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Food-Inspired Must-Haves Slideshow

Food-Inspired Must-Haves Slideshow

French Patisserie Macaroons iPhone 4 Case

Featured on WANELO (Want Need Love), this iPhone case fits the iPhone 4 and 4s and displays white, yellow, brown, pink, and black macaroons on a black background. The pops of color on the dark background are not only artsy, but appetizing.

Kitchen Veggie Prints

These 8-by-10-inch prints are ready to frame and come in a variety of colorful arrangements. From beets to carrots to radishes to onions, the pop-art feel makes a clean addition to a kitchen or hall of almost any decorative style.

Whiskey Rebellion Tea Towel

I'm obsessed with these lint-free natural cotton tea towels. They're printed in eco-friendly ink, are machine washable and dryer safe, and measure 30-by-30 inches. The masculine prints make them versatile and a perfect gift idea.

Mason Jar Lamp

These lights come wall-mountable or with a vintage industrial rope design. While this select vendor was one of my favorites, Etsy houses many, with products including chandeliers, colored mason jars, simple single lights, and more. Size and mount type can be requested.

Grow Food Kitchen Towels

These towels, perfect in pairs, are approximately 22 inches long and 14 inches wide. They come in sets of two (to be hung as pictured), are 100 percent cotton, and have a red-stripe vintage base. They are pre-washed, have a thin cotton material, and are washable and reusable. The design is printed with eco-friendly water-based ink, which has a very soft hand, making the ink feel like part of the fabric. The decal gets softer with each wash, along with the towel, but is also durable and made to last. Placement of print can vary slightly, as each item is hand-printed to order.

Cupcake Wine Bottle Stoppers

These wine bottle corks are sold individually. The cupcakes, made out of polymer clay, can be requested in terms of style and color, but come in a palette of pastels.

Darth Vader Vegetable Print

Measuring 8-by-10-inches with a .75-inch border, this creative image is printed on premium matte art paper using high-quality archival ink. It's ready for framing (thanks to the lip) and the colors are negotiable. In the words of its creator, "we wouldn't want him [Darth Vader] to come after us if we made him pink."

Blue Cave Man Pillow

While the title should maybe read, "cutesy man cave pillow," the heavy, light blue, denim type material with eco felt is a cool one nonetheless. The lettering comes in yellow, orange, and red, and the main blue cover has been prewashed to avoid color bleeding. Although necessitating a gentle cycle, the case is machine-washable (however its creators recommend hand wash, inside out). The case is 18-by-18-inches.

Custom Pantry Clips

These pantry clips from ClipAndPin can be completely customized. They come in sets of five, are hand-stamped, and can be printed in black, kelly green, dark red, or tangerine ink.

Banksy Fast-Food Caveman Decal

This Banksy decal measures 60-by-120 centimeters. Marrying street art and home decorating, the print brings a little more life into a conventional space. The wall stickers are easy to apply and 100 percent removable.

Crab Party Picks

Coming in sets of 24, these 3-inch tall decorative toothpicks are an unexpected kitchen/party addition. Made of acid-free cardstock, each crab measures about 1.25 inches and is double sided.

When Pigs Fly Dinner Napkins

Made from soft and absorbant organic cotton, these napkins are 19-by-19-inches and come in sets of four (although customized sets are possible). The hand-drawn illustrations give a unique edge, however don't compromise function as they are machine washable with a tumble dry.

Burlap Veggie Bags

These rustic-style bags are sturdy and durable, made with French seams, a casing, and drawstring. Perfect for storing onions and other vegetables, they look good on the kitchen counter and keep the mess contained. The lettering can be customized and is painted with a lead-free paint. Bags are 10-by-22-inches and are available in black, hunter green, orange, tomato red, dark brown, light cream, and sage.

Miniature Food Paper Clips

These sets of slips comes in groups of six. They are hand-crafted, come in different food groupings, and have the option of being customized. The set shown features a slice of bread, focaccia, braided bread, pineapple bread, a hot cross bun, and a danish. Clip decals are made with polymer clay and sealant and are approximately 2 inches in size with the paper clip.

Red Distressed Kitchen Sign

Measuring 24.5 inches long by 7.5 inches tall, this sign from OneCottageLane is lightweight, ready to hang, hand-painted, and sealed for protection. Etsy also houses signs that read "Food," "Eat," and other dining variations, from a variety of vendors.

American Foods Map

This 11-by-14-inch print maps America's best foods by region. The print comes unframed and unmatted, but its simple coloring makes it easy to finish and pair. Personally, I wish they had one wall-size.

Mulberry Pear Sweater

This intarsia wool and angora-blend pear face sweater from Mulberry was featured on Net-A-Porter. Camel color with a yellow, black, and white pear face and ribbed trims, it slips on and is dry-clean only.

Recipe Bags

These 100 percent cotton canvas totes are not only adorable but functional. Printed with recipes from start to finish, they are perfect for almost anything, and double as a grocery list for the recipes printed on them. Each tote measures 15 inches wide by 15 inches long, with 24-inch handles.

Campbellā€™s Soup Light Shades

Pop art light shades in an industrial setting bring life to an otherwise vacant space. Pop art, Warhol-esque ideas are never a bad idea to liven up your home or office space, in my opinion. Trend Crib thinks so, too.

Banana Lamp Shade

While maybe not so functional, this piece is original, unique, and a bit out of the box. Using pop labels to create a sculptural piece, the contrast against the white background makes this Chiquita chandelier pop.

Clean/Dirty Dishwasher Magnet

Plain, simple, 3 inches in diameter, and in retro coloring, this dishwasher magnet is a great utility. One flip either way lets your family or roommates (especially the roommates) know whether the dishwasher is clean or dirty. (And in creative way, too.)

Fudgesicle Fridge Magnets

Coming in sets of four, these polymer clay magnets are a cute addition to the modern fridge. The pop collections include plain, chocolate with nuts, and ice-cream filled with nut and chocolate covering.

Deli Sandwich Dinner Napkins

Made from soft and absorbent organic cotton, these napkins are 19-by-19-inches and come in sets of four (although customized sets are available). They are machine wash and tumble dry, flaunt a popular pattern, and make a sandwich look delicious.