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Ritz-Carlton Experiments with Camel Milk Mixology

Ritz-Carlton Experiments with Camel Milk Mixology

The luxury Abu Dhabi hotel is making a different kind of drink

There have been a lot of dairy trends over the years: soy milk, almond milk, and coconut milk, and now we can add one more to the mix.

The Ritz-Carlton in Abu Dhabi, Grand Canal has hired a drink-making specialist, otherwise known as mixologist, to experiment with different kinds of beverages made using camel milk, Skift is reporting.

The hotel, which was recently opened, hired Mohammad Daoud to make the creations that will include strawberry and mint camel milk shakes.

The decision to hire Daoud comes after a recent trend in the United Arab Emirates in camel milk based food, with camel milk ice cream for sale in May and a camel milk chocolate factory expected to open some time this year.

According to The National, the health benefits of camel milk outweigh those of cow’s milk, in that it is higher in vitamin C and in unsaturated fatty acids as well as providing increased immune system support.

Ritz-Carlton Experiments with Camel Milk Mixology - Recipes

Dulce de leche, pronounced dool-seh-deh-LEH-cheh is Spanish for a confection made from slowly heating sweetened condensed milk. The condensed milk changes colour due to caramelization of sugar in the condensed milk.

The flavour becomes sweeter and more rich, while the texture becomes sticky almost like toffee. This confection can be used in plenty of desserts such as cakes and trifles.

On a lazy day, I made a quick fix pudding with whatever I had handy at home. So a thick layer of Marie biscuits became the base, which I topped with delicious & gooey Dulce de leche.

For the base:
2 packets Marie biscuits
1 tbs instant coffee powder
1cup warm water
1tsp sugar

For Dulce de leche:
1 can condensed milk
1 cup fresh cream
2 cups milk (an additional half cup for corn flour mixture)
2 tbs cup corn flour

Without opening the condensed milk can, place it in a pressure cooker filled with water. Ensure that the can is completely immersed is water. Cook with the weight on on high flame till the first whistle, cook on low flame for 20 minutes thereafter. Remove the can from the cooker only after the cooker has completely cooled down.

Open the condensed milk can after cooling. You will notice that the colour of the milk has changed to brown. In a heavy bottom pan, pour this mixture, cream and milk cook until well combined and there are bubbles.

In a separate cup, dissolve 3tbs of corn flour in milk to make a smooth paste. Pour this mixture into the milk and cream concoction and stir briskly. Add sugar if needed. Keep stirring until the mixture reaches a thick consistency.

Remove the biscuit base from the fridge. Pour the dulce de leche mixture over the biscuit layer evenly. Refrigerate again for about 2 hours. Decorate and top with chocolate shavings, nuts or chocolate sauce.

Got camel milk? This Camelflage recipe from Scout Sydney does

The Camelflage at Scout Sydney. Photo: Christopher Pearce You know, Australia has a lot of camels. Hundreds of thousands of one humped dromedary camels roam the northern end of the country, with some 20,000 camels being imported into the country between 1870 and 1920.

What has all this got to do with bartending and cocktails?

We may have missed the memo, but camel milk is a thing and it features in this recipe from Scout Sydney.

“The Camelflage is basically a camel and dairy Milk Punch, with bergamot, yuzu, raspberry, and then the pet nat when that goes flat we make it into a caramel,” says owner and bartender Matt Whiley in our interview with him here.

Take a look at the recipe below, but beware if you’re wanting to replicate it: it can cost around $25 a litre for camel milk, so it may end up being an expensive experiment.


May 27, 2011

The new cocktail menu at the CBH Lounge and Bar at the Crescent Hotel in Beverly Hills will roll out on June 2. The bar at the Crescent Hotel in Beverly Hills was called Boe from 2003 up until this year, when they renamed and retooled the bar and terrace and brought in a new food and beverage team. 

The Beverage Director for the bar and lounge is Joe Harworth. His bio:

Joe is Crescent Hotel’s Beverage Director and Head Bartender. He has crafted The Crescent’s  signature cocktail list as a collaboration with mentor Kevin Diedrich [of the Crescent San Francisco's Burritt Room].  They have elected to use influences and flavors from around the world while keeping things high flavor and fresh for sunny So Cal.

Originally from Dayton, Ohio, Joe began his career in food and beverage as a means to put himself through school.  He soon realized he had a true passion for mixology.   Since moving to Los Angeles, Joe has honed his talents at local hot spots such as Bar 210 at the Beverly Hills and at LA Live’s new Ritz Carlton & J.W. Marriott where he studied mixology under the close tutelage of Mr. David Nepove.In 2011 Joe joined the team at the Crescent Hotel as part of their renovation with a focus on delivering consistently excellent libations, a wry sense of humor and an inspirational happy hour.  Along with his extensive experience, he brings enthusiasm and a passion for artisanal hand crafted cocktails.  


Dark & Stormy
Black Rum, Lime Juice, Sugar & Ginger Beer

Treu Heat
Rum, Chartreuse, Lime Juice, Jalapeno Pepper, Agave Nectar & Blood Orange

Gin Lotus
Gin, St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur, Lemon Juice & Cucumber Infused Syrup

The Numbered Gin
Gin, Pimms no.1, Lemon Juice, Honey & Ginger Beer

Passion no. 9
Vodka, Campari, Passion Fruit, Lime & Vanilla

Market Cocktail
New & Inspired Each and Every Week

Vanilla Velvet
Vanilla Vodka, Velvet Falernum, Lime Juice, Orgeat, Egg White & Bitters 

Strawberry Sin
Vodka, Cointreau, Fresh Strawberry, Lime, Maple & Basil

Ohranj Thyme
Orange Vodka, Aperol, Lemon Lime Soda & Thyme

The Sazerac
Rye Whiskey, Absinthe, Lemon, Juice, Sugar & Orange Bitters

Ginger Julep
Bourbon, Apricot, Mint, Ginger, Bitters & Ginger Ale

5 Spiced Margarita
Silver Tequila, Lemon liqueor, Lime Juice, 5 Spices & Star Anise

Each specialty cocktail is made just for you and is $12
Seasonal Punchbowls Serve 4-6 and are $45

13 Of The Strangest Drinks You've Probably Never Heard Of

What’s strange to you may be common to another. The camel’s milk sold at Whole Foods, for example, may throw you for a loop, but that’s just because you haven’t grown up with such a product. Cow’s milk isn’t exactly a huge leap from camel’s milk, but unfamiliarity always glows brightest on the shelf.

So if you expanded your curiosity to stretch around the entire world, you may discover some drinks that would downright blow your mind. Likewise, there are drinks you yourself enjoy that would shock residents of other countries and cultures. And then of course there are drinks that are bizarre and goofy to shoppers everywhere. So let’s jump into the wild world of drinks you don’t see every day.

Water Salad

Naturally, such a curious product comes from the Japanese arm of Coca-Cola, and it even comes in six different flavors. It honestly seems like a health drink in a dystopian sci-fi flick.

Eel Soda

Eel is the selling point here, not the secret ingredient. Unagi soda reportedly tastes like kabayaki. So if you love grilled eel in soy sauce, and it’s a hot summer’s day, guess what is about to fix everything about your life? This. Drink.

Baby Mice Wine

This absolutely looks like a high school science experiment, one that hasn't obviously gone right or wrong. In its production process, newborn mice (three days or younger) are drowned in rice wine, and after 12 to 14 months, the drink is made available. Batches vary severely, as a bad one will straight up taste like gasoline.


Pizza Beer

Made by Mamma Mia!, the "World's First Culinary Beer" debuted in 2006 and the taste has likely still not left everyone's mouth—not a bad way to live either. It started at the Seefurth Family’s home brewery in Illinois with a surplus of tomatoes and a bag of garlic. But that idea grew and tremendously evolved into a legitimate boozy recipe. A margarita pizza is put into mash and steeped like a tea bag. It's then filtered into a brew pot and boiled, with hops and spices added in a cheesecloth-like bag. In the end, voilà, pizza beer! Honestly, it’s quite the way to cut back on expenses, no longer needing to buy pizza and beer.

Panda Dung Tea

When it comes to green tea, you likely think of a pleasant scene of you relaxing between careful sips — and poop is absolutely nowhere to be found. Well, in a special blend debuted by wildlife expert An Yashi, the two are one in the same. Since pandas have poor digestion, only absorbing roughly 30% of what they consume, their dung is rich in fibers and nutrients. It’s surprisingly high quality actually. As of a few years ago, it was speculated to be going for $35,000 per pound.

Seagull Wine

You're likely unfamiliar with trends and interests within the Arctic Circle, and this one’s a doozy. The recipe is easy, since it's simply keeping a dead seagull in a bottle or jug of water and allowing it to ferment in direct sunlight. Not totally sure what the buzz is like, but it's likely safe to assume it's strong.

Gau Jal


Also referred to as Cow Water, Gau Jal came about in India as a healthier alternative to soda. It's believed that cow urine has the potential to address several diseases and thanks to the Hindu organization Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, it was made viably marketable.

Peruvian Frog Juice

While it may not be a go-to health drink in the United States, like kombucha or a smoothie, residents of Bolivia and Peru toss a frog in a blender—a skinned Titicaca water frog, to be exact. The frog's not alone in the blender, though, as ingredients such as carrots and honey are included as well.

Bird’s Nest Drink

You may have heard of bird's nest soup, but the key ingredient isn’t just for sit-down meals. The bird nests of Southeast Asia's edible-nest swiftlets are created with solidified saliva that's believed to be very nutritional for humans—high in calcium, iron, magnesium, etc. Given that we’re an increasingly on-the-go species, a bird’s nest drink was inevitable.

Snake Bile Wine


This is an intense drink and it’s not just because of its name, which is wholly accurate and definitely not a gimmick. If it’s made for in-restaurant consumption, rather than bottled for sales, the delicacy beverage is prepared before you at a restaurant when the dedicated employee slices open the gallbladder of a live cobra. The bile is then mixed with rice wine, making for a green-black cocktail that's supposed to offer health benefits, such as enhancing male virility.


January 16, 2017

Who needs to read when you  can choose cocktails based on your other abilities? These three bars let you pick drinks based on your choice of perfume, your association with memory, and your taste in art. 

Evocative Menu from Little Red Door, Paris

The menu of Paris' Little Red Door is a thick book of illustrations with no obvious words on it - until you pull out the flaps accompanying each image. Each artwork is a "visual representations of the flavour experience" so drinkers can simply choose drinks based on how it makes them feel, rather than reading anything about it should they not want to bother.

The menu itself feels like an art object, and I hear from Remy Savage that the next menu will be based on the Brutalist architecture movement. I can't wait to see how that plays out!

Perfume-Inspired Menu at Fragrances at the Ritz-Carlton, Berlin

The cocktail menu here is based on famous scents from Giorgio Armani, Bulgari and Guerlain. Rather than a printed or scented paper, the "menu" is an area with cocktail ingredients under bell jars and accompanying perfumes. Drinkers walk through and choose their drinks by their noses- or by looking at the ingredients in the cocktail dioramas. I'm bummed I didn't visit this bar when I was in Berlin this fall.  

Sensorium Menu, Tipping Club, Singapore

The Sensorium menu launched in fall 2016, and is a group of scent strips offered to drinkers poking out from a cocktail strainer. The strips/cocktails are meant to evoke memories, and include Rain, Campfire,  Grass, and Forest among others.

They're no standard drinks - this is a molecular mixology/gastronomy joint with chef/owner Ryan Clift and newish head bartender Joe Schofield - so they include things like a sonicated Negroni to make it taste barrel-aged, and an edible rock(!) as garnish on the Rain cocktail. 

They sent along a press kit so I'll use their photos: 

I love where this stuff is going. Bring on more abstract cocktail menus!

Update: Karim Bibars from Charlie in Warsaw  let me know that they also have a scent menu. 

Subconscious Cocktail Menu from Charlie in Warsaw

(slightly edited for translation clarity)

The human brain is a powerful tool, but sometimes it tricks us. Sometimes it decides whether we like something or don't without even trying. What if we trust that instinct, what if our subconscious decides what we are going to imbibe? Tricking back your brain isn't easy, but we believe that we managed to do this. Our sense of smell is directly connected to limbic system which is responsible, among other things, for our emotions. That's why we decided to present our Subconscious Cocktail Menu without any descriptions.

Guests are given set of 5 identical dark glass bottles. Each contains a fragrance, made in a collaboration with craft perfume lab. These fragrances represent different cocktails, created by our bar manager Karim Bibars.  We wanted to give our guests full experience with just one smell: How do we translate bitterness into aroma, how to translate saline? That wasn’t so hard, but how to translate creaminess of whipped cream, or shaken egg white? That's something completely different.

Guests are instructed to smell each bottle and decide what will they drink only on that first sniff. They have to trust their instincts. Cocktails don’t have ingredients listed so no one will prejudge cocktails on this matter, they don't even have names. All come in the same price, so that also excludes any suggestion. Even numbers on the bottles are hidden, so no-one can decide basing on they favorite number. Only instinct.

SodaStream MIX by Yves Béhar Will Carbonate Anything You Want

At Milan Design Week 2015, Sodastream unveils a revolutionary machine that is set to carbonate anything you want. Famed Swiss designer Yves Béhar who has worked closely with Sodastream, has designed the SodaStream Mix – innovative device which is apparently capable of carbonating just about any liquid – from pure fruit juices to alcoholic beverages, or so the company claims.

The unit incorporates a digital interface that provides bluetooth connectivity, and will work with an accompanying app for your smartphone. This feature provides new opportunities for expert bar tenders and sophisticated home users to receive information about mixology, and download cocktail recipes, while also being able to
to explore and share recipes and mixology ideas with others around the globe, elevating the social aspect of the experience.

Mix is built to accommodate any size SodaStream bottle, with easy, ingredient-specific controls for the intensity and duration of the carbonation process.
Aesthetically, the device still maintains the same design language as its source and power predecessors – a clean geometry that complements any kitchen environment. A new red color for the screen surround area and a red mixer makes Mix stand out from the rest of the range.

CityDig: These 31 Far-Flung Liquors Kept Depression-Era Angelenos Tipsy

“Drinks of the World,” P.G.S. Morris, Cartographer Ned Wheldon, 1935

View a larger map

Though maps generally prove most useful to travelers, city planners, statisticians, historians, and the like, this particular pictorial answers the hopeful cry, “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?” The map was produced in 1935 for the manager (P.G.S. Morris) of the freshly opened Tavern at the Hotel Clark at 5 th and Hill, across from the Subway Terminal Building in downtown L.A. It was a place “where you can relax amid a pleasing old English atmosphere with absolute privacy…Here you will find old beverages as well as new.” The Tavern’s custom map of the world is peppered with the names of unique libations from around the globe, and it provides recipes to warm the blood of Angelenos here at home.

On December 5, 1933, the “noble experiment” of Prohibition ended after 13 disastrously dry years, and watering holes like the Tavern at the Clark re-emerged all over the city. According to a local paper, “drinkers took the repeal in a quiet and orderly manner that surprised authorities.” The blasé response to the legalization of booze may have had something to do with the brisk business speakeasies did during prohibition and the steady flow of hooch around the basin. There were, however, a modest 87 drunk arrests in L.A. after the repeal, and dockworkers at Long Beach harbor unloaded 280 cases of cognac, brandy, and wines from France to kick off the bacchanalias.

Like most good maps, this one teaches a few important lessons. For instance, we learn that the moonshines of the world vary from White Lightening in the U.S., to Palm Wine in Africa, to Okolehao in Hawaii. Some of the national drinks are predictable—Vodka in Russia, Champagne in France, Tequila in Mexico—but others are more surprising. Kummel (a liqueur flavored with caraway) is favored in Holland, while fermented camel’s milk (or chal) is popular in Turkey. Arack is a fave in the Middle East, but in China, samshui—a fermented rice beverage somewhat like sake in Japan—is popular. And thanks to the map’s helpful key, you’ll know what to say before throwing back one of these potables, no matter your geographic location: “Za Zadorovic!” in Russia, “Cheerio!” in England, “Banzai!” in Japan, and in our native land (apparently) “Here’s How!”

Much like your third drink at a cocktail party, the recipes on this map—decorated as they are with inebriated animals—will make you giddy with anticipation. The ingredients include egg whites, crème de cacao, and a baffling assortment of fruit rinds. 1935 is a mere eight decades in the rear-view mirror, but I wonder how today’s bartenders in Highland Park or WeHo would respond when given an order for a “Clover Club,” a “Royal Fizz,” a “Brandy Daisy,” or (my favorite) a “Mamie Taylor.”

Slippery Dick Edit

Slippery Dick is an alcoholic Ordinary Drink served in a Old-fashioned glass.


How to mix

pour over ice in rock glass


Making The Bombay Bramble

This modern classic emerged from the London bar scene thanks to the eagerness of legendary mixologist, Dick Bradsell, to experiment with the endless .

Cock Sucking Cowboy Shot - How to make Cowboy Shot Recipe by Drink Lab (Popular)

How to make a C*ck Sucking Cowboy Shot For full Cocktail Recipe details visit: Ingredients to make a Cock .

Sicilian Kiss Cocktail | S01 E01 |

Hi guys!! Today I will be Recreating the very first cocktail that I ever made which is the the Sicilian Kiss. Being Sicilian myself, you can understand the pride I .

Cock Sucking Cowboy Shot How to make Cowboy Shot Recipe by Drink Lab (Popular)

How to make a C*ck Sucking Cowboy Shot For full Cocktail Recipe details visit: Ingredients to make a Cock . Every appearance of the word cocksucker in all 3 .

Similar Drinks

Hand picked top 8 similar drinks recipes that are very popular and trending around the world. Very easy to mix at home, instructions are step by step explained with all the right amount of ingredients.

69 Special


Served in a Highball glass

Captain Morgan Spezi Vanilla Twist


Captain Morgan Orange Vanilla Twist , Lime juice , Coke , Sugar ,

Served in a Lowball glass

Copper Camel

Bailey's irish cream , Butterscotch schnapps ,

Green Death

Punch / Party Drink

Vodka , Triple sec , Limeade ,

Served in a Champagne flute

Iron Butterfly

Coffee / Tea

Vodka , Kahlua , Irish cream , Ice ,

Served in a Lowball glass

Mudder's Milk

Créme de Cacao , Egg white , Milk , Bourbon , Lemon juice , Ice , Beer ,


Classic Cocktail

Gin , Campari , Sweet Vermouth ,

Served in a Old-fashioned glass

Pink Panty Pulldowns

Punch / Party Drink

Sprite , Pink lemonade , Vodka ,

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Bali Cafés With Snazzy Interior Design

Are you a die-hard foodie & design enthusiast and want your Almond Milk Latte served alongside a creative interior décor? We serve you a list of new cafes that are here to satisfy your taste buds as much as to please your aesthetic senses.

Kim Soo Café
Jl.Kayu Aya 21, Seminyak
Every Day day 7.30am -5.30pm

Kim Soo is a new chic concept store offering a finely curated home décor selection and a cute, homey adjacent café right in the heart of Seminyak.

Every morning their state of the art vintage La Marzocco espresso machine rewards coffee lovers with the heady aroma of a well brewed cup of black gold. Café Kim Soo is a living experience, they serve simple, delectable family favourites and creative dishes inspired by the eclectic community living in Bali.

French Toast is designed by Kim Soo’s French Mauritian friends. Popular Pumpkin and Garlic Quiches that have been part of family Sunday baking for so long are also on the menu. Lamingtons and Lemon Pound Cakes from recipes that have been handed down for generations, are there for laid back afternoon teas. Artisan Farine Bagels and Sourdoughs are truly world class. Rich, velvety home-made cakes will find their way onto your plate here, too. Kim Soo Baristas are individually trained by Kim Soo’s Italian friend, who has coffee roasting running through his veins.

So, this is Cafe Kim Soo generous, fresh, beautiful food and drinks intended to fuel you into an inspired day. A place to share your moments with family or friends, to relax under the Frangipani tree, people watch and plan the day ahead.

Joshua District Café
Jl. Kebo Iwa, Pangkung Tibah, Tabanan
Tue- Sunday 8am – 10pm / Closed Mondays

Sitting in the middle of a vast expanse of unspoiled rice paddies, this stellar café is an integral part of a community project built around villas made out of shipping containers.

Master chef Zdenek creates the magic here – an explosion of tastes and smells. He has been a part of really exciting culinary experiments and “ruled” kitchens of high-end restaurants all over the world. The ever-changing seasonal menu he created for Joshua District Cafe is an expression of all the experiences and tastes he has collected travelling the world.

They offer innovative brekkies, such as house cured salmon served on a bed of overnight soaked lentils and everyone’s favorite classics, such as filling omelets. Lunch and dinner are all about innovative meals with a twist – try their spicy chicken. They’ve got very special daily specials you won’t find anywhere else – like the popular gravy Goulash or central European staple “Svickova” – prime beef cutlet served with dumplings.

Also try their wings wrapped in a corn tortilla arranged to look like a “meaty spaceship”.

All the yumminess at Joshua District comes presented in a really aesthetically pleasing way on designer plates. But what really makes JDC stand out is that all the delicious meals here are served with a side of unparalleled emerald rice field views, with a sense of space you won’t get anywhere else. After your taste buds have been blown away and your belly is happy, don’t forget to wander around the district – you can shop at their gallery for recycled, sustainable art, visit their showroom and store representing some fine Bali based designers, or just hang out with likeminded people taking in all the inspiration. This progressive place is way worth venturing out of Canggu.

Eat & Drink Café At The Slow
Jl.Batu Bolong 97, Canggu
every day 7am -10pm (drinks till 11pm)

Eat & Drink is a part of a gorgeous new “Bali meets Cali” concept The Slow, which includes designer suite accommodation – minimalist tropical interior design at its best.

The food concept here is as innovative as the design – simple, unpretentious with a big focus on details. The Café offers a contemporary take on ingredient-focused cooking with an island accent. Chef Shannon Moran draws upon his travels around the globe to create an ever-changing menu of revamped classics, injecting bold, new exotic flavours, with an emphasis on seasonality, sustainability and sane eating.

The light and airy restaurant, under a highline of botanical chandeliers, is a magnetic meeting spot with friendly service and a bohemian sensibility. A café by day with private dining during the afternoon and evening, the menu focuses on wood-grilled meats and seafood, local vegetables, farm greens, and field grains. The inventive drinks selection, inspired by mythology and history and designed by a London bartender, highlights specialty batch spirits, extractions and tonics, with all cocktails pre-batched in-house.

A carefully selected wine list presents small growers, regional styles, and quaint vintage wines, encouraging guests to try some of the best old and new world wine the island has to offer.
A small collection of local craft beers completes the thirst-quenching offerings. The restaurant connects to Room 13, The Slow’s gallery space, which features a barista station and rotating art collection.


When that time of the year comes around, make sure you know where to spend it. Check out our list:

Le Beachclub

Head to Le Beachclub for an unforgettable day. You can rent a private cabana, get VIP tickets, or enjoy a private deck for your celebration. Get tickets and more info here:

Bota-Bota Spa

Relax in lux at Old Port’s Bota-Bota Spa, you won’t regret this one. Get tickets and more info here:

Le Bateau Mouche

Cruise, dine, and celebrate in style! Le Bateau Mouche is your destination to eat and celebrate on the water. Get tickets and more info here:

Rosewood Pub

If you’re a bruncher, head over to Montreal’s Rosewood Pub, with the mimosas flowing and their delicious brunch selection, you won’t be disappointed. Get more info here:

Old Port of Montreal

For the adventurous type, check out ziplining in old Montreal. Get tickets and more info here:

Croisieres AML

Croisieres AML for the ones who want to cruise AND brunch (you know you want to). Get tickets and more info here:

White Water Rafting

If ziplining doesn’t satisfy your adventure craving, you can always check out white water rafting with your crew. Get tickets and more info here:

Host a Private Party

Rent a venue and throw a private party- check for private rentable venues like Club Soda or Cabaret Underwood. Get more info here:

Le Balcon Cabaret Music Hall

Head to Le Balcon Cabaret Music for fine drinks, food, and a creative dinner experience you surely won’t forget! Get tickets and more info here:

Montreal Casino

Get dressed to the nines and hit the Montreal Casino for a poker night with your friends. Get tickets and more info here:

Have a fiesta, many margaritas, and a free birthday sombrero at 3 Amigos. Get more info here:

Electric Avenue

Enjoy a free bottle of champagne for you and your group from Club Electric Avenue. Reserve guest list and get more info here:

Skorpion Paintball

Have a (painfully) fun time playing paint ball with your friends at Skorpion. On top of that, birthday boy/girl gains free admission. For more info check out their Facebook page:

Rooftop Pool

Take a rooftop dip at the Hilton Bonaventure or L’Apartement hotel’s rooftop pool. Although you need to rent a room to do so, with 5 friends it comes to just over $25 each!

Calypso Waterpark

If all else fails, take a road trip to Calypso Park- huge waterslides, an intense wave pool, lit up bars, totally greasy irresistible snacks, what else do you need to celebrate? Get tickets and more info here:

Watch the video: Worlds Biggest Bar of Soap. Most Amazing Guinness World Records (January 2022).