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Festive cake

Festive cake

Rock 1:

Melt the chocolate with the butter and the ness, then let it cool a bit, add the sugar, then the eggs one by one and mix after each one. Put flour mixed with salt and finally add walnuts and mix with a spatula. Spread the composition in a 30x40cm tray covered with baking paper and bake for about 15-20 minutes.

Since the cake had 3 levels, I made another countertop - so x2.

Rock 2:

Separate eggs; rub the yolks with the oil; beat the egg whites hard, add a little orange and continue beating; add the yolk in a thin thread, then add the flour mixed with cocoa and baking powder. Add the rum essence. Put in the oven in a 30x40cm tray covered with baking paper for about 20-30 minutes. Also here I made 2 countertops.

Rock 3:

Separate eggs; rub the yolks with the oil; beat the egg whites hard, add a little orange and continue beating; add the yolk in a thin line, then add the flour mixed with baking powder, vanilla essence, lamapie peel and juice. Also here I made 2 countertops

Cream 1:

Mix the ALmete cream with the soft butter until you get a fluffy cream; add the sugar, cinnamon and vanilla essence and mix lightly.

Cream 2:

Beat the whipped cream then add the jam and chew with a spoon until fluffy.

Cream 3:

Beat the whipped cream hard then mix it with the dissolved ness - if you want it sweeter, add powdered sugar - I didn't put it.


I kept a whole top of each assortment: walnut, cocoa, vanilla, and I cut the rest - a rectangle half the size of a tray and a heart.

Over the walnut top we put the cream cheese with cinnamon, then we put the cocoa top, over which we put the cranberry cream; the last is the vanilla top, over which the ness cream is placed.

I covered the cake with the last cream so that the edges of the countertops could not be seen, then I put the icing, letting it drip on the edges like turtles. Among the cakes, I sprinkled whipped cream.

I placed the decorations made about 2 days before from sugar paste - a teddy bear, an octopus and booties.

The 2 upper levels are placed on separate trays and support each other with supports.

Cakes: Laura Adamache recipes

The cake is a fine pastry product, consisting of several layers, usually pandispan, and cream.
The classic shape of the cake is round, but it can also be square, rectangular, etc. The surface and edges of the cake are usually decorated with cream, whipped cream, icing, sugar paste or marzipan.

What would birthdays, weddings or any other festive event look like without a wonderful cake on the table?

We love cakes not only in taste but also in appearance, and quality ingredients are the basic piece for a truly successful cake.
A cake for every occasion
There are countless delicious combinations, able to satisfy even the most demanding tastes, and in this category I propose some cake ideas that you will surely like.

Chocolate cakes are among my favorites when preparing a birthday cake. The quick chocolate cake, the mini chocolate cakes with ganache and marzipan cream are some of the most accessed and appreciated cake recipes on the blog.
Those who prefer fruit cake recipes, can try the Cake with raspberry mousse and panna cotta or Cheesecake with lemon and blackberries, a unique and full of flavor recipe.

For Dragobete or Valentines Day, these two magical days in which we celebrate love, we can choose the Cake with chocolate hearts, a cake recipe that will add flavor to these holidays.
In addition to Christmas cakes, we can try to make a cake. Why not? The Christmas cake with white chocolate mousse has a delicate taste, perfect for the winter holidays.
I look forward to trying all these recipes!

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