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Pork chops in tomato sauce, in the oven

Pork chops in tomato sauce, in the oven

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The meat is washed well, so that no bone remains, after which the fat is removed, which will be left in the tray, in the oven, to give a good taste to the sauce.

Increase the thin layer of fat, or the skin surrounding the lean cutlet meat, so that it does not bend, when cooked, to remain flat.

If the chops are thicker, beat a little and prick lightly on both sides.

Peel an onion, wash it and slice it coarsely.

Peel a squash, grate it and slice it.

Wash the tomatoes and slice.

Season the chop pieces with: salt, pepper and paprika on both sides, then put them in the pan, along with the pieces of bacon removed from the chops. Add the bay leaf and the slices of: onion, tomato and garlic.

Pour oil, wine, water and tomato juice on top. Cover the tray with aluminum foil and bake at medium temperature for at least 90 minutes. Then remove the tray from the oven, remove the aluminum foil and turn the chops.

Put the tray back in the oven (uncovered) for 40-45 minutes and in the meantime take it out from time to time, to pour the sauce on the chops and turn them over.

When it is ready (check by pricking, if it is tender), take it out of the oven, so that it does not dry out there, due to the heat, and serve it immediately with a garnish of natural potatoes, puree, pilaf, or pasta. Serve with a seasonal salad or pickles.


Boneless pork chops are just as good (or maybe even better).


Remove the excess bacon from the chops, but keep it to put in the pan, in the oven, because it will give a good taste to the sauce. There is no point in leaving thick bacon on the chops, because it is unsightly and will not be eaten.


If the layer of bacon around the chop is thin, it can be left, but it is good to cut it from place to place, so as not to "tighten" and bend the steak, which must remain flat.


If the chops are too thick, you should beat them and prick them lightly, or you could leave them to marinate for a few hours, so that the steak is tender and well penetrated.


After removing the aluminum foil, turn the chops from time to time so that they penetrate and brown on both sides.


You can add other spices that you like.


Do not leave the steak in the oven when it is ready, as it may dry out from the heat.

Traditional cuisine vs. professional / modern kitchen & # 8211 Ep. 2

Traditional cuisine vs. professional / modern cuisine ep2 BEATEN (VARNISHED) VS ICRE DE FASOLE In Brăila, beans are very popular, especially the white one. Traditional dishes with beans that are in the top of preferences: smoked bean borscht, bean sausage with sausages and beaten (or roasted) beans with tomato sauce. I wonder how the Turkish people of Ibrail used to get rid of the perfect combination of pork and beans (which they also eat frequently)… Now I will refer to the cooked beans. It is a food in itself or can be associated with various smokes. It is especially suitable in the cold season, but it is just as good in the hot season only served cold. The Arab world has a very similar dish made of chickpeas: Hummus. The Romanians made a dish to their taste with a lot of garlic, a lot of oil and frying: 500 g beans, two suitable onions, two carrots, two heads of garlic, 500 ml of oil sauce: four suitable onions, 500 g mashed tomatoes, sheets of bay leaf, a little thyme, a little oregano and pepper. Leave the beans in cold water overnight, drain, boil and change the water at least twice each time the water to be replaced must be hot (if these initial steps are not followed, it will happen as follows : bean swollen bean - makes the night poc in bed I am waiting for those from Pfizer or Moderna to make a vaccine with messenger RNA against flatulence… .to see then those who wish…). At the last boiling of the beans, add the onion, carrot, a bay leaf and salt. When the beans are very well cooked, drain the water and let it cool a bit, then chop in the mincer. Garlic is made into a paste together with the oil using a blender. Mix everything with the mixer, taste and add more salt if necessary. Finely chop the onion for the sauce and sauté in oil (lid on pan and simmer). After 15 minutes, add the mashed tomatoes, a bay leaf, two cups of water, a little pepper, a little thyme and a little oregano. Boil until it has a thick sauce consistency. Place the beans in a thick layer in ceramic pots with plenty of sauce on top and leave to cool. It is consumed with whatever is pickled. The modern variant is Bean Cream or Bean Caviar. Its preparation has French influences, so we will have a food that is easier to digest but also very tasty. Ingredients: 500 g beans, two suitable onions, two carrots, a bay leaf, a lemon, two tablespoons of mustard, 100 ml of sunflower oil and 100 ml of olive oil (excluding the very bitter one). Prepare and boil the beans just like for the fried beans. After chopping, add the juice of a lemon, mustard and mix with all the oil poured little by little. Taste the salt and prepare many slices of rustic bread to be loaded with this delicious composition. Good appetite! Written with love and grace by Chef Catalin Nechita & # 8211 Restaurant Sunrise Marina & # 8211.

How to cook delicious pork with plums

Pork is almost the most popular on our menu. This is used to make chops, chops, meatballs, steaks, rice, sausages and many other dishes. If you want to cook a thicker dish, it is better to use the neck, back or chest, if it is intended for schnitzel or broth & # 8211 cut or pulp without layers of fat.

ingredients Number of
pork & # 8211 500 g
prunes & # 8211 100 g
oily oil & # 8211 3 tablespoons. IT.
flour & # 8211 3 tablespoons. IT.
onion & # 8211 1 pc.
sare & # 8211 1 teaspoon.
Cooking time: 50 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 217 Kcal

The most common recipe for pork and plum dishes is very easy to prepare and no additional spices or herbs are needed. A plate without them will turn out quite spicy and unusual.

Dried plums dipped in water. Wash the meat carefully and dry it, then cut it into pieces along the fibers, transfer it to a bowl, sprinkle with salt and flour.

Heat the butter in a pan, discard the pork for a few minutes to keep it inside. Spread on a plate.

Peeled onions cut into strips, fry in a pan.

Plums, placed on a towel to leave moisture. Add toasted pieces of meat to the onion. Pour half a glass of water and a better broth of meat and cook the dish for thirty minutes on low heat.

Plums are best added in the whole form, so the taste will feel better. Optionally, together with the soup, you can pour fresh cream or homemade cream. So the dish will be even softer and there will be an extra salad in the garnish.

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  • Book your from 2 p & # 226nă to 4 hours for a chop or thinner pieces and p & # 226na to 8 hours for steaks and larger pieces of meat pork

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  • Whether you marinate the meat or not, pull it into the pan where you melted a little butter, time of 4-5 minutes
  • & # 206turn the pieces on both sides of meat

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  • Fire up and down with ventilation, to electric ovens, minimum fire to gas ovens

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  • As I said, we are not too carnivorous, we prefer greens
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  • Ingredient: 1 piece chop (with bone all) of about 2 kg 4 puppies of garlic 3 tablespoons oil of olive 1 glass of Red wine

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  • We need of pork chop, white wine for aroma and tenderness, rosemary and garlic for aroma and taste

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  • Steak baked pork it is a food that attracts the whole family around it, for steak baked pork I chose to do chop to the detriment of fatty meat
  • chops pork is the weakest portion of meat pork, this weighing about 6g of fat to 100g of pork chop, but has a high content of protein and

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  • Put the chops pork in the marinade obtained and cover the container with foil of plastic
  • Give them to refrigerator for 8 hours or overnight
  • Heat a pan with 1-2 tablespoons well of oil of

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  • MODE OF RECIPE PREPARATION Pork chop with bone in the oven!: The cutlet is sliced ​​to the shape of the bones and seasoned of salt, pepper and paprika, and place in a heat-resistant dish
  • Mushrooms, onions and peppers are cleaned
  • Slice the onion and pepper, then place between the slices of

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  • Chops pork I'm boneless to kind of good (or maybe even better)
  • & # 206remove the bacon of surplus of on the chops, but keep it so you can put it in the tray, in the oven, because it will give a good taste to the sauce
  • There is no point in leaving thick bacon on the chops, because it is unsightly and

Baked pork chop rolls Recipes

  • We insert the tray in oven time of 30 minutes to suitable heat (180-200 degrees), then uncover them and leave them for another 5-10 minutes until they are ready, lightly browned
  • The rolls from pork chop serve hot with of or garnish of potatoes and an assorted salad of pickles or of fresh cabbage, but they are very good even after they have cooled

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  • Grease with oil, salt and spices, and cut the garlic into small pieces and crumbs. of rosemary
  • & # 206l put & # 238in a tray for steak, & # 238n you put a layer

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  • This steak from pork chop Whole bone is one of the best meat recipes baked pork
  • The flesh is tender and juicy, while the flavors are rich and well combined
  • We recommend that you cook the chop baked pork with wine using meat with bones and fat on top
  • & # 206in this way, the steak will be 100% tender and juicy and you will forget of

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  • M & # 226ncare of peas with meat of beef
  • How to make the best meatballs of rice
  • Ingredients for baked pork chop
  • 1 kg chop & # 238ntreg pork

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  • Baked pork chop tips and recipe with pictures for a juicy steak
  • I also made the magic bag in the bag of house that turned out absolutely gorgeous and delicious
  • The meat actually melted in your mouth
  • Steak pork from chop boneless in the oven step by step recipe.

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  • Pork chop with Vegetables and Mushrooms the Oven
  • Hello my dears! Today we are talking about the recipe of Pork Cutlet with Vegetables and Mushrooms the Oven, a recipe of tender, juicy and very tasty steak
  • It can be prepared anytime you want something good and consistent, it takes more time of

Baked Pork Chops With Vegetables

  • Cutlets Pork With vegetables The Oven You don't need to of Many ingredients, it is easy to make and delicious
  • We need some thin chops pork, green beans, 1-2 large red peppers, diced potatoes, red onions, juice of lemon, garlic, thyme, smoked paprika, a little of oil, salt and pepper.

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  • We clean the potatoes of peel them, cut them into larger cubes and put them to boiled, until boiling
  • Then we strain them and put them in the tray
  • On top, sprinkle with green parsley and add enough water to cover everything
  • stuffing in the oven, to 180 & # 176C, until it catches the crust on top
  • Then I poured a glass of red wine and keep for another 10-15 minutes in the oven.

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  • Of Holidays, I'm ready baked pork chop, with ribs, potatoes and spices
  • The smoky ribs gave it a great aroma, but they also ate the first ones (who doesn't love the ribs?) Garlic and rosemary are our favorite spices, they give a special aroma.

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  • Meat pork it came out soft and juicy, of it also left an extraordinary juice of flavored & # 238n tray, so I used it as a sauce for meat and puree
  • This chop & # 238l you can serve with of any gasket you want or even next to it of

Baked pork steak Recipes ManLaCratiță

After the 40 passes of minutes, remove the foil of aluminum and leave the steak baked pork for another quarter of time, enough to brown nicely and get a pleasant appearance (as not all ovens bake to way, it is good that towards the end we keep an eye on the steak, so that it does not brown much harder than we would like).

Video: Schweinekoteletts aus dem Ofen auf der Stoneware White Lady von Pampered Chef (July 2022).


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