, let's prepare the Bread Gnocchi!
A few simple instructions to make a first course of the poor tradition without wasting and throwing away hard bread.

These little dumplings are made with a dough based on stale bread, flour and milk, soft together from the egg.
We offer them to you with a simple but tasty condiment, that is butter and sage.
Obviously it is a dish that lends itself to many variations, depending on the ingredients we have in the pantry or our personal tastes.

Here's how to do the Bread Gnocchi: from useful ingredients to seasoning suggestions, passing through the various stages of preparation: follow the video recipe and try them with us!

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Bread dumplings (gnoch de pan)

Gnoch de pan, in Italian bread gnocchi, is a dish from Belluno, prepared with recycled ingredients: stale bread.

This recipe comes from a request that Cristina, from the Veneto360 blog made to me and Sara, from the ortaggichepassione blog, for a post she wrote in the Brent de l & # 8217Art, in the province of Belluno. Here is the return of the legendary 3 Venete column in the kitchen.

The simple recipes

Recipes with simple ingredients, sweet or savory, are my favorites and these bread dumplings are the example: milk, eggs, flour, butter and bread. Tastes and flavors that immediately take you to the mountains, where the water is very different from that of the city and the milk is very fresh.

The choice of bread gnocchi recipe

I spent a lot of time on the internet before choosing this recipe. Not being able to eat fried food, butter or cheese, I was really undecided on what to prepare and Cristina had to wait a bit (thanks Cri!). Finally, I found a pdf file of the & # 8221Union de i Ladin de Agort & # 8221, where, among others, there was the recipe for bread dumplings.
Since there is already milk and cheese in the dough (help), I didn't trust them to eat them in the classic version with butter: I would have risked being left without a voice for days, to the delight of my husband. So classic version for the others, revisited version with chopped walnuts and sautéed courgettes for me.

The grandmothers went by eye

Normally bread gnocchi have a round, ball shape: I wanted to prepare them like potato gnocchi.

There is also another interesting aspect. Once, recipes like this were made without specific doses for the ingredients: the women of the house often cooked by eye, based on their sensations and experience. Therefore, what I give you are indicative dosages: it is up to you to adjust during the preparation, based on how your dough reacts.

You can find the link to Cristina's post at the beginning of this page, if you want to see Sara's recipe, which proposes pasta and beans, click here.

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Bread dumplings with parmesan and saffron

1) Chop 200 g of soft bread sliced, soak for 10 minutes in 80 ml of milk where you have already dissolved 1 sachet of saffron, squeeze it, crumble it and mix with 1 egg, 80 g of grated Parmesan and 150 g of Flour.

2) Detach fromdough small balls and gently shape them with floured hands to obtain the gnocchi. Give each dumpling an elongated shape, so it doesn't get raw inside.

3) Dissolve 60 g of butter and add 8 leaves of sage, 1 piece of orange zest and 1/2 clove of garlic chopped. Cook the gnocchi in boiling salted water and season with butter melted flavored pepper and complete with marjoram.

As easy to prepare as they are delicious, the bread dumplings with parmesan and saffron are a great alternative to classic potato gnocchi. A first course suitable for great occasions such as the everyday table that lends itself to being part of a vegetarian menu and children like it too. Also try them in ayurvedic version with a generous take of turmeric in powder instead of the precious local spice.


Cut the bread into cubes.

Put the diced bread in a bowl along with the warm milk and let it rest for 30 minutes.

When the bread is well soaked, squeeze it with your hands and break it by crushing it with a fork and knead with your hands, add the flour, grated Parmesan cheese and salt and make the mixture uniform.

When you have obtained a homogeneous and compact mixture, create some loaves of dough and cut them into pieces.

Boil plenty of lightly salted water and, when it boils, cook the stale bread dumplings for a few minutes until they come to the surface.


I used bread with the crust but if you want you can also use it without the crust.

It is not needed use eggs.

If the compound should turn out still crumbly you can add a little flour and knead well with your hands.

Flour i loaves of dough before cutting them.

You can freeze the Bread Gnocchi well separated in a floured tray and then once frozen you can transfer them to a freezer bag.

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Bread dumplings - Recipes

- 160 g of stale bread
- 200 ml of milk
- 1 egg
- 30 g of grated Parmesan cheese
- 80-100 g of flour
- salt
- parsley.


recycling recipes always have an extra greedy gear! These gnocchi are delicious, I often make them too and they are always very welcome. A kiss

Bread dumplings I am half Austrian in a thousand ways. Now instead I recycle the bread by adding it to squares with rosemary and we enjoy it in soups or even so crunchy maybe with a fillet of salami :) you made me want gnocchi I think I'll make them. Sunday I also have the friend from Venice if he doesn't anticipate. Have a nice week and day.

Dear Laura, it is nice to return to all of you to bring my warm greetings, now that my dear Danila is really recovering, and I hope she will return to what she used to be.
Hello and good week with a big hug and a smile :-)

I've never tried them but I guarantee you that they entice me a lot :-P

I really like gnocchi. excellent and tasty recycling with bread!

Excellent recycling of bread! I've never tried them but they make you mouth water.

An excellent recycling, lately I have not been able to recycle bread, I prepare little and I also buy little and I don't have any left over!

A very very tasty recycling :)
A kiss and good week

what a delicious gnocci !! kisses!

What an idea. I've never made them with bread, I've never thought about it

thank you thank you. I'll make them because I can't eat the potato ones.

I always have too much bread and this is the best possible way to recycle it. a hug dear laura

But what a great idea I've never tried! Super inviting dish, very good!
Good day!

Yes, really good! See you tomorrow, kisses kisses and good evening :)

Yummy, I haven't made them for too long, your succulent dish made me want it!

Tips and tricks

& # 8211 For a more delicate flavor you can use half wholemeal bread and half white bread.

& # 8211 If you want to give your gnocchi a crunchy note, add some chopped hazelnuts.

& # 8211 You can replace the dressing with del flavored melted butter with sage or truffle.

& # 8211 If you have del stale bread at home, soak it the night before, covering it with milk. The next day, squeeze it well and continue preparing it by adding the other ingredients.

Video: Bread - As Melhores (January 2022).