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Balloon cake with clouds-Teo 1 year ago !!!!

Balloon cake with clouds-Teo 1 year ago !!!!

Prepare the top by rubbing the yolks with the sugar, essence and mashed banana. Then mix with the egg whites and flour and baking powder. Bake in a round tray with a removable ring, After removing and cooling cut in 2 horizontally and syrup with pineapple compote juice. Leave in a tray with a ring.

Then prepare the burnt sugar cream by caramelizing a few tablespoons of sugar and then pouring the milk mixture with eggs, essences and starch. After it has set a little, put the pan in the oven. we rolled over the counter. Then finely chop a few slices of pineapple and sprinkle over the cream.

Prepare red fruit gelatin: mix the 2 sachets of gelatin with sugar and then with fruit juice and put on the fire to boil for a minute. Then take it and let it cool a little and then pour over the pineapple pieces.

We place on top of the second sheet of countertop well syruped. Then we cover with whipped cream made from sour cream well beaten with sugar. We decorate with balloons with a pencil a balloon with clouds. skill and how much space you have free after writing and dedication.

Happy birthday Teo! sweet mom's baby!

Coffee recipes

Put the coffee in a cup and add the essences.

Turkish coffee

1 cup water
1 tablespoon of coffee
1 teaspoon ginger
Eventually old

Boil water and sugar in a kettle. When it starts to boil, add coffee and ginger. When it boils, remove the kettle. Then return with the kettle on the fire. Pour the liquid into the cup and wait a few minutes.
Tips: it is necessary to boil twice in a row. Turkish coffee is always served with caimac.

Imperial coffee

4 cinnamon sticks
6 cups of fresh coffee
½ cup of whipped cream
Sugar, to taste.
Crushed ice

Add the cinnamon to the hot coffee and leave for an hour, then remove the cinnamon. Add sugar and whipped cream and then cool the mixture. Pour the product into a tall bowl and add crushed ice and put whipped cream and a piece of cinnamon on top.

Instant espresso
1 and ½ nescafe
½ cup of milk
½ cup of water
2 teaspoons sugar
Optional cinnamon

Put the nescafe and sugar in a cup. Add a few drops of water and then mix / rub with a teaspoon until the product becomes a shiny paste. Heat the milk and water together. Put the mixture from a low height in the cup until it foams. Add a little hot chocolate on top for effect. You can add cinnamon powder if you like the taste.

Caramel milk coffee
½ cup of milk
3 tablespoons caramel syrup
¼ cup of fresh coffee
Whipped cream

Heat the milk for a minute but do not boil it. Heat the caramel syrup for 20 seconds and then pour in the coffee. Add the milk and put the whipped cream on top.

Cappuccino Vienez
Ingredients (for 2-3 cups)
100 ml fresh espresso
200 ml of hot milk
9 tablespoons whipped cream
Prepare an espresso using a
lightly roasted coffee mixture for a while
slightly longer than normal. Boil
milk and then add a little coffee
little bit. Add the whipped cream.
RECOMMENDATION: beat the milk lightly
hot and decorate it with flakes of

Val d’Aosta
Ingredients (4 cups):
4 espresso coffees
3 small glasses of liqueur
1 glass of Genepy (liqueur Val d’Aosta
which can be replaced with red wine, sec)
sugar to taste
It is traditionally prepared and
serve in a grolla - a wooden cup
with lid with several holes of which
to be able to drink more people
simultaneity or friendship cup -
friendship cup & # 8211 a wooden bowl with
several holes.
Put all the ingredients in the grolla
(coffee must be very hot).
Mix well to dissolve
sugar and serve the composition immediately.

Coffee punch
Ingredients (6 servings):
½ l hot coffee
Porto l white port wine
½ l of rum
100 g burnt brown sugar
Method of preparation
Pour the coffee into a bowl, add
rum and port wine and heat them up
reach boiling point. Gradually add
burnt sugar and taste from time to time
to test the taste. After dissolution
sugar serve it traditionally in
legless glasses.

The emperor's coffee
Ingredients (3 servings)
3 espresso coffees
3 egg yolks
3 teaspoons sugar
300 ml of milk
2 small glasses of brandy
Method of preparation
Beat the egg yolks together with
Add hot milk and coffee.
RECOMMENDATION: lightly beat the milk and
add it at the end. Serving is recommended
with chocolate cake.

Danish coffee
6 eggs
Grated peel of a lemon
100 g of sugar
¾ l of cold, hard coffee
1 large glass of brandy
Method of preparation:
Beat the eggs together with the peel
lemon until the paste becomes fluffy.
Slowly add coffee and brandy,
stirring constantly. Serve in
chilled tea cups or type glasses

Irish Coffee
Ingredients (3 servings)
2 tablespoons sugar
1 tablespoon water
9 teaspoons of whiskey
4 cups of hot coffee
Preparation method:
Boil water and sugar for a
minute and add whiskey and then
hot coffee. Stir and pour
in standing glasses. Add with
be careful cream over coffee (3 teaspoons
for each glass).
RECOMMENDATION: lightly beat the cream
so that it is on top
coffee. Grand can be added
Marnier or Calvados

Coffee sherbet
Ingredients (4 servings)
200 g of granulated sugar
200 ml of espresso coffee
Preparation method:
Mix ½ l of water and sugar for
make a syrup and simmer
let it sit for a few minutes
cool then add the coffee and
mix. Filter it as soon as it is
obtained a homogeneous mixture and put it
Freezer stir often until
obtain a granular consistency.

Iced coffee
4 espresso coffees
4 teaspoons sugar
12 ice cubes
Method of preparation:
Crush the ice and add the coffee without
sugar. Shake in the shaker until smooth
a frothy and creamy mixture.
at the lowest level and serve in a
long bowl or large glass.

Balloon cake with clouds-Teo 1 year ago !!!! - Recipes

The big day is coming, it is the first important event in your little one's life, and you want to organize a great first birthday party for them. Already these little figures are developing their own tastes, preferences and aversions whether it's a little girl who loves all things pink and related to the theme of princesses or we have a little boy who likes dinosaurs and tractors - anyway, we offer you some tips and ideas about how to organize a lively and fun party for the first anniversary that will please the whole family.

Party Invitations: Get off to a great start by sending invitations to friends and family for your first birthday party. You could also send electronic or email invitations to guests, but it's much nicer to mark this important occasion with a personalized invitation that can be kept, so keep up the tradition! There are many fun and special invitation options available for both girls and boys. The little ones can be overwhelmed and get tired quickly from the emotions of the day, not to mention the parents, so keep the guest list short, and get rid of unnecessary agitation - you will be glad you did so by the end of the day!
Party menu: Since 1-year-olds like to pick up (mostly with little hands) anything they eat, keep the party menu simple, with chopped bananas and strawberries in bowls, and limit yourself to dishes and drinks on which they know and like & # 8211 is not the right time to experiment. However, other guests at the party may be older members of the family, so have sandwiches and muffins prepared for them. And for older guests who spend more time at the party, it would be appreciated to have some more substantial snacks and a glass of wine prepared.

Accessories and decorations available on

Birthday party cake: Even if it is not a problem for the little one to remember blowing in his first cake candle, the first birthday cake still marks a very important and emotional moment of the day.
It offers everyone the chance to sing "Happy Birthday" to the celebrant for the first time and is a great photo opportunity for the family album. Prepare the cake in a simple note, with a thin icing, so you can give the baby a few mouthfuls of it. Use rice paper to create a decoration or write the child's name.
It's playtime: If there are babies and toddlers at the party who are just starting to walk, have some brightly colored toys and building parts around to keep them busy. They respond well to kindergarten poems and moving songs, so have a music CD ready for the 1-year party to be produced. Parents will also be around to supervise their children, so you won't need an animator. Some children will crawl on the floor or others will struggle to walk on their feet, so make them plenty of space on the floor to explore at will!

Accessories and decorations available on

Party decorations: Balloons and streamers hanging around the party room and decorations attached to the backs of the chairs will captivate even the little partygoers, because they will like the bright colors. Personalized banners for the first anniversary add a wonderful note and the party blowers could amuse them quite a bit. Tableware and table decorations can be simply colored or personalized with their favorite characters. A combination of the two works well and will not be too tiring for their eyes. Pet-themed parties are universally popular.
Ideas for party attention: It can be fun to send the little guests home with their own helium-inflated balloon, which they can watch fascinated at home. Another idea would be to add to the gift bag a small wooden toy, a storybook for parents to read at bedtime or other toys for the boy, this will ensure guests that the fun does not stop when it's time to leave.

Strawberry and walnut cake

From berries you can use almost anything, be it raspberries, blackberries or strawberries. This recipe is best combined with strawberries or raspberry blend, but you can use any available berries.

for test:
sewn flour 180 g
eggs 6 pieces.
sugar 150 g
for filling:
chopped nuts 250 g
cream 25% fat 2 packages
ripe red peel 500-600 g or how much is (the more, the better)

Cooking time with the specific number of ingredients & # 8211 100 minutes.

250 calories per 100 g of finished cake.

How to cook a nut cake with strawberries and walnuts:

  1. Prepare the dough like a biscuit and bake it in a convenient, lightly cooled way
  2. While the cake is baking, wash the fruit. In the bowl of the mixer, put cream from a bag and add 3-4 berries and beat. Then gradually add 1 berry until the saturated color is obtained
  3. Remove the biscuits from the mold and remove them in the middle, leaving only the edges and the bottom
  4. The bottom of the sponge cake should be stained with a thin layer of white cream, pour ½ nuts, add more cream and eat well
  5. Cut the strawberries into thin slices or circles
  6. Push the middle of the biscuit into pieces of the right size, place a thin layer, brush with pink cream on top and place a thick layer of strawberries. The remaining biscuit is broken into pieces and soaked on all sides, in pink cream, put on strawberries
  7. With pink sour cream residue, lubricate the top of the cake, the white & # 8211 sides aside. Press the part with the remaining nuts
  8. Depending on the amount of strawberries left, decorate the cake on top, it is best to place the spiral slices of strawberries from edge to center, increasing their thickness and placing one slice on the second. If there are not too many strawberries left, you can, nicely cut, place it on the cake in random order.

When preparing such a strawberry cake, the degree of maturity is very important & # 8211. The redder it is, the more beautiful the cake will be.

Chacha: a home recipe from grapes, how to make a cake from your own hands - Articles 2021 - Alcheek

For every Georgian, grape chacha is a a matter of national pride, a drink even impossible to compare with any strong alcohol of other nations. It is believed that the recipe for this incomparable drink is given by God himself! Moreover, it is used for medicinal purposes and is even believed to be able to prolong life. Make a reservation immediately - we are talking about a dose of 30 - 50 ml .

In the morning, starting physical work or going to the mountains, a Caucasian man drinks a small glass of chachi and feels full of energy, he can work tirelessly until dinner.

Abkhazia also considers this alcohol to be their property, however Georgia a was the one since 2011 which filed a patent for the manufacture of chacha . However, it was and remains very popular in the Caucasus.

They say that Stalin somehow sent a few bottles of Rochavelt and Churchill that he especially liked Chacha. They both expressed their approval, and Churchill even ordered a whole box for him.

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