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Cake (cake) with jam

Cake (cake) with jam

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In a bowl put flour, baking powder, sugar, vanilla sugar, water and oil. We mix them well with the mixer, until we obtain a homogeneous composition. We divide the obtained composition in two. In one half we put the jam or jam (I used corcoduse jam), and in the other half we mix the chopped walnuts.

Grease a pan with oil, line it with flour and pour the 2 parts of the composition. Put the tray in the oven for 40 minutes, over medium heat. For verification, we test the toothpicks.

After it has cooled, take the cake out of the tray and place it on a plate, then pour the icing over it and sprinkle the ground walnuts.

Glaze we prepare it like this: We put all the ingredients in a small pot and boil them over low heat, stirring constantly, until it acquires the consistency of a sour cream. The glaze should not be boiled too much because it becomes bitter.

Good appetite !

Figaro cake with apricot jam

Looks very good. It reminds me of one of my grandmother's cakes. Write down the recipe and execute it soon.

It is based on an old recipe, so there is a good chance that the cake will look like your grandmother's. In case you haven't noticed the button, know that you can also print the recipe :)

Little is said, it looks good, it is more than that, it looks absolutely delicious, satisfied with the recipe.

I can't wait to do it. looks good.
thanks for posting!

So that's the name of this cake that my mother makes whenever she has the opportunity, I used to call it & quotbatuta & quot :))

:))) Beaten? I guess you said that thinking about the meringue that needs to be beaten.

The cake seems delicious to me, so I will copy the recipe and try it. Thanks and congratulations!

Thanks too, but don't ignore the print button, I struggled a bit to implement it on the site and I want to believe that I didn't do it in vain :)

You did really well. I don't know why some people don't see that button. Hip

In part, the button to print the recipes is not visible because of me, that's because I chose not to make it very big, thinking that not everyone has / has access to a printer anyway. So now I try to draw attention to him: D

You're super cool Robert! If I made the cake on my own initiative (without anyone telling me to do it). it means that you have achieved something with your blog! I like that you have very well explained and relatively simple recipes, easy to make, and to read the comments - it really entertains me. Even if I still have a lot to try, I'm waiting for you here with other news. Ah. and let's not forget, the cake came out perfectly. Good luck and inspiration! Hip

Anca, in fact I applied an old Tibetan technique for manipulating your subconscious, in vain you deceive yourself by saying that you made the cake on your own initiative: P I also anticipated your message and I just posted a new recipe, I hope I found it on your taste :) You made me think a little though, it is assumed that these comments should help readers cook better, not have fun. :)) Maybe I should comment less and cook more often :)

Maybe I'll try the recipe posted today, I saw it but today I had a request for a plum pie. The comments really help me, and they entertain me in a good way, they give a little salt and pepper to the site, they make it even more interesting. So, please, nothing changes about that. Ever since I discovered your blog, I've been looking for others with recipes - there are many. But I don't find them so interesting and it seems that the recipes I read are not to my taste, like the ones posted here. So it's super OK what you've done so far. All the best! Hip

Ahaa, so you thought there might be a better culinary blog than this. : P Seriously, I think there would be some, but I hope I'm wrong or at least no one will ever discover them :)) Yeah, I just realized that I could not stay serious until the middle of the sentence: ) I don't know if everyone likes so much & quotes and pepper & quot, considering that most people come in here to find information, but that's me - if I always answered seriously, then slowly I would start to feel like a kind of employee of the blog, I would perceive this as a chore and I probably wouldn't feel like it anymore.

Even though there are better blogs than this one, I haven't found them and I probably won't find them, since I'm not looking for them. I've become addicted to yours.
I stick to my opinion: what you do here, you do very well (including joking style comments, but very to the point). I'm just afraid you won't get it in your head if so many women praise you! :))
Increase and imagination in cooking!
P.S. I will try to talk less and prepare something from here (because I set my eyes on several recipes). Ah, I've actually made meatball soup before. Almost all the recipes are to my taste. All the best! Hip

You have nothing to fear, Anca. I don't get it in my head so easily :)

How good it looks! I like fruit cakes!

It is the cake of my childhood, which my grandmother used to make whenever it was a family holiday, and whose name was also Figaro & # 39. But she also had something extra, namely: her grandmother would stop a little crust in which she would put a little more flour and the crust thus obtained would put it on the small grater and spread it over the cake. Maybe try it like this :-)

Irina, sometimes I do something like your grandmother, but I do it in the case of the cake Linzer. You probably know this one from childhood too :)

Buuuna bad, today I did it, I didn't have walnut for meringue and I replaced it with coconut because I had it in the house and it turned out very good and so on.
I wanted to ask you: do you have a almond recipe? This cake reminds me of my childhood :).

If you say that the Figaro cake turned out good and good, then it seems more profitable to use coconut instead of our walnut :) - it is cheaper and it is kept much better ground.
I did not publish the almond recipe on the blog, but I will think seriously about it (but I do not dare to promise that it will be in the near future).

That's what I thought :), coconut is much more profitable. And it really turned out good, I'm convinced it's even better with normal walnuts.
Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. I also made rice pudding according to your recipe and it lasted a while, it didn't even stick to the bowl :).

Definitely the Figaro cake is better with walnuts, our walnut is tastier than coconut and it is not so unsightly.
I promise you that I will publish on the blog the recipe for almonds, I hope to be able to do it this summer.

Thank you :), until then I put walnuts in storage :), because almond leaves have walnuts.

:) So, don't waste the nut on the Linzer cake: P

I don't think I have a chance :) because I've already set my sights on the cake with walnuts and vanilla cream, ha ha.

So you go from the lake to the walnut well :) The Figaro cake has less walnut than the walnut cake and vanilla cream that you put your eyes on. Now I see that in my previous comment I said Linzer instead of Figaro. anyway, and that's also a walnut cake is: D

That's what I need if I keep my nose in them and still do them :))). In the meantime, I made the cake with apples and burnt sugar and the cake top recipe that came out super.

Aha, you gave up the cake nets for a moment and you gave in to the cake nets :))) Because you made two cakes, since you didn't need a countertop for the baked apple cake :)

Hahahaa, I left the cakes and went to the cookies, but I ended up making donuts :))))). Yep, I made two cakes, I made vanilla cream on the counter, but I also added some chocolate squares :). And in about 2 weeks I have to make cakes again because there will be another occasion that requires cake, so. ))).

:))) So I should publish some more cake recipes, at this rate I estimate that by the end of the summer you will look for another culinary blog: D

I'm not leaving here so easily :). I was looking at the cherry pie and vanilla pudding. I see you posted a new cake, it looks great. What cream can I replace it with, the one from the leaves?

Let's see what you say, after preparing all the recipes on the blog, at some point you may get tired of them :) With the new cake you can replace sour cream with yogurt. Or, if you don't have any yogurt (or don't like it), you can stop adding anything and increase the amount of butter. I put sour cream in the recipe for its high fat content.

Thanks. Ehe, at least I'll be so diligent to do them all :).
In the meantime I made the cherry cake and vanilla pudding, very good, and look, I have to make another one on Friday :)))))))))), seriously, another occasion, so I'm researching :).

I see that you do not miss any opportunity to prepare a cake :)) You may be attracted to the yogurt cake - it is not very good-looking, but it is relatively easy to prepare and it seems perfect in summer.

New clothes for the blog :), it looks good, it was easier for me, to be honest, when all the networks were on the right, but it's good anyway :).
Yes, the yogurt cake looks good, but I made the coffee cake and the icing and it was worth it because it's good, I didn't put gelatin in the cream anymore :).

You always have to make the yogurt cake, if you still manage to find the recipe in the new & quothaine & quot of the blog :) In a way, maybe it was easier with all the recipes lined up on the right, but it was a bit annoying that huge list of about 300 of recipes - it was as long as a day of fasting :)) Now I put them all in one page called "Cookbook" and so I shortened the list three times - because I put them on three columns, not on one as they were before. Plus I sorted the recipes into categories to find them faster - that is, in addition to the cookbook, I made three more large and wide mini-cookbooks (or categories): & quotSweets & quot, & quotFood & quot, & quot & Miscellaneous recipes & quot to sort them out in more detail in the future. I think you will get used to the new format quickly, I didn't complicate it at all.

There is no pb, I found everything I wanted and I saw the categories:) (I am also at the top and left of the blog), everything is just a mouse click away :). Plus now we see the latest comments :). I think it took you a while to fix it :).

In the meantime, we've added some mini-categories in the upper right, for those who don't feel like reading and want to go where they want to go, namely & quotCakes & quot, & quotCakes & quot, Pies & quot, & quotBuddins & quot, & quot; (and the recipes appear lined up, with pictures and a list of ingredients, just like on the first page of the blog). And I still haven't finished arranging for him, I would have a few more ideas :) It only takes a while until I decide what and how, and then until I implement the ideas (unfortunately, some don't go the way I wanted and I have to give up To them). Speaking of the latest comments, know that no comments are lost (even if they end up in & quotSpam & quot), only that I see the easiest ones on the last received ones (not necessarily the ones received on the last published recipes) and I answer them according to available time.

Yes, I saw the categories and I was glad that you put them like that, I go directly where I want and it also uses my cookbook well because there they are as you initially had them on the blog and I kind of learned them :) .
No pb, I know you have a lot to answer, and you can't do mine, no upset from me :).

I tried to keep the recipes grouped in the same way, I got used to them and it's easy for me to find them. I will not change their order, maybe I will just add new categories, to be even easier to find.
My problem is not the comments on the blog, but those on Facebook. When I start to answer there, as if time is suddenly contracted :)) I receive a lot of messages, not only public comments and sometimes I don't even understand each other, I try to answer as many as possible, although for a while I am perfectly aware of the fact that I will never be able to answer them all (the page already has 120,000 members and their number is growing).

I went in there and saw :), I won't write on Facebook because I don't have an account and I don't even think I do :).

You don't lose much, just that there & quotbarfim & quot more than on the blog :)

Other filters about Cakes

Colţunaşii are part of the Romanian culinary tradition, being part of our history and not absent from traditional meals.

The jam cake is actually a simple cake, with a little orange flavor, to which you can add whatever jam you have around the house. The recipe is very.

If you don't have time or you don't know how to prepare complicated desserts, we offer you a quick and delicious cake recipe.

What could be more delicious and more than a muffin that also has the filling? So we advise you to make your whole family happy with this.

Macarons are French meringues that have gained fame due to their appearance and flavor combinations. Besides the fact that the two.

Today we discovered a surprising and at the same time praiseworthy detail: in our family we consume 1 kilogram of sugar per year, in total.

The blueberry jam roll is an ideal dessert both for a normal day and for your child's birthday. Appetizing.

Jam boats can be served both as a dessert and as a snack between meals, along with a glass of milk, when.

Bebe is bigger now and you can try to make him a fluffy dessert to lick on his fingers. You will surely feel that your effort was not in vain.

Serve simple cake with jam & # 8211 quick and cheap recipe

After the icing has dried, the cake can be cut with a long, sharp knife. The blade is wiped after each cut.

How fluffy is this simple cake with jam !! The top is like a flake, the filling is fragrant and the icing is sour. Dreamlike!

Everything is surrounded by a discreet aroma of vanilla and lemon. A really simple and cheap cake but with a sublime taste.

If you want you can fill these fluffy sheets with cream & # 8211 see more recipes here.

Another fine cake with a fluffy top, jam, walnut cream and chocolate icing is Franzi Schnittlthe recipe here.

It's worth trying this quick and cheap recipe too simple cake with jam and icing!

Preparation Lent cake cake with cherries

Preheat the oven to 175 degrees Celsius. Grease the pan with oil and line the base with baking paper. Sift the flour together with the baking powder and baking soda. Mix the margarine with the sugar until it becomes creamy, add the coconut milk, lemon peel, flour and finally the citrus juice (I put a combination of lemon and orange, but it is not mandatory). Pour the composition into the tray, sprinkle the cherries and place the tray in the oven for about 35 minutes (check with a toothpick if it has baked). When ready, remove the tray from the oven and allow to cool. Remove the cake from the pan, dust with sugar and slice.

Cake with three types of jam, one of the simplest and

I requested the recipe for this cake from my husband's mother because, after tasting it, we all went. Cake with plum and walnut jam. Jam recipes and jam recipes: as our grandmothers did, simple, natural recipes, only made of fruit and sugar, without unnecessary chemicals. If I hear the word & ldquomagiun & rdquo automatically comes to mind the polenta with plum magiun. That's how I ate magiun for the first time, because that's how it is. To make this cake, put the 2 eggs, oil, sugar, baking powder, rum essence, peel.

It can be made as I did in the rectangular tray and portioned after. A cake suitable for any day of the week, quick to make and tasty. Ingredients for the filling: 500 gr plum jam, 500 gr apricot jam, 500 g strawberry jam, 200 gr ground walnuts Mod. Cake with plum jam and grated dough.

I used plum jam, but you can use hardened apples, hardened pumpkin or cheese. For the filling: 800 g plum jam 4 tablespoons breadcrumbs 1 bowl of chopped walnuts. Because Buni did so: from this composition he made a.

Plum jam can also be replaced by hardened or grated apples.

About Linzer Cakes

Linzer cake (pronounced lynx) does not have a fixed recipe but there are some elements that can not be missing from it (in various proportions): butter, hazelnuts or almonds, jam (marmalade) and grill decor. In the tender dough you will most often find ground hazelnuts but there are recipes that also provide midgalele. The nut never appears. The classic filling is red currant jam (Ribiselkonfiture) but raspberry jam is also accepted. The natural flavors that appear in all recipes are vanilla and grated lemon peel, but you can use, in addition, both cinnamon and cloves (powder). It's basically a tart with jam or marmalade.

The typical decoration of a Linzer Torte (grills, grill or grill) can be made in 3 ways (all accepted): dough strips (flat), dough strings (cylindrical) or soft, foamy dough grids, shaped with the pocket equipped with two stars. The one on the left is from Schärdinger and the one on the right is from Jindrak. Every Austrian confectioner or pastry chef has practically his own Linzer recipe.

Linzer Torte has been in Transylvania and Banat for over 200 years, during the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He was very successful! My great-grandmother Buia from Sibiu made Linzer at least once a month, but in a rectangular tray and filled with apricot jam. This is how the cake was adapted in our country but also in northern Italy where it is called tart. The dough was tender with butter (without hazelnuts, almonds or walnuts) and was prepared according to the famous 3-2-1 formula, which he also applied to cookies. (see here).

I was guided by the recipe for Linzer Torte from the "Sacher House Cookbook" ( Das große Sacher- Kochbuch 1975 edition). I used ground hazelnuts (in dough), raspberry jam and almond flake decoration. From the quantities below results a Linzer Torte of 22 cm diameter and height of approx. 3.5 & # 8211 4 cm. From it cut 8 beautiful slices.

Rating: 5 & # 8211 16 votes & # 8211 30 min. Being fasting, I thought I would quickly make something sweet and that's how this fasting cake with cocoa and plum jam with walnuts appeared. Super recipe Fasting cake with walnuts and jam!

We should get a cake-like dough. Spread sheets and bake one at a time, on the back of the oven tray greased with butter. Grind the walnut kernels and mix with the jam.

Although I like cakes, like any of us, I try to cook them as rarely as possible.

Fasting cake with walnuts and jam, Georgian recipe

Check with cocoa and quince jam & # 8211 Culinary recipes from the Country of dishes. Check filled with berry jam and chocolate. We should get a cake-like dough. Fasting cake with walnut and jam photo recipe.

Pandispan with jam, a classic recipe, inherited from grandma's notebook. Biscuits with cocoa and raspberry jam, fasting, without eggs and butter. Chocolate fasting cake with cranberries and rose flavor Vegetarian Recipes, Recipes.

Best fasting CHEC (recipe). Although many eggs are used in the original recipe. Recipe Chec with orange jam from Cookbook, Sweets. The cake is one of the favorite cakes of Romanians. How to make Chec with orange jam. The simplest recipe for fluffy fasting cake. Simple cake with jam Quick recipe Urban Flavors.

Prepare this fluffy cake recipe and use grandma's secrets. The ideal traditional recipe when looking for a fasting dessert. The cake recipe has not been posted on the blog so far because it was the subject of a contract with a certain company in Bucharest that produced a box of recipes.

This simple economical cake, but extremely delicious, was my first culinary success: P I tried it for the first time when I was just a child, but I prepare it.

Cakes and pies

Step-by-step picture cake recipes, homemade cake recipes, cake recipes, chocolate cake, fruit cake, whipped cake, festive cakes, muffin recipes, cake recipes, cookie recipes, cookie recipes croissants, homemade cookie recipes, cake recipes, tart recipes, cheesecake recipes, cake recipes that never fail.


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