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Yogurt & Matcha Swirl with Mango

Yogurt & Matcha Swirl with Mango


  • 1 ripe mango, peeled, pitted, cut Into small cubes
  • 4 teaspoons sugar, divided
  • 3 1/2 ounces high-quality white chocolate (such as Lindt or Perugina), chopped
  • 1 1/2 cups low-fat Greek-style yogurt

Recipe Preparation

  • Mix mango with 2 tsp. sugar. Let macerate for 30 minutes. Place white chocolate in a metal bowl set over a saucepan of simmering water and stir until melted. Remove from heat and whisk until smooth. Let cool slightly. Gradually whisk in yogurt. Divide mixture between 2 small bowls.

  • Whisk remaining 2 tsp. sugar and matcha powder in another small bowl. Add 1 Tbsp. hot water; whisk to form a thick paste. Add paste to 1 bowl with white chocolate-yogurt mixture; whisk to blend well.

  • Divide mango among 4 Old Fashioned glasses. Make a well in green yogurt mixture and pour white yogurt mixture into center. Fold once or twice, just enough to create swirls. Spoon over mango, dividing equally.

Nutritional Content

One serving contains: Calories (kcal) 234.1 %Calories from Fat 34.6 Fat (g) 9.0 Saturated Fat (g) 6.6 Cholesterol (mg) 5.6 Carbohydrates (g) 33.0 Dietary Fiber (g) 0.9 Total Sugars (g) 31.8 Net Carbs (g) 32.1 Protein (g) 9.2 Sodium (mg) 49.3Reviews Section

Matcha Green Tea Cupcakes with Whipped Cream

By Trang Doan - Aug 13, 2020 (updated Sep 22, 2020 ) - This post may contain affiliate links.

Soft and fluffy Matcha Green Tea Cupcakes topped with a white cloud of vanilla whipped cream taste just like a Matcha green tea Frappuccino! These cupcakes are delicate with just enough matcha flavor without being overpowering or bitter.

I remember those hot summer days in college when I would order all these Starbucks Matcha Green Tea Frappuccino. Do they still have that? It was one of my favorite sweet drinks. And these Matcha cupcakes are just like those drinks in cupcake form!

This Matcha cupcakes recipe is one of the very first recipes I’ve developed before I even started this blog. I intended to open up a cupcake shop just like everyone and their grandmas, but that idea never came to fruition. And I’m glad it didn’t, since writing on this blog is way more fun!

So why beetroot smoothie?

Research has already been shown that beetroot juice can make small, but telling changes to sporting prowess.

The nitrate (or nitric oxide) takes care of this – it is believed the oxide lowers the amount of oxygen needed to exercise.

For someone who knows that in sport a small help is still a help, I’ll take that, thanks.

If sport isn’t your thing, there are many other reasons to incorporate beets into your diet.

It unquestionably lowers blood pressure, a serious issue for many, and something we should all keep an eye on.

The polyphenols in beetroots have also been linked to helping prevent cancer, mainly by fighting free radicals. They are also believed to promote brain health and help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s.

As always though, moderation is key. Going too far with most things is never good, and beets are no exception.

Large amounts of beet juice could be harmful, so don’t go overboard. Rather, let your body get used to them as you up your intake, and keep beets to a couple of times a week.

Homemade Strawberry Sorbet

Happy Friday! I can’t believe I made it through the week!

I’ve been a little lazy this week and it feels I haven’t done much! Well things like that happen, so I’m hoping to be back to normal next week!

I’m a little busy baking Easter breads this weekend, because it is Greek Easter on Sunday!

But in the mean time, I have a pretty easy, sweet and delicious recipe for a homemade strawberry sorbet.

To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of frozen desserts, I do prefer chocolate and cake.

But lately, I’ve been starting to make ice cream more often.

My husband loves all sorts of ice cream, so this sorbet made him happy.

Easy Homemade Strawberry Sorbet

The idea for this sorbet came to me while I was looking through the book “The Slanted Door Charles Phan Modern Vietnamese Food“, which was given to me by a friend for my birthday.

Charles Phan is a Vietnamese chef, who owns restaurants in San Francisco. Definitely planning to visit The Slanted Door Restaurant on my next trip to San Francisco.

And the book includes some of his amazing recipes, so I really enjoyed it.

For the sorbet, I used fresh strawberries and my Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker.

It does not take a long time to make, just around 40 minutes, but I recommend that you chill the sorbet mixture for at least 2 hours, before adding it to the ice cream maker.

And if you are using an ice cream maker or ice cream bowl for Kitchen Aid, make sure you chill these bowls properly, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

15 Stress-Baking Recipes to Soothe Your Soul and Occupy Your Weekend

I don’t know about you, but stress-baking is top of my weekend agenda. I need to get off Twitter, take a break from the news, and self-soothe with some hot and buttery carbs. Are you with me?

The current emergency precautions sweeping the United States mean we’re going to be spending a lot of time at home with our families (much of our staff lives in states where K-12 has been canceled for the rest of the month, and we’re shifting to primarily working from home). In the face of uncertainty and cabin fever, baking projects meet so many needs: They occupy your mind and your hands, they fill your house with good smells, and of course they satisfy your belly and make others in your household happy.

I’ve been searching for just the right baking project this weekend and can’t decide! Want to help me choose?

19 Dairy-Free Ice Creams You Don't Have to Churn

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Yes, ice cream is amazing. And yes, there are certainly times we scream for it. But sometimes, we want something a bit healthier. And sometimes, we want it without heavy cream. And sometimes, we just want to make it at home&mdashsans heavy machinery (a.k.a. an ice cream maker).

Fortunately, there are many ways to get your ice cream fix without resorting to the pint. These 19 nondairy, no-churn ice cream recipes can be made in a whirl (literally) and cover all your a la mode favorites. If that&rsquos not something to scream about, we don&rsquot know what is.

1. Vegan Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

No dairy doesn&rsquot mean no flavor. It also doesn&rsquot mean you have to sacrifice texture. This recipe uses coconut whipped cream to mimic ice cream&rsquos velvety texture and coffee liqueur to add just a hint of richness. Opt for dark chocolate chunks if you&rsquore looking for something a little more indulgent and toss in chopped walnuts or slivered almonds if you want a little crunch.

2. Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cookie Ice Cream

We&rsquore bananas for banana ice cream. It&rsquos super easy to make, and it&rsquos even easier to manipulate the flavor and make it taste like all things not banana. Take this recipe, which starts with a banana base and is loaded with homemade oatmeal peanut butter cookie dough. The dough soaks up some of the juices and oozes out peanut butter goodness, creating a more vanilla/less banana flavor. (Psst, if you&rsquore still not into bananas, use store-bought coconut ice cream and simply mix in the dough.)

3. Fresh Peach Sorbet

This sorbet is just peachy. With only four ingredients&mdashpeaches, almond milk, honey, and lemon&mdashand a short cook time (10 minutes), it&rsquos hard to beat. Simply freeze diced peaches (or buy frozen ones) blend them (or use a food processor) add in almond milk, honey, and lemon pulse until smooth freeze again and enjoy your dairy- and refined sugar-free masterpeach.

4. Dairy-Free Chocolate Caramel No-Churn Ice Cream

The only thing better than caramel sauce is chipotle caramel sauce. Plus, making it from scratch means you get to enjoy an entire jar in addition to what&rsquos used in the ice cream. This recipe uses homemade date paste (chopped dates blended with water) for all-natural sweetness and cacao powder to create the rich, chocolaty flavor. For the best texture, refrigerate the cans of coconut cream overnight. We also love using chocolate almond milk in place of regular.

5. Lemon Mint Ice Cream

Need an excuse to have dessert? How about a good ol&rsquo palate cleanser? This refreshing ice cream is the perfect way to reset your taste buds after a meal. Made with coconut milk, lemon, mint, vanilla extract, and maple syrup, it&rsquos the perfect balance of sweet, tangy, and refreshing. Simply blend, freeze, and cleanse away. Or just enjoy&mdashbecause really, who needs an excuse to eat dessert?

6. Paleo Nutella Banana Ice Cream

Ciao bella, Paleo-tella. This two-ingredient ice cream is so easy and delicious, it&rsquos tempting to have it after every meal. But the good news is: It&rsquos so rich and flavorful, one serving does the trick. For the best consistency, slice the bananas before freezing and make sure they&rsquore super ripe. Top with cacao nibs or an extra dollop of hazelnut heaven&mdashor both.

7. Mango Frozen Yogurt

Got mango? Got yogurt? Great&mdashfrozen yogurt is just minutes away. Blend the frozen fruit with coconut yogurt, sweeten with honey or maple syrup, and freeze. Though the best fro-yo requires a bit more setting time, we think it&rsquos just fine to pull this out of the freezer after only 30 minutes. We love layering in fresh mango and toasted coconut.

8. Tahini Cardamom Ice Cream

Savory, meet sweet. We&rsquoll never stop loving classic caramel, but the swirls of sesame mixed with the hearty spice of cardamom make us feel like ice cream adults&mdashand we like it. This four-ingredient recipe is super simple and a great way to wow guests at a dinner party. It&rsquos also an excellent freezer staple, as it quenches that sweet tooth but doesn&rsquot leave you yearning for every last bite.

9. Vegan Strawberry Coconut Ice Cream

Finally! The secret to non-icy vegan ice cream: Whisk the mixture every 20 minutes while it&rsquos freezing. We love that this recipes sticks to the basics: strawberries, coconut cream, vanilla bean, and maple syrup. Simply blend, then freeze. Though using an actual vanilla bean seriously ups the flavor, subbing a teaspoon of vanilla extract will do.

10. Almond Butter Chocolate Fudge Chunk Ice Cream

Who knew that melting dark chocolate with almond butter was the secret to Paleo fudge? Frozen bananas get a protein boost from almond butter, and the fudge adds a thick, slightly crunchy consistency that&rsquoll make you feel like you&rsquore digging for treasure. Paleo eating has never tasted so good&mdashor been so easy.

11. Matcha Coconut Ice Cream

Matcha lattes are great, but we have to admit: This matcha ice cream takes the cake. It&rsquos everything about a latte that we love&mdashbut frozen to perfection and even creamier than what your local coffee shop brews up. To give it a secret health boost, throw in a dash of ashwagandha. And go ahead, have your latte and eat ice cream too.

12. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

The bad news: Making gluten-free, vegan cookie dough from scratch requires quite a few ingredients and a bit more prep time. The good news: Paleo cookie dough is incredible, and whipping up a batch means you&rsquoll have cookies and cookie dough ice cream (#worthit). The ice cream is made with soaked dates, frozen bananas, coconut cream, and almond butter, and once the dough is ready to go, the rest can be made in a pinch.

13. Cherry Chocolate No-Dairy Ice Cream

This ice cream is a tad more mousselike, meaning its texture is as creamy as it gets. We love the recipe as is, but it&rsquos also fun playing with different fruits&mdashsuch as strawberries and raspberries&mdashand throwing in dark chocolate chips, a la Cherry Garcia. For a boozy version, add a splash of bourbon.

14. S&rsquomore Ice Cream

Gimme gimme s&rsquomore. S&rsquomore ice cream, that is. This recipe is perfect for those who want to experiment with homemade ice cream without too much fuss. The recipe uses softened store-bought vanilla or chocolate ice cream and is mixed with baked mini s&rsquomores&mdashwhich you&rsquoll definitely want to taste test. Let thaw for a few minutes before serving for a soft serve-esque texture.

15. No-Churn Pistachio Ice Cream

This ice cream takes going green to the next level. Made with avocado, pistachios (naturally), and spirulina (surprise!), this vegan treat is as healthy as it is satisfying. Add the spirulina slowly to make sure the flavor isn&rsquot overpowering and don&rsquot forget to top with extra chopped pistachios. Though dates provide the best flavor, use maple syrup for the nicest color.

16. Vegan Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Here&rsquos an ice cream ingredient we haven&rsquot seen yet: salt. This recipe uses cashew butter instead of oh so popular almond, but don&rsquot worry, there&rsquos peanut butter in there too. Simply blend the ingredients until smooth, pop in the freezer, and let set for at least eight hours. If you&rsquore feeling extra ambitious, top with chopped peanuts or a drizzle of melted peanut butter.

17. Whiskey Hazelnut No-Churn Ice Cream

We can&rsquot decide what&rsquos better: the final product or the smell of your home when you&rsquore making this ice cream. Begin by roasting hazelnuts (yep, that&rsquos the smell), blend the ice cream ingredients on high speed, freeze, wait for the nuts to cool, remove as much of the skin as possible, chop, and stir the nuts into the mixture. The amazing flavor will whisk(ey) you away.

18. No-Churn Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream

There&rsquos no denying pumpkin spice lattes are amazing, but they&rsquore also full of sugar. Though pumpkin spice ice cream may not sound like the healthier alternative, this recipe is. Paleo, gluten-free, and vegan, it&rsquos made with only four ingredients: coconut milk, pumpkin purée, dates, and pumpkin pie spice. So long, Starbucks.

19. Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl Ice Cream

This recipe is another five-ingredient wonder. And with a little prep work, it becomes super simple too. Start by popping the coconut milk in the fridge overnight and soak the cashews at least an hour in advance. Then it&rsquos as easy as blending, drizzling peanut butter on top of the mixture, swirling with a knife, and the hardest step: waiting for it to freeze.

Use a bit of coconut oil to grease a standard 12 cup muffin pan and cut strips of parchment paper ands stick in the muffin cups. This will create tabs, make removing the tarts from the pan easier! You can also use cupcake/muffin liners.

Place your crust ingredients into your food processor or blender and blend until a loose dough forms. May take several minutes if using a food processor.

Test the crust by spooning out a small amount of mixture and rolling it in your hands. If the ingredients hold together, your crust is perfect. If it's crumbly you will need to process it a bit more.

Scoop out crust mixture into pan. Press firmly, making sure that the edges are well packed and that the base is relatively even. Place in freezer while you prepare the rest of the ingredients. Rinse food processor/blender out well.

Add soaked and rinsed cashews, liquid sweetener, water or milk, and vanilla to a small food processor or a Magic Bullet and blend until completely combined.

Start with one heaping tablespoon of the mixture onto each prepared crust and smooth out so that it covers the whole crust.

Set aside any extra cashew filling to top tarts later.

Next, add the flesh of the 3 pitted mangoes to a blender or food processor and blend until completely smooth. Pour over the tarts.

Add a teaspoon of the leftover cashew cream to each tart and swirl with a toothpick.

Place pan on a flat surface in the freezer and freeze for 5 hours or until filling is completely solid. No need to cover it unless you're keeping it in there longer than 8 hours.

Remove from the freezer. Depending on how cold the freezer was (will be more difficult to remove tarts the colder the freezer was), leave out for about 5 minutes and then grip the parchment paper tabs and lift out of the pan and then peel off the paper. If the tabs just rip off, leave the tart still in the pan, just wait 2-5 more minutes.

Return any tarts you can't eat right away to the freezer in a sealed container.

51 Must-Try Keto Smoothie Recipes

Many people are trying the ketogenic diet (“keto”), an approach to weight loss that involves cutting your daily carb intake to just 20 grams of net carbohydrates. The theory is that drastically reducing your carb intake forces your body to change the fuel source it uses for energy. The theory is that, over time, your body enters a state called ketosis, which means it burns fat rather than sugar as its primary energy source. (Keep in mind that you should always talk with your healthcare provider before beginning a new diet.)

The good news is that eating on the keto diet is anything but bland and boring. Avocados, full-fat milk and yogurt, peanut butter, and even sugar-free whipped cream are all a go on the ketogenic diet. Low-carb smoothies are a great way to mix things up as a breakfast replacement, snack, or treat. Plus, they help you get your daily intake of essential vitamins and minerals.

Must-Try Keto Smoothie Recipes

If you’re ready to get a taste of the keto lifestyle or simply looking for some low-carb tasty treats, you’ve come to the right place. We’re smoothie experts, after all. Check out this list of 50 must-try keto smoothie recipes, including some examples of keto-friendly Edible Arrangements® smoothies and other recipes, below.

If you’re looking for a smoothie made with real, whole fruit that’s fresh, never frozen and made with clean ingredients, grab a smoothie from your local Edible Arrangements® store. Create your own keto-friendly version by selecting blueberries, kale, and protein powder for the ultimate keto smoothie that tastes so delicious, you won’t believe it’s diet-friendly.

If you’re dreaming of vacation, head Edible Arrangements® for a keto-friendly smoothie that tastes like the tropics. Choose pineapple (just 10 net carbs per half cup) and kale for a tasty treat that won’t wreck your diet.

Look no further than Edible Arrangements® to curb that chocolate craving. Choose a mocha almond smoothie (hold the carb-heavy banana), a creamy and delicious smoothie that will satisfy your sweet tooth and keep the urge to snack at bay for hours.

This smoothie is jam-packed with protein and healthy fats, yet it’s low in carbohydrates. It also contains lauric acid from coconut milk which helps provide the body with a boost of energy – a necessity as your body adjusts to burning fat.

For a smoothie that looks just as good as it tastes, look no further than this blueberry galaxy smoothie. The “galaxy” effect is thanks to a swirl of full-fat yogurt added in at the end.

Quick and easy to whip up, this smoothie combines strawberries, avocados, and almond milk. The avocados lend a bit of creamy goodness and the berries add a touch of sweetness and vitamin C, all with just seven net carbs.

Looking for a taste of the tropics without leaving the comfort of your own home? Try this tropical keto smoothie made with coconut milk, sour cream, and blueberry, banana, and mango extracts.

This smoothie clocks in at just over four net carbs. It’s creamy and delicious thanks to chia seeds, heavy whipping cream, and cocoa powder.

Raspberries are one of the lowest-carb fruits around. This smoothie combines frozen raspberries and avocado for a thick and creamy treat that everyone will love.

Think you can’t enjoy frozen hot chocolate while on a sugar-free diet? Try this smoothie. It tastes like cheating, but is 100% keto-compliant and packed with healthy vitamins and minerals.

This smoothie is chock-full of healthy fats from the cocoa powder, coconut milk, and macadamia nuts. It’s sure to make you feel full well until your next meal.

With almonds, avocados, cocoa powder and heavy whipping cream, this smoothie is thick and rich just like a milkshake. It’s also reminiscent of a chocolate-covered raspberry truffle candy.

Combining spinach, avocado, roasted flax seeds, and almond milk must create some kind of magic, because this smoothie tastes just like Lucky Charms™ cereal. Enjoy!

If you’re transitioning to the keto diet from a long stretch of eating carb-heavy foods, this smoothie is for you. It’s packed with nutrients from lettuce, pineapple, ginger, cucumber, kiwi, and avocado that are said to help detox your body from carbs.

This filling and delicious breakfast smoothie is a great way to start the day. The recipe recommends soaking the chia seeds for fifteen minutes, which helps boost the bioavailability of the seeds’ nutrients.

Wait, aren’t bananas off limits on the keto diet? This smoothie tastes so much like bananas, your taste buds are sure to be fooled. Instead, banana extract lends all the yummy banana flavor without the carbs.

This pumpkin shake contains all the delicious flavors of fall. It’s also high in protein thanks to the vanilla egg white protein powder, almond milk, and cream cheese.

There’s nothing better than a hot and gooey pull-apart cinnamon roll. This smoothie gives you the delicious taste of your favorite morning treat without the guilt (or the carbs).

This smoothie is packed with healthy protein and fat. It also contains a scoop of collagen peptides, which are said to improve the skin, promote healthy bones, and boost gut health.

Made with real vanilla bean, this smoothie is sure to delight the taste buds. It also contains almond milk, heavy whipping cream, and vanilla stevia.

Horchata is a traditional Mexican drink that’s creamy and slightly sweet made from rice, milk, and cinnamon. This keto version replaces the rice with almonds, but still contains all the authentic flavor.

This smoothie dials back on the carbs and way, way up on the healthy fats, with avocado, MCT oil, collagen powder, and almond butter. Plus, it contains plenty of vitamins and antioxidants from the acai.

Matcha contains the nutritional equivalent of ten cups of green tea. This smoothie combines the antioxidant power of matcha with micro greens powder for a leveled-up beverage packed with vitamins and minerals.

This smoothie combines frozen blueberries and avocado for a delicious and creamy shake. Plus, the recipe contains tons of variations to shake things up, including cayenne powder and cocoa nibs.

This smoothie tastes just like a frozen snickers bar without the carbs. Instead, it’s chock-full of protein powder, peanut butter, cocoa powder, and sugar-free chocolate sauce. Yum!

Cookie dough on the keto diet? This keto-friendly cookie dough shake is packed with cream cheese, unsalted butter, vanilla extract, and maple flavoring, so you don’t have to miss out on the taste of that doughy goodness.

This faux cheesecake smoothie is so tasty, you won’t even miss the carbs. Cream cheese and vanilla protein powder give it the cheesecake flavor, while blueberries lend sweetness.

For a cool and refreshing treat, look no further than this strawberry and mint smoothie. It clocks in at under five net carbs with 30 grams of fat, making it perfectly keto balanced.

With mint, cucumber, and spinach, this keto smoothie is a cool and refreshing quencher. Plus, it contains grass fed whey protein to keep you feeling fuller longer.

This smoothie contains just three ingredients: spinach, strawberries, and heavy whipping cream. You can whip it up in just minutes, making it an easy breakfast or snack on the go.

Also known as “the Fat-Burning Golden Milkshake,” this smoothie has a high fat content to keep you feeling full for hours. The turmeric and ginger give it a subtle kick, extra flavor, and antioxidant nutrients.

Berries contain plenty of fiber and very few carbs, making them a perfect option for anyone on the keto diet. This smoothie contains all your favorite berries in one fruity and filling shake.

This smoothie is a great choice for anyone on the keto diet looking for a tropical twist. Pineapple and coconut come together in a delightful keto-friendly beverage that packs in more than 100% of your daily recommended vitamin C intake.

Smooth and creamy, this chocolate avocado smoothie works just as well for dessert as it does a healthy breakfast. With the inclusion of full-fat coconut milk, it keeps the urge to snack at bay for hours.

This smoothie is vegan, grain free, dairy free, and free of common allergens, all with no added sugars or extra carbs. It combines creamy coconut with almonds and cocoa, making it a filling and delicious snack or meal replacement.

This smoothie contains a ketone supplement that gets you into fat burning mode quickly and easily, especially if you’re just starting out on the keto diet (or jumping back on after a cheat meal). This smoothie also contains a tasty combination of avocado and coconut cream.

Combining healthy fats from MCT oil, chia seeds, and coconut cream, this smoothie is the perfect keto meal replacement. It’s also high in antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and minerals thanks to naturally low-carb raspberries.

Citrus fruits are some of the best fruits on the keto diet because they’re low in carbs and high in nutrition. This recipe combines lemon and lime juice with avocado, spinach, MCT powder, and collagen powder for a keto super smoothie.

This smoothie contains green bananas, which are a resistant starch and, therefore, allowed on the keto diet. Resistant starches pass through your digestive system untouched, offering plenty of fiber without the insulin spike.

With a delectable blend of cinnamon protein powder, coconut milk, and heavy whipping cream, it’s amazing that this smoothie clocks in at only two net carbs. It’s also rich in healthy fats to keep you feeling satisfied until your next meal.

Cauliflower might not be the first ingredient you’d think to add to a smoothie, but when frozen, it whips up smooth and creamy. This smoothie packs a punch with frozen cauliflower, avocados, almond butter, MCT oil, and protein powder.

This smoothie is packed with healthy fat from egg yolks, full-fat mascarpone cheese, and coconut oil to rev up your metabolism and curb your appetite. At just four net carbs, it’s a perfect keto meal replacement or anytime snack.

This blueberry protein smoothie is packed with protein, but low in carbs. It’s great for a post-workout recovery snack or as a meal all on its own.

With protein powder, chia seeds, MCT oil, and coconut milk, this smoothie makes the perfect meal when you don’t have time to cook. It’s also under five grams of carbs per serving.

This detox smoothie is high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds from the ginger and turmeric. It also includes coconut milk, which is said to have antifungal and antibacterial properties.

If you’re already closing in on your carb count for the day, even low-carb fruit won’t cut it. That’s why this smoothie is fruit-free and packed with high fat MCT oil, avocado, and spinach for the boost you need to get through the rest of the day.

This is a unique but extremely tasty smoothie. It has just six net grams of carbs and contains a ton of alkaline ingredients that are good for the body, like cauliflower, coconut milk, avocado, mint, cocoa powder, and collagen powder.

This smoothie is high in fat, low in carbs, and adequate in protein, making it perfectly keto balanced. It contains spinach, sunflower seed butter, and avocado for a delicious and keto-approved meal or snack.

This filling, low carb smoothie contains matcha to give you a pick-me-up and peanut butter to lend a little staying power. It’s the perfect keto-friendly breakfast to keep you satisfied until lunch.

Combining healthy fats from coconut milk and avocado with antioxidant nutrients from spinach and lime, this smoothie helps you meet your keto macros and contains a ton of healthy vitamins and nutrients. Plus, you won’t believe how much it tastes just like a slice of key lime pie.

This smoothie contains six simple ingredients: coconut milk, protein powder, ground chia seeds, stevia, dark chocolate, and ice. The recipe also contains a variation for making a rich chocolate pudding – just omit the ice.

Give one (or a few) of these keto smoothies a try to help you stay on track and meet your healthy living goals. Not only are they low in carbohydrates, but they’re super tasty to boot!

50 Incredibly Easy Desserts with Only 3 Ingredients or Less

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We all have those days. You know THOSE days, when you desperately need a sweet treat to comfort you but even five-ingredient recipes feel like too much effort. When life just smacks your right in the face, you need a homemade dessert that’s just as easy as it is comforting. And now you can quickly find one using our extensive list of simple, 3-ingredient dessert recipes.

Classic Fudge

Photo by Heather Feibleman

Let’s start off nice and simple. Just grab some chocolate, a can of condensed milk, and the mix-in of your choice, and you’ve got the simplest fudge you could ever imagine.

Oreo Fudge

Photo by Elizabeth Philip

The best part of fudge? It can be easily adapted. You can use white instead of semi-sweet chocolate and add in some Oreos to create the cookies and cream flavor of your dreams.

Peanut Butter Fudge

If you don’t feel like splurging on sweetened condensed milk, you can also make an easy, customizable fudge out of peanut butter and vanilla frosting. If you’re allergic to peanuts, no worries. Nutella works just as well (if not better).

Nutella Brownies

Speaking of Nutella, why not turn it in to a brownie? This dangerously simple dessert only requires flour, eggs, and (obviously) Nutella.

Nutella Souffle

No flour on hand? No worries. To make this soufflé, you only need eggs and Nutella. Seriously, you can make a soufflé with only two ingredients. That’s magic right there.

Braided Nutella Bread

Even counting the powdered sugar garnish, this super simple braided bread only requires three measly ingredients: pre-made crescent roll dough and Nutella. And, sure, you could use whatever sweet spread you like, but I highly recommend Nutella.

Nutella-Stuffed Waffles

If you can’t tell, I’m a big fan of Nutella, but I swear I’m done after this. I just couldn’t resist mentioning a waffle made out of biscuit dough. Absolute genius. And if you’re really sick of me talking about Nutella, then stuff your waffle with something else.

Two-Ingredient Crepes

If breakfast for dessert is your jam, then try this recipe for crepes sake. But lay the cheesy puns aside, and pick up some cream cheese (and eggs) instead. That’s all you need to these basic crepes. Top them with whatever you enjoy, like fruit. Or Nutella.

Banana Pancakes

First crepes, now pancakes. Who knew you could make multiple classic breakfast foods with so few ingredients? (I did. Because I’ve made and love both recipes).

Just mix a mashed banana with a couple of eggs, and cook it like you would a pancake. If you’re really intent on adding in a third ingredient, mix in some baking powder for extra fluffiness, vanilla for extra flavor, or chocolate chips for extra comfort.

Chocolate Mug Cake

Photo by Stephanie Schoenster

If you don’t have time to be messing around with the stove, take the same banana/egg mixture, add some cocoa powder, and cook it in a mug in the microwave instead. Voila, your pancake just turned in to a mug cake.

Banana Ice Cream

Photo by Katherine Carroll

If you like your banana desserts chilled instead, puree a frozen banana in a food processor to make the simplest (and healthiest) homemade ice cream ever. You can also mix in almond milk to make the ice cream smoother or add chocolate chips because no dessert should be that simple.

Greek Yogurt Banana Poppers

Even without a food processor, you can enjoy frozen bananas for dessert. Step up their sweetness by dipping your banana slices in greek yogurt before freezing them. That leaves you an extra ingredient, so you can top your poppers with chocolate, coconut, or nuts.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Pops

If this string of overly healthy desserts is starting to get on your nerves, then here’s something slightly more decadent for you. This recipe steps up the classic chocolate dipped banana by mixing in peanut butter for an extra level of decadent deliciousness.

Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

You can’t talk about chocolate covered fruit without mentioning strawberries. This is by far the easiest (and most common) dessert to make your valentine’s date. If you want to get a little bit more creative, try making chocolate-dipped apricots instead.

Pineapple S’mores

You don’t have to top your fruit with chocolate. In fact, why not use use your fruit to replace the chocolate? By swapping the Hershey’s bar with pineapple, this s’mores recipe allows even the chocolate haters amongst us to enjoy everyone’s favorite campfire dessert.

S’mores Panini

You can also mix up your s’mores game by replacing the graham crackers with bread. It can be made inside and is five times larger than your average S’more. What more could you possibly want?

Peanut Butter and Jelly Panini

Most people don’t think of a PB&J as dessert, but by using cinnamon swirl bread, this recipe pushes everyone’s favorite lunch into the realm of sweet treats.

Single Serve Microwaveable Rice Krispie Treat

That PB&J has me feeling all nostalgic, so let’s talk about everyone’s favorite childhood dessert: Rice Krispie Treats. You don’t need a stove. Or someone to share with. Or even rice krispie cereal. You just need one minute and a love of all things sugary.

Dulce de Leche Rice Krispies

If you have extra time or need more rice krispies, then try this spin on the original. It may sound fancier than your classic rice krispie, but it actually requires fewer ingredients and less effort. Just mix some cereal with some melted dulce de leche and wait for that baby to set.

French Hot Chocolate

Not all French desserts require years of pastry experience. If you know how to heat milk, stir chocolate, and scoop brown sugar, then you have every skill that you need to make this classic French hot chocolate.

Chocolate Mousse

Maybe you like your chocolate more solid. That’s chill. Make a cold, creamy chocolate mousse. You seriously only need chocolate for this recipe (and water, but that doesn’t really count). If you can’t handle that level of simplicity, you can also add salt or cinnamon for extra flavor.

Chocolate Peppermint Bark

Maybe you like your chocolate completely solid. Don’t just eat a handful of chocolate chips. With only two kinds of chocolate, a few candy canes, and the will to do some melting, you could make a pretty peppermint bark.

Cranberry Pistachio Bark

Barks are seriously the best three ingredient desserts, because you seriously only need chocolate and whatever mix-ins you desire. Although this recipe calls for dark chocolate, you could also use white chocolate. The saltiness from the pistachios will help offset the sweetness.

Chocolate Bacon Bark

Photo by Analiese Trimber

If nuts just aren’t quite enough for you, then add in some bacon as well. The salt from the almonds combines with the umami flavor from the bacon and then encased in rich chocolate to create a flavor bomb that will blow your mind.

Rolo and Ritz Sandwiches

Photo by Holly Birchfield

Vegetarians don’t have to miss out on simple sweet and salty desserts. Toast some Ritz crackers and then sandwich a Rolo between two of them. The heat from the crackers will melt the Rolos, making a super cute sandwich. There’s no better dessert than the one you can eat with your fingers.

Chocolate-Covered Candy Pretzels

Photo by Isabelle Langheim

While we’re on the topic of simple sweet and salty desserts that you can eat with your hands, we might as well discuss chocolate-covered pretzels. Better yet, we could actually go make them. And then roll them in candy.

DIY Butterfingers

Photo by Jennifer Prechtl

Instead of dipping pretzels in candy, you could just try making your own. Candy making doesn’t have to be a complicated process. This recipe owes its simplicity to one odd ingredient: candy corn. You might love it. You might hate it. But I can guarantee you will enjoy these homemade butterfingers.

Homemade Mallomars

With all these simple DIY recipes, you’ll never have to go to the store again. These simple bite sized s’mores will leave you wondering why you ever bothered with the mess of toasting marshmallows over the campfire.

Homemade Thin Mints

Yes, you can even make Thin Mints at home. Use Ritz crackers to achieve the crunch and mint chocolate to get the flavor. You’ll never have to buy from another girl scout again (unless, of course, you’re actually a good person).

Thin Mint Cookie Truffles

Photo by Morgan Weinstein

If you already bought your Thin Mints, they don’t have to go to waste. With some cream cheese and chocolate, you can easily turn them in to truffles. They may sound sophisticated, but truffles actually require very few ingredients to make.

Gingerbread Cookie Truffles

Photo by Elizabeth Philip

You don’t need Thin Mints to make cookie truffles. Replace the thin mints with gingersnaps for a whole different flavor profile.

Oreo Cheesecake Truffles

Photo by Christine Pritula

This variation of cookie truffles calls for Oreos. The true genius of this recipe comes from its name. Throwing cheesecake in the title makes it sound far more difficult and time consuming than it actually is.

Chocolate Truffles

Even truffle recipes that aren’t made from cookies can be quite simple. This recipe only calls for chocolate, heavy cream, butter, and optional coatings, such as nuts or cocoa powder.

Dark Chocolate Avocado Truffles

Truffles don’t have to be that decadent. This recipe calls for avocados, which makes the truffles extra creamy and provides you with lots of essential vitamins.

Vegan Energy Balls

More proof that ball-shaped desserts can actually be good for you. The dates and chocolate give these bitesized goodies their sweet flavor, while the almonds make them crunchy and a good source of protein.

Chocolate Quinoa Squares

This good-for-you dessert also relies on dates for a natural and healthy source of sugar, but it uses quinoa instead of almonds to give you that protein-punch.

“Honey Bear” Dip

Photo by Kathryn Stouffer

You can also sneak protein in to your dessert using greek yogurt. Flavor it with some honey and peanut butter to make it sweet enough to call a dessert.

Cookies N’ Creme Spread

To make a more indulgent dessert dip, use cream cheese, powdered sugar, and Oreos instead. Technically, you’re supposed to smear this spread on to bagels, but that would be a fourth ingredient. So we’re just going to pretend that it’s a dip.

Dunakroo Dip

If you haven’t heard of Dunkaroos, you had no childhood. This snack pack of cinnamon cookies and vanilla frosting dip made its way in to quite a few lunch boxes throughout the 90’s, and now you can enjoy it at home. Just mix some Funfetti cake mix, greek yogurt, and cool whip to bring back all of your favorite childhood memories.

Boozy Brunch Muffins

For days when you’re in a more adult mood, ditch the Dunakroos and pick up the booze. The carbonation from the beer turns pancakes into muffins without the need for oil or eggs. It’s perfect recipe for those Sunday mornings when you’re feel too lazy and hungover to make a real brunch.

Pumpkin Spice Muffins

Photo by Katherine Carroll

Even if you don’t have beer on hand, you can still make super simple muffins using cake mix. By adding pumpkin and applesauce, you can easily turn your cake mix into extra flavorful and super moist muffins.

Pumpkin Cookies

No muffin tin available? Just ditch the applesauce in the above recipe and turn it in to a cookie instead. Just as good. Just as easy.

Gluten-free Peanut Butter Cookies

For those of you who don’t dig pumpkin or can’t handle the gluten, we have the cookie recipe that you need. For this recipe, you only need peanut butter, eggs, and brown sugar.

Gluten-free and Vegan Peanut Butter Banana Cookies

If you’re allergic to gluten AND you’re vegan, you may think you’re straight out of luck. But even you can enjoy simple, three-ingredient desserts. Mix some bananas, oats, and peanut butter, and after 10 minutes in the oven, you’ve got yourself one hell of a cookie.

Coconut Macaroons

I included these to make sure to cover all dietary restrictions. Let’s say you can’t eat gluten or peanut butter. Meet the coconut macaroon, the naturally gluten-free cookie that only requires coconut, sweetened condensed milk, and chocolate. Even people without any allergies love these things.

Cake Mix Cookies

When you’re short on time and supplies, you can also make cookies by using cake mix. You can easily customize this recipe by using the cake mix flavor of your choice and adding in your favorite goodies (like chocolate chips or nuts).

No-Bake Cake

Sometimes, even baking cake mix cookies is too much effort. For those days, this recipe makes cake mix even easier. You just need some soda and a microwave. Sounds weird. Tastes great.

Cake Batter Milkshake

Let’s say you don’t even have access to a microwave. You can still turn cake mix into a perfectly delicious frozen dessert by mixing it in to a milkshake.

Icebox Cake

Icebox cakes serve as yet another way to get your cake and ice cream fix all in one. Well, technically it’s just layers of chocolate (or vanilla) cookies and whipped cream, but it is frozen and called cake.

Matcha Frozen Yogurt Pops

Frozen treats don’t have to be bad for you. Almond milk, yogurt, and matcha powder make a perfectly creamy and sweet popsicle that can cool you down and boost your immune system all at once.

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