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Well of Course Oscar Mayer's Weinermobile Had a Fragrance Button

Well of Course Oscar Mayer's Weinermobile Had a Fragrance Button

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Naturally that high-tech gear has been phased out in favor of walk-in closets and a GPS system

Before you freak out about the Pizza Hut and tamale perfumes, let it be known that the Weinermobile was the first to develop a food scent, although it might not be perfume.

The Huffington Post reports that old versions of the Weinermobile actually had a magic button that would release the smell of charred Oscar Mayer hot dogs, which current Weinermobile operators have confirmed. Genius marketing, especially when people are choosing between a hot dog and a ham sandwich. How many times have we walked past a food cart only to be lured back by the smells?

Unfortunately, HuffPo reports that the hot dog fragrance button was retired in 1988, and while current 2004 model Weinermobiles have voice-controlled GPS, a walk-in closet, and speakers to blast the Oscar Mayer theme song, the magic button has disappeared. Still, judging from the most recent news, Oscar Mayer might just release a hot dog perfume sometime soon. We'll be waiting to add it to our food perfume collection.

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