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Del Posto Is Hosting a Benefit for Eli Kulp, the Prominent Chef Injured in the Amtrak Crash

Del Posto Is Hosting a Benefit for Eli Kulp, the Prominent Chef Injured in the Amtrak Crash

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Join the Friends of Eli Kulp for a great cause on Monday, July 20.

On Monday, July 20, Del Posto in New York City will host the Friends of Eli Kulp benefit to support the celebrated Philadelphia chef who was injured in the Amtrak train crash in mid-May.

Chef Kulp (High Street on Market, Fork) who had been in the process of opening his very first restaurant in New York City, was still spending a portion of each day in his Philadelphia restaurants. Kulp was a passenger on the New York City-bound train, and suffered severe spinal cord injuries.

Although there’s hope for recovery, you’d better believe that the process will be expensive.

To help offset some of those costs, a number of Kulp’s fellow chefs and restauranteurs have teamed up to host a special fundraiser at Del Posto, which will include a number of auction items and opportunities for guests to speak with talented chefs.

Participating chefs and restaurants will include Ai Fiori, Nobu 57, DBGB, The Gander, L’Artusi, Momofuku Ssäm Bar, David Burke Group, and Del Posto itself. Tickets range from $150 to $250 and all proceeds will benefit the Kulp family. On the ticket page, you can also donate a sum of your choice.

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