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Official Easter Cocktail: Zombie Peep Corpse Reviver

Official Easter Cocktail: Zombie Peep Corpse Reviver

The greatest way to use Peeps in a cocktail, ever

The Zombie Peep Corpse Reviver.

Many offerings have been made to the cocktail recipe gods in celebration of the Easter holiday, but we have come up with the most appropriate of all.

The Corpse Reviver No. 2 is a traditional drink found in the storied Savoy Cocktail Book from the 1930s, with a name that just happens to suit. We combined this recipe with one of the season’s most recognizable icons, the Marshmallow Peep. We then plied the dark arts to transform these treats from their pure state into creatures that have risen from the dead to walk again and feast on others of their kind.

Before you enjoy a holiday meal this weekend, whip up a few of these special sips for your friends and loved ones. They are sure to remember for a long time to come.

Zombie Peep Corpse Reviver

¾ ounces dry gin
¾ ounces orange liqueur
¾ ounces Lillet Blanc
¾ ounces fresh lemon juice
2 dashes absinthe

1 zombie bunny Peep
1 formerly living bunny Peep in the throes of being eaten
4 zombie apostle chick Peeps

Combine the first five ingredients in a pint glass with ice and shake well. Pour into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with Peeps as appropriate.

Danya Henninger, The Drink Nation

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The Bloody Halfback
Love Machine
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Beefeater Thanksgiving Toast
Sangue Frio
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Harvest Highball
Hep Cat
Saint Valentine
Independence on Ice
Long Beach Ice Tea
Kurant Bon Bon
Appletini / Apple Martini
The Napoleon Sneak
Blue Hawaiian
Kremlin Colonel
Black Cat Martini
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Spanish Coffee
Kurant Affair
Grapefruit-Rosemary Mojito
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Tequila Slammer
Orange Bomber
Nervous Breakdown
Lingering Labor Day
Silent Night
Red Zone
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Oscar Cocktails
Canal Street
Chambord Pomegranate Sparkler
Absolut Pleasure
Green Agave
NFC Margarita
Pineapple Cilantro H2O
Jelly Bean #2
Devil's Poison
The Old Fashioned 101
The Rooster
Cinco Punch
Rosé the Riveter
Punch in the Stomach
Blue Stampede
p.i.n.k. peppermint martini
Beach Street Cooler
Piña Perfection Margarita
Mother's Day Blackberry Champagne Cocktail
Nelson's Blood
Berry Cobbler
Manhattan Cocktail
Cranberry Raspberry Flirtini
Midori’s Merry Martini
Caribbean Champagne
B & B
Sandeman's Sweetheart Sparkler
Peaches and Cream
Cajun Martini
Cherry Noir Fizz
Beach Buster
Midnight Cocktail
Screwed-Up Screwdriver
Sparkling Black Cherry Cooler
Zombie Peep Corpse Reviver
Anti-Oxidant Cocktail
Red Cicada
Kiwi Mint Mango
Kiwi Caipiroska
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Woodward Eggnog
Watermelon Mojito
Aberdeen Flip
Wicky Wacky Woo
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Wild Turkey American Honey Wild Mustang
Apple Sidecar
Spider’s Kiss
Baileys Pumpkin Pie
Herradura Splash
Cherry Picker
Silverlake Slip
Enchanted Dry Daiquiri
Love and Roses
Chipotle Sangrita
Everybody's Irish
Vodka Gimlet
Merry Maker
Little Devil
Irish Apple Sour
Jamaica Me Crazy
Brandy Cassis
Ice Pick
Strawberry Cheesecake
Cerveza Nicola
Mayhem Cocktail
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The Legendary Lady
Prairie Fire

The Royal Rose-Marry Lemon Margarita
Celtic Mix Cocktail
Christmas Coco
Fumble Roosky
Citrus Winter Warmer Toddy
Ruby Dutchess
Caramel Apple Pie
Triple Crown Julep
X-Rated Summer
Tequila Sunrise
Autumn Harvest
The Happy Mom
The Awapuhi - Pau Hana Friday Cocktail
Half & Half
Poinsettia Cocktail
Corpse Reviver #2
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The Headless Horseman
Gosh Yam It
Margarita of Love
Citrico Snowflake
Champagne Christmas Punch
Chocolate Covered Pomegranate
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Dutch Courage
Golden Rum Punch
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The One-Cheek Sneek
Mardi Gras 2010
Gold Rush
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Thistle Cocktail
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Kentucky Mulled Cider
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Grateful Cranberry Cocktail
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Pear-Way to Heaven
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Ciderhouse Sangria
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Warsaw Cocktail
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Root Beer Float
Dancing Dutchman
Italian Toddy
Kahlúa Cryptini
Zombie - Don the Beachcomer 1934
Swedish Kiss
Pomegranate Pineapple Fireworks
Plum Smash
Hal Ligon
Vanilla Peppermint Martini
Tequila Ghost
Sweet Summer Tea
The Fall Punch
Orangecello Champagne Cocktail
Summer Gin Punch
Mr. Big
Midori Sour
Mexican Martini
Jimmy Russell’s Mint Julep
Seven and Seven
Bloody Mary
Black Widow
Red, White, and B-Lucid Punch
Purple Hooter
Blue Motorcycle
Stars and Stripes
Spice Night
Baileys Irish Ice
Pink Lady
The Bee's Knees
Seven Layer Cookie
Brass Monkey
Rouge Noir
Vampire’s Punch
Rum Yum
The Scotchsicle
Hot Apple Cider
Eerie Eyeballs
Goodnight Moon Punch
Grilled Pineapple Crush
Gooey Butter Cake Martini
Golden Gate Cocktail
Rocket Fuel
Regent's Punch
White Wine Sangria
Hot Rumba

Chocolate Milk Martini
The Patriot
Cool-as-a-Cucumber Cocktail
Black & Silver
Red Devil #2
George Washington Cocktail
Holiday Cocktails from Chivas Regal
Wreath of Barbs
The Seersucker
Peanut Jubilee
Gabrielle’s X-Rated Kiss
Sparkling Peppermint Swirl
Blood Orange Freeze
Anna's Summer Shot
Bohemia Michelada
Bahama Mama
Passing Game Punch
Widow's Kiss
Watermelon and Cucumber Tonic
Smitten Pears
Black Punch
Spa Cooler
Banana Daiquiri
Half and Half
American Pie
Buckk's Fizz
The Whiskey Sour 101
Belle Femme
Delmonico Cocktail
Cuppa Good Cheer
Vodka Mimosa
Spiced Pumpkin
Brown Derby Cocktail
Jameson Old Fashioned
Vampire Ritual
Buon Giorno!
Vodka Stinger
The Real Wedding Crasher
Fall Back
Hot Cinn Apple Toddy
The Grizzly
Candy Bar Cocktail
Volga Boatman
Kahlúa Black Cat
Absolut Wonder
The After-Turkey Apertif
Marengo's Punch
Cape Cod
Fog Cutter Cocktail
Crimson Sunset
Royal Arrival
The Lusty Maritime Punch
Geisha Girl

Rob Roy
X Meeting Mrs. Bing
Mexican Coffee
Chriser Rose
Lovin' in the Coven
Inaugural Orange Punch
Under the Volcano Martini
Algonquin Cocktail
Sultry Samantha
Frangelico Hazelnut Coffee
Lychee Gimlet
Grapefruit Basil Martini
Whiskey Sour
Whipped Fiesta
Pink Pineapple
Planter's Punch
Nectarine of the Gods
Flip Flop Punch
Who Needs Her
Black Opal
360 Degrees
Cranberry Mint Margarita
Firebelle Lil
Take Me Out To The Moneyball-game
City Slicker
AFC Paloma
Supernatural Sip
4th of July Watermelon Cocktail
Ocean Dream
Nude Beach
Cranberry Shooters
The Shamrock-tini
White Elephant
American Dad
Sea Breeze
American Beauty
Tucson Martini
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My Fair Lady
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Corpse Reviver #3
Hudson Highland Cup
Sex On The Beach
Tequila Tangerine Dream
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English Christmas Punch
Sparkling Hibiscus Champagne Cocktail
Spiced Sangria
Vessel 75
Dewar's Highball
Sparkling Spring Punch
Quarter Deck Cocktail
Skinny Spiked Cider
Absolut Brooklyn Ginger
Newport Cooler
Peach Mint Smash
Island Holiday Punch
Piña Colada
Devil’s Handshake
Tequila Cocktail
Red Zone Refresher
Cold Pumpkin Pie
Mexican Hot Chocolate
Red Rose Martini
Royal Widow
Embarcadero Dandy
Haunted Cinn
Bloody Mary Modenese
Red Zombie
Brandy Crusta
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UAE announces relaxing of Islamic laws for personal freedoms

The United Arab Emirates announced on Saturday a major overhaul of the country’s Islamic personal laws, allowing unmarried couples to cohabitate, loosening alcohol restrictions, and criminalising so-called “honour killings”.

The government said the legal reforms were part of efforts to improve legislation and the investment climate in the country, as well as to consolidate “tolerance principles”.

“I could not be happier for these new laws that are progressive and proactive,” said Emirati film-maker Abdallah Al Kaabi, whose art has tackled taboo topics such as homosexual love and gender identity.

“2020 has been a tough and transformative year for the UAE.”

The broadening of personal freedoms reflects the changing profile of a country that has sought to bill itself as a skyscraper-studded destination for Western tourists, fortune-seekers and businesses despite its legal system based on a hardline interpretation of Islamic law.

The changes also reflect the efforts of the Emirates’ rulers to keep pace with a rapidly changing society at home.

The announcement also follows an historic US-brokered deal to normalise relations between the UAE and Israel, which is expected to bring an influx of Israeli tourists and investment.

Allowing alcohol

Changes include scrapping penalties for alcohol consumption, sales and possession for those 21 and over. The legal reforms were announced on state-run WAM news agency and detailed in the state-linked newspaper, The National.

Previously, individuals needed a liquor license to purchase, transport or have alcohol in their homes. The new rule would apparently allow Muslims who have been barred from obtaining licenses to drink alcoholic beverages freely.

Another amendment allows for “cohabitation of unmarried couples”, which has long been a crime in the UAE. Authorities, especially in the more free-wheeling financial hub of Dubai, tend to look the other way when it comes to foreigners, but the threat of punishment still lingered for such behaviour.

The government also decided to get rid of laws protecting so-called “honour killings”, a widely criticised tribal custom in which a male relative may evade prosecution for assaulting a woman seen as dishonouring a family. The punishment for a crime committed to eradicating a woman’s “shame” for promiscuity or disobeying religious and cultural strictures will now be the same for any other kind of assault.

Human rights groups say thousands of women and girls are killed across the Middle East and South Asia each year by family members angered at perceived damage to their “honour”. This could include eloping, fraternising with men, or any transgression of conservative values regarding women.

“There will be tougher punishments for men who subject women to harassment of any kind, which is thought to cover street harassment or stalking,” The National reported.

In a country where expatriates outnumber citizens nearly nine to one, the amendments will permit foreigners to avoid Islamic courts on issues such as marriage, divorce and inheritance.

The reforms come as the UAE gets ready to host the high-stakes World Expo. The event is planned to bring a flurry of commercial activity and some 25 million visitors to the country after it was pushed back a year because of the coronavirus pandemic.