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The Daily Dish: The First GMO Apple That Never Bruises or Browns Hits Stores Next Month

The Daily Dish: The First GMO Apple That Never Bruises or Browns Hits Stores Next Month

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The First GMO Apple That Never Bruises or Browns Hits Stores Next Month

Despite continued controversy, the Arctic apple, the first-ever GMO apple that will never bruise or brown, will hit stores as early as Feb. The apples will come to Midwestern grocery chains before the distribution expands nationwide. Developed by Okanagan Specialty Fruits of British Columbia over the course of 20 years, the apple is a scientific anomaly in that unlike many of its GMO predecessors, it is not designed to resist bacteria or pests. Instead, its makeup was driven by perceived consumer preference: When you slice open the apple, it won’t brown from oxidation.

Kraft-Heinz Is Giving Its Employees the Day Off Instead of Doing a Super Bowl Ad

This year, Kraft-Heinz is opting out of a $5 million Super Bowl advertising spot. Instead, if the company gets enough signatures on this petition, it’ll spend that money on a company-wide holiday for all employees the day after the Super Bowl. “We wanted to get behind an initiative that we know people feel strongly about,” said Nicole Kulwicki, a marketing executive at Kraft-Heinz, told Bloomberg. Kraft-Heinz makes such iconic brands as Heinz ketchup, Easy Mac, Oscar Mayer, and Jell-O, and it employs 42,000 people. This isn’t the first time a company has forsaken ad revenue in favor of employee benefits. Every year, Hershey runs the same holiday commercial and instead spends the advertising money on Christmas bonuses.

UberEats Will Deliver Girl Scout Cookies to Your Door

Getting your hands on those addicting Girl Scouts cookies just got a lot easier, at least if you live in the Sunshine State: UberEats is partnering with Girl Scouts of the USA to bring Florida residents Thin Mints, Caramel deLites, and the much-anticipated S’mores cookies. The only problem we have with this new partnership is that only $1 from each Girl Scout cookies purchase in select communities in the Florida area will be donated to the Girl Scouts, and only if you use the code “GIRLSCOUTSCITRUS” in checkout. If you order directly from a Girl Scout instead, 100 percent of those proceeds will go to the scout troops.

United States Wins Bocuse d’Or Cooking Competition for the First Time

The Bocuse d’Or is the premier international cooking competition, in which chefs from two dozen countries around the world compete in Lyon, France, to impress a panel of judges with culinary skill and gastronomic dexterity. This year, for the first time in the competition’s 30-year history, the Americans took home the gold under the leadership of Thomas Keller, president of Team USA, and head chef Mathew Peters, most recently the executive sous chef at Keller’s Per Se. “I promised Monsieur Paul [Bocuse] 10 years ago that we’d make it to the top of the podium,” Keller told The New York Times. “We made it in nine.” The fierce contest is held every two years, and USA took home the silver in 2015. The challenge this year was to prepare a meat platter and — for the first time — a vegan dish in five hours and 35 minutes.

Olive Garden Announces an All-New All-You-Can-Eat Pasta Deal

In yet another waistline-expanding promotion, Olive Garden is encouraging its customers to consume an endless parade of pasta or other classic entrées (plus unlimited soup, breadsticks, and non-alcoholic drinks) starting at just $11.99, and maxing out at $17.99. Patrons can choose from one of five entrées, including spaghetti with meat sauce and fettuccine alfredo. The unbelievable deal is called the Never Ending Classics, and it’s available now through March 6. Whether or not the all-you-can-eat strategy will work for the struggling chain remains to be seen.

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