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8 Hotels with Free Minibars

8 Hotels with Free Minibars

Late-night cravings that cause you to reach for a snack in the hotel minibar can be real money traps. Hotel minibars are notoriously known for their overpriced snacks, like the $10 bag of peanuts and $8 bottle of water — not to mention mini vodka bottle that can cost more than $19. But while most hotels stick to the traditional minibar concept, using it as a source of revenue, some hotels are going the opposite route and offering minibars that are totally free of charge.

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Before you get too excited about the idea of free snacks galore, we should mention that one particular category is excluded from the minibar selection in most cases: alcohol. Instead the complimentary minibars at most hotels include a selection of beverages such as soda and juice as well as classic snacks like peanuts, chips, and cookies. But at a few locations, like Calistoga Ranch in Napa Valley, Calif., guests are pampered just a tad more: the minibar here is filled with one bottle of local wine and a tin of chocolates, as well as more exotic beverages such as coconut water. At Kerry Hotel Pudong in Shanghai, guests can sit back and sip on a locally brewed beer from the hotel’s own brewery, the BREW, and at New York’s The Greenwich Hotel, the snack offerings include both a jar of brand-name chocolates and a basket of rotating savory snacks.

Though a free minibar might remove one source of revenue for the hotel, it is a way for hotels to show guests their high standards and attention to top-notch hospitality.

Mike Moran, director of sales and marketing at Auberge Resorts Calistoga Ranch, emphasizes that the free minibar is one of the many offerings Auberge Resorts gives their guests to provide exclusive five-star hospitality. "[The] free minibar is a standard for our brand Auberge Resorts. Calistoga Ranch is about pampering our guests and not having them nickel and dimed. Guests need to have the arrival experience of being in their home and be able to relax by enjoying a glass of wine from our own vineyard or a soft drink," Moran explains.

While the free minibar is still quite a rare amenity, especially when it comes to the more expensive items such as alcohol, the idea of giving guests "something extra" is slowly catching on in hotels all around the world. And while free unlimited booze might not be found in a minibar, a few hotels have established free drink specials in their lobby bars. Kimpton Hotels' "raid the bar" promotion gives its InTouch members a $10 ticket to use on a cocktail in the hotel bar, or on drinks and snacks of the same value from the hotel room minibar. In Paris, Pavillon de la Reine and its two sister hotels — Le Pavillon des Lettres and Hôtel du Petit Moulin — are going even one step further, giving guests free and unlimited access to the lobby bar for one hour. During this "dishonest hour," guests can both mix and drink their own drink(s) from staple liquors such as vodka and whiskey, and simple mixers of soda, juice, and tonic water.

Getting ready to scout out that complimentary snack stash for your next hotel stay? Whether you're planning a vacation in Los Angeles or business trip to Bangkok, our slideshow of 8 hotels offering free minibars will give you a few great options to consider.

Porto Viro Hotels

Based on hotel prices on, the average cost per night for hotels in Porto Viro is USD 90. Hotel rates change often this price is for reference only.

What are the most popular hotels in Porto Viro?

Whether you're traveling for business or going on vacation, there are many popular hotels to choose from in Porto Viro. Borgo del Nibbio is a popular hotel to stay at.

Which hotels in Porto Viro are suitable for families or travelers with kids?

Many people who travel with families or kids to Porto Viro choose to stay at Borgo del Nibbio . This hotel is also priced inexpensively.

What hotels in Porto Viro are suitable for couples?

Whether you're going on a honeymoon or a vacation with your partner, Borgo del Nibbio is the top hotel chosen by couples.

Of all the hotels in Porto Viro, which hotels have the highest user ratings?

When traveling to Porto Viro for the first time, many travelers find it difficult to choose a hotel to stay in. According to data, Borgo del Nibbio is a popular hotel with high ratings, making it a good choice for your trip.

What popular hotels in Porto Viro have parking?

If you're planning on driving to Porto Viro, why not stay at Borgo del Nibbio ? This hotel has a parking lot.

When traveling to Porto Viro, which hotels have pools?

Summer is a great season to take your kids or family on a trip to Porto Viro. Borgo del Nibbio(Indoor swimming pool) is a popular hotel with a pool.

What popular hotels have non-smoking rooms in Porto Viro?

Many guests care about the quality of the rooms they stay in and want to ensure that their rooms have fresh, clean air. Borgo del Nibbio is a popular hotel in Porto Viro with non-smoking rooms.

In Porto Viro, what popular hotels have free Wi-Fi?

When staying at a hotel, internet access is important for both vacationers and business travelers. Borgo del Nibbio is a popular hotel in Porto Viro with free Wi-Fi.

In Porto Viro, which hotels have barrier-free access?

Borgo del Nibbio is a popular hotel in Porto Viro with barrier-free access.

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Food News: Minibars, Vending Machines Offer Healthy Alternatives

Hotel and resort minibars are getting a healthy makeover. The Hyatt Hotels Corp. and Four Seasons are just two companies in a handful of hotel chains opting for healthier minibar options, according to a recent Marketwatch report. Instead of the traditional calorie-filled junk food fare, guests can choose to snack on products like organic Clif Bars, Terra chips and gluten-free energy bars.

Why the sudden change of heart? Hotel patrons are actually clamoring for healthy options. The trail mix and cashews outsell the chocolate cookies, and Fiji Water is the minibar’s most popular item at the Loews Coronado Bay Resort in San Diego, Adam Martindale, the resort’s director of food and beverage, told Marketwatch.

Staples like chips, sodas, candy and alcohol aren’t going away, but by providing more organic, gluten-free and low-calorie snacks, travelers may be more apt to purchase something from the minibar rather than not.

Resorts aren’t the only ones turning to healthy alternatives. According to a press release from Fresh Healthy Vending, the company’s climate-controlled vending machines are in more than 600 campuses across the country.

The goal in offering products from Kashi, Stonyfield Farm and popchips is to “help make the collective, and individual, student body healthier,” Jolly Backer, the CEO of Fresh Healthy Vending, said in the release.

It’s not uncommon for students to crave snacks on campus and, according to the release, Healthy Vending is there to make sure students have healthy alternatives every step of the way.

“The ability to put a healthy vending machine on campus is essential,” Backer said in a recent interview. “It gives kids and college students access to quick, convenient foods that are also packed with the nutrition they need.”

Frequently Asked Questions

When booking a hotel in Guangzhou, what are the most popular areas to stay in?

When visiting Guangzhou, many travelers choose to stay at hotels in the following areas: Beijing Road Pedestrian Street and Haizhu Square orTianhe Stadium and Guangzhou East Railway Station .

What are some popular economy hotels in Guangzhou?

How much do hotels in Guangzhou cost?

Based on hotel prices on, the average cost per night for hotels in Guangzhou is USD 172. Hotel rates change often this price is for reference only.

What are the most popular hotels in Guangzhou?

Whether you're traveling for business or going on vacation, there are many popular hotels to choose from in Guangzhou. Hilton Guangzhou Tianhe, Good International Hotel and Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou are all popular hotels to stay at.

At what hotels in Guangzhou can I try local breakfast foods?

A delicious breakfast is a great way to kick start your day. At Hilton Guangzhou Tianhe, Good International Hotel and Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou , guests can enjoy Guangzhou-style breakfasts.

Which hotels in Guangzhou are suitable for families or travelers with kids?

Many people who travel with families or kids to Guangzhou choose to stay at Q+ Tuju Hotel (Guangzhou New Baiyun Airport), Jiatu Apartment and Moments Youth Hostel . These hotels are also priced inexpensively.

What luxury hotels are recommended in Guangzhou?

What hotels in Guangzhou are suitable for couples?

Whether you're going on a honeymoon or a vacation with your partner, Shenggao Hotel (Guangzhou Beitai Science and Technology Park), Mingji Hotel (Guangzhou Asian Games City) and Space Box Hotel are some of the top hotels chosen by couples.

How much do hotels in Guangzhou cost on the weekend?

Based on hotel prices on, the average cost per night on the weekend for hotels in Guangzhou is USD 181. Hotel rates change often this price is for reference only.

When going on a business trip to Guangzhou, which hotels are the most popular with business travelers?

When it comes to business trips, choosing a hotel with convenient transportation links is important to many guests. Hilton Guangzhou Tianhe, Good International Hotel and Sofitel Guangzhou Sunrich have convenient transportation links and inexpensive prices. Consider staying at one of these hotels during your trip.

At which popular hotels in Guangzhou can I try local foods?

Those who like trying local foods might want to consider staying at Hilton Guangzhou Tianhe, Good International Hotel or Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou . There are lots of famous restaurants serving local dishes near these hotels.

Of all the hotels in Guangzhou, which hotels have the highest user ratings?

When traveling to Guangzhou for the first time, many travelers find it difficult to choose a hotel to stay in. According to data, Yuexiangjia Apartment (Guangzhou Tianfu Road), and are popular hotels with high ratings, making them good choices for your trip.

What popular hotels in Guangzhou have parking?

If you're planning on driving to Guangzhou, why not stay at Hilton Guangzhou Tianhe, Good International Hotel or Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou ? These are all popular hotels with parking lots.

When traveling to Guangzhou, which hotels have pools?

Summer is a great season to take your kids or family on a trip to Guangzhou. Hilton Guangzhou Tianhe(Indoor swimming pool), Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou(Indoor swimming pool) and Sofitel Guangzhou Sunrich(Indoor swimming pool) are popular hotels with pools.

What are some popular hotels near Baiyun International Airport?

If you booked an early flight, you might want to stay at a hotel near Baiyun International Airport the night before departure. Wanda Realm Guangzhou, Mauve Hill Hotel and Hampton by Hilton Guangzhou Huadu are popular choices for hotels to stay at.

What popular hotels have non-smoking rooms in Guangzhou?

Many guests care about the quality of the rooms they stay in and want to ensure that their rooms have fresh, clean air. Hilton Guangzhou Tianhe, Good International Hotel and Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou are all popular hotels in Guangzhou with non-smoking rooms.

In Guangzhou, what popular hotels have free Wi-Fi?

When staying at a hotel, internet access is important for both vacationers and business travelers. Hilton Guangzhou Tianhe, Good International Hotel and Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou are all popular hotels in Guangzhou with free Wi-Fi.

In Guangzhou, which hotels have barrier-free access?

In Guangzhou, which popular hotels have gyms?

Based on user ratings, Hilton Guangzhou Tianhe, Good International Hotel and Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou are highly rated hotels with gyms.

Best Beach Resorts In The Albanian Riviera

Okay, so now that we’ve covered the best hotels in each popular part of the Albanian Riviera, let’s shift our focus slightly. Maybe you’re not looking for accommodation in any specific town in the Riviera, per se? Perhaps instead, you just want to stay at an amazing beach resort somewhere in the Albanian Riviera? If that’s the case, we’ve got the ultimate list of Albanian Riviera beach resorts for you here!

  • Onassis Residences, Qeparo
  • Folie Marine Beach Hotel & Club – Soleil Resort, Jala
  • Bougainville Bay Resort, Saranda

From Free To Infinity: The World's Best Hotel Minibars

How does a hotel minibar qualify as being the best on the planet? I can give you two very different answers to that question.

The first answer is a minibar where everything is free, or at least is fairly priced.Virgin Hotels' first hotel, which will be coming to the Chicago market in January, is going to take this approach, charging what they say are "street prices" for items you normally find overpriced elsewhere. And the Andaz hotel chain has taken this concept even further, reducing the prices to nothing for quite a few items. In their London hotel, for example, you’ll find a bowl of fruit, playful (and locally appropriate) cadbury caramel chews, water and snacks that would have been expensive propositions elsewhere but are there welcoming you after your day of trekking about London.

The other kind of "best minibar" takes the opposite approach: It's the minibar where everything is decadent beyond a guest's imaginings. This is the approach taken at the newest five-star rated hotel to have opened in New York in several years, The Park Hyatt. Each room of the hotel, which opened this autumn and is located in the 1005-foot tall One57 tower, is outfitted with a golden minibar of an opulence rarely seen.

In contrast to Virgin or Andaz, there’s nothing – nothing – free or modestly priced about the Park Hyatt minibar. Yet the Park Hyatt approach feels as appropriate and enjoyable in its own way as Virgin's street prices and Andaz's decision to offer a variety of free items. At the Park Hyatt you'll find top-shelf booze of every description–not just wines and liquors, but even small-batch beers for the hops hipsters.

Not to mention a startling variety of upscale snacks. The most iconic of these, the most defining of your experience at this new property, are likely to be the truffle-infused potato chips from Torres. $8 for a tiny, tiny (1.41 ounce!) bag, but in their way a lot better bargain than the typical $7 Pringles cans that stock minibars elsewhere.

Because paying $8 for the world’s best bag of chips somehow feels more consonant with the 5-star experience than getting overcharged for a can of grocery-store chips.

A golden minibar in Midtown

Why both approaches have equal claim to being "best," and what this can tell us about creating a great customer experience

Which, really, is what building a great customer service is about. It's the emotion that is evoked in the customer by offering, pricing, ease of use and the care taken in its delivery. Whether it’s an unexpected, locally appropriate comp or near-comp (a la Virgin or Andaz) or an unexpectedly delicious far-from-comp in a Midtown lap of luxury.

Micah Solomon is a customer service consultant, customer experience keynote speaker and bestselling author. You can purchase his new Forbes Signature Series eBook, Your Customer Is The Star: How To Make Millennials, Boomers And Everyone Else Love Your Business at Amazon and Apple today.

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How do you sift through the many hotels with Eiffel Tower views from your room? And how do you figure out which rooms to book for the best look at the tower? Although Paris is one of the most magical places to visit, you should be aware of Paris scams.

This list provides some of the top accommodation options – all with at least one room that looks out onto the Eiffel Tower. Read it through, pick your favorite, and head off on a dreamy escape to the City of Lights during your road trip through France.

Hotel La Comtesse

The Hotel La Comtesse rooms are inspired by the literary salons of the 1800s and their unique contemporary decor. Many of them are also easily accessible to people with reduced mobility.

All of the rooms have views of the Eiffel Tower, some with full front views and others with side views. Depending on the type of room you get, you may even have a private balcony to enjoy the views from.

Keep in mind that the pricier rooms do come with the best view of Eiffel Tower, compared to the lower-priced ones. So while you’re guaranteed a look at the tower, in some of them you may have to really crane your neck for a good look.

A gorgeous restaurant and cafe can be found on the ground floor of the hotel next to a library open to guests seeking to enjoy some literature. There’s also a gym area for guests, and a babysitting service for parents to take some alone time.

A trip to the Eiffel Tower from the hotel takes about 15 minutes if you decide to walk, with many cozy cafes and markets to be found along the way. Rodin Museum is located a short 10-minute walk from the hotel itself, truly a must-see if you’re crazy about sculptures.

Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel Hotel

This 4-star hotel is found within walking distance of the tower, making it one of the best hotels with Eiffel Tower views. Of the 430 rooms, the views are divided between garden views and tower views.

You’ll pay a little more for uninterrupted views of the Eiffel Tower from your bedroom balcony, but it’s often a bucket list experience. If you’re really after the best view of the tower, the top floor rooms are where you want to be.

There is a gym located in the hotel that’s open 24 hours a day to guests, and you can get in your morning treadmill run while staring at the tower as well. Garden terraces are found outside the hotel, allowing guests to relax in the lush garden with a glass of wine and a good book.

The Bir Hakiem Metro station is a short walk away from the hotel too, perfect for day trips to the museums and art galleries without much hassle. The Pullman Paris Hotel’s central location makes it an attractive option for tourists looking to be close to the city’s major attractions.

Hotel Duquesne Eiffel

Book a premium room at this hotel and expect breathtaking views out of the balcony doors right from your plush queen-size bed. These are in high demand, though, so booking needs to be about 3 months in advance!

There are also superior rooms, which have balconies that offer views of the Eiffel Tower if you look sideways. The rest of the 40 rooms have no real promise of views of the tower, but they do offer luxury comfort and all the necessary amenities.

The tower itself is a short walk away from the hotel but there are metro and public transport stations located nearby if you prefer this mode of getting around.

A full buffet breakfast is included each day of your stay, served in the hotel’s historic and stunning basement. The 24-hour staff members are knowledgeable about the area and nearby attractions in case you’re looking for other fun activities.

Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile Hotel

3 Place Du General Koenig

The Hyatt Regency Hotel is one of the most designer hotels in Paris overlooking the Eiffel Tower. As the city’s only skyscraper, you can just imagine the views you’re able to get here.

Not all of the 995 rooms have Eiffel Tower views, but thankfully the ones that do say so in their name. For example, you can get the Eiffel Tower Suite, which offers direct views of the tower from the work desk. The rooms come in categories such as High Floor Deluxe, Club Access, and the usual Standard – and each one will be ‘Eiffel Tower View’ or not.

Adjoining the lobby downstairs is a MAYO restaurant in case you’re feeling hungry and don’t want to travel too far to dine out. You can also head up to the 34th floor and enjoy a sunset cocktail overlooking the mesmerizing Eiffel Tower.

A large selection of local attractions can be found nearby, too such as the Arc de Triomphe and Champs Elysées.

The Shangri-La Hotel, Paris

If eating fruit salad on your private terrace as the Eiffel Tower stands proud in the horizon is your idea of a Paris vacation, welcome to The Shangri-La. Once a palace built for a prince, this building is one of the city’s most prominent hotels.

If the terrace rooms are all booked up, you can still opt for the Eiffel View rooms which have windows looking out at the landmark. Or splurge on one of the grand suites. The hotel has a unique blend of Asian and European designs, and the rooms are luxuriously furnished and decorated.

When you’ve gazed upon the tower all you can, it’s a good idea to head down and try out one of the Michelin-starred restaurants in the hotel. Have a meal of world-class Parisian cuisine, or opt for the equally divine Chinese.

You can also take advantage of the wellness center in the hotel, complete with a pool, gym, and relaxing spa. Both Champs-Elysées and Montaigne avenue are close by to explore, and there’s ample opportunity to head to the Eiffel Tower and see it up close.

Hotel Le Walt

37 Avenue De La Motte Picquet

The reproduction oil paintings displayed throughout Hotel Le Walt may give you the divine feeling of staying in a Paris art gallery. This will only be made better by the views out of your window, showcasing the beauty of the Eiffel Tower.

Be sure to book in advance so that you don’t miss out on the hotel’s rooms that do offer views of the tower. Then, order your breakfast to your room and enjoy peaceful mornings marveling at the manmade structure.

Each of the rooms in the hotel feature flatscreen satellite TVs as well as minibars and free wifi. There are radios included in each of the rooms as well in case you’d like to tune into some music while you get ready in the mornings.

The hotel features large private garden terraces that are perfect for a chilled evening sipping wine and reading a book. The Eiffel Tower is within walking distance of the hotel. Champ de Mars, a popular city park, is 5 minutes away from the hotel for a scenic walk to see the iconic tower.

Eiffel Trocadero

Hotel Trocadero is an incredibly well maintained 18th-century building. This is one of the smaller hotels with a view of the Eiffel Tower, but no less magnificent. The balcony rooms overlook the beautiful Gardens of Trocadero and the Eiffel Tower beyond.

Of the 19 rooms available, the Eiffel Guest Suite is the clear winner. Not only does this suite offer a lookout spot, including a telescope for up-close viewing, but the feature wall is decorated to resemble parts of the tower as well.

The next best option would be one of the Deluxe View rooms on floors 4 – 6. These have gorgeous views from the windows and offer the same luxury and comfort that you’d expect in a Paris hotel.

The rooms feature period furnishings that really bring the antique quality of the hotel to life. The hotel prides itself on its eco-friendly design and practices. Organic breakfasts are served each morning in the open plan and well-lit breakfast room.

The tower itself is a short 7-minute walk from the hotel lobby and you can pass through the gardens on the way there. The Trocadero metro station is a short 180 meters from the hotel lobby and allows you to travel throughout the city quickly and efficiently.

Hotel Napoleon Paris

From the 7th-floor Imperial Suite of the Napoleon Paris Hotel, the Eiffel Tower is the focal point of the balcony’s view. This is a pricey one, as you’d expect from a large 2-bedroom suite in Paris.

The other rooms and suites also overlook the Avenue De Ferdinand and the hotel’s large interior courtyard garden. They’re just as luxurious, but not quite the same as staring at the Eiffel Tower right before you drift off to sleep.

Bivouac Cafe, a well-known restaurant attached to the lobby of the hotel offers authentic and high-quality French cuisine. The restaurant features outside seating by a sheltered terrace, perfect for getting some fresh morning air before you head out to explore.

You can visit the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre Museum and the tower easily while staying. And it’s one of the best shopping areas to stay in if you’re hoping to take home some real Paris fashion.

The World’s Best [Free!] Hotel Mini-Bars

Like syndicated episodes of Law & Order, it’s always there. Waiting. You don’t want to succumb. But, sometimes, the road-weary traveler can’t help but do just that.

Fortunately, the hotel mini-bar is evolving. Forget overpriced Pringles and strangely cold Cabernet. From Bangkok to London, hotels with both culinary and economic knowhow now provide gourmet mini-bar options without the absurd price tag.

Tasty in-room items like craft beers and handmade chocolates are completely complimentary, thereby liberating you from any embarrassing Skittles-and-gin charges to settle at checkout.

Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai
Shanghai has no shortage of luxury lodging, but Kerry Hotel Pudong is the city’s only hotel with an on-site craft brewery. Guests can sample award-winning brew master Leon Mickelson’s best bottles, made with ingredients sourced from nearby farms in the Yangtze River Delta, without removing their slippers – or their wallets. Complimentary mini-bars are stocked with peanuts, chips and two of Mickelson’s signature beers: a grassy, hoppy Pils and classic Indian Pale Ale. 1388 Hua Mu Road, Shanghai 201204

Calistoga Ranch, Napa Valley
Set on 157 acres of oaks, lakes and bubbling mineral pools, Calistoga Ranch does everything in its power to connect you to its almost ludicrously beautiful locale. Forty-eight cedar guest lodges all have outdoor living rooms and showers, floor-to-ceiling windows, and complimentary mini-bars stocked with heirloom apple juices, locally bottled Chardonnay, handmade chocolates from nearby St. Helena and a rotating selection of seasonal snacks from Napa Valley. 580 Lommel Road, Calistoga, CA 94515

Andaz Liverpool Street, London
Housed in a stately 19 th Century brick building, Andaz is the only hotel on Liverpool Street and just steps from the central Liverpool tube station—and its uncannily bustling McDonald’s. Avoid the straphangers’ McFlurry by retreating to your sleek room, where modernist furnishings include Eames desk chairs, Jacob Jacobsen lighting, and a chrome refrigerator stocked with complimentary biscuits, crisps, juices and bottled water. 40 Liverpool Street, London EC2M 7QN

Sir Plantin Hotel Antwerp
A major commercial port since the 15 th Century, modern-day Antwerp has the risky combination of both a booming diamond trade and killer beer scene. Funky design hotel Sir Plantin knows that journeying along the River Scheldt can be a thirsty business, so mini-bars in its 176 rooms have complimentary sparkling and still waters as well as two locally brewed Bavik Pils beers. All are restocked daily because a premium Belgian lager, really, is forever. Plantin en Moretuslei 136, 2018 Antwerp

Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok
One of the world’s best culinary destinations, Bangkok, has it all: incredible street food, innovative fine dining, even noodle dishes made with the fat from shrimp heads. In the heart of downtown lies the Siam Kempinski, a 303-room hotel with an impressive local art program and the perfect mini-bar to compliment days of reckless gastronomic abandon. Tonic water, soda and local beers are free of charge and replenished daily. No questions asked. Rama 1 Road 991/9, 10330 Bangkok

The Greenwich Hotel New York
Chic hotels are a dime a dozen in NYC, but De Niro does not mess around. His TriBeCa hotspot and its stellar restaurant Locanda Verde will make you forget that last Meet the Parents sequel was ever made. Clubby, masculine interiors include guestrooms with sweeping downtown views, free wifi and a complimentary mini-bar with Uncle Jerry’s chocolate-covered pretzels, mixed nuts, bottles of water and even Kiki de Montparnasse condoms. 377 Greenwich Street, New York, NY 10013

12 City Map

When going to a new city, you probably don’t know your way around. While GPS on mobile devices is widely used, if you don’t have a data package, you might have to rely on the classic city map. That’s something hotels will give you for free if you just ask, and they will even be able to point out some great locations to check into and show you how to get there. It’s not a bad thing to have either, as you can mark down areas you have already travel to and keep a good record of your travels.

More Hong Kong Hotels

Hong Kong is famous for its high degree of prosperity and traditional culture. There are many shopping districts along Victoria Harbour, attracting millions of shoppers. Hong Kong is home to the first Disneyland Resort in China and the famous Wong Tai Sin Temple. Hong Kong’s delicious cuisine and unique tea restaurant culture can be found around the world wherever you find Chinese communities. Hong Kong can be divided into four regions: Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula, the New Territories, and the Outlying Islands. There is also a great choice of hotels in Hong Kong so you’re sure to find your ideal accommodation.

Victoria Harbour and Victoria Peak are well-known symbols of Hong Kong. Whether you are taking a trip to Victoria Harbour with the Star Ferry, or taking a cable car to the top of the hill overlooking Hong Kong and visiting Madame Tussauds, you can always experience Hong Kong’s uniqueness and charm.

Like its culture, Hong Kong cuisine blends the essence of different food cultures from around the world to develop its own unique style. On the streets of Mong Kok and Central, you’ll find delicious food and milk tea everywhere. The seafood of Sai Kung, Cheung Chau Island and Lamma Island is both affordable and tasty. Sheung Wan, Central, and Wan Chai have many Michelin star-rated restaurants waiting for you to explore. In general, popular routes to explore Hong Kong include: heading to Lantau Island to visit Hong Kong Disneyland, Tai O fishing village, Ngong Ping Tramway and Tian Tan Buddha heading to Lamma Island for a walk, to eat seafood and visit the arts and crafts shops and heading to Cheung Chau Island to watch the folk festival "Da Jiu Festival".

The three major shopping districts in Hong Kong are Tsim Sha Tsui, which has a wide range of goods, Central and Causeway Bay, which specializes in high-end stores, and Mong Kok, which is a major shopping street offering cheap commodities. There are a lot of outlying islands in Hong Kong. On weekends and public holidays, people will take a trip to an outlying island with the whole family for some fresh air, seafood and tranquility.

Hong Kong is a heaven for foodies, where you can find yummy foods from all over the world: whether it is traditional Cantonese food, Hong Kong-style tea restaurants, street food, food stalls, or the traditional cuisine of the Mainland, European cuisine, Western food, Japanese and Korean cuisine, Indian food and more. If you want to have a taste of old Hong Kong, milk tea, buttered pineapple buns, shrimp dumplings, cha siu bao, egg tarts, and rice rolls can’t be missed. If you don’t want long-distance transfers to other Asian countries, why not come to Hong Kong to taste authentic Vietnamese rice noodles, Thai Tom Yum Goong, Malaysian Bak Kut Teh, Indian pilaf, and Japanese cuisine? If you don’t have a long enough holiday to visit Europe and the United States but are keen for Western food, you can go to the major restaurants in Hong Kong to have an authentic French or Italian meal. If you are crazy for seafood, Sai Kung's seafood street, seafood stalls in Lamma Island, etc. have the freshest ingredients and the perfect cooking method. In Hong Kong, every foodie can be satisfied.

Hong Kong can actually be divided into two parts: one is the urban area where Hong Kong Island and Kowloon are the core, and the other is the outlying islands represented by Lantau Island and Lamma Island. If you are tired of the crowded urban areas, you might as well go off-island to enjoy a leisurely stay, which is totally different from the hustle and bustle in the downtown area. The purity of the beach will make you suspect that it is much further south than Hong Kong Island. Here, people with sunglasses and T-shirts walk their dogs, ride bicycles, and breathe the fresh air of the countryside. There is a joyous atmosphere in the park and on the beach. There is soothing music playing in the seaside cafes. People are here to relax and enjoy the scenery.

Hong Kong has a subtropical climate with four distinct seasons. Hong Kong is suitable for a visit in all seasons. The temperature is pleasant from mid-September to the end of February, but hot and humid from late May to mid-September. It rains most from May to September, accounting for about 80% of the annual rainfall, of which the most abundant rainfall is in August. Purely considering the climate, the best two seasons for visiting are March and mid-October to mid-November.

Watch the video: Hotel Travel (January 2022).