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Dona Maria cake

Dona Maria cake

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Place the biscuits in the tray, in two rows. Depending on their size, it is very possible that you will have a few cookies left. Nothing; they are very good with tea :)

Prepare the syrup by mixing all the ingredients and boiling everything until the sugar melts. When we take it off the heat, add the rum essence and pour all the syrup over the biscuits placed in the tray. After they have softened, we prepare the cream.

Put the milk to boil in a thicker bowl, so that it does not stick. Take 20 tablespoons of boiled milk and mix it with the yolks, flour and sugar. When the milk reaches the boiling point, add the yolk mixture and leave it on the fire, chewing continuously until it thickens well. Remove from the heat, add the 2 vanilla essences, pour over the biscuits soaked in syrup and let cool.

After it has cooled well, add the jam and whipped cream and garnish according to your preferences and imagination.

Let the cake cool for about 2-3 hours before cutting it.

(PHOTO) Andreea underwent surgery, chemotherapy begins. Clenched fists! Where you can donate

& ldquoI just received this photo, with ANDREEA, after the cash port operation. With your parents' consent, I'll show it to you. There are 5 consecutive days of chemotherapy. It is very difficult for me to find the words at this moment.

I think of Andreea and her family. A 17-year-old teenager, so hard-pressed. Already cut. but strong at the thought that after these 5 days, there will be a 9-day break that, possibly, with the consent of the doctors, will come home.

The most blessed thoughts and wishes of much health on my part are directed to ANDREEA FUMU. Please, let's continue to be together! & Rdquo, wrote Ştefania Sidor on the Iaşi Facebook group this afternoon. Below are the 5 ways you can donate to Andreea.

1. SMS with the text & quotRODIANA & quot at number 8828 - 2 EURO (Digi Mobil, Orange, Vodafone and Telekom)!

2. PayPal: [email protected]

Enter the platform and select the amount you want to donate

4. By SMS with the value of 10 euros with the text & # 39support 967 your name & # 39 (example: Support 967 Ștefania SIDOR) at 7560 & icircn the Orange network or at 7410, & icircn Vodafone.

A good deed . ever

I know that many of you help people who have run out of power or resources. And I also know that many of you remain anonymous, because you don't do them to receive public appreciation or to do well at the end of the campaign (it is practiced, I know what I'm saying). Like you, we have done a lot over time, as much as we could each time.

This time I need your help, of all those who read us and you have remained our loyal users over time.

The Franciscan monk Bako Bela Pal, from Targu Mures, founded 13 years ago (completed in November) the Saint Elizabeth association, with the help of which he takes care of 40 orphaned children. He dedicated all his time to helping the less fortunate. Donations are less and less, and the parent is finding it very difficult, more and more difficult. So hard that he accepts any food left from the restaurants that host various parties on the occasion of the upcoming holidays, just to have something to put the children on the table.

He never gave up, he confessed to me that when he decided to take care of the children, he never asked himself what would happen if he couldn't. "I always thought I had to go forward, never back," he told me on the phone.

He chose to take care of children in family homes, not in an orphanage with long hallways, bare walls and.

gray, so that these children have the feeling of belonging, to feel that they are part of a family. In each house there are a maximum of 5 children, who benefit from permanent care. In addition, children receive help after the age of majority.

Many of you know Laura Laurentiu, from whose Cuat Banateana come a lot of goodies. Together with her we decided to sound the alarm. An alarm signal to remind us that we are not a country so poor as to leave our fellow people in trouble.

Vizi Imre, through whom you know him from Vocea Romaniai, also jumped to help the children, but as we well know, we need food every day.

Father Pal made available to us the account in which you can donate an amount, as much as you think is appropriate and you can, for them anything and whatever is of great help.

Moreover, he encourages us to send children the necessary things, food, body care products, socks, sweets, anything. so much need their help!

Please just think when making the list of ingredients needed for Christmas delicacies to add an extra 1kg of flour, or 1kg of rice, or whatever is non-perishable, expired or spoiled. It is very easy to help someone a little, because where there are many, the power increases.

And, I REPEAT: We are not such a poor country as to let them receive leftovers from restaurants.

We have big plans for next year, we will always help them, that's why the name of this article is "A good deed. Anytime", because the needs are constant. And we have solemn promises from many collaborators that they will join us.

But I think that these children deserve to have a happy Christmas, with joy, and with food on the table, with some gifts under the Christmas tree, so until we finalize all the details, we need your help. Below is the list of children in Father Pal's care, and the number on the shoes.

New generation correction system through the Pharmaceris F range

The Pharmaceris F range includes a series of delicate fluid concealers with intense and long-lasting effect, which have been tested and are very well tolerated by sensitive and problematic skin. Due to the light consistency and the use of the innovative new generation corrective system, the fluid does not unnecessarily load the skin and does not create the impression of a mask, and the result is maintained for 10 hours (tested).

Pharmaceris F fluid foundation is recommended for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Helps to camouflage imperfections (irregular pigmentation, dilated capillaries, post-acne scars, dark circles, rosacea) and gives a uniform and natural color of the skin. It is a tested product and very well tolerated by sensitive skin.

The safety of using the product has been confirmed by complex tests, including in vitro. The SPVA 20 UVA / UVB filter provides increased protection against the effects of solar radiation.

The fluid foundation is available in 3 shades: ivory, sand and bronze.

It does not contain preservatives, parabens and fragrant substances

Capacity: 30 ml, recommended price 49 lei.

For any Pharmaceris product purchased between February 14 and March 15, 2012, you have a discount on foundations. See the offer in the selected pharmacy chains (Dona, Sensiblu, Citypharma and Centrofarm).

Eggplant muffins

From the egg whites collected from the freezer, I applied the cut. They are made quickly and are delicious.

Beat the egg whites until stiff, then add the sugar. When the foam is shiny, add a little flour, with light movements from top to bottom with a spatula, then the oil, lemon peel, baking powder and vanilla essence. Stir until the composition is homogeneous, then add the raisins and walnuts. Pour the composition into muffin tins lined with baking paper.

Bake for 40 minutes on low heat, in a preheated oven at 180 degrees C. When ready, garnish with melted chocolate. Good appetite!

Other recipes from the category Dessert


In a bowl, mix the butter, sugar, milk and the 2 tablespoons of cocoa. Put the pot on the fire and stir continuously until it boils. Boil the cream obtained for a few minutes then let it cool. Add half the amount of walnuts

Poultry Milk Cake

Poultry milk cake. Poultry milk cake the finest and most delicate dessert. In fact, not necessarily unknown, but I had never tried it in this combination. A super delicious and tasty cake, the perfect combination of vanilla soufflé, chocolate and whipped cream. After you have finished cooking, give yourself a few minutes and arrange your hair at the salon with babyliss personal care products.

Cake cakes with mascarpone and strawberries. 5 egg whites 150 grams sugar 1 sachet vanilla sugar a pinch of salt 10 grams gelatin 100 ml water glaze. Mix eggs with sugar and a pinch of salt until it doubles in volume. Because the icing gives it a particularly appetizing look, the cake is perfect to be served at the holiday table.

Today we present you a special recipe for bird's milk cake. It is a dessert that is prepared in a less usual way. Poultry milk cake with cocoa. Put the tray in the preheated oven at 180c for 20 25 min.

Put the dough in the 19 or 21 cm tray lined with paper. Success is guaranteed for guests and not only if you like milka candies with vanilla soufflé and milk then you will surely like it. Heat the eggs with the yolks, a little salt and the sugar in a bain marie until it reaches. We will mix the flour with the baking powder and we will gradually incorporate it in the egg composition, mixing it from top to bottom with a spatula.

Let the countertop cool. This cake is magical that you never get tired of. With two-tone tops and a particularly fragrant fine cream, this dessert will undoubtedly conquer everyone. This cake is so delicious and fine that you can't get enough of it, it has a fluffy and creamy texture.

On a special weekend you can pamper your loved ones with the famous bird's milk cake. It is enough to cover the cake with chocolate icing and your success is guaranteed. Although it seems more complicated to know that it is not, I just tried to detail the steps as well as possible to have the cake exactly as it should be of grade 10. 125 grams of flour 50 grams of cocoa 3 eggs 30 ml oil 125 grams of sugar 1 sachet of baking powder for meringue.

The bird's milk cake recipe is old from the book. We present you a recipe for quick cake bird milk has a fabulous taste with very tender and airy soufflé that melts in your mouth. If you liked our bird milk cake recipe, don't forget to review it. I recommend you with all confidence.

Poultry milk cake. The bird's milk recipe was unknown to me until recently.

A 103-year-old woman survived the coronavirus infection. The old woman suffers from a chronic lung disease

A 103-year-old woman from Mexico, diagnosed with chronic lung disease, was cured of COVID-19 after being hospitalized for 11 days, the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) reported, according to AFP , quoted by Agerpres.

Dona Maria was tested positive for the new coronavirus, but did not suffer from aggravating factors such as hypertension, diabetes and obesity.

"This detail has contributed to the success of his treatment," IMSS officials said in a statement on Saturday.

Dona Maria was hospitalized on September 22 at the Regional General Hospital in Guadalajara, Jalisco, with a stuffy nose, a fever and difficulty breathing, but does not need to be connected to a ventilator.

& # 8222Has always been very cheerful, conscious, talking to doctors. Even in the end, he recommended that we take care of ourselves. "Her progress has been very good and the symptoms have disappeared," the hospital's director, David Sanchez, was quoted as saying in a statement.

The woman returned home last Friday. In the images published by IMSS, you can see the doctors applauding her when she leaves the hospital in a wheelchair.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Mexico has reported 757,953 cases of COVID-19 and 78,880 deaths associated with the new coronavirus.

As of August 11, 78 people over the age of 100 had been diagnosed with COVID-19 in Mexico, of whom 23 had died (29.3%), according to public data on the pandemic.

One of the most surprising cases is that of a man from the state of Tabasco, who AFP journalists say is 118 years old and who, after being diagnosed with COVID-19 on July 25, recovered.

Ioana Maria Moldovan has a special way to spend Christmas. Look what superstitions he has

The first show, big emotions and hard to control. In my headphones I heard a warm voice telling me: & ldquoIonica will be fine. Trust yourself & rdquo, Ioana remembers.

"I grew up at home, I learned what it means to work in a team, I learned that you are never alone in the face of suffering, I received real life lessons, I saw what human solidarity means and I learned that love has the power to bring a place hearts beating in the same rhythm ".

How are you spending Christmas this year?
I love Christmas in the family, quietly, to decorate the Christmas tree, to carol, to receive carolers and to wait for Santa Claus, because I still believe in him. It is already a tradition to be in Targu Mures for Christmas, with my loved ones. So, I will be there this year as well.

What traditions do you respect for Christmas?
I go to carols and wait for carolers that I reward with cake and a real brandy!

Who prepares the Christmas meal?
The Christmas meal is prepared by me, my mother and grandmother. We form a very good team and each time we receive only praise.

What's missing from the Christmas table?
On the Christmas table there will be sarmalutes in fresh cabbage leaves with polenta, pork steak, sausages, beef salad, eggplant, meatballs, mice, bacon with red onions, pickles, cakes, but also cakes made by grandma. The star of the evening will be the real plum brandy made by my father.

When do you decorate the Christmas tree and how do you decorate it?
We decorate the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. Marian, I and my father take care of this. It is already a tradition that the tinsel, the globes and the lights are only red. We really like the combination of green and red. Every year, those who crossed the threshold of our holiday home told us that we have a Christmas tree of ten, I hope so this Christmas too! All
tradition demands that I make the top of the tree obligatory. Obviously, the fir tree will not miss the piece of resistance, a cat-shaped globe that we put every year and we are very careful not to break it, because it is almost my age.

Where and how do you spend New Year's Eve this year?
Certainly, the night between the years will catch me in Bucharest. I don't know exactly where because I have no New Year's plan. It seems like too much madness for one second! So, maybe I'll be home, maybe I'll go to a party or just celebrate in the street. No matter where I am, I will feel good as long as I have my loved ones by my side.

Do you have any superstitions on the night between the years?
On New Year's Eve, I never miss the mistletoe from home, and at the end of the year I hold my hand tightly, so that I can have a good time with love all year round and I have money in my pocket, because it is said that this is how I will have a an prosper. The superstitions continue on the first day of the year when I don't throw anything out of the house, not even the garbage, and the first person I
I receive her at home, she is a man.

How do you choose your outfit for New Year's Eve?
In recent years, I spent New Year's Eve at home, so the ideal outfit was as comfortable as possible. This year, I feel that something is being prepared for me. So, when I find out, I will also choose the outfit, this will definitely happen on the last hundred meters.

What do you want for next year?
I know it sounds trivial, but the only thing I want for 2013 is to be healthy, because it's better than all.

He is only 14 years old and revolutionizes medicine with his invention, without the help of a teacher or mentor.

It is about a teenager of only 14 years old, Alexandru Tălnici from Oltenița. He created an application that helps in the complex monitoring of hospitalized patients, with which he won first place in a competition organized at the Polytechnic University of Bucharest. He was the youngest of the participants in this edition of the contest.

The contest took place in three categories, Smart Health, Smart Travel and Million Dollar Idea. The young Romanian, Alexandru Tălnaci participated in the first category of the project, where he also won the first prize. He created an application called Smart Health Monitoring System, which involves monitoring all patients in a hospital and increasing their safety in emergencies. The application worked very simple. When a new patient is hospitalized, he will receive a bracelet with a QR code that will be uploaded to the hospital database with his data, a kind of small history, first and last name, CNP, age, allergies, recent treatments and others. The bracelet is quite smart, with a temperature sensor, a pulse sensor that measures heart rate and even a panic button in case something happens to the patient.

The Romanian student tells us that this application is essential for patients because it makes the difference between life and death. It can be used on both tablet, PC and phone. The doctor on duty will be able to monitor everything very easily and will see exactly the room where the panic button is triggered when something is wrong. The application will be in real time.

The teenager Alexandru Tălnici says that it was his own idea, he didn't have any teacher to help or inspire him. His passion for computer science began at the age of five. And all the information gathered was mostly collected from Google and Youtube tutorials.

UNA promotion, IVATHERM anti-aging range

Being a real innovation, its ingredient, PhytoCellTech & trade Alp Rose, plant stem cell extract, stimulates epidermal regeneration by vitalizing skin stem cells.

UNA visibly reduces the depth and number of wrinkles on the face, neck and periocular area, increases skin brightness and restores the suppleness and fineness of mature skin.

Its complex of active ingredients (Marixyl 3000, Cupuaçu Butter and, of course, Herculane thermal water) rebuilds the skin in depth, for a long time. There is a visible rejuvenation of the skin in just 2 weeks.

Recommended price of the Holiday package, with eye contour cream GIFT: 95 Lei

DONA and Ivatherm pharmacies have prepared new holiday surprises for you: for any 2 Ivatherm products purchased, you will receive a -50% discount for the second product.

Now is the time for gifts, and the joy of loved ones is your joy!

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