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Date and honey shake recipe

Date and honey shake recipe

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Healthy and delicious shake made with date, runny honey and semi-skimmed milk. Why not add some Vodka and turn it into a cocktail too.

Kent, England, UK

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IngredientsServes: 2

  • 300ml semi-skimmed chilled milk
  • 6 dried, ready to eat dates, chopped
  • 1 heaped tabs runny honey

MethodPrep:5min ›Ready in:5min

  1. In a blender add the dates and blitz well.
  2. Add the honey and continue to blitz until the dates are quite fine.
  3. Add the milk and blend until thick and creamy.
  4. Strain through a tea strainer into a glass. You may need to discard the pulp as you go along.

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Persian Banana Date Shake (Majoon)

Published: Oct 8, 2020 · Modified: Oct 8, 2020 by Shadi HasanzadeNemati · This post may contain affiliate links .

Banana date shake is a delicious and healthy shake that gives you enough energy for the morning! This Persian style shake is naturally sweetened.

If you've been a long time reader of the blog, you know we have a great collection of milkshake recipes. From saffron milkshake to healthy milkshakes, you can find all kinds of delicious treats. This Persian style shake is one of my favorites, it's healthy with no added sugar or ice cream, so good for mornings!

  1. The night before soak cashews in enough water to cover. Place in refrigerator. Place your ice cream churning bowl in the freezer.
  2. Drain cashews and blend with coconut milk, agave, vanilla and one-teaspoon sea salt in a blender on high until completely smooth & creamy.
  3. Pour mixture into the ice cream churning bowl and churn for 20-30 minutes (or according to manufacturer's recommended time).
  4. To make the Medjool date honey caramel: Soak dates for at least ten minutes in hot water then drain. Place dates in bowl of food processor and pulse until only small bits remain. Add in honey, water, and remaining teaspoons of sea salt to the food processor bowl then pulse until mixture becomes fully incorporated. Set aside.
  5. Working quickly pour churned ice cream into a shallow container. Swirl caramel into the ice cream and stir a little at a time to create a marbled pattern. Continue using until caramel is finished.
  6. Place ice cream back in the freezer to set or until ready to eat.

*While Medjool dates are high in natural sugars, they are low on the glycemic index thanks to a balanced amount of soluble fiber. The complex carbohydrates found in Medjool dates are digested at a slower rate, making them a source of dietary fiber and releasing energy to the body over a longer period of time.

Date Milkshake Recipe

Hey, baby. Fancy a date shake?

No, it’s not the newest dance craze, and it’s not something you do when you’re frustrated with your boyfriend. Date shakes, or date milkshakes, for the very particular, are a specialty of the Palm Springs area in southern California, where many of the state’s dates are grown.
They sound a little strange, but they’re actually fabulous. Dates are blended with ice cream to produce a rich, creamy milkshake with a deep vanilla-honey taste. If you can imagine a milkshake version of caramel sauce, the taste is pretty similar. Have I got your packing your bags for a Palm Springs roadtrip yet?
Not so fast! Thanks to the magic of the internet, you don’t have to drive to Palm Springs this summer to enjoy a thick, rich date shake. Just pick up a pound or two of Medjool dates, get your favorite ice cream, and start your blender revving…it’s date shake time.

Date Shakes
yield: 2 large or 4 small date shakes


  • 1 generous cup Medjool dates
  • 1 cup whole milk
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 2 cups quality ice cream, vanilla or similar mild flavor
  • A blender

Before we get to the (ridiculously easy) recipe let me take a moment and rhapsodize about these Medjool dates. My mom used to use the phrase “nature’s candy” to describe fresh or dried fruit, in a futile attempt to get me to think that eating fruit was as exciting as eating other sweets. Well, it took me a few decades, but I’ve finally come to agree with her. These dates are just as sweet, just as chewy, and even more delicious than many other candies. Plus, they’re not full of white sugar or corn syrup! They’re an excellent pre-workout snack and a wonderful addition to muffins, quick breads…and milkshakes.
Rhapsody over. Let’s get to milkshaking.

Much like a box of cereal, dates have a surprise inside! But unlike the prize in a cereal box, you don’t particularly want to stumble on these prizes unaware. Each date has a hard pit in the center that will need to be removed before we can blend them. So cut each date in half, and pull out the pits and discard them.

After the pits are removed, coarsely chop the date halves. The blender will be doing most of the work, but you want to chop them a bit so that they blend faster and more evenly.

Speaking of blenders, the time has come to get yours out! Add your dates to the blender along with the milk and the vanilla extract.

Blend the dates and milk together on high speed for about a minute, scraping down the sides and the blades as necessary to help everything come together. If it really seems too thick you can add a little more milk, a tablespoon at a time, but try to avoid making it too thin, since you’ll want a thick base to make a thick milkshake.

When your date-milk mixture is well-blended, it should look something like this: the dates have liquefied, and there are no large chunks of skin visible anywhere. It should be an almost-smooth paste.

Now for the moment we’ve all been waiting for: adding the ice cream! I recommend you either use vanilla, or something that’s fairly mild and won’t overwhelm the date flavor. I decided to go with a vanilla ice cream with a caramel swirl, since the dates have a honeyed-caramel taste of their own and I thought they would pair nicely. So add your scoops of cold ice cream, and blend until it’s completely incorporated and you have a thick shake.

Give it a taste (or two!) to check the texture, then blend in additional milk or ice cream until the texture is perfectly suited to your taste.

Pour the milkshakes into two large glasses or four small ones…

…and top with a generous dollop of whipped cream. These date shakes are so rich, and so refreshing, you’ll be making them all summer long…no roadtrip required.
All text and images (c) Elizabeth LaBau


Majoon is a natural energy drink. It is high in nutrients and full of antioxidants and minerals. Majoon is high in calories so it can get you the energy you need to pass through an exercise or a sports game. Walnuts is a good source of antioxidants. It has cancer fighting agents and may help reduce the risk of prostate cancer. It's also good for your heart and and brain. Pistachios also bring its antioxidants and can also reduce the bad cholesterol which help maintaining a healthy heart. Date's benefit is countless. Dates are considered a super fruit. It is very rich in antioxidants and a significant source of minerals. It is also good to maintain a healthy bones and teeth and heart. Date is well known for its energy boosting abilities and most prominently for its benefit for increasing sexual stamina. Milk's benefits are also countless. It's been well studied and is rightfully credited for its antioxidants and vitamins and protein. Honey is believed to help prevent cancer and reduces the risk of heart disease drastically. It is also a natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. It can reduce cough and throat irritation. Figs are also a excellent source of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. 100g (3.5 oz) of Majoon has 176 calories (66 calories from fat), 7.3g total fat, 12mg cholesterol, and 4.3g protein.

Salted Caramel Date Shake

This Salted Caramel Date Shake is so addicting. Serving as the perfect summer dessert treat that will also cool you off at the same time. Milk, salted caramel, dates and vanilla ice cream are blended to a velvety, decadent milkshake.

My husband has been working on and off in Palm Springs California the past few months. Known for their excessive heat (temperatures have already reached 120°F/49°C this summer) and more importantly, dates.

Each week when he comes home, he brings a huge stash of dates with him in all sorts of varieties that I did not know existed. I&rsquove enjoyed such varieties as blonde, brunette, honey, halawi and the best of all, medjool. Dates are a delicious, naturally sweet snack, but they are also so good used in recipes, both savory and sweet.

The last visit home, my husband brought me a date cookbook. A fascinating read about the history of the date and the farming of them along with a ton of recipes. The most popular and easy recipe is the date shake and it is the unofficial drink of Palm Springs. When you pass through the cities of Palm Springs, there are date palms everywhere and the farming is serious business.

The date shake supposedly dates back to the 1930&rsquos and was invented by a date farmer. I&rsquom sure they invented it as a delicious way to cool off in triple digit heat while working and they were much needed, I&rsquom sure.

When I made no-churn vanilla bean ice cream a few weeks ago, I&rsquove been using it up in recipes like chocolate pecan coated ice cream balls and now these date shakes. What goes really well with dates and vanilla ice cream? Salted caramel! So I decided to add a twist to this simple shake and add some of my homemade salted caramel sauce. It is so good!

To &lsquojazz up&rsquo the mini milk bottles I served the shake in, I drizzled caramel sauce onto the inside of the bottles. To do this, I put some sauce into small ziptop bags, snipped off a corner then tilted the bottled and turned the bottle as I drizzled. This recipe yields 2, 8-ounce (236 ml) shakes.

If you&rsquove tried this Salted Caramel Date Shake or any other recipe on the blog then don&rsquot forget to rate the recipe and let me know how it turned out in the comments below. I love to hear from my readers!

Oatmilk Honey Latte

Made with maple syrup and it was the most delicious homemade coffee drink I’ve ever made! Felt like I was drinking a pricy Starbucks latte. Super yummy, 10/10 would make again every day all winter.

Steaming hot, rich, and dark, but also satisfyingly creamy – thank you, oatmilk! – and just barely sweet and warm-spiced… it’s hard for this not to just feel like the drink form of your favorite sweater.

Even with just a handful of ingredients, the flavor is incredibly nuanced because every jar of honey has a little bit of a different thing going on, know what I mean? I could drink these for 100 days in a row and not get tired of them. And I’m currently making good progress towards that goal.

Let’s just take a moment to address the fact that I really don’t share a lot of drink recipes here. In my real life, I hardly feel like I have time to get dinner on the table (just me? anyone?), much less make a beautifully crafted coffee drink or cocktail to complement the moment (unless it’s this Creamy Cashew Coffee). As a general life rule, I go for quick and easy at home (i.e. open a can of sparkling water) and I save my fancy drinks for my dining out experiences. So please know, when I share a drink, it’s because I really, really, really love a drink. (Thinking of you, agua fresca.)

While most drinks require too much energy to make it worthwhile for me, the equation is just right on this one.

The minimal effort involved + the resulting incredibly cozy taste and texture = worth it. More than worth it. Better than worth it.

  • Instant coffee – or brew your own, but you only need about 1/2 cup and I like to just make it real fast (and strong) with hot boiling water, plus I use decaf and we don’t often have a pot of decaf sitting around, so, yeah. Instant coffee. You do you.
  • Oatmilk – thickness, taste, and frothing quality varies by brand I like Oatly, Chobani, and Forager.
  • Honey – usually local is best for finding one with a good flavor, but I recently bought some Wholesome! brand honey and was shocked at its unique, rich floral flavor.
  • Cinnamon – optional, but do you love yourself or not?
  • Salt – just a half a pinch.

You heat up your honey, oatmilk, and salt in a jar in the microwave, pop the lid on, and shake it up. Now you pour it over your coffee. And you win the cozy-morning-at-home olympics. The end.

This has been my constant companion this fall – from the office in the late afternoon to the couch on a chilly Saturday morning. It is pure coffee shop level deliciousness at regular-person skill and effort level. Bring on the cozy! ♡

How to make date syrup

Consisting of nothing more than dates and water, this process is as simple as rinsing then soaking dates in hot water to soften them. Once soft, they are simply mashed well which extracts a great deal of the sweetness from the fruit.

It is then filtered through cheesecloth or fine muslin which will allow the liquid to pass through. After this first pressing, the pulp is then rehydrated again, extracting the remainder of the liquid which is collected

At this point, you will notice that the liquid is quite thin and watery. In order to make this into a syrup, you must simmer the syrup in a pan until a thick consistency is achieved, stirring frequently to prevent burning.

After several minutes over medium heat, you will notice that syrup will thicken considerably the outcome should look much like honey.

At that point, your date syrup is ready to enjoy!

Step by step

1. Add dates to a large bowl and pour boiling hot water over them. Soak for at least 2 hours until softened.

2. Once they soften, mash them well with a masher. They should be completely soft.

3. Strain the liquid through a nut bag or a thin muslin cloth.

4. Squeeze it well to extract any liquid. You may also rehydrate the pulp again and extract the juice once more.

5. Transfer the strained liquid to a pot and bring it to a boil on a medium heat.

6. Keep string at regular intervals to prevent burning at the bottom.

7. Boil the mixture until it becomes thick. The right consistency is to be as thick as honey. It took 11 mins for me on a medium high flame.

Cool this completely and transfer to air tight glass jar and refrigerate.


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Dates Milkshake Recipe

Dates milkshake is a healthy sweet shake recipe made using dates called as 'khajoor' in urdu and is a very healthy date milkshake recipe combined with milk and dates.

Other drink or juices on the blog are mango juice, mango lassi etc.

  • A milkshake is a drink or a shake recipe that usually has milk along with the main ingredient. For example mango milkshake has mango belnded well with milk, badam milk has badam mixed with milk, chocolate milkshake has chocolate blended with milk, oreo milkshake has oreo biscuits blended with milk, cold coffee milkshake has coffee blended with milk, strawberry milkshake has strawberry blended with milk and so on.
  • Therefore, a milkshake usually has milk blended along with main fruits and added some extra flavors if needed and served chilled.
  • These milkshakes are perfect for the summers and also a great idea to serve it to the guests.
  • Milkshake or juice recipes work wonders to our body and keep us hydrated if taken often rather than drinking tea or coffee which are harmful for health.
  • Dates are very helpful in improving digestion and they are also a rich source of iron and also are an important source of vitamin B. They also help in giving us more energy and also help in preventing constipation too.
  • Dates are obtained fresh and in its dried form. Dried dates are usually added in sheer khurma, a special dessert made during the month of Ramadan.
  • Fresh dates too can be added in sheer korma apart from dried one's. There are thousands of variety of dates available and each one is different from the other with its taste and also the way they look.
  • Some are soft and tender, some are seedless, some are juicy, some are sweetest and all the date palm tress are usually widely found in gulf countries which are basically exported to other countries.
  • Usually if Ramadan falls in the month of summer, muslims tend to have lots of juices, milkshakes and other chilled stuff which I would love to update on the blog and I have posted some of the suitable recipes that do work wonders for the Ramadan month mainly for summer iftar recipes such as fruit custard, falooda recipe, phirni recipe, shrikhand recipe, a chilled sweet curd dessert recipe, malai kulfi, carrot kheer, a healthy milk dessert with carrot in it and all the mentioned recipes are best when serve chilled.

Dates are quite commonly seen in gulf countries and we usually get to see trees of date palm all around the middle eastern countries and it can also be said as their staple food.

  • Dates are made in various ways and today in this post, I would like to share a drink recipe made using dates which is a dates milk shake and is a very simple, easy two ingredient recipe.
  • They can be added into various desserts, chutney can be made using dates, dates ladoo can be prepared and they are also added in biscuits etc.

Beverages or fruit juices, milk shakes are quite healthy and they can be made using every single fruit or dry fruits and I would love to share various milk shake recipes and today being dates special and also the month of Ramadan too has just passed therefore, would love to write down the recipe details of dates milkshake.

Shot these milkshake pics during Ramadan but couldn't find the time to write down its recipe. Hope my readers would try out this simple recipe as a healthy drink in your daily diet and not just during Ramadan.

  • Usually dates are used to break the fast during iftar in the month of Ramazan and I also thought of making use of dates to make other varieties too and they can be used to make dates ladoo, dates chutney etc.
  • Breaking the fast with the dates/khajoor is the most important part of fasting and if one does not have khajoor then distributing khajoor to break open the fast can help one in doing good deeds.
  • If khajoor is not handy in very rare circumstances then break open the fast using some salt.

Today's recipe special is a very healthy and a few ingredients recipe perfect for our health as dates have lots of benefits on our health.

Taking dates in any form is good for health and they are mostly seedless and therefore, removing the seeds out, washing them properly is must before eating them directly or using them in recipes.

Dates are usually used as toppings or as garnishing on sweet dishes, cakes etc. So do include dates in your diet and enjoy their health benefits and also their healing properties.

Check out this healthy drink recipe below which is power packed with many nutrients and minerals.

Watch the video: Dates With Honey Shake. Tasty Dates-Honey Shake. Delicious Homemade Shake. Sreejus Kitchen (January 2022).