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Salmon Brussels sprouts

Salmon Brussels sprouts

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Salmon Brussels sprouts recipe from of 11-12-2019

THE brussels sprouts with salmon they are a colorful and tasty appetizer that is definitely different from the usual. Basically only three ingredients (in short, if you don't like pomegranate, smoked salmon or Brussels sprouts, this recipe is not for you) for a mouth-watering result that also satisfies the eye ... this dish among the Christmas appetizers, in my opinion would make a great impression on the holiday table;)


How to make salmon brussel sprouts

First of all, clean the Brussels sprouts (removing the outer ruined leaves and the final part of the stem and engraving a small X right on the stem) and blanch them in boiling salted water for 10 minutes, then drain and cut them in half.

Sauté the sprouts in a non-stick pan with the butter to make them flavor.
Meanwhile, shell the pomegranate and divide the salmon slices into smaller pieces.

Assemble the dish, placing the sprouts on the base and then adding the salmne first and then the pomegranate.

Once seasoned with salt, pepper and lemon juice to taste, the salmon brussel sprouts are ready to serve.

Sea bass with steamed vegetables

1) Wash and clean all the vegetables. Chop the 2 varieties of potatoes white and purple then peel them. Put all the vegetables in a steamer, starting with the potatoes which take longer to cook. Then add in sequence 4 Brussels sprouts, 100 g of quinoa, 10 asparagus and finally 4 small ones new carrots.

2) When almost cooked, add 4 sea ​​bass fillets of 200 g each which takes about 8 minutes to cook, then adjust by oil And salt just enough.

3) To taste, you can flavor the sea ​​bass and steamed vegetables with spices or flavored oils. You can also vary the type of vegetables according to your taste and seasonality.

Did you like this light dish? The recipe is from the chef Davide Carannante which has embraced the project since 2009 Mother Olive moving to Milan to give free rein to his creativity and sign some recipes of the well-known restaurant brand. You can taste this and other dishes in one of the 3 places in Italy: 2 in the Lombard capital and 1 in Naples.

Are you curious to know other first courses, second courses or appetizers on the newly renovated menu? There is salmon au gratin, cod stewed hot tomato cream roasted with olives and capers, octopus salad on a lemon-scented potato flatbread, Sicilian red prawns, organic mixed legume soup, spaghetti with tomato from Piennolo del Vesuvio, risotto with Brunello, the spaghetti all'isolana (click here to read how to prepare them at home with your own hands) and of course lots of pizzas with top quality ingredients.

Baked Salmon and Brussels Sprouts

The very good salmon And Brussels sprouts al Forno, it is an easy recipe to make, with a few simple ingredients. Very appetizing, thanks to the breadcrumbs I put on the surface, which makes the dish crunchy, tasty and with an absolutely inviting browning. The sprouts are steamed pre-cooked and then sautéed with the chopped salmon. Then simply put them in a dish, sprinkle them with breadcrumbs and put them in the oven. The game is done and the result, I assure you is excellent! I love the Brussels sprouts with their bitter taste that goes well with the salmon fresh. I wanted to do something original - goal centered!

However, we must not forget how healthy this vegetable is, in fact like the whole cabbage family, these sprouts are rich in beneficial, antioxidant and protective properties for our body, and they also contain many minerals and vitamins.

You can visit my Facebook page and like to be always updated on my new recipes. I'm also on Pinterest and Instagram! There you will find all my boards.

Salmon Brussels Sprouts - Recipes


Good morning Chiara. interesting recipe we will try.
Kisses and good week from greedy travelers.

I went from hatred (the promo approach was disastrous, they were very bitter!) To deep love so much that now I have a big feast of them. Tantalizing pairing with almonds and sweet and sour taste, I think I will like it a lot. A big kiss, good week

P.S. the pan with the & quotcestino & quot ^ __ ^ is beautiful

Very inviting, congratulations, beautiful presentation. good start of the week. kisses.

I am part of that category that loves them, so any way to cook them that is not the slito is welcome. These inspire me so much! Thanks
A kiss

Mamma mia since I haven't eaten Brussels sprouts, the last time I made them they were baked au gratin !! I'm crazy about it, but then I'm sick because I eat too many !!
I have to try them with balsamic vinegar, they must be spectacular!
Have a good week!

Dearest, I absolutely have to try them too!
A hug

Looks very nice nad taste, i love it!

Honey you have delighted me x bn cn this delight and know that I love and have always loved sprouts even if they have 1 bitter taste but cooked with 1 bit of vinegar removes it and they become really special. D. I have put 3 seedlings in the garden and sn still too small so either I go to buy them or I wait for mine to grow. D. I hug you tightly, I congratulate you and I overwhelm you all. D.

Oh what a great way to cook sprouts. . .I love him!

I don't particularly love them but in the last period I have rediscovered them. your recipe is inviting and delicious, I like all the ingredients you used, Congratulations

Hello dear, I'm Claudietta, thank you very much for your message to the post .. very nice .. I was wondering .. can I turn over all the compliments? you have a wonderful blog !! I almost add you too. ) see you soon kisses!

We love sprouts! we often make them with hazelnuts, but the balsamic and almond version seems just as tasty! see you soon then!
kiss Kiss

This is a good way to cook sprouts.

My problem is that I really like Brussels sprouts. but I struggle to find them here.
Anyway thanks for the recipe .. kisses

What a beautiful inviting photo, good hello Monday

Since I love them, I immediately went to steal the recipe

My dear, I love them madly, so I thank you for the particularly tasty and original recipe. Very good, a big kiss

That plat ravissant !! Tout ce que j & # 39aime) Bon lundi ma belle :)) xxx

as I have already told you about WOMEN ON THE WEB, I will be able & # 39 to win this & # 39 taboo & # 39 on sprouts.

@ The travels of the gluttonous: good week to you travelers too!

@ Federica: thank you dear, it's a little gift that I got some time ago. I too hated them in the past, now I love them.

@ Sara: thanks for visiting, good week to you too ..

@ catmint: well, I see that we are nulerose to love them .. a big kiss ..

@ Giusy, thanks for visiting, very good week ..

@ marifra: tell me if you do them, you'll see you'll like them! A hug

@ Zondra art: thanks for comind dear Zondra, many kisses from trieste

@ novelinadelorto: you will have the seedlings, how beautiful Alina! I hug you very tightly and wish you a happy week

@ The tree of the carom: thanks for visiting Simona, good week

@ Claudietta: thanks dear I'm glad you like my blog, I'll be back soon and in the meantime I think about your contest! a hug

@ Manuela and silvia: hello twins, even with hazelnuts they must be super! a big kiss .. double!

@ lefrancbuveur: thanks! good evening.

@ EliFla: I find them in almost all supermarkets, packaged. Thanks for stopping by ..

@ Stefania: Stefania good week and thanks for visiting

@ barbara: copy barbara too, a big kiss ..

@ Lady Boheme: but then we are so many to love them, I would never have said that! a big hug and good week dear Paola!


But what a great return Sara. I didn't really see this at Cristiana's, and I'll copy it to you right away. I get the salmon. I have the brisè, I always prepare more and the Sicilian broccoli bought this morning. what a beautiful recipe. ok. tomorrow we look for good salmon, kisses and good evening, Flavia

Thanks!! The choice seems perfect to me and also the use of sprouts. often put on the back burner !! With the recipe-tionist I am learning a lot of things. including that of putting the size of the trays I use: I will be more careful! Do you think that I turned a lot for that rectangular pan: not easy to find and do you know what happened to it? I brought a sweet to a friend without transferring it to a plate to prevent it from breaking and her, believing it was disposable. threw it !! A big kiss cri

wow, how good, sprouts are my passion and you know it! so dressed up I can serve them great. a kiss!

Thanks girls!! I made a real good choice.
Christian. with the effort that I also did to find that mold, I would have started crying if it had happened to me. but mine is with the detachable bottom and I will never take it directly to a dinner !!

Search Salmon Fillet Recipes

The salmon fillets are marinated in lemon juice, basil, parsley, garlic and wine and then baked in foil in the oven. Today's recipe is & # 8230 Salmon fillet in foil. Baked salmon fillets with almonds are a really good second course, light and simple. Presentation. Mediterranean-style salmon fillets are an excellent second dish of fish, which contains all the flavors of the south and releases typical aromas.

Dutch Brussel Sprouts



For how many people: 4

Cost: 2.50 & euro

Difficulty: 2

Minutes: 35 min

A widespread vegetable in northern Europe, the so-called Brussels sprouts are grown almost everywhere, and lend themselves to many "interpretations".

The result really satisfied us, and here is the recipe:

Then put them in abundant salted boiling water for 15 minutes. This serves to soften them, and to get some water inside before their passage in the pan.

Heat the butter in the pan, as soon as all the butter has melted, add the previously drained and "parcheggiati" sprouts in a colander.

Turn well so that the butter wraps the sprouts over their entire surface, gaining flavor, for about 10 minutes, then add two tablespoons of sour cream.

Let's open a small parenthesis: (

The cr & egraveme fra & icircche or if you prefer & quotpanna sour & quot & quot; a traditional cream of French cuisine, (but also used in other countries)

Alternatively you can use the normal apanna with the addition of a tablespoon of vinegar.

). closed parenthesis. cook the sprouts in the cream for another 10 minutes e.

Here we are, simple, cheap, fast. Northern European flavor guaranteed. even they sometimes have their say in the kitchen.



- 4 salmon steaks
- 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
- half a glass of white wine
- salt
- Flour

Clean the bones from the salmon steaks. Oil a pan with a little extra virgin olive oil. Lightly flour the salmon steaks and place them in the pan, season with salt and rosemary.

Bake at 200 & # 176C, after 5 6 minutes take the pan out of the oven and wet the salmon steaks with a little white wine, continue cooking for about 20 minutes.

Serve with boiled carrots.

As you can see it is a very simple and quick recipe but as you know fish is very important in nutrition. Salmon is a fish native to the northern seas (Sweden, Norway, Canada) very rich in "omega3" which help prevent cardiovascular disease and reduce blood cholesterol.

Claudia & amp Andre's recipes

To make this recipe I took inspiration from Simona's blog, "A tutto cucina". Just on the day I bought the sprouts, she posted this recipe and I didn't waste time trying it, with small changes of course. My parents weren't so happy with the sprouts when I bought them, but in the end, along with the sausages, they ate them without objection. Thanks Simona for sharing it!

  • 1 Kg Brussels sprouts
  • 500 gr frankfurters
  • 1 large onion, sliced
  • 150 ml lager beer
  • oil, salt, pepper
  • 2 cloves of garlic

Wash, cut the sprouts into 3-4 depending on how big they are and cook them for 5 minutes in boiling salted water and drain. Peel, cut the onion into thin slices and sauté them together with the very small garlic in 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil for about 2 minutes, seasoning with salt.
Mix the sprouts with the onion and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, add salt if necessary, pepper and place them on the bottom of an ovenproof dish. Cut the sausages diagonally with cuts and place them on top of the sprouts. Sprinkle with beer and bake in a preheated oven at 200 & # 176 for about 15 minutes. Stir in the sprouts, turn the sausages and continue cooking for another 10 minutes. Serve frankfurters and sprouts on the table, accompanying with mustard. A perfect match!

Salmon Brussels Sprouts - Recipes

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This second dish is really super. Light, fragrant and tasty, my mouth is already watering!
p.s. I will treasure the advice on choosing the wild salmon to prefer to the farmed one!

Thanks dear, I'm happy with your approval :-)

A nice tasty dish .. and at the same time light and healthy! kisses and good weekend: - *

Thanks Claudia and happy start of the week to you & lt3

shame to struggle to find the wild one and then in Milan the fish costs a lot, I enjoy yours hoping to be able to really taste it sooner or later! have a nice weekend

I also find wild salmon frozen or smoked .. in Italy it is almost impossible to find it fresh!

thanks for the tips on salmon and x the recipe !!

Thanks to you x visiting & lt3

This information relating to intensive farming is very important. You made a great food choice aunty and cooked the salmon so it must be yummy. Kisses

Thanks Veronica, I'm happy to agree :-)

Wow, you don't know what to eat anymore. and to think that farms seemed a good answer both for health (making fish consumption more frequent) and for the wallet! We hope to find it, here with us, and not to have to do like the bears! Regardless, congratulations for the information and the recipe, dear Consu.

Thanks Cecilia, you will easily find wild salmon frozen or smoked at the supermarket or ask your trusted fishmonger :-)

Fresh, from us, I only see the other. Wild I saw it frozen, (or smoked) you say it's good? I would certainly prefer that you cook it for me :-) that beautiful dish of health and goodness calls .. oh if it calls! (also bread.)

I also use the frozen or smoked one depending on the recipe. Fresh have not yet been able to find it but it is certainly a better choice than the farmed one ^ _ *

Very hard fresh or frozen wild, sometimes Picard and wild smoked in this period. I take note and have a good weekend

Thanks Hedwig and good week to you & lt3

unfortunately the man has abused and now many foods are no longer so healthy and balanced, too bad, it is not always possible to find and buy healthy foods, this wild salmon maybe I will find it in this period if I am lucky, thank you dear your post is very much clear good evening

Thanks Paola x the visit and x having liked my post! You can find wild salmon frozen all year round .. sharpen your eyes at your supermarket ^ _ *

No okay, your dishes are of infinite refinement.
Kisses, Paola.

Thanks Paola and to think that I didn't even like this dish :-P

You are absolutely right Consu, the nutritional intake of free fish is decidedly higher and in any case yes, intensive farming is harmful both for cows and fish!
Here it is not easy to find it fresh, frozen I don't know, I have never looked for it, I choose it free when I buy it smoked! The sweet and sour sprouts are excellent!
A hug and good we!

You will see that you will easily find frozen food even in the supermarket! Fresh too, I have difficulty finding it ^ _ *
Thanks Silvietta & lt3

What a beautiful dish, full of aromas and flavors :)
A kiss

Thanks Daniela, I'm very pleased that you enjoyed ^ _ ^

What a tempting dish and with the sprouts that I love *. * I absolutely have to try to cook it :)

Thanks Faith, I can't wait to have your post taste opinion ^ _ *

Really a very interesting article, I did not know about wild salmon. Brava Consu! )

Brava Consu! As a nutritionist, I always advise against farmed fish.
A hug!

Happy to agree :-) In fact, my nutritionist opened my eyes to me too ^ _ ^

I don't know if I would start with salmon or sprouts, which are also a discovery I recently made. What is certain is that this dish teases me a lot.
Good weekend,

Thank you dear, I'm glad I met your tastes ^ _ ^

Wow Consu, I didn't know these things about farmed fish. From now on, I will choose more carefully the fish I bring to the table! Thanks dear for the valuable advice and thanks for sharing this delicious and nutrient-rich recipe!
A big hug,
Mary :)

I can only thank you for these beautiful words & lt3

a cooking that I particularly love, the steam keeps the meat soft and the flavor intact, excellent pairing with sprouts!

At my house we love salmon, I really think I'll try this colorful and light version of yours soon, oh yeah! (also rhymes, heheheh.)
A big kiss star and happy Sunday

Thanks Simo, you make me happy ^ _ ^

A very good recipe, Consu, and above all thanks for all the advice on salmon. A big kiss to tomorrow :)

Thanks to you x visiting & lt3

Do you know that I also prefer the wild? I can't always find it, I have to tell you the truth, but before I buy it, I always ask :) Yummy recipe, light and full of flavor. A hug and good evening: *

Thanks dear, I knew you would agree with my choice ^ _ ^

Beautiful recipe, a light and delicate but very intriguing combination, congratulations!

Dearest Consuelo thank you very much for the precious advice regarding the choice of salmon (fish that I really like but that I have always found farmed with that bright color you are talking about.) Believe me, I was unaware that it was due to similar treatments.
I hope to be able to find the wild one, even frozen, the next time I will look carefully in the refrigerated counter).
Thank you very much for the article, useful and interesting to definitely take into consideration).
Congratulations also for the beautiful and original recipe, the combinations you used inspire me a lot, very good as always :)).
A big kiss and good week :)).

Thank you very much Rosy, you will see that in the frozen food counter of your supermarket you will find the salmon I am talking about :-)

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