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Chicken and celery salad

Chicken and celery salad

Chicken and celery salad recipe of 03-06-2020

L'chicken and celery salad it is a light and tasty second course, perfect for eating with taste without getting too heavy. To give my salad an extra touch I used walnuts, parmesan flakes and above all balsamic vinegar, which goes very well with the other ingredients. If you want you can also add radicchio or rocket to give a little contrast of extra flavors, but I assure you that this is already a very good dish. You just have to add a little bread close to it, you will have a perfect single dish for the whole family!


How to make chicken and celery salad

First, place the chicken on a very hot, lightly salted grill pan and cook for 30 minutes over medium heat, turning it halfway through cooking.
Then remove the skin, tendons and bones, and fray the flesh.

Wash the celery, remove the leaves and the final part and cut it into slices.
Coarsely chop the walnuts.

Combine in a bowl: chicken, celery, walnuts, parmesan flakes (you can get them with a potato peeler).
Season with salt, pepper, oil and vinegar and mix.

The chicken and celery salad is ready: arrange it on a serving dish, decorate with a few leaves of celery and a little more balsamic vinegar and serve.

Chicken salad: 10 delicious recipes

L'chicken salad It is a fresh and tasty dish typical of the summer. It can be served as a delicious appetizer, a cold main course or a decidedly light single dish: it all depends on the ingrediants with which it is prepared. The chicken cut normally used is the chest, the leanest, very digestible and versatile. It is appreciated for its nutritional properties and is easy to cook.

Whether you are looking for the traditional recipe , of the American Caesar's salad, of the colored Brazilian variant or that you want to discover new creative and original ideas, Salt & pepper has selected the top ten of the best chicken salad recipes.

Try the strong taste ofchicken salad with tzatziki sauce: only 150 calories for a second of Greek inspiration with all the flavor and beneficial properties of yogurt. The tzatziki sauce is based on cucumber, garlic and yogurt, easy to prepare and ready in an instant, excellent to accompany meat, fish and vegetables, typical of Greek cuisine and also widespread in the southern Balkans.

Or focus on the freshness ofchicken salad and exotic fruit: Add dehydrated mango, papaya, pineapple and ginger to the meat and create an original variant of the classic chicken salad, rich in vitamins and low in calories.

Do you want a dish with a delicious traditional flavor? Here is the chicken salad : use the chicken breast to prepare the broth and, once cooked, remove it, let it dry and cool, then cut it into strips. Combine them with onion rings, tomato wedges, sliced ​​celery and black olives.

To be used as a main course or as a single dish, the chicken breast with couscous It is an elegant and simple course: golden slices of chicken breast are served next to zucchini with the scents of the garden, accompanied by very aromatic cous cous.

For a nice presentation that your guests will enjoy, prepare l & rsquosalad with chicken, mimosa, celery and mayonnaise: it is a flowery and inviting explosion, to be served in glasses. To accompany the white meat of the chicken there are, in addition to vegetables, primroses and fragrant violets.

If you like a bit unusual combination, meat is combined with the flavors of the sea with theChicken, shrimp and avocado salad, a tasty single dish that contains an original mix of ingredients (there are also pineapples and cashews!). The salad is dressed with an emulsion of oil, lime and lemon juice, salt and pepper.

Well, what are you waiting for? Scroll through the recipes that we propose and choose the one that's right for you. Try a new one every time. And & hellip good appetite!

When you want to make the feta and vegetable-rich chicken salad, try to have all the ingredients already at hand so that you have them immediately available. Even if the photos in succession are not very clear, the taste of this salad! Prepare the rocket, songino, baby spinach, lollo rosso, lollo verde and romana spring onion, carrot, mushrooms, red peppers, cherry tomatoes, diced feta cheese and grilled chicken breast cut into slices. A sprinkling of chives, extra oil, salt and balsamic vinegar.

Put everything in a bowl, and mix.

You can eat straight from the bowl!


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Chicken and Celery Salad - Recipes

Little effort, maximum yield and lots of taste :) the perfect recipe for these hot days. A big kiss ^ _ ^

yes, nice fresh is really an excellent resource for a quick dinner, a big kiss.

Exquisite. Of the state I really like the chicken salad.

I also really like chicken salad, also because it is a complete dish .. usually I make it without mayonnaise or Greek yogurt, but your version inspires me a lot! I try it!)
Hello Chiara!

try them, the curry adds that certain I don't know what, you'll see! A hug.

You know that with me you wallpaper an open door with the empty fridge recipes!

I know you like them too Ale, a big kiss!

Chiara I really love the chicken salad. but usually I prepare it with boiled vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, courgettes and of course the legendary onions seasoned with only oil, salt and vinegar but this with the addition of mayonnaise and yogurt me gusta molto. thanks dear see you soon Giovanna

. I like it, I LIKE it! Sometimes I don't think about this kind of combination that instead I remember very well having eaten (and it was very good) at a wedding, made with turkey, but very very similar the result.
THANK YOU for the inspiration :)

thanks to you Cinzia for coming to see me! A hug.

It's fantastic!
you did it in a beautiful way.

Very tempting, a fanciful idea to absolutely replicate! :-)
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Cold chicken with yogurt sauce is always a successful pairing. It certainly does not seem like an empty fridge recipe!

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This salad is fantastic Chiara! All ingredients that drive me crazy (I'm one of those few people who loves chicken in every way) I copy!

thanks Norma, you are a treasure! Copy as well, you will feel that good!

Chicken salad is a dish that I often prepare in the summer, I really like your version, congratulations Chiara. Good afternoon Daniela.

thanks Daniela, good evening.

What a beautiful recipe, fresh and inviting !! I love celery, yogurt and even chicken, I just have to try. :)
A hug!!

you will see that you will like Lory, a hug!

Une salade bien délicieuse.
Elle me plait beaucoup.
A bientot

merci Nadji, a tres bientôt.

what a beautiful recipe empty fridge! The sliced ​​almonds must be fine. recipe copied!

What a lovely summer salad. This sounds and looks delicious. Have a great day. Blessings. Mary

leftovers from my next spit-roasted chicken (which I'll try to get big) will do that.

Good day
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Here we are again in your & quotcucina & quot; excellent idea this dish. always very good.
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when there is curry I arrive immediately :)! easy and tasty! Hello

hello Giulia, thank you! A big kiss.

Bye! different this salad! celery and chicken actually go well together, then enriched with a soft cream and crunchy almonds. it seems like a single dish well thought out!
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thanks girls, a big kiss and good we.

Dear Chiara, A wonderful easy salad and nice to have left over for a snack.
Have a beautiful weekend dearest. Blessings and a big hug, Catherine xoxo

have a nice weekend my dear, hugs & amp kisses.

I like this type of chicken salad with curry. Sometimes, I also use a little grape in the salad. Good weekend Chiara.

great idea of ​​adding grapes, I'll try it! Thanks Linda, good we.

The empty fridge recipes are the best and yours is really tasty! :)
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Chiara I love salad de pollo look awesome have a nice weekend :)

it is the only meat I can taste that of chicken salad, this one I will try, I like it. Good weekend

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Cabbage Chiara, for being an empty fridge recipe you have come up with a marvel! I wish I had these fantastic ideas! A big kiss

American chicken salad

To prepare the American chicken salad, after cooking the meat, mix together a cup of mayonnaise, two tablespoons of cream, pepper and salt. Wash and dice a stick of celery and mix it with the chicken and the sauce. Put on a serving dish, sprinkle with capers, olives and garnish with hard-boiled eggs. The American chicken salad is ready.

Detox chicken celery and corn salad

Detox salad with chicken, celery and corn topped with a light yogurt-based sauce just flavored with mustard with a delicate aroma.

Surely during the end-of-year festivities we have who much, who little, ate something more a greedy lasagna, a panettone filled with a touch of nougat and it is not bad to eat in January less caloric dishes to resume a less fat and caloric diet.

This single dish salad it is tasty without being too rich and it is perfect for a meal during our day that is often always in a rush between family, work, home and other daily commitments!

I also suggest others easy recipes of appetizing salads from mine blog Asi's kitchen:
Cuttlefish salad with celery and parmesan



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1) Clean the celery, removing any filaments, wash it and cut it into cubes. Clean the salad, wash it and drain it well. Clean the radishes and slice them very finely. Cut the chicken into pieces of the same size. Firm the egg by immersing it in the water to a light boil and cooking it for 8-10 minutes.

2) Prepare the dressing: mix the mayonnaise with the cream and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and season it with a nice grind of pepper. Then remove the egg from the heat, let it cool under running water and peel it.

3) Mix the mixed salad with the chicken pieces, radishes and celery, season it with mayonnaise, add the flowers and distribute it in 4 glasses.

4) Divide the hard-boiled yolk from the egg whites, separately, from a small sieve, crushing them with the back of a spoon and dividing the egg mimosa obtained directly on the salad.

5) Serve thethe nsalad with chicken, mimosa, celery and mayonnaise as a main course or appetizer.

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