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Banana cake (vegan)

Banana cake (vegan)

Step 1: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Put baking paper in a tray.

Mix the crushed bananas with a fork, together with the first part of the sugar, the oil, the spices (cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg) and mix well until smooth.

Step 2: Mix the baking powder with baking soda, salt and flour. Then incorporate everything into the banana mixture. Place the dough obtained in the tray, over the baking paper.

Step 3: Bake (moderate heat) for 25-30 minutes, or until the toothpick test passes. Remove and leave to cool.

Step 4: In a small bowl, mix the remaining brown sugar with water, nuts and coconut flakes. Bring everything to a boil, from the moment it boils, leave it for another minute on a moderate heat, stirring constantly.

Step 5: Remove the cake from the pan and cover it with melted sugar with nuts. When cooled, cut and serve. Good appetite!

Can you make Vegan Banana Cake with just ONE banana?

Yes, you can !! Another great thing about this recipe for Vegan Banana Cake is that it could be made with just one banana. You might need to add a bit more sugar to make it sweeter but I actually don & # 8217t do that. And it will also bake faster since there will be a bit less moisture in the cake.

Well, enough talking about it. I just want to finish with this: it & # 8217s one of my absolutely favorite things to make and eat. It & # 8217s just plain good and delicious and easy and run to the kitchen and make it right now !! You should! It & # 8217s that good!

Vegan Banana Cake

An easy-to-make, soft, fluffy, moist and perfectly spiced Vegan Banana Cake smothered in decadent vegan cream cheese frosting.

Vegan Banana Bread I see you and love you, but now you need to move over and make room for Vegan Banana Cake.

This recipe is for those times when you want your baking to be a little more refined (notice I stress little . we aren't getting all fancy here. this is still really easy!) and for when only soft and fluffy cake and frosting will do.

I'm loving this vegan banana cake recipe because:

  • It’s classically delicious in a way that only banana cake can be
  • It's super soft, fluffy and moist
  • It's full of spiced sweet banana flavor
  • It's smothered in vegan cream cheese frosting
  • It's easy to make with basic ingredients
  • It's cooked in a 9 x 13 inch dish so it's great for feeding a crowd and for transporting

Chocolate Banana Cake Vegan Recipe For The Banana Lover

This chocolate banana cake recipe is honestly EVERYTHING!

If you have some overripe bananas sitting in your kitchen cabinet, don & rsquot throw them away just yet.

Instead, put your baking skills to the test and try out this banana cake recipe. I promise you won & rsquot regret giving this a shot.

I & rsquove been craving chocolate a lot lately. Each time I think of baking something, chocolate always comes to mind.

I honestly believe it has a lot to do with my hormones this period, but thankfully, I & rsquom not too mad about it.

If you happen to dislike chocolate (which I & rsquom not sure why you would) then you can completely skip adding the cocoa powder and chocolate chips. However, do keep in mind it will take away from the overall flavor of this recipe.

This recipe is honestly so simple and quick to make. It does require a lot of waiting time, but the end result is worth the wait. If you want it ready within minutes, you could try increasing your baking temperature a bit. However, I would strongly recommend you keep it between 360-390 degrees Fahrenheit.

The one thing I love about this chocolate banana cake is that it reminds me so much of my chocolate pancakes recipe. The only difference is that this has banana in it, which gives it its own unique taste.

As a topping for this banana cake, I chose to go with sliced ​​almonds. I had no idea what I was thinking when I chose this as a topping, but I & rsquom grateful I didn & rsquot dismiss the idea. The roasted almonds combined with the chocolate chips gave it a nice crunchy exterior and gooey interior, which had me wanting more.

If you don't have sliced ​​almonds on hand, walnuts would be a great alternative. I just personally prefer to use almonds over walnuts.

Let me know in the comments if you gave this recipe a try. Also, feel free to tag me on pinterest with a picture of your meal. Here & rsquos a link to the recipe video.

Ingredients for Vegan Banana Cake

Here are the ingredients (amounts is in recipe card below).

  • Banana & gt & gt I use ripe ones
  • Flour & gt & gt I use cake flour but you can also use all-purpose flour or pastry flour (not bread flour)
  • Baking powder & gt & gt I use aluminum free
  • Oil & gt & gt I use taihaku sesame oil (no smell and no color) but you can use other oil
  • Soy milk & gt & gt I use unadjusted one (no sugar or flavor added)
  • Maple syrup & gt & gt I use Canadian maple syrup for sweetening
  • Leap & gt & gt I use sea salt

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It doesn't have to be exactly the same, so use the ingredients you have at home.